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Painting by Anthony Freda:

If you're not concerned about TSA's treatment of Americans, watch this:


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How is this new TSA abuse any different from police abuse going on for a long time?

People get upset when the abuse escalates to a new higher level, but it's the same abuse going on for a long time, just ratcheted up a notch, and there will likely be more ratcheting up as time goes along.

The evidence is there and growing.  America is no longer America.  It's no longer a nation committed to individual rights, and when that commitment dies, liberty dies eventually.

People in government increasingly view people outside government as subjects, not citizens.  Subjects with no rights, who can be taxed till they're broke, violated in any manner people in government wish to violate them, with no limits, abused in any manner people in government wish to abuse them, with no limits.

It's worse than that. People in government increasingly view people outside government as the enemy to be watched, monitored, arrested, and imprisoned, and the level of hostility is rising.

People in government are the problem.  When someone goes to work in government their attitude toward their fellow citizens changes.  They begin viewing themselves as being above their fellow citizens and in control over their fellow citizens.

It's the government class vs the non-government class.  I believe that's what all this will come down to eventually.  How it ultimately plays out I don't have a clue, but this is not America anymore, get used to it, give up those memories of rights, they no longer exist in a practical sense.  They're no longer recognzied by people in government, and when they're no longer recognized they no longer exist in a practical sense.

Rights that aren't recognized are worthless in a practical sense.

Obviously I won't be flying as long as this abuse continues.  I'll join the grass roots airline boycott.

However the boycott really needs to be against people who work in government.  They're the real problem.  Friends who work in government, boycott them, break off communication with them, ostracize them.  Relatives who work in government, boycott them, break off communication with them, ostracize them.  Explaining things to them doesn't do any good, they're not listening, all they care about is that government paycheck, benefits, and pension. They sell out their fellow Americans every day, many times a day, with no conscience. They'll violate and abuse you in any manner they're ordered to, because they're "professionals doing their job, following orders".   And yes, that's a quote from a TSA employee.

By the way, that's the same attitude Nazi concentration camp guards had, "professionals doing their job, following orders."


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bingo cog (ironic initials...), great read.

you are right - this 'i'm a gubmit official' crap isn't new.

nor is the long-term result.


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Bwarney Fwank will TeaCup your junk.

His seat is secure.

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so, which airline is going to be the first to have the courage to honor the "i didn't submit to the unjustified irradiation/strip-search" ticket refund?

call your favorite airline today and ask if they will refund a ticket for a scheduled trip cancellation for that reason.

then tell them you won't be flying with them if they don't...


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There is a very serious possibility we have a BANK RUN December 7th. Please watch and share this video with the people you care about (


This is really scary guys, people are already talking about it and it has spread from France to the UK and now coming to the United States.

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"good lord..."

-- c. little

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there's something else going on with all of this.

i don't know what it is, but the TSA hulaboo is a distraction.

that's an awful lot of media time *not* spent on something else.

watch the other hand.

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If we are serious about stopping Middle Eastern zealots from attacking us, instead of blowing up our own Fourth Amendment right to be secure in our persons, let's stop blowing up Middle Eastern countries.

When the Obama administration pulls our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and works hard to resolve the Israeli/Palestinian crisis, then I'll believe our government really cares about our safety." ...


comment:  if "they" cared about security they would demand a complete

and thorough investigation and rational explanation of the events of

9/11,  something that was meticulously avoided to rush to war for oil. 

security, what a f.. joke!   pigmen will never provide security for sheeple.

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All of this is just a show and a very bad one at that.  Until all cargo is screened before going into the cargo hold, then the rest is bullshit. My main bitch is the default setting is everyone is a potential terrorist.  WTF; how about narrowing it down just a bit?  It's not profiling, it's common sense.  Oh I forgot, I was speaking in regard to Uncle Sam.  Never mind...

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just watch and learn what's happening before your very eyes.

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Mr. Banzai: I've paid you tribute here:

America's Dignity: R.I.P.

Let me know if this isn't okay.

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 Epic and Kudos to both of you!!!!

