Dylan Ratigan With Ron Paul "The Banking Infrastructure Is Trying To Protect The Secrecy Of The Federal Reserve"

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Tommy Mottola must be considering signing a record deal with the lately omnipresent Ron Paul.

Incidentally, from Ben Bernanke's ongoing presentation to the House committee, when asked "How does providing factual info on Fed discussions compromise the Fed", Bernanke had this highly illogical reponse:

1. It would inhibit discussion.

2. It would inhibit the provision of information.

3. It would implicity provide the sense that Congress was second-guessing or trying to overrule the FOMC's decisions.

Did Wall Street chip in for the prompter on this response? The absurdity of Bernanke's answer would likely provide Lewis Black with hours of stand up entertainment fodder.


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Tony? Isn't it Tommy?

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oops. too much italian talk around here today.

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Did you notice how Bernanke avoided Bunning's question on what the FED does not want audited at the FRB?  The question was silently passed over with a stupid reply.

I would suggest CSPAN for anyone who watches these hearings on Bloomberg or CNBC; both of these channels have an attention deficit syndrome.

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First you have Paulson bumbling his way in his grilling and now you have the Big headed Burner speaking gibberish but dont worry, eveythings all good, markets romp higher.

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Let the Ron Paul - Controlled Opposition or Whistleblower? discussion go mainstream.

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I do love Ron Paul, and i would have voted for him to be President, but what i just don't get is why doesn't he ever speak about the owners of the privatly held federal reserve corp?

D.Ratigan gave him the perfect chance there, and he only said the federal reserve board, and all the banks.  In his position, with the interest he seems to have, you would think he would want to educate the public on what the federal reserve actually is...

And, even if the Federal Reserve Act was revoked, there is no reason why the infrastructure and workings of the fed couldn't march on, just instead of private owners getting to keep "operating expenses" all profit would be kept by our government...the way it is, it seems our dollar is the pawn in a shell game.

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Coming to Jeopardy soon. Contestant: "I'll take Green Shoots, Lying, Obfuscation and Larceny for 2,000, Alex." Trebek: "On March 28th, 2007 when Ben Bernanke stated, 'At this juncture . . . the impact on the broader economy and financial markets of the problems in the subprime markets seems likely to be contained,' what did he really mean?" Contestant: "What is, 'We gonna screw all y'all'?" Trebek: "Correct for $2,000."

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If anyone is allowed to know about my heroin addiction, it may inhibit my ability to obtain heroin.

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This message is brought to you by the Mexican black market.

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Congressman: "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?" Bernanke: "Why do you want to know about the location of our secret treehouse?"

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If a dead body lies in a shallow grave, but none may acknowledge smelling it, has murder been committed.

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If a fat girl falls in the forest....do the trees laugh?

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Disband the Federal Reserve and make fiat currency and fractional reserve banking a crime akin to counterfeiting. It may be nilistic, but that does not make it wrong.

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Second that. And it's NOT nihilistic.

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I think he meant it as political nihilism... In that doing so would effectively collapse the system... i.e. "the system is so broken the only way to fix it is to bring about its collapse and rebuild"

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I've been saying we'll need to do an original JP Morgan style "scrap and build" of the monetary and financial system by 2012 for a couple years now...

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Sure sounds like I should be able to refuse an IRS audit, because it would compromise my independence...

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Only 19 Senators on board? Its gonna be a long uphill fight getting this passed.


BTW - CAPTCHA is fucking retarded. Seriously.

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I noted the difference in tone in the Senate vs House hearings (Bunning notwithstanding).  one of the moron senators from Florida was even asking when the private label RMBS market could be re-created.  stupid fuck.


The Senate is pretty clearly in the pocket of the elite.  Fully bought and paid for.

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Long battle yea, but i remember saying theres no way RP would ever get even 30 house members to support it. And im a big RP supporter...

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Fantastic Interview.   It is so blatantly clear that an audit is required that to argue against it is to condone hiding in the shadows and admits that your integrity and virtues are nothing but sinister.    Support Ron Paul and call your senator and congressman/congresswoman NOW and audit the Fed!   

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Ron Paul is bar none - the most informed member of Congress. He must be reading books - so I guess the Fed will have to get behind an effort to outlaw books that they don't approve of. Yes, that will be the next step and good 'ol Barack will be in charge of selling that to the people. "Too much information is bad for you and for society. Please, for the sake of our democracy and mankind itself, stick to your sports pages and reality tv shows, US Weekly and MTV. No more informative reading by executive decree!"

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though I gotta say, for all Grayson's faults, he had a great grilling yesterday.  Someone definitely fed him some good questions to ask.

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he's a client of peter schiff and schiff was invited to some inaugaration celebration of his...so there seems to be some contact beyond sending money.

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why not just burn the books? wait, THAT's been done before.

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More pressure must be applied in the senate to get s.604 passed....some serious pressure

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Dylan is swinging a big bat here.

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Senator Crook, I mean Corker from TN this morning actually said that Ben should do everything in his power to keep the Fed private and basically that an audit of the fed would be disastrous for our nation.

Excuse me, but did I hear him correctly? Disastrous. Who bought this guy?

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Except for Grayson and Paul, they all look bought, but a few in the house seem to be just alittle clueless: there is no hope for any senator in office not being bought. We need all new people except for a few in the house.

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Corker is one of the few I actually like. He tells it like it is IMO. A lot of truth can be found in this statement. While he may have a good point, it is not a good point. Bottom line is either way our govt fails miserably on any grading system. So what is the difference? Time? I'm with you in getting the truth out and ending this BS once and for all. 

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It's a "Summer" (this winter) setup.

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Oct 20 is the day the news that sends the market down hits.

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At 4:30 Ratigan starts talking about what he likes in Obama - 'his rhetoric' about transparency.  He then asks RP what can Obama do to 'turn some of his rhetoric into more action' (i.e.:  actually doing something he says he's going do beside socializing everything) which was his 'argument for running for office'. 

Did Dylan really buy all that crap?  Does he really think that Obama means that? 

When are people going to wake the hell up and realize that 99% of these people say whatever they need to say to get (re)elected?!  They're predominantly a self-serving, self-protecting group of power hungry elitist liers who exempt themselves from the rules they make for the rest of us.  Can anybody prove otherwise?