Drone Airplane Crashes Into Roof Of Damaged Fukushima Reactor #2

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Fukushima, which has yet to be wrapped up into the world's most surreal Christo project, has now entered the realm of the sitcom farce. According to Dow Jones, "A small 8.2 kilogram drone aircraft gathering data from heavily damaged areas of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant lost control Friday and landed on the roof of the No. 2 reactor building, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501.TO) said. The vehicle, known as a T-Hawk, is about 50 centimeters in diameter and looks like a small jet pack. It is used primarily by the military for reconnaissance work in dangerous areas. It has been used at Fukushima Daiichi since mid-April to assist in damage assessment." What next: Getco's SkyNet bots take control of the Johnny 5's crawling and snapping pics inside the damaged reactors and all commit ritual suicide in the spent fuel rod pool (while churning shares of GM stock of course).

There is nothing to worry about though: according to Tepco, which has a lot of credibility in this sort of thing, it is all under control. From Dow Jones:

The company said there didn't appear to be any damage from the impact of the vehicle, with no fire or smoke observed following the accident. It wasn't known if the vehicle was damaged in any way.
Tepco spokesman Junichi Matsumoto said that due to its small size and weight, the drone is "unlikely to crash through the rooftop and damage the reactor."
Tepco said it may attempt to retrieve the unit using a long crane.
The No. 2 unit is the only one of the four affected reactors to retain its roof following explosions at units 1, 3 and 4 that destroyed much of their outer buildings.

It won't retain its roof for much longer if various airplanes keep crashing into it...

h/t Olivier

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Not Mothra...Smog Monster [which btw I still cannot find a copy of].

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"It wasn't known if the vehicle was damaged in any way." Yep, sounds about right.
Also they must be using a very liberal definition of "roof" at this point.

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It might be the radiation - the same thing happened with Chernobyl robots on the roof. They all failed because of radiation within hours of working there.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Unless they are using UAV bots that were specifically designed to work in high radiation areas the bot's electronics have not been 'hardened' and might be affected by the radiation, particularly if it were to pass over one of the plumes of steam and radiation coming from each building.

Notice the word 'might'. I don't know for certain.

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You are absolutely right. Regular transistors from any plain electronic circuit can not work in radiation.

They (guys in Japan) are idiots. The must use circuits constructed only from so-called Gallium-Arsenide (AsGa) transistors. They were specially designed and can work in a nuclear radiation environment (nuke rockets, military airplanes, Duke Nukem 3D, etc).


RafterManFMJ's picture

Wait a minute - are you saying radyashun is harmful to robots? Well what about humans? Someone needs to look into this.

Charles Wilson's picture

No need to worry. Any increase in radiation merely fries the sea gulls that fly over the area just a little bit faster.  Nobody likes gulls anyway.

See? No problem.  Go long Panda Express.



j0nx's picture

Probably succumbed due to the radiation that the MSM is keeping under wraps.

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This sounds like a job for "Ultraman".

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if you thought that's bad, wait till u read this:

UPDATE 1-Jellyfish back off at Japan nuclear power plant - RTRS
Today 08:44

(Adds details throughout)
TOKYO, June 24 (Reuters) - Jellyfish sounded the retreat on
Friday after blocking an all-important seawater cooling pipe at
a western Japanese nuclear power plant, the plant operator said.
Several Japanese utilities are struggling to meet peak
summer demand due to safety concerns after a March 11 earthquake
and tsunami triggered a nuclear crisis at Tokyo Electric Power
Co's plant in Fukushima, north of Tokyo.
The jellyfish managed to block the cooling system at one
reactor at the Shimane plant on Thursday, prompting the operator
to lower its generation capacity by 6 percent.
The Hiroshima-based operator, Chugoku Electric Power Co
<9504.T>, said on Friday the jellyfish, common in Japanese
waters during the summer, had backed off and operation was back
to normal.
It was the first time jellyfish, about 20-30 cm long (8-12
inches), had interrupted operations at the Shimane plant since
1997, a company spokesman said.
The March tsunami crippled the Fukushima cooling systems,
leading to fuel rod meltdowns.
The nuclear disaster has prompted the government the rethink
its nuclear energy policy "from scratch" as routine maintenance
and public concern leave only 19 of Japan's 54 reactors
Not resuming operations at the reactors would lead to power
shortages around Japan, while replacing all energy generated by
nuclear reactors with thermal power generators would raise costs
for industry and consumers.