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I am not finished with this subject ;-)

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I would be interested if you believe this story has any merit...particularly if in your opinion it was photo doesn't appear to be looking at the TSA monitor, but there is a blue aura around it;

"A photographer is claiming this picture was taken after looking into a TSA office at an airport. If you look closely at the wallpaper on the computer you can see a drawing with the caption "My First Cavity Search." Here is the picture which experts don't believe was Photoshopped."

Hazard a guess?

williambanzai7's picture

If it was photoshopped it was a very very good job. The way I am analyzing it is by blowing it up to see if the pixel ratios are mismatched. They appear to match. In other words, when I blow it up, the resolution deteriorates uniformly.

nmewn's picture

You da man!

I appreciate you looking at it for me (us) had the Homeland Insecurity logo on it as well...our tax dollars at work on the young-uns...:-(

Take care.

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If it was photoshopped it was a very very good job.

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Yo WB,

How about a graphic with Ben avoiding the scanner and trying to protect his monstrous junk?  

...Don't touch my FRNs!

I can't imagine what the scanner would reveal...[*shudder*]

(ok, now I'm beginning to hear a weird bow chikka wow-wow sound)

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Best one like this I've seen yet! Well done!

At the risk of repeating myself, there is some excellent information here about these x-ray backscatter/body scanner machines:

Zé Cacetudo's picture

Thanks, I don't think I can embed scribd stuff here.

I should mention that this is a 1.3mb file, so it may take a second. If you print it out, make sure to do it double-sided (flip on short edge) or run it through the printer twice so that it comes out on one page. It's meant to be a tri-fold brochure.

Fractured Space's picture

Awesome Photoshop!! I tired a little in paint, but i can't figure out how to show it....

Zé Cacetudo's picture

More reason why you should not go into one of the porno-scanners:

This is a PDF of a double-sided tri-fold brochure.

palmereldritch's picture

Awesome link Zé.

This is a great resource that should be available in airports everywhere.

Zé Cacetudo's picture

Thanks, but I can't take credit for creating it. The original was on and someone who wants to remain anonymous modified it with radiation warning symbols.

My understanding from reading FlyerTalk and other places is that there will be a lot of people handing these out in the airports this week.

People are pretty up in arms about this security theater nonsense - rightfully so, in my opinion. See e.g.

I should add: please share that link/brochure. People need to have enough information to make their own decision about whether or not to submit to the body scanners.

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what happened to respect for the dignity of the individual?  life

what happened to respect for the dignity of the individual?  life

what happened to respect for the dignity of the individual?  life

what happened to respect for the dignity of the individual?  life

what happened to respect for the dignity of the individual?  life

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There is one more video that should be in this space. It was Lewis Black on Comedy Central and his segment was about the nanny state. Some really funny shit. As Lewis said, how great is America when you can fly from New York to San Diego and have someone play with your balls?

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As long as you refuse to realize that 9/11 was an insidejob you fully deserve your fate. I am so sorrry for the children, inocents and those who fight for the truth. The rest, suck it dumbasses!

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=== The TSA has crossed the line ===

As a national child personal safety expert, I submit the TSA
crosses the line when it allows the patting down of children for
security reasons, cloaked as a game.

The most recent Gallup Poll on childhood abuse revealed that in just one
year, more than a million children were sexually and physically abused.
Along the same lines, the American Medical Association has referred to the
rape and sexual exploitation of women and children as a "violent and silent
epidemic." Men increasingly reveal how they were sexually assaulted in
their youth, by a rainbow of sexual predators, usually someone they knew.

Given that background - and the number of survivors that have been sexually
abused and exploited - it is beyond comprehension how the Homeland Security
Agency's TSA can conceive of such insensitive and invasive security checks
on our children and youth. Even worse, they want to depict pat downs of
children as a game! As an investigative researcher/reporter who has
interviewed well over a thousand sexual offenders, I can document that one
of the favorite ploys to lure children and youth into sexual abuse is to
disguise it as a "game."

