Don Coxe On Everything From The Markets Rolling Over, To Persistent Food Inflation, To The Coming US Sovereign Debt Crunch

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Inflation is here to stay.  Over the last few months, I've watched my wishlist of items (food, camp gear, tools, clothing, etc) all go up in price by about 20%.  Adjusted to be annual inflation, those are some pretty big numbers as it comes in about 72% price increase annualized for what I want to buy.

Coffee prices are going through the roof the last three years!  Even the good quality dog food I buy has gone up significantly in price over the last year.  I try to keep a 6 month supply, but I think these days I should do a full year in advance.

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where's TGS with his Dog Food Inflation Index™?

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Coxe's most recent comments from June 3rd. He comments to stay in gold bullion and the gold miners, bullion is rewarding you now but the gold miners will in the future.

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Do you have a dog or are you simply preparing for the future?

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Has your dog ever tasted semen, Captain baby?

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The gold vaults of the market elites are close to empty; The CRIMEX problem is palpable; so let's invade Libya, confiscate the gold of Greece and Portugal, and thus the banksters can extend and pretend for a few more  months.  I'm waiting for Dr. Paul to examine the tungsten situation at Fort Knox.

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Inflation hedges are the key for the times that are coming.  Has anyone found a better general prep site than FerFal's Surviving in Argentina?

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Josef Ackermann at the 2010 Bilderberg meeting in Sitges, Spain:


Photo taken by WeAreChange activist group.


This year's Bilderberg conference is 06/09/11 - 06/12/11 in St. Moritz, Switzerland, at Suvretta Haus.


Ackermann, Kissinger and Kravitz (of KKR) will attend.


Kissinger is already in Germany now, ironically in Hamburg, in the midst of EHEC bacteria, giving interviews at the Springer Verlag, the publisher who owns Welt and Bild, the leading German newspapers, on his way to St.Moritz:


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Ackermann is trouble, and I am  just lately learning about KKR and crew.

danke für den Link Herr Frankenstein,

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Herr Franken-stein,  the links below has been very helpfull in my research.

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Thanks man, and I thought I had already taken the red pill, but you just doubled the dosis.

This is "A beautiful mind" on steroids !


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The use of geography and national boundaries for determining sociatal interaction has lond past, I'm trying to think of a better way. The above listed stuff is a start but needs development.

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"The only gold bubble likely to burst is the bubbling ridicule of gold."........  No kidding. Every mouth piece that thinks they are money smart is trash talking gold. A true sign of a failed gig.

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As long as the make-believe economy that is driven by money printing and excessive credit marches on, we will see the inflationary effects the author states. Inevitably, the debt burden and the amount of money to service the debt becomes to great causing the credit bubble to burst. That day is approaching. We will quickly go from an inflationary environment into a deflationary one taking the world economy down with it.

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The American standard of living is still high enoug for anybody to worry or protest.

The US is in a 5 years PRE GREEK situation.

unless QE3 is higher than 3 trillion. Than it's over in 1 year.

And changing a puppet president for another won't change shit.

A new gold or silver standard and ban the FED. Is a beginning. Than do a all out protectionist economic policy to trade to save what's left of the US industry and try to rebuild it.

AND MAYBE! MAYBE they can turn the tide.

The current deficit and the deficit projections don't bode well for the future. And as usual it's always worse than projected. If you don't have the proper reserves by now, you're fucked. 


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"If you don't have the proper reserves by now, you're fucked. "

What do you consider to be proper reserves?  How much?

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Suden Debt, you are one Canadian that really sees the picture in this broken country. QE to the stars and beyond. Who knows what form it will take. Makes no difference, it will happen, but will be a short while until the head inmate gives us another fix of heroin. You know, once we are hooked, getting off it is really, really hard. But this will take time to play out. Said that a dozen times or more. Not going to happen all at once. It is a slow cancer, the worst kind, but it is terminal. But the top 3% will get richer, have more toys and look at us as if we are not evern worth thinking about.....Until>>>>

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once we are hooked, getting off it is really, really hard.

If you think getting the addict off expanding debt is a problem, how about when the dealer is doing his own stuff.

The only reason the Fed exists and the Treasury can borrow is this once great nation had the assets and income to pay the piper.

Not so much anymore.


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I ve read it as 'Don Quixote.' 

but then, analogy might be fitting )


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Munk is in league with the devil.  I couldn't possibly care less what that man is thinking, saying, or doing.  I will never buy ABX.  I will never support a company whose leaderships' primary purpose is to undermine their product's viability in order to curry favor with governments. 

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In one sense, a downgrade from S&P should be no problem for the USA: what credibility can one assign to such ratings? S&P and other ratings agencies happily assigned Treasury-equivalent ratings to more than a trillion dollars in putrescent derivatives issues masquerading as desirable mortgages.

i enjoy mr. coxe's joxes, here.  the cred is b/c We now guarantee the fuking mortgages.  

i'm in w/ tyler's +original+ for the author, esp liking: "...the debate about Barrick's move into copper, which is being partially financed by a large bond issue. ...observers seem to wonder whether this is a warning sign from the long-standing pre-eminent gold miner that gold's future is problematic."  copper?  maybe some j.v.'s in afghanistan?  partner w/ the CIA, bechtel, and General Corruption, and let's get started!

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Only each person can answer what is the right amount of protection for what is coming down the pipe. For us it is a substantial part of our assets. Over the years unloaded all real estate, residential and commercial so now we own just one cave. We havd 0 debt except the 1st mortgage on our cave and are paying that down. We do not deal with criminal banks. 0 credit cards, debit only. Small local solvent banks or credit union for us. We have cut back on crap and far away vacations. Do not fly anymore unless it is an emergency. I guess the only person I want groping me is my wife. Watch what we spend and expensive restaurants are no more. Ya know, it just is not needed. Obviously continue adding physical on each and every dip. 

But others will say this is silly as all will be well. This makes us feel comfortable and we feel we are taking the right course. Have not loaded up on food as think it is early for that and may not even happen. But always on the lookout. And we are well protected in our cave. Never buy crap stocks except for miners, oil, and a  little ag. Somehow, AMZN, PCLN, CMG, just do not seem to mean anything to us. But the top 10% love this stuff as they use it so much. And Tiffanys is doing great.

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Strange how Israel is never or rarely mentioned as an issue when MENA is analysed? Why is that?

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USD or US Treasuries, pick one

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Financial Repression

Financial repression is the Fed policy of coercing everyone to buy UST to support the national debt and deficits because nobody else is interested in buying them.

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"No one could have seen tis coming," testified the Bankers to Congress...."No one."

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Saudi Arabia has responded to the revolutionary situation by lavishing more than $125 billion on its inhabitants.

His Barackness did bow to King Abdullah, right?  Maybe a new "stimulus" plan is in order...


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Gold is in the driver's seat of safe haven investments. That's simply because for 30 years the answer to each and every crisis, problem and lack of growth has always been: Print More Money. And when that failed, the financial "discovery" of the century was the exponential function. Then the crisis hit in 2008 and the solution was to use more exponents. And now that the life span of the impact of exponents is failing again we need to raise money printing to even higher order exponents. 

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Coxe's timing for his warrants was a little off