Easy Come, Easy Go: The SLV Put Buyer's Story Comes To A Close... With A Wash

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A little over a month ago, when silver was trading at just about $40, a silver put buyer made headlines (and even arguably moved the price of the metal) after buying $1 million worth of SLV July $25 puts. The same buyer made further headlines after he or she generated a 68,294,229,502,717.3% annualized return 4 weeks later. Well, today the trilogy comes to a close with the last headline saying something to the nature of "easy come, easy go..." - following a massive surge in the July $25 puts volume, we have learned that the same put buyer has offloaded his entire 10k put block.... at a complete wash. In other words, someone just got a very stark lesson in why a 500% paper profit can be converted into a 0% realized non-profit (and loss when factoring transaction costs) in just three weeks.

Today's SLV options volume and trades:

...Peak return as of May 6 (highlighted here)

...And the denouement.

h/t Jason

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Josh Randall's picture

Sleazy Come, Sleazy Go

6 String's picture

since they didn't close their position with the huge $ gains, it's clearly someone with deep pockets. Must be the "doing god's work" company.

Ahmeexnal's picture

MathMan was last seen riding around Hialeah in his Ferrari, frantically searching for his ass!

Sock Puppet's picture

He hasn't been around for awhile.  He must be out digging silver out of the ground for $5/ounce.

JW n FL's picture

I need an esquire to File Suit in Federal Court Against the U.S. Government.. more over the President of the United States of America. Pro Bono in the name of Fight Club!


The Law Suit is for breach of the Constitution for bringing home the U.S. Army and now Training the U.S. Army to operate Against "We the People".


Who wants to get some T.V. face time for themselves and for Tyler here.. we want warm bodies to educate we have to up our visible profile.


I am looking for feedback and ideas to make as big a splash as possible! so if you have something that will help, speak up! even if you think its small! speak up! every little thing matters and helps! SO PLEASE!!! Speak Up!



jus_lite_reading's picture



Sorry about the all caps but I AM EXCITED..... no I am more like worried that few people will know what is going on and then it is too late!!!


Weimar-eddie's picture

I thought at $35 he had to run out and buy a shit ton of silver because then it was "for the right reason" and "at the right price."

Josh Randall's picture

I thought MethMan had a Miata ? With with the Miami Vice circa '86 music crusing the streets with his throw back 80's Gordon Gecko wannabe look telling all the waitresses at Hooters he is a mogul while wiping wing sauce on his paper napkin..

JW n FL's picture

If I find that trash in South FL I will have him fed to an alligator, one finger knuckle at a time.. so he can watch himself be eaten alive...


just kidding, hes great!

Sock Puppet's picture

I've always thought Mathman sounded a lot like Mako, maybe the same guy behind both.

Vic Vinegar's picture

Maybe.  Mako was all about the math, compounding principle and interest getting us in the end.  He was right, for certain, but he was also a whiny bitch.  All I ever saw from MM was that silver won’t save you either.  But at least the only ‘costs $5 to dig out of the ground’ was funny.

firefighter302's picture

RE: self-promoting posts...

The best and bravest firefighters I worked for/with never showed up at the awards dinners.

Turns out, awards and public accolades were not what they were about.

They were about something much bigger.




Freddie's picture

No cucho - he was down at Bird Road near Frank Lopez Motors in Coral Gables.


I send Manolo to Gus Machdo in Hialeah to find MathMan that piece of dirt.

Man - I am getting tired of doing Tyler Durden f*cking integers when I post. We only had Soviet shoes with holes and octopus in Cuba. No integers.  

NotApplicable's picture

Makes more sense than the idea that someone let that much profit evaporate without realizing a penny of it.

6 String's picture

Another thought, too: With that huge put, the paper silver market cracked and made a lot of folks nervous. I believe this put was placed not too long before that fateful Sunday night were silver dropped 15% in 15 minutes while every market sands Japan was closed. Only to be followed up with the Monday morning margin hike...and Wed...then Thur....then Friday.....then Tues....the Thurs.

Yup, thinking about it, that huge put was just the first strike in the concentrated take-down effort by Jesus Jamie and Lloyd the "God."


nope-1004's picture

Agree, 100% coordinated.

Read my comment below.  If they exercised that option, they'd look all too obvious and attract way too much attention.


Saxxon's picture

Agreed nope-1004 and others.

Manthong's picture

So then.. as it was not closed out on many, many profitable occasions, it means that it was never intended to be closed out at a profit?

Say it it ain't so.

Bay of Pigs's picture

That is correct. Those who manipulate PM's are rarely sellers for profit. That is the whole crux of the massive concentrated short postitions held by these criminal banksters. It is not legitimate hedging.

jus_lite_reading's picture

Correctamundo..... why do you think these banksters are reporting not a single day loss in an entire YEAR?!?!