How can experts working at the TSA be so incredibly misinformed and
misguided to suggest that full body pat downs for children be portrayed as a
game?!To do so is completely contrary to what we in the sexual abuse
prevention field have been trying to accomplish for the past thirty years.
Such policy could essentially desensitize children to inappropriate touch
and ultimately make it easier for sexual offenders to prey on our children.
This policy is also incredibly insensitive to the countless victims who have
already been traumatized by unwanted touching in their lives and could be
re-traumatized by such pat-downs.

In my judgment as a lifelong journalist and child advocate, such unapprised
actions by the TSA borders on criminal negligence and, legally speaking,
"deliberate indifference to the future emotional well being of millions of
victims and the potential for far too many more young victims."

Ken Wooden

Child Lures Prevention

Thanatos's picture

Betting there are more than a few Child Sex Crime prosecutors that would love to pick this issue apart.

The Federal Government wants HAS 360 degrees nude pictures of your children. And some TSA perv is doing whaaaa????

I can guarantee you... And I really mean it.

If you were a parent that took pictures of your OWN children standing against a wall naked (full frontal and rear nudes)... And were found out...

You would be torn to pieces by a sex crime prosecutor if you live in my county. She has no mercy on child pornographers.

That is how ABSURD this issue is.

How many Burqa wearing females have been run through the new TSA enhanced procedures? Really, WTF is all this about?

Skeletor (Chertoff) is behind it... He's the walking corpse who brought us the Great NOLA Clusterfuck... Remember?

Roadblocks, Gun Grabs, Martial Law?

blunderdog's picture

WTF is all this about?

There's a whole crazy industry of high-tech "security" hardware that a bunch of VCs are sporting raging hard-ons to sell to the government, and if they can demonstrate how well it works in field-testing on the public first, so much the better.

Don't take it personal.  It's just business.

i.knoknot's picture

not sure if </sarc>  is in there or not, but it needs to be said that what's pushing this agenda is much much bigger than a few hundred million VC dollars.

much bigger.

blunderdog's picture

No sarcasm, and I agree what's pushing this is bigger than a few hundred million VC dollars, although probably not for the reasons you think.

(The military-industrial complex is a tad bit bigger than a few hundred million.  Not sure where you'd get a number like that.)

We haven't had enough war to keep the right people rich recently, so there's an effort to redeploy government spending into turning Earth into a prison.

i.knoknot's picture

we're aligned.

the hundred-million was roughly estimated from a scanner company or two. i wasn't thinking as big as you :^)

we agree that control is the game, TSA/scanning is merely the latest test/push of the edges of sheeple tolerance.

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hey, instead of flying, write a letter. 

say, i love you.  wish i could be there.

then do something local.  f.t. air line industry.

just say "no".  no noo noon non non non no no no.

and just because you say no does not make you a

"terrorist".  holy shit!  their technology is killing you!

do you understand.  killing you.  killing you!  for fiat advantage.

do you get it?  it is institutional stupidity elevated to the status

of "LAW".  ??


Sunday, November 21, 2010
A Full Body Scan of American Corruption In the United States, if a policeman stops you for a traffic violation, and you offer him a $20 bill to forget about the whole thing, you’ll likely end up in jail. But if you leave your Federal government job and go work as a consultant to the very industry you used to regulate, you won’t go to jail—you’ll grow rich. Very rich.  Michael Chertoff

Michael Chertoff is the poster boy for this institutionalized corruption going on in America today. He is not unique. He is not an outlier of any bell curve. If anything, Chertoff’s form of corruption is average—it’s ordinary. It’s what everyone is doing: Everything within the law, everything that the law says he ought to be doing—yet the net effect is a blatant corruption that is personally despicable, and socially disastrous.

Michael Chertoff was the head of the Homeland Security Agency from February of 2005, to January of 2009. But after he left, he formed an outfit called The Chertoff Group—and was promptly hired by an obscure company called Rapiscan Systems.

The Chertoff Group, according to their website, “provides strategic security advice and assistance, risk management strategy and business development solutions for commercial and government clients on a broad array of homeland and national security issues.”  That sounds . . . impressively vague. Slippery as a greased stripper’s pole, actually. So let’s approach this a different way:  What does Michael Chertoff do?