(Reporting by Osamu Tsukimori Writing by Nick Macfie; Editing
by Alex Richardson)

Caviar Emptor's picture

New iconic Japanese jellyfish monster as large as an aircraft carrier!

Naming contest: Jelukushima!

JonNadler's picture

wasn't Godzilla supposed to have emerged from mutations due to underwater nuclear testing?

RafterManFMJ's picture

Not supposed to, he did. Those 'films' you see were actually Japanese news casts, cleverly repackaged by the CIA to calm the masses.  

docj's picture

At some point it seems that we have to accept that God is through with us and is now just trying to make our eventual destruction look like a suicide.

centerline's picture

Like a monkey with a shotgun. It's only a matter of time.

Liquid Courage's picture

Reminds me of this:


Neil Armstrong narrowly escaping death flying Lunar Lander Testbed. Just 37 seconds long and well worth a look if you haven't seen it!

Popo's picture

There's a "Kamikaze" joke in here somewhere...

Oh regional Indian's picture

The farce that is Fukushima.....
Japan is become a real cartoon nation, before our very eyes, morphing into their manga world.



Silverhog's picture

I thought I read somewhere that certain types or amounts or radiation can bend radio waves? Maybe it interfered with drone's servo's creating an erratic flight path? Just a guess.

ParaZite's picture

Attack of the 50 foot woman... starring Britney Spears, singing Oops, I did it again. Guest starring Mothra and Godzilla!

In all honesty, we will never really know the amount of damage done to the environment until we all have cancer or mutant powers. I for one am hoping for mutant powers... I've had too many people in my family who had cancer to wish that on anyone.

RafterManFMJ's picture

I was struck by lightning one time. Anybody struck by lightning? It's weird or as I call it "God's drive by shooting." You're just walking out a gay bookstore minding your own business and all of a sudden, kafloowee. A lot of people think if you get struck by lightning you will get magic powers. Like the ability to read minds, shoot lightning. Not me. I got the ability to shake on the ground and shit my pants. Will I use it for good or evil? I don't know.

-Dave Attell

ina gadda da vida's picture

Damn Playstation joystick !

Tense INDIAN's picture

this FUKUSHIMA thing is giving me nightmares....::


Jap kids are being TESTED....::


can anybody tell me how much radiation should I expect in 1 years time ....or in any amount of time...??

Medea's picture

It'd be nice if some non-news was left as non-news.

Dapper Dan's picture


I assume you mean shit like this.

Lady Gaga said Japan safe, food is great. 

AP)  TOKYO (AP) — Lady Gaga says that if you want to help Japan recover from its tsunami disaster, come visit.  Free Dosimeters upon arrival.

Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/06/23/travel/main20073915.shtml#ixzz1QCPdp5Nu

Cursive's picture

"Tepco said it may attempt to retrieve the unit using a long crane."

This thing is probably glowing bright green by now. Where would you store it, Area 51?

ziggy59's picture

they werent using PS 3?

honestann's picture

The radiation is so bad it fried the circuits.

zerozulu's picture

Chopper crashed 1.5 miles away from Fort Calhoun plant.



Caviar Emptor's picture

New radioisotope commodities exchange opens today at Fukushima!

Turning a negative into a positive.

Hot today: Strontium-90 up 5 ticks and Cesium-137 very active

Cast Iron Skillet's picture

oh, ja!! that would be a way to deal with it! Start  trading Strontium 90 & Cesium 137 on the Comex, and have JPM short 'em to drive the radioactivity to 0!!! Blythe, Blythe ... we have a job for you ...

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

Drone Airplane 0

Fukushima 1

hannah's picture

the plane crashed but tepco reported it is under water and stable .......

Jack Burden's picture

The core of the plane has most likely not been breached.

kekekekekekeke's picture

Im in Tokyo right now. I have a little nuk alert device and it hasn:t beeped once. Everything seems pretty normal here except the lights are muted and theyre focusing on conserving energy. Still I:ve been wary of the food and I:m relieved to be going back home tomorrow. Sorry for errors this keyboard is confusing.

economessed's picture

"Fukushima, which has yet to be wrapped up into the world's most surreal Christo project..."

From Tyler's keyboard to the best introductory line of all time -- FANTASTIC WRITING!!!!

I can't think of another sentence that has better captured the moment than that one. Well done.

Agent P's picture

"The company said there didn't appear to be any damage from the impact of the vehicle, with no fire or smoke observed following the accident."

Phew! That's good news...this whole thing could have really gotten out of hand if the 18 pound flying coffee maker put a dent in roof 4. Crisis averted...good job people!