As Egypt Bourse Announces Trading Halt Through End Of Week, What Happens To EGPT ETF Holders And The 15% Premium To FV?

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Jordan is trying to beat the protesters.

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PM just resigned.  In other news, Frosty Sack announces today's POMO to include $6 to $8 Billion EGPT; Close Time: 11:00AM


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Ben's machine can paper over any problem long enough to convince anyone that it's not really a problem. 

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Sure! He even can print food and cheap oil not only for Egypt but for whole Middle East!

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..priced in..!? How quaint. Asset prices correlate to the traders' perception of Central Banks to create money.

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"Alas, the Egypt stock market is not part of Bernanke's purview for wealth creation."

How is this thought train supported by the tens of billions in aid to Egypt?

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To track the price, you don't really need the underlying assets (stocks that make up the index,) you really need something that represents the same change in value as the index. So a better way to track an index is to find TRORS counter parties. This way, you're not putting on constant pressure on the target market. It also makes sense to have bull/bear ETF pairs, as they are essentially swap counter parties for each other (at inception ,say for the same amount,) and as more units need to be created, additional swap counter parties are found for the difference (which generally is smaller than the initial # shares offered)