Well, as of late, Michael Chertoff has been a one-man media tsunami: There isn’t a single talk show on all the networks on which he has not appeared—and in every single one of them, he is singing the praises of the airport body scanners that are being deployed throughout the United States.

These body scanners are supposed to spot explosives, weapons, and other “tools of terrorism”. As in the picture to the right, you get zapped by magic rays, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) worker checks the monitor to make sure you haven’t brought a bomb on board the plane.

On its face, airport body scanners seem eminently sensible: A way to thoroughly make sure that no terrorist gets on board a plane with all the makings of a bomb.

Michael Chertoff is currently making the rounds of all the TV and cable talk shows, giving the song-and-dance routine about airport body scanners, and how they are “an effort to prevent terrorism”—how they bring about “enhanced levels of security”—how they are “a proactive approach to safety and security”—all the same old tired bullshit that is the same empty, hysterical clarion call that we’ve heard over the last decade: Safety!-Safety!-Safety!-Safety! Samuel Johnson said that patriotism was the last refuge of the scoundrel—but I would say that, in today’s day and age, public safety is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

The reason I dismiss Mr. Chertoff’s media appearances—and dismiss everything he has to say on the subject—is because the airport body scanners he is singing the praises of? They are manufactured by Rapiscan—The Chertoff Group’s biggest client.

In other words, Michael Chertoff is not some kindly old éminence gris, looking after what’s best for the United States out of his boundless patriotism—

No: He is the paid spokesman for the manufacturer of the airport body scanners. And he stands to profit from the implementation of these airport body scanners. Profit directly.

Even back when he was in office as Secretary of Homeland Security, Chertoff kept pushing the TSA to adopt full body scans—even though there were a host of problems with the policy: 
• Body scanners are not inherently superior to other methods of preventing unlawful items from being taken on board an airplane. The very fact that an individual can (currently) “opt out” of a body scan, and instead be manually patted down proves that scanners do not have an inherent advantage over low-tech solutions. 
• Body scanners are extraordinarily expensive—$150,000 each—a cost which might be better applied to hiring more TSA workers, and thereby increasing the flow-rate of passengers through security, which currently has reached bottle-neck proportions. 
• Body scanners represent an as yet unquantified but real health danger. (I will discuss the specifics below). 
• Body scanners are an obvious breach of civil liberties—a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment (unlawful search and seizure) and the rule of probable cause . . . unless we are going to redefine “probable cause” as meaning all airplane passengers by definition are likely engaged in criminal activity, and therefore there is probable cause to essentially strip-search each and every one of them.

But even in the face of these very obvious, very reasonable objections, Chertoff kept pushing the body scans during his tenure as head of the Homeland Security Agency.

Which would have been fine—if Chertoff hadn’t immediately upon resigning his post created The Chertoff Group, and then gone to work for Rapiscan: The manufacturer of these body scans.

Was there a “relationship” between Chertoff and Rapiscan before he exited the Federal government? I don’t know—and I would guess that Chertoff is too shrewd to have been on the pay of Rapiscan back when he was Secretary of HSA.

But certainly as the head of The Chertoff Group, Michael Chertoff is in the pay of Rapiscan now. What, you think high-powered lobbying comes for free?

Before continuing, let’s make a necessary pit-stop: We have to know what we’re talking about, when we say “airport body scanners”. So let’s get that out of the way. 

There are essentially two types:

Backscatter X-ray Scanners: These fire x-rays which, rather than going through the body, bounce off the skin and other objects. A computer interprets this reflection (“backscatter”), and creates an image. 

Millimeter Wave Scanners: These fire microwaves in the 0.1 mm to 1 mm range, between microwaves and the infrared spectrum. Some marketers claim that millimeter waves are different from Terahertz radiation (which sounds very scary)—but they are essentially one and the same. Exactly as backscatter x-rays, millimeter waves go through clothes but reflect off of skin. Similarly, a computer interprets this reflection, and creates an image. 

Both of them present health concerns—not hippy-dippy faggotty-assed pussy concerns, but reasonable health concerns any sensible person would be foolish not to take seriously.

