Early Thoughts From Art Cashin

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ZH tops out at #10. but the listing was alphabetical.

Ten Wall Street Blogs You Need to Bookmark Now Wall Street Journal.

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Why doesn't Marla post anymore?

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Sweet Tomatoes - Coming to a Grocery Store near you.
This time thanks to a Buffett owned company - Kraft Foods.


Your lives for a mere 20K dollar tax bill.

Corporate America is really on a roll now !!

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9' 2"...Dam it when are you people going to convert to the metric system.

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trivia:  9'-2"......2'-9"

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Nate’s words of wisdom this morning on Nathan’s Economic Edge:

To me that action yesterday afternoon was nothing but proof that our markets have been taken over by computers and thugs.  Someone (who?) floated a rumor that AAPL was going to do a 4 for 1 stock split just as prices were tapped below the very important 1,090 level following more very negative economic data.  This morning ZeroHedge produced data showing that Goldman placed a huge long in the futures market just prior to the rumor being floated—the rumor was later denied, by the way, and Goldman was selling into the close after pocketing a tidy seven-figure profit on the day.

Here’s what my Schwab account daily summary stated:

Unless you are a day trader, this is a difficult market to make a big directional bet.  On Tuesday, the DJIA dropped 100 on the dismal consumer confidence number.  Yesterday, it rose 90 on Ben’s comments on easy money.  Today, it was 190 points down in the morning on an unexpected rise in jobless claims and renewed concerns about Greece.  But, amazingly, it suddenly popped higher in the afternoon to close with only a 53.13 point (-0.51%) loss at 10321.03.

Oh yes, “Amazingly.”

This type of action is absolutely driving out small investors.  Frankly I think a person is nuts to put any money in any market in which any of the big banks have any input whatsoever.  I also reiterate that your money should not be on deposit at those institutions, I can assure you that not one penny of my money is.

Since our government has been taken over by the same interests, the regulators not only look the other way, but they encourage and support this type of market activity.  But since the bankers own the markets…


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Gotta be faster on tha trivia...

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"Gold Bitches," Art Cashin.

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