The Economist FTW - Part 2

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Part 1 of the Economist FTW cover series came a week in advance of the first Greek bankruptcy (not to mention flash crash). Here comes Part 2...


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One day i hope to see Banzai design the cover page for the Economist...

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Why oh why isn't there a "like" button.

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Write to

Also mention the comments need a nesting function like Slashdot (too hard to have a dialog in ZH's comments cuz they suck).

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Theres a 1-5 Star scale at the bottom of each post. Better than a "Like" button (aka, Facebook fail) if you don't like the post, you can give it a poor score.

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I like this map. But if they had consulted with me first, you'd be dead on the floor by now ;-)

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Cum on Obama, just reach out and grab it! We know its been a few years since you rammed one into Rahm, in the old Chicago days?

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More apt would be State of the break-up.

FEMA districts anyone?

And please don't miss the ID numbers for all Indians storyline. The senseless dash to gain cell-phone subscribers becomes clear. It's quite a task though they have at hand. Corralling a mad-house. Low odds.


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I'll have 4, please.





Thank you

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Interesting choices Coss. I'm trying to see the logic...or is it just blind desire?


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Cool avatar, ORI. Charlton Heston was great in that one.



Oh regional Indian's picture

Laughed as I read that.

Thanks Lud. Nice wig!!!



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Boost Mobile.  $50/mo.  Unlimited everything.  Completely anonymous.

Sign up online.  Use whatever name you want.  Address not required.  Buy a SIM card from any Sprint store (with cash).  Get a used cell phone (pay cash).  Activate online or in store.

Pay your $50 (cash) monthly service fee at any cellular store that takes payment for Boost.

Did I mention this is completely anonymous?  Of course, a social map can still be plotted with the numbers you are calling and that are calling you, but you can change your phone number online at will.  Buy a new SIM card for a clean sweep if you get paranoid.  Or use multiple SIMs (but you gotta pay monthly subscription fee for each).

I am Chumbawamba.

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a social map can still be plotted with the numbers you are calling and that are calling you

Surveillance immunity is a real bitch. Your social map should resemble normal behavior - everything else off grid. "Hi, mommy. Yes, I loved the cute chain email, as always. There's a sale at Walmart today? Wonderful!"

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Would you believe me if I told you that it is easier said than done? :)

It definitely requires discipline to stay anonymous in this day and age.

The real bitch is that once/if they make the connection, they then still have a record of everywhere you've been and (nearly) everything you've done for the past n days.

I am Chumbawamba.

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We're standing on the verge of our Challenger not our Sputnik moment Mr. Obama...

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There is Obama hanging out by the limp-dick looking thing that is labeled Florida.  Suck it Mr. President, suck it real good.  Just be yourself, it should come naturally.

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Sputnik moment for Egypt

Sputnot moment for Obama.

People everywhere are going Cairo.

Obama is going to Michelle to ask what to do. She's the family food expert.



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The State of the Union address was tragically funny, totally ignored the whole "we're broke" problem and talked about all the ways we're going to "invest" in our future. Invest what? More debt? How's that gone so far?

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Gotta give Sarah Palin props on this one. She said Obama's Win The Future equates to the acronym WTF, and there are lots of people in the US saying WTF!

You betcha!

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Everytime socialists fail, the reason is "we" did not spend enough.

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Economist humor too dry. Being from NY, the Empire State, I offer the following:

New Joke

The Empire Strikes Out


Since I was 16, I have promoted the idea that New York secede from the Union, annex Quebec and form the nation of New Quebec. We would be an economic powerhouse with vast natural resources and the ability to charge huge tariffs on everything shipping through the St. Lawrence Seaway and Lake Ontario. Those NY ports would be off limits to dem a-holes from Joisey.

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As a Canadian, I say you are welcome to Quebec. No matter what you give us for it, it will be a good deal for us.

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Lot 49 up by Alaska--going for it all with the Pynchon reference. 

As a great friend in DC once said, "ever since that little blue dress it's been down the rabbithole."

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Hillary on the tube yesterday...chattering away like the Mad Hatter.

Poor girl, she really wanted the job of the Red Queen!

ps- I used to work at Yoyodyne. For real.

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*...Take me hooommmeeee... country roads....

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Well it is snowining a blizzard in Boulder Co. Tyler, How should I invest seeing I'm new to the snow syndro, thingie.  I have read your disclosure doc, so in loose words where should I put my money today?

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NYC and NYS are getting ready to drop the layoff axe 10k each..we're at a crossroads of sort, many are just in a daze or some kind of denial.

Of course the teachers Union fires those with least seniority..probably the better ones who still have some energy/enthusiasm to teach.


NYS is the largest employer in the State. Not much longer.

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A Virgil Caine living in New York?

What about your brother??  He was just eighteen, proud and brave, but a Yankee laid him in his grave!

Are you no longer working on the Danville train?


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florida (horrida?) seems to be menacing the prez's package.... somebody call somebody.