To start with the first: Backscatter x-ray scanners fire low levels of x-rays—much less energy than the kind normally used to x-ray a broken limb in a hospital, for instance.

Proponents of backscatter x-ray scanners argue that the x-rays of this type of scanner do not penetrate the skin—so therefore, harmful x-ray radiation does not build up in the body.

This is bullshit. To be fair, at this time, it is not clear from the current evidence if this type of low-level x-ray radiation does not build up inside the body—but it certainly bombards the skin of the subject. That’s the whole point of the backscatter x-ray scanner: To have x-rays bounce off the subject’s skin, and thereby create an image of what they might be carrying beneath their clothes.

Therefore, the concentration of x-rays on the skin is much higher than a more powerful x-ray passing completely through the body. Here is a letter from a group of biochemistry and biophysics professors from the University of California San Francisco, raising precisely this concern, discussing the physics in detail.

Regardless of whether x-rays build up on the skin or in the body itself, there is no question that, just like medical x-rays, repeated uses of backscatter x-ray scanners leads to build up of harmful radiation, which will eventually—and inevitably—lead to cancer. That’s because x-rays have a cumulative effect: Each dose of x-rays adds to the effect of a previous dose.

The ways x-rays cause cancer is, the photons ionize atoms in cells. The chemical bonds therefore break down—the cells literally rip apart, including DNA. This can in time lead to cancer. The direct causal link between excessive doses of x-rays and cancer and/or leukemia is a non-controversial statement.

Who are the ones who face a disproportionate risk of developing cancer and/or leukemia from backscatter x-ray scanners? Obviously, airplane crews: Because of the ridiculous TSA mandate that even the pilots of the planes have to be checked to make sure they’re not bomb-carrying terrorists, and since of course airplane crews have to wend their way through the airport body scanners multiple times per week in order to do their jobs, then obviously it is inevitable that they will develop cancer and/or leukemia from backscatter x-ray scanners. Inevitable.

But in perhaps some poetic justice, the people most likely to suffer cancer in the long term (and maybe not so long term) are the TSA workers operating the machines. You see, there is a reason that in every hospital, the x-ray room is sealed off, and x-ray operators always work behind lead shielding. Yet TSA employees stand around these backscatter x-ray scanners for hours on end, day after day, with no shielding or protection. It’s a safe bet to claim that TSA workers operating these machines will suffer disproportionate amounts of cancer and/or leukemia in the medium- to long-term future.

Poor dumb bastards.

Millimeter wave scanners, on the other hand, use less energetic particles than backscatter x-ray scanners. And unlike x-rays, terahertz radiation does not seem to accumulate in the body.

This ought to sound like good news: The photons of millimeter wave scanners are less energetic, therefore unlikely to ionize atoms and therefore rip apart DNA—so no cancer. Right?


Well . . . It turns out, researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory have discovered that terahertz radiation is not energetic enough to ionize atoms—but it is energetic enough to essentially “shake” DNA until the strands “unzip”, creating “bubbles” in the DNA strand, hindering replication.

These researchers discovered that the damage to DNA was “probabilistic rather than deterministic”, which explains why some (pro-scanner) experiments produced no damage to DNA, while other identical experiments did produce damaged DNA—sometimes terhertz radiation rips apart DNA, and some other times it doesn’t. Here is a layman’s explanation of their work, in the Technology Review of MIT from last October 30, 2009, and here’s their academic paper in PDF.

This means that, unlike backscatter x-ray scanners, millimeter wave scanners do not create a build up of harmful radiation in the body. However, the probability of terahertz radiation causing damage to DNA—and ultimately cancer and/or leukemia—is a numbers game: Sooner or later, your number’s up.

To put it simply: Imagine you have a revolver that, rather than six chambers, has a thousand chambers—and only a single bullet. You can play Russian Roulette with this gun quite confidently once, twice, three times, maybe even four times. But eventually, you’ll start getting nervous—because you know the odds will start to rise uncomfortably.

