As East Australia Prepares For Cyclone Yasi Flooding, West Suffers From Drought...And A Weak Wheat Harvest

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AUD pairs (and the ES, as a result) are not doing too hot today: the primary reason - Cyclone Yasi, which is now projected to be a category 5 storm according to the Australian Weather Bureau, is making landfall in Queensland and will add to the continent's flooding misery, which has already incurred over $20 billion of damages to eastern states. Yet in a case of supreme irony, the West of the continent, unlike the East which has been having flood after flood, and which is the source of Australia's bread basket and where the bulk of the grains come from, is wrapped in a drought that threatens to impair an already week wheat harvest. From Bloomberg: "At stake is the output of the country’s biggest wheat- growing state at a time when global food shortages have pushed prices to records. The drought has already prompted the government of Western Australian state Premier Colin Barnett to cut its economic growth forecast for the year to June 30 to 4 percent, from 4.5 percent."

Australia’s export earnings from energy and minerals in the three months to Sept. 30 totaled A$44 billion, while the value of wheat exports for the year to June 30, 2011, is forecast to be about A$4.7 billion, according to the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences. World food prices rose to a record in December on higher costs for sugar, grain and oilseeds, the United Nations reported on Jan. 4.

“The greatest restraint on Perth and Western Australia is water,” Barnett told reporters in November in Perth, where homeowners are allowed to water their gardens with automated irrigation systems for 20 minutes a week. “We’ve had our driest year ever, so that’s created an acute problem.”

So while Bernanke continues to flood the world with his own form of liquidity (and which is set to double in the next two months courtesy of the SFP program unwind), there is little to no liquidity where it matters. As a result, look for wheat prices to continue surging, making the "price in" component of global revolutions increasingly more problematic.

Below is a realtime map of the incursion of Yasi, courtesy of the Austrlian Bureau of Meteorology

Those seeking a minute by minute coverage of the Cyclone's aftermath can do so at the Austrlian version of the Daily Telegraph.

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$20 billion? Meh...chicken scratch, thats just 2 days of POMO for Satan Bernank, cant he just ramp up the machines and give Queensland the measely $20 bill? Come on Satan, quit being such a skinflint!

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Who cares about wheat - you can't eat wheat.

What?  Seriously?  You can?  Whoooooocouldanode......

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umm.. read Calculated Risk much? Not that it is a bad thing

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I would like to suggest, even if it sounds crazy, that for better coverage of this people should go to godlikeproductions. Yes it's a conspiracy forum and shit. But the current thread about Yasi is updated with live feeds and maps very often. It's called "BREAKING *********YASI upgraded to Cat 5.Australia is in deeper shit" ->

(i ain't promoting glp here so no need to rain your sarcasm on me, if you feel like it)

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my firewall just went crazy when I clicked that link...

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Lol, I think godlike productions is run by infowars as one of their mirror sites. I wish that d-bag would just go ahead and move to another country and stop profiting off of fear mongering.

SheepDog-One's picture

Right, anyone can clearly see theres NOTHING to worry about, all is well.

jesusonline's picture

There's some interesting stuff coming from Jones, too (although very rarely). A lot of it is what it is - fear-mongering and disinfo. Take infowars, etc with a ton of salt. As for godlikeproductions - I read it just for the kicks, it's a funny place, really. Thanks for the junks

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Yeah, all the pings coming from those data-mining assclowns at the NSA will definitely bring me back for more.

Take your GLP and shove it straight up your gaping anal cavity.

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Is this de reason why the BDI is down again today?


eigenvalue's picture

Has anybody noticed that North China is suffering from a severe drought. Its winter wheat is in danger. If this drought continues into April, China's wheat harvest will be totally Game Over. When China starts to import wheat from abroad, wheat price will go to the moon.

Green Leader's picture

That hurricane looks geoengineered. Take a look at the upper left quadrant. Hurricanes have no corners.  There's also a corner below the hurricane's lower right hand quadrant. Evidently it is being guided.

The Hurricane that struck Haiti last year had one side with a corner.

Get the message, people: this is the result of  a master Satanic plan. Gold will NOT save your asses nor guarantee that you will eat.

Yahweh is my Yireh.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

I see the straight line but that can be caused by data errata from the weather satellite.