Hal n back's picture

volatility also crashed a few days ago--mostly I assume due to perception if not reality that low to mid 30's would be the bottom and if not, the very hi 20's, rendering the 25 puts expiring in 45 days rather iffy. Good for a cheap play.


I though one major rule with options is once you have nice profits you start chipping away at position taking profits off table one way or another-some take out their cost and continue using OPM. To each  his own. But you have to do something.



DrFever's picture

I wrote about this on my blog.  I suspected something was very fishy when it all went down.  I am of the view that there is more to this story than meets the eye.


Quintus's picture

Bulls make money, Bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered.  Never get too greedy.

IEVI's picture

Must have been MethMan..what a douche.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

If you are playing with paper you are playing with fire.  3rd degree burns may appear over night.  Lack of physical can lead to loss of apetite, loss of sleep, and nausia.  An erection lasting more than four hours is not normal.  Seek immediate medical help.  Paper silver is not for everyone and should be considered a ponzi man's game. 

HamyWanger's picture

The false recovery in silver got instantly hammered this afternoon. Poor tmosley... 

I've just taken some more SLV puts @17.5

HamyWanger's picture

Enjoy the ride to $25 before July

Silverbugs will soon panick and dump their Eagles en masse onto the open market. 

JW n FL's picture

I am building a mountain of silver.. using green boxes like legos! the only flood maybe if my monster box / lego mountain fails under the wieght...

Manthong's picture

I'm thinking I might need to get the basement floor compression tested because I don't want any cracks to form.

Shock and Aweful's picture

You sir...as they say....are a troll.


Doyle Hargraves's picture

Yeah $25???!!! I bought a lot at under $10...$25 is an opportunity to load up some more! Of course this is just the paper price, try and get some actual metal at the current spot. Cannot do it. I love how these guys think 'silverbugs' will run from a position we have been in for YEARS if not DECADES at the drop of a dime. Even at $25 in July, (which may be true for some paper), I would be surprised if you could actually find some physical at that price. See the thing is all this paper (stocks, bonds, paper commodities, etc.) is just that-PAPER. I use paper when I take a sh*t, what the f*ck is the difference what is on that paper? When I want something I guarantee I can get it with silver and always will be able to. Ask Zimbabwe how well paper is working for them?!



CompassionateFascist's picture

I "panicked" right out of SLV...and into the solid stuff. I love the sound of silver in the morning. That heavy clink when one 100 oz. bar settles on top of another. Also, limp organ, widening premiums on silver eagles over paper-at-spot shows that a real market is separating from the manipulated,  paper Ponzi fake market. So enjoy the sound of "puts", and "calls", and "longs", and "shorts". That'll all soon be history.  

Robot Traders Mom's picture

Ha ha ha. That is something my son would say. He is also a complete fucking tool as well.

Sock Puppet's picture

This is Hammy not Harry.  Everything Hammy says is tongue in cheek to just antagonize. I suspect you might have a sense of humor as well.

fonestar's picture

If you honestly believe that you are a total moron.  Nobody cares about the CRIMEX or your stupid fucking government and their doped up minions.  Silver is a cash-physical market and nobody gives two sweet fucks about the SLV anyways.

Do you think the Chinese amass Gold and Silver only to allow the US to continue manipulating the markets?

Jreality's picture

"68,294,229,502,717.3% annualized return "   LMAO!  There isn't enough money on the planet even with Uncle Ben's printing presses. 

Hal n back's picture

the % return falls in the category of newsletter writers saying they earned 1000% this week and last trading this and that. What they do not say is you have to be an idiot to make a huge bet where the dollars of profit are significant in addition to the %.

Thats whew the ability to get in options when a trend is in place and having the ability to actually manage your money is important.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

They knew about all the margin hikes beforehand but miscalculated them obviously.

nope-1004's picture

No, the news in and of itself was part of the operation.  Taking the profit would expose the fraud too clear for all to see.  This way, the objective of lowering spot price was achieved without ringing alarm bells and, as many here have stated, who in their right mind would not take profits?

So it worked.

White-collar bankster crime, fraud, and theft is alive and well in this model of a free market.  What a joke.



the not so mighty maximiza's picture

Interesting,  I was thinking they were told more margin hikes would occur than what actually transpired.  It would be obvious though your right.

Eric Cartman's picture

Once it hit mainstream I knew it was over. I was on the sidelines though. 

DeadFred's picture

How about a multi-level play with the single psy-ops bet plus scattered under the radar bets. Take profits from the anonymous puts and leave the glaring purchase until you have to close it out at break-even level? That might make it a real profit-making ploy and not a bankster manipulation.

Diogenes's picture

Since when did they worry about being obvious?