And if during a busy day, thirty or forty thousand people pass in front of this one-bullet-in-a-thousand-chambers gun, what will happen? Why, that’s easy: At the end of the day, thirty or forty people are going to be lying dead with a bullet between the eyes—because those are the odds.

batz's picture

I get it. The plan is to turn white people into terrorists by humiliating and demeaning them. You thought Michigan Militia style extremism was a problem before? Ho-lee. Forget the Tea Party and passengers revolting, the US should seriously consider how it is going to prevent things from devolving into total anarchy.

There are a lot of regular (not crazy) people who believe that the whole idea of America was that it was fundamentally about taking up arms against this kind of stuff. This could get very, very bad.

If this were just about security, passengers could pay extra to fly on exclusive flights with an armed pilot and accept the low-risk of an on-board attacker. It is not even a conspiracy, it is what happens when you give a bunch of monkeys badges and guns, which is basically how other authoritarian states start. You arm a bunch of goons, restrict access to market resources, and give them quasi-legal power to physically harm and detain people. This isn't paranoia, it's just how it has happened previously. There is no moment when power is seized, the culture changes over a period of 5 years or so. 

This is really dangerous. In a tinderbox like this it just takes one charismatic leader to declare an insurrection.

The TSA must stand down on this because they are unwittingly about to create a whole world of shit for America.





Econolingus's picture

P-shaw.  We are a a spineless nation of cowed, mass-media-dulled clowns who just want our next drive-thru triple bacon cheeseburger and 60 minutes of Bristol Palin in tights.  Tens of thousands of people get the opt-out groin-grope every day, and we've seen ONE act (Junk Man) of anything remotely resembling civil disobedience and absolutely ZERO incidents of "anarchy"/"taking up arms"/"insurrection"/"world of shit"-grade pushback.  When we start seeing physical resistance on a regular basis, then there might be some basis for your hypothesis.  Until then, the TSA's porn-program is just another under-cut in the slow erosion of the soft bank of Constitutional liberties, and your response is just the hopeful alarmism of another wanna-be Thomas Jefferson waiting for someone else to spill the blood of tyrants.

Thanatos's picture

All unfolding exactly according to plan.

You actually think that TPTB are unaware of the consequences of their actions?

If they can't get "the people" to start trouble, they will step up and do it themselves.

This is so calculated it's obvious... No need to hide anything anymore... There isn't a damn thing the typical person can (or is willing to) do about it.

What is it all about?

Revocation of the 2nd amendment would be my guess. As that is the logical next step.

nmewn's picture

"Revocation of the 2nd amendment would be my guess. As that is the logical next step."

I've always felt it would be speech the Sedition laws.

I'm staying with that...they will shut down the the free flow of information first...maybe even the net...for "national security" purposes of course ;-)

Senator Rockefeller was out just last week with some such lame brained view;

More than just retransmission consent ails our television markets. We need new catalysts for quality news and entertainment programming. I hunger for quality news. I'm tired of the right and the left. There's a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to Fox and to MSNBC, "Out. Off. End. Goodbye." It'd be a big favor to political discourse, our ability to do our work here in Congress, and to the American people, to be able to talk with each other and have some faith in their government and, more importantly, in their future.

You see, their work there in Congress is more important than anything else...ya free speech. All these competing idea's are a hindrance to their self importance.

Some days I could just fucking scream.

Real Estate Geek's picture

Push back. Don't consent to the scanner.

Even if you have no objections to the scanner, don't consent.  Why?  Because it's the least you can do, to help preserve what's left of our constitutional rights.  I'm not asking you to quit your job, move your money, or even drive to some protest. 

Just. Say. No. 

That's all I ask.

windcatcher's picture

The face of Fascism is always ugly. This is just a test to see how many people will stand in line and comply, if you decide, to hell with it, and get out of line and attempt to leave; the TSA will arrest you.


Don’t comply and don’t fly! Apparently, you have to comply with TSA to even ride the Greyhound bus.


Squeeze us! Economically squeeze the companies who comply!


Fascism is always in the form of Security. Homeland Security is becoming one of the US leading employers with around 1 ½ million Fascist employees nation wide. You have recently seen the goons in action at the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster and at the airlines. They scream “You have no rights! Comply or else we will arrest you!”