Green Leader's picture

The hurricane should look spinning all around, like in the upper right hand quadrant.

I live in the Caribbean.

resipsaloquacious's picture

Hurricanes, like toilet bowls, spin in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere. 


resipsaloquacious's picture

Man made hurricanes... I mean, I believe in man made climate change, but...  really?

Green Leader's picture

Yes, science has advanced a lot--barbarian science, that is. We are living in the era of the barbarian-scientist.

It does not matter which way the hurricane is spinning, it should spin evenly all around.

jesusonline's picture

Your name betrays you, Al. What have you done to Tipper?

Green Leader's picture

Global warming is a fake--and I am not an Anglo.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Really indeed resip.

HAARP, that great unknown technology, is used to heat up the ionosphere in ways that can distort pretty much anything in the atmosphere. It's supposed to be derivative of Tesla's work using scalar waves.

And that much is known. Given how far ahead tech is in the mil/black ops space, right now, if the full range was un-leashed, we'd feel like we've met god.


Cathartes Aura's picture

Weather as a Force Multiplier:
Owning the Weather in 2025

not really a secret, but certainly not on mainstream "radar". . .

military is all about control, and control of weather includes drought, affecting food supplies, as well as steering cyclones/hurricanes into populated areas, microwaves that cause shallow, intense earthquakes, ohhh, and sooo much more.

if one is really interested in what the military is doing to "own the weather" as a weapon against populations, the link below has enough hyperlinks to keep you busy for a few days/weeks, depending on your attention span. . .

I'm not religious, but I do believe in evil.  This shit is evil.


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Dr. Jeff Masters blog on WeatherUnderground is a very good place to keep up with whatever Yasi is doing to unfortunate Austrailia. Sadly, there are trolls there, but I doubt you will have any trouble picking them out.

Cathartes Aura's picture

indeed they are - thanks for the link!

check this one out - same thing, over nevada, circa 2001 - 10yrs previous ^^.

Thorny Xi's picture

geoengineering by supernatural powers ... isn't that what the weather used to be described as, before people grew brains?

Cathartes Aura's picture

evolution shows apparent disparity in brain growth rates.

</headpat> hon.

Henry Chinaski's picture

Oz can't catch a break.  Too bad.  It's a great place with great people. 

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 Mother Nature can't be bribed or corrupted, Does not care if rates are low and money supply is high. Even the mighty millatary has no say. Whoes the boss bitch!!! Say my name...

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I was crazy enough to drive around Dallas yesterday, and the only place I saw any cars was Wal-mart.  This is after the city and police told everyone to stay home.

Note to HHS:  If bad weather is coming, charge up the EBTs a day earlier so people can stock up.

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That's a tight pattern there. Good luck to Ozz

dark pools of soros's picture

if it was oil they would pipe it to the moon if they had to.. but they can't funnel all that water to the other side??

Oh regional Indian's picture

Brilliant and extremely ironic observation dark pools.


doomandbloom's picture

natural selection in progress...

outamyeffinway's picture

It's HAARP again. The Americans are punishing the Aussies for doing business with China. Limiting their coal again. DO NOT defy the Evil Empire or the Death Star will be turned upon you!!!

gwar5's picture

HAARP has been co-opted by the American Imams 

They are convinced there is a martyr button


gwar5's picture

Australia must have really pissed off the big guy this year

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It's been seriously dry here in Perth (capital of Western Australia) for way too long. The farmers in the wheatbelt only seem to get rain these days in the form of thunderstorms which can do more harm than good.

On the other hand Western Australia is sitting on the mother load when it comes to commodities, particulary iron ore and gas and with a population of just 2.3million we have been in an economic boom for easily a decade with major labour shortages and ridiculous housing prices (try $800,000 plus median house prices in some mining towns - and these are shit houses) being two of the key features of this part of the world. Of course all of this will come to a screaming halt if the Chinese economy goes arse over tit.

For those with too much time on their hands the Black Swan features on both the Western Australian State flag and the State Coat of Arms. We don't have any of those weird looking white ones (swans that is).



