Dollar-Yen Closes At All Time Low

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Technically, the USDJPY still has about an hour left of trading, but we will call it early: the dollar yen has closed at the all time lowest level in history. Next week the USDJPY will likely be well beneath 80, especially after the QE2 announcement on Wednesday. At least Japanese exporters are happy that in FX adjusted terms US importers now have the least incentive to buy Japanese TVs and other irrelevant stuff soon to be found all over US landfills.

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trav7777's picture

Trade flows must normalize

frankTHE COIN's picture

Dollar - Yen, two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl...year after year.

themosmitsos's picture

And did they get you to trade
Your heros for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?


doolittlegeorge's picture

And the "Center of the Earth" folks are talking about "things going nowhere."  We are "acting weakly."  Of course the last time the "Center of the Earth" folks decided to "teach them a lesson" they spent a lot of time licking some serious wound.  "The ocean is so big and my ships are so small."

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I'm sure the politicians who have been pissing and moaning about currency interventions by other countries will like this.  Do they realize that by devaluing the dollar and making imports more expensive for us, they gurantee their own failure?  On the one hand they say we have a consumption economy and consumption must be stimulated, but on the other hand they're making everything more expensive by destroying the currency people are forced to use to do the consuming.  We don't have much of anything produced in the U.S. to sell in the electronics stores, clothing stores, or car dealerships, thanks to the same idiots in the mafia (I mean government) who think making our exports cheaper is good policy.  Rather than stimulating economic activity they're going to end up wiping it out.



FortyTwoIsTheAnswer's picture

Yes, they realize that devaluing the dollar will guarantee their failure. The politicians and others who are "guiding" us through this crisis are not stupid people. If these facts are plainly evident to you, they almost certainly are to them. Perhaps their goals are just different then yours? You assume they have the best interest of the country, and maybe your best interest, at heart. Maybe they don't?

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Does your name signify the best amount of states to comprise the Union.  If so, can I help name the states to "cut adrift".

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Reaffirmation of the following:

-  The only way for the U.S. Dollar to rally is for the Fed to announce "Unlimited QE".

-  As Japan has proved, the worse the economy gets, the more money you print, then your bonds and currency will skyrocket.

-  So I don't know what all the "hoopla" is about.  We don't really need QE2 for stocks, because lots of consumer stocks like DECK, EL, CMG, etc. are already bottlerocketing to 2-year high.  We need QE2 to cause an instant rally in the U.S. dollar, continue monetizing our deficits into Outer Space, and crush all other foreign currencies.


Internet Tough Guy's picture

Gold up again, robo must be puking blood.

RobotTrader's picture

I sold a third of my gold at $1,250, but I have plenty of gold left.  I don't trade futures or gold stocks on margin like the F12 punching monkeys reading every day.

You know, the guys who hang on to every word of "This is it!" and "$1,650 and beyond to Buzz, Alf's, Armstrong's, and Buzz Lightyear's numbers!"

Quintus's picture

"I sold a third of my gold at $1,250"


Well, at least you still have a couple of ounces left then.  :-)

Bay of Pigs's picture

Robot doesn't know anything about the gold market if he's selling now. And taking cheap shots at Sinclair doesn't impress me at all.

Chew on this awhile and try to get up to speed.

Remarks by Chris Powell
Secretary/Treasurer, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.
New Orleans Investment Conference
Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel
Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Gold is the worst understood financial market. Most official data about gold is actually disinformation."

Harbourcity's picture

It's easy to take shots at Sinclair.  He has the right idea but bad timing.  He had that countdown going last fall, as if he could tell the exact day Gold was going to spike.  That day came and went... you got to do something between now and the Gold spike.  Just saying.

mt paul's picture

think i bought

your gold 


plocequ1's picture

Exactly. Im beginning to like this guy Bernanke. Everyone says Japan was going to drift out to sea. You know what? Theyre still here.

tmosley's picture

Japan doesn't "prove" anything, any more than an airplane proves that gravity doesn't exist.  Japan's economy has managed to avoid going into hyperinflation for one reason, and one reason only--the enormous savings rate of their citizens.  The average US citizen has NEGATIVE savings.

Withdraw QE-lite and see where your precious stocks will be.  in 24 hours, they'll ALL be down 25% AT LEAST.

kato's picture

I do not agree. IF they announced NO QE2 and repeal of the bush tax cuts, i think the dollar would rally. take the pain that is needed, begin to contain/confront defiscits, start the real rebuilding process. not that it is going to be pretty... but neither is what ben is doing.

DosZap's picture


If the Bush tax cuts go away, ALL HELL breaks loose.

Talk about unemployment, and ZERO growth?.

Shiuuut,so the lousy ass dollar rallys................(they do not want it to).

If you have no job NOW, and on top of that because of the tax increases, NO WAY in hell you will be getting's nigh impossible now, stick a fork in it IT's done, if they raise taxes to those rates in a major Depresson.(which we most assuredly are).

Walter_Sobchak's picture

I hope people riot in your scenario.  We bailed out the banks and now we have to deal with austerity?  That is bullshit.

trav7777's picture

austerity is for the little people

SWRichmond's picture

The dollar would rally initially, until the effect of economic tanking on tax revenues became clearer, and then all hel lwould break loose.  But, it's gonna break loose anyway, and both paths lead to currency collapse IMO.

Ragnarok's picture

OT: Silver market manipulation?


