Dylan Ratigan Discusses Obama's Purported Secret Agenda

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Dylan does not mince his words when discussing some very hard core GOP assumptions about what the administration's plans for the US are. And a very salient highlight which shows that, of all things, none other than Goldman may be the reason for Obama's ultimate downfall: "Goldman Sachs is becoming the bogeyman of this administration the way the Carlyle Group used to be used as a sledgehammer against the Bush administration. It's a fascinating narrative that is developing and one that this administration better be very nervous about as well as Goldman Sachs."

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OT question.

Does your avatar name come from the main character in the movie Hopscotch?


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Indeed... Me to a T.  Although I still desire to apply the amplitude of Layne.

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I left a response for you on the "Fed bailed out world" thread. Would you take a stroll and check it out? It's closer to the bottom and it's actually 2 responses on top of each other.

Thought it might apply to you personally.



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One of my alltime favorite movies. :)

Mine was never Gin and Ginger-ale!

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The Montrachet '69 please.. Next to the beer.

Where is the opener?  On the table in front of you.

Where are the glasses?  On the table in front of you.


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And who owns Goldman, the Fed and BIS?

The fact that even someone as rich as Perot could not
get on all the ballots basically rules out electoral

Perot basically became a spoiler for the Clintongs,
proteges of godfather Bush.

There may be no awake change until government fails
across the board, which may not be too far off, and
half the population depending on government has to go
to work...

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In light of this, it'll be interesting to watch Frontline's new piece, The Warning. It supposedly exposes much of the derivatives beast.

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Frontline is the most left wing television program in the U.S. What makes you think they will say anything negative about the Obama administration?

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It was the Clinton admenstruation in which most of the bullshit was started with Rubin in charge, and Greenspan was a 'rock star' with horribly bad breath, giving the kids the liquor and the car keys.

Brooks Born was an appointment to CFTC and an FOH.

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That would be true for folks who are under 20 years of age or came into puberty after 1992. Greenspan was appointed by which president, do you want to make a guess, and who did he replace, and what was Greenspan's previous life?

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It's not about the Obama Administration, which continues the guilty actions of Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush the chimp.

It began with the establishment of the Group of Thirty (Rockefeller Foundation initiative in 1978), their actions promoting the widespread adoption of credit derivatives (with securitization processes involved, of course), and JPMorgan (where a type of CDO, and the credit default swap and BISTRO came into being), along with that Derivatives Policy Group (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and the rest of the gang) promoting the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the destruction of all oversight.

The Financial Services Modernization Act (also known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, signed under Clinton, thanks to Gramm, Rubin, Greenspan and Leavitt) allowed for ultra-monopolies, while the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (again signed under Clinton, and thanks to the same bunch of monkeys) allowed for ultra-leveraging by those financial ultra-monopolies.

Case closed, people!  (And FYI for another anon clown poster, Brooksley Born was the force who attempted to stop the gang of Rubin, Gramm, Greenspan, Leavitt, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan & Morgan Stanley...)

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sgt_doom puts it down!

Lead by example!

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It's my opinion Taibbi's 'Wall Street's Naked Swindle' was a magnitude 10 earthquake with an epicenter 500 miles due east of Washington DC. The current administration might want to issue a tsunami watch because the waves are coming. When sources like Rolling Stone, Baselinescenario.com and ZH begin to converge, watch out.

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I agree, awesome piece everyone needs to read.

Without proper accounting of share ownership and the requirement to put up collateral, find shares, etc. how could you even trust the market - the answer is you can't, it's all just a game.

When connected people decide to crash a stock/company they can do it without even having to put up the money or find the shares.

That is fucking insanity and it goes to the heart of the entire stability of the markets. I am telling you they have killed the golden goose with their unchecked greed.

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If they are not careful this particular convergence zone may well form a KT layer.

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yes it is an absolute must read....if you can
only read one thing this week read the article...

the classic line from the article is:

"Our economy is so completely fucked, the rich are running out of things to steal."

it doesn't get any sweeter than this...

those terrorists should be down in guantanamo...

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The United States Government is bought and paid for.

The United States of Goldman Sachs is more like it

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There should be

"Goldman Reich & Co"

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Given what people knew about The Carlyle Group


and the conflicts, what price was paid by the Bush Administration?...none

What will happen to Goldman?...nothing

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carlyle group is the most wicked evil den of
shit in the universe....it is a bush crime
syndicate rape house involved in both financial
terror and military terrorism....

this is a pet company of the bush crime
syndicate....it makes bechtel and halliburton
and blackwater look like a team of vacation bible
school kindergarten teachers...

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Goldman is a bunch of chumps. At one point I had some respect for this company however they are now nothing but a bunch of scalpers with fast computers and greasy hands in Washington. Goldman is a disease and must be erradicated if the US is to regain the respect of domestic and international investors.

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Is it just me or is the video not working?

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LOL is Obama's agenda secret? No, its right out in the open. When you are surrounded by marxists, you aren't a democratic capitalist.

And enough of this lying about GM. Even Ratigan doesn't get it. They keep spouting this "GM didn't see the cars people wanted" crap. They sold the most vehicles in the world 2 years ago. Their problem was paying people who no longer worked there.

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Are you sure you are right? Toyota from last I checked, provides life-time employment. Don't read your favourite commentator and assume they are right. Pension expenses in American companies is just one of a myriad of problems GM faces and even with uncle sam assuming the entire GM pension burden, GM would still fail.