SteveNYC's picture

You are right Lemming. The problem is (which I keep telling my buds down there) is that EVERY SINGLE condition for a collapse is present right now, all that is required to push it over the edge is a Chinese slowdown (China does not even have to collapse, if it cuts its ore imports just a bit its game over):

- Excessive house price levels funded by excessive debt, which is eating up more and more income to service

- Reliance on one industry (which is highly cyclical)

- Reliance on one customer (China)

- Two-speed economy

- Lack of education (many of the guys making $100k + in mining are illiterate)

- The mantra that "it can't happen here", "house prices only go up here", "we are not America" etc etc. Very dangerous attitude given the above conditions.


As soon as the Chinese slowdown ripens and the exports slow, it comes crashing down because of the debt. No reserve currency status, which will make it all the more difficult to "print" their way out (which of course the US will fail miserably at, albeit Ben will try)

Good luck to you.

Team Lemming's picture

Cheers SteveNYC for the good luck wish and good luck to you to in your part of the world. I agree 100% with every single point that you have made.

Here in Perth we live in a freak economy. There hasn't been a recession in twenty years and whilst the GFC gave the mining stocks a bit of a hammering most recovered and then went on to better things. Other than that the GFC passed us by.

I know a reasonable number of people from their late teens to their mid sixties and I know of no one who is unemployed. Apparently our unemployment rate is 4% but this seems way overstated. I open up the local community newspaper and there are pages of jobs and they include ads where several employment agencies are offering money to refer prospective employees to them. If you can't find work here, and good paying work at that, then there is something seriously wrong.

I read about things like food stamps and wonder what the hell they look like or how they work. We have nothing like that. But if China turns brown and hits the fan then we may just find ourselves on such a track and worse. 

What we do have is a "She'll be right, it'll never happen" attitude and in particular what we have here are very high property prices. If you want a house (something with a backyard) then you're looking at a median price of around $550,000 for one. On the other hand something smaller such as a two-bedroom unit (say about 550-650 square feet) begins at around $280,000 but an average quality one is in the $330-380,000 range.   

These prices are heavily backed by some hard core debt. Average first home buyers mortgages last time I looked where pushing the $300,000 mark and the average new mortgage was pushing the $400,000 mark. We don't have to have much of a hiccup in employment or interest rates and we're toast.

My attitude is that you make the most of the bloody good luck that we have here while it lasts. But through sites such as Zero Hedge you keep informed on what is happening in the rest of the world because the sort of BS that is being pulled by many of the world's governments will sooner or later end in tears and our luck in this part of the world will definitely run out. 

Stay safe.

sax's picture

Nice post, I enjoyed reading that

SheepDog-One's picture

Remember China accused the US of causing the Haiti earthquake...I guess the Chinese govt could also be a bunch of conspiracy loons too but maybe they actually know something...just sayin.

Oh regional Indian's picture

+ 8.3

Scalar Wave Technology for Tectonic and Ionospheric Modification


Max Hunter's picture

China isn't the only country accusing the U.S. of causing earthquakes.. But of course, if it doesn't come from U.S. officials, it's a bunch of laughable lies.. Pffft..

Something is going on.. And a natural disaster would be the perfect "out" for the economic collapse.. I'm expecting a HUGE earthquake in the Mississippi Valley by the end of Spring..

Cathartes Aura's picture
Fema buying emergency meals for possible New Madrid Earthquake

As a follow-up to our story last week about the food shortages that are hitting the emergency food market, one of our sources sent news that FEMA has put out a Request for Information for Pre-Packaged Commercial Meals for a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System.

The RFI asks for enough emergency food to feed 7 million survivors which works out to about 14 million meals a day.

Does FEMA know something? Is the New Madrid Fault Line about to see some major activity soon?

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, over 500 measurable earthquakes have happened in the New Madrid Fault System since September. What’s scary about this fault line is how deadly a massive quake in this area would be to the country.

good one-minute video there, on the New Madrid series of devastating quakes of 1811/1812. . . anniversary?

recall the recent massive bird deaths, fish as well, all along the faultline states. . .

connect the dots folks, prepare your friends & family.

Flakmeister's picture

Global Warming, bitchez.

Now junk away

cougar_w's picture

Australia has a lot of coal. Once they get the pits pumped out from all the flood waters they're back in business, boo-yah! They can use the money to buy wheat and repair Queensland in time for next year. And the year after that. And the year after that.