A commissioner on the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission believes there have been repeated attempts to manipulate the silver market. BNN gets into the debate with Jeffrey Christian, managing director of CPM Group; and David Morgan, editor and founder of

Bay of Pigs's picture

What a worthless interview. Jeff Christian? The Ultimate Gold and Silver Douche. That little weasal says, "It depends on your defintion of manipulation". LMAO. Nice try dickhead.

Instead of David Morgan (who I don't mind at all), why not Ted Butler who would clean Christian's clock and address the REAL problem, the massive concentrated short positions of JPM and HSBC.

gwar5's picture

For a second I confused Jeff Christian with Andrew McGuire -- Mcguire is the man -- J. Christian a troll.  

McGuire is the whistleblower who put the CFTC in on a market manipulation of silver, in real time, on his computer to prove to them manipulation was occurring. They watched it happen!! It all came out last march before the hearings. The next day McGuire and his wife were injured in a hit and run accident. Odd.

The CFTC has to do something, now, especially since a CFTC judge just came out this week and said the other CFTC judge is a crooked umpire who absolutely calls 'em all strikes for the home team. Hmmm....

It is/was not repeated attempts at manipulation, like attempts at making a free throw -- it is a widespread conpiracy on a daily and regular basis, on a massive scale, and over duration of years.


Kina's picture

I wouldn't even vomit on Jeff Christian, what a bag of used condoms.


In the interview above they were saying it was hard to prove manipulation, and there being no direct evidence. Huh?


The insider whistleblower Andrew McGuire showed the CFTC in real time a silver manipulator manipulating silver, with its pants down, in action. The most definitive proof you can get.

The CFTC have unequivocal proof of silver manipulation by McGuire's then employer and they have done nothing, except maybe to try to have McGuire murdered. Somebody with an interest in doing or protecting silver manipulation tried to have Andrew McGuire killed.


The CFTC suffers from extreme regulator capture, undoubtedly employs staff for the purpose of ensuring manipulation isn't discovered or dealt with. The role of the CFTC is entirely to enable gold and silver manipulation. They have corrupt operators and puportedly corrupt judges.

This is an open secret, everybody knows who the players are and that the evidence for mainpulation is overwhelming.


But if your police force is corrupt, and your judiciary corrupt...nothing happens.


Kudos for Childers for at least saying something, Kudos to Andrew McGuire for putting his life on the line for honesty's sake.


The only thing that is going to solve this is if a silver and gold surge blow up the manipulators, or many civil cases are bought against the manipulators or everybody demands delivery. So the next time they short 20% of global silver the buyer demands delivery, common China, you know you need it.

Mr.Kowalski's picture

Now that the Japanese have allowed the BOJ to compete on a level playing field.. ie.. purchase of nearly anything.. my guess is that next week the BOJ will kick it into high gear buying US and Chinese assets. Last one to the River Styx loses.

trav7777's picture

well, china DID buy the fkin yen up.

But NOBODY is allowed to buy the yuan.  Brazil's purchase of the dollar buys the yuan vicariously...everyone's in it for themselves and everyone's interests are contrary.

The world wants a fucking strong dollar but their own currencies to be weak!

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Maybe its about time Japan started to buy some Guns and Butter for itself rather then its own fucking currency - although the place is not ideal for Friesians.

Waterfallsparkles's picture

So glad Geitner wants a strong Dollar.  Looks like Bernankie will bury him in Dollars.  Literally.

Internet Tough Guy's picture

Robotroll is an F12 punching loser. He bragged on here months ago about selling his yellow rocks, a lot lower than 1250. If gold was down today he would post charts, when its up 20 he doesn't mention it. He's a nowhere man.

Kali's picture

Posted this on another thread, but here goes:


My best indicator of how the dollar is doing is by my travels.  In the last few weeks, main tourist areas in other countries that used to freely take dollars in lieu of local currency are now refusing to accept US dollars and want local currency.  That tells me more than anything.

-1Delta's picture

i commented on your post:

Again. I will buy those dollars from you.


Group think...

FranSix's picture

The Yen is the jumpin' Jack Flash.

Itsalie's picture

To paraphrase Grantham, it's a real shame they chose to be the 53rd state of the US (folks in Tokyo like to pretend they are the 51st state, but that honour goes to the UK, 52nd to Israel). They will always be the second class punching bag for Uncle Sam or the convenient victim each time the US needs to violate someone for its bankers' or for politics' sake.

Stuck on Zero's picture

It doesn't matter how low the dollar goes against the Yen.  The Japanese still will not buy American products.  Toyotas will not go up in price either.  Relative currency values mean nothing to mercantilists. 

Hebonacchi's picture

What ridiculous their counter action was that Japanese government  had been buying big amount of US T-bonds with the dollar they bought by interventions which, as a result, pushed the USD down more.   The easiest way for them to raise USD is, just to sell their US-Ts in the market and terminate current crazy bond-bubble (or USD carry trade).   However, once the yield will go beyond tipping point, it will skyrocket and crash the USD toward hyperinflation.   This "eat and beat" senario might be the best way for US government  to evaporate their debts.

Harbourcity's picture

What is the US exporting other than US dollars... wait a sec..

99er's picture


Double Bottom and backest of the Falling Wedge...bullish.

Enjoy the weekend!

Miles Kendig's picture

ding  ding  ding

Money good!  WHOT!!

Lucius Cornelius Sulla's picture

Where are all the Japanese tourists?

margaris's picture

lol, true

maybe they are doing what they do best: save money, lower expenditures

mt paul's picture


new 30 year high ..

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