And why did GM sell the most cars in the world in the past? a) because they provided zero financing to Joe six packs who cannot afford anything else, and b) because Opel were still doing decently in Europe and c) the chinese had the choice of GM or expensive european VW, or chinese-made cars like Geely to choose from. Japanese cars in particular, like it or not, still carry the stigma and burden from the atrocities the nips committed in China during WW2, and that left the market open to GM.

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ZH, the 'read more' link goes nowhere.
BTW, your work is consistently brilliant.

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As if this a "democrat" or "republican" issue. I don't vote in national elections because in my view no one could be in an election without being vetted by those who are responsible for this debacle. Republican or democrat is the diversion to distract those left who are not distracted by reality tv ( sports included). Until we as a collective pull our heads out, solutions will elude us.

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I'll drink to that

Anonymous's picture

I'll drink to that

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MSNBC will be next on the Obama shit list. Pretty soon, only the BBC will be left on the White House approved viewing list for the faithfully numb and dumb.

Anonymous's picture

Trust me, you don't want that. BBC is socialist tv with a red filter - trust me. it has fallen to more of less just saying what the current socialist wants it to.

It's still better than fox news though :)

Anonymous's picture

all major media are cia-fed control newsfakers....
they are all absolutely corrupt water carriers
for the elite banksters and indnoesian president.

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So, a Great Vampire Squid a socialist President walk into a bar...

Sqworl's picture

in NYC tonight and pick up the tab to hear him talk about bad wall street!!!

Anonymous's picture

the socialest says "I'm goinfg to redistribute your wealth."

The squid says, "OK, let me help you manage that plan."

And the rest is a gang of congressmen asea in a cloud of murky cloud of ink.

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LOL. Lunatic populism at its finest. There is not a single shred of evidence that Goldman Sachs has done anything "wrong" or "sinister". Unless, of course, making money is "wrong", which apparently it is now that the USA has become a socialist/fascist state.

I'm taking my $25 million and leaving the country. Obama can blow me.

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Collateral damage happens. We don't need evidence of wrongdoing to know that Masterminds who create the barriers to prosecution, are just as, if not more so, guilty of financial crimes against humanity.

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What Dylan didn't mention was that Democracy Corps is run by James Carville and is a super partisan Democrat polling company.  Carl was spinning like a top and the brunette Republican spokeshole was correct to point out that the Tea Party movement is hardly some far right phenomenon.  Obama is in real trouble with all of this and the issue of "speed" and particularly the way in which Obama is attempting to ram gigantic bills through as fast as possible makes people think they are on a used car lot. 

The fact is that Obama and the Democrats are in total control of the government and therefore the Republicans in Congress are in NO position to stop them from doing anything.  Democrats themselves are the ones putting the brakes on this guy's agenda and that hardly jibes with Carl's assertions that the far right are gumming up the works and that they don't have any shot electorally next year.  When your own party is telling you that you are drunk, its time to sit down.


Anonymous's picture

Good observation. The moderates/independents are the ones who tend to listen more than pontificate. aka, the silent majority, they usually do their talking at the election booths. The mid-terms will be a surprise to the liberal elites provided the Republicans put up a list of candidates who appeal to the middle and not to their radical faction.

You Cant Handle the Truth's picture

"the Tea Party movement is hardly some far right phenomenon."

Surely you jest.

Froggy's picture

Well, if I am jesting, then Obama ought to be shitting his pants right now.  We are all aware that he is losing independents by huge numbers, and therefore if the Tea Party movement contains no independents, that means that the far right is much bigger than was previously believed.  Combine those two facts (if that is the case) and 2010 will turn out to be electoral armageddon for the Democrats. 

Anonymous's picture

if you think that republicans would stop or
impede democrats if their numbers were greater
you are highly deluded and perhaps complicit in
the lie of a two party political system...

the republicans were removed from power and indeed
willingly stepped away from it so that these
bills could be passed....

no one is telling obama to change anything...you
are watching a little handwringing in public
to excite sheeple like you....

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"Goldman Sachs is becoming the bogeyman of this administration the way the Carlyle Group used to be used as a sledgehammer against the Bush administration. It's a fascinating narrative that is developing and one that this administration better be very nervous about as well as Goldman Sachs."

For those that didn't watch the video, this quote came from Chuck Todd, which I find most interesting.  Chuck is a political guy, not a finance guy. Coming from Todd versus the Ratigans, HuffPos, ZH's, etc of the world is much more main stream and damaging to the lack of transparency in the Fed/Treasury/Wall Street complex.

Sancho Ponzi's picture

I saw Chuck Todd's tone towards the Obama administration change a few months back. We'll probably never know what happened, but whatever it was, he did not approve.

Anonymous's picture

Maybe above all else, Chuck Todd is an honest and ethical individual who maintains high standards upon himself, his profession and his expectations of elected officials and civil servants. I enjoy his reporting. Even though he is obviously liberal in his belief systems, he endeavors to be objective.

Sancho Ponzi's picture

Agreed. One thing I do know is that he thinks Robert Gibbs is a smug, condescending asshole, so there's no doubting his people judging skills.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Possibly the tone changed because new marching orders were implemented.

Or he had an epiphany. You decide. People are beginning to take sides.