As Egyptian Anger Swells, Will America (And Its Regional Interests) Be Targeted Next: "They Are Attacking Us With American Weapons"

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So far all attempts by the flailing Mubarak regime to stem the revolution and return life to normal in Egypt have failed, and at this point the fate of the president appears to be sealed, with its final resolution just a matter of time. The one key trade off to delaying the inevitable, however, is that the US, and specifically its Egypt-centered policies, which had far has been largely absent from the rioters' rhetoric, is starting to appear more and more often as a subject of discussion.... and not in a flattering way. Opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei, who has just joined protesters in Cairo's main Tahrir Square, is expected to have a major speech in which he may or may not focus public anger on duplicitous US policies, which at that point will crystallize the Obama administration's hypocrisy in the eyes of Egypt. This will certainly not make progressing US national interests in the region any easier. And if ElBaradei's earlier remarks are any indication, the US is about to become very hated in Egypt. Per Agence France Presse: "“The American government cannot ask the Egyptian people to believe that a
dictator who has been in power for 30 years will be the one to
implement democracy,” ElBaradei told US network CBS from Cairo. “You
are losing credibility by the day. On one hand you’re talking about
democracy, rule of law and human rights, and on the other hand you’re
lending still your support to a dictator that continues to oppress his
people,” added ElBaradei, the former head of the UN’s International
Atomic Energy Agency. His recommendations to President Barack Obama’s administration were
blunt: “You have to stop the life support to the dictator and root with
the people."  On the other hand, with the US favorability rating in Egypt at an all time low of 17% in 2010, there just may not be much room to fall for the way the US is perceived by the broader Egyptian population.

More from AFP:

ElBaradei said Mubarak’s regime was reaching its end.

“He absolutely has to leave. This is not me, this is 85 million Egyptians,” he said.

The opposition leader told CNN that he has “been mandated by the people who organize these demonstrations, to agree on a national unity government.”

“And I hope that I would -- I should be in touch soon with the army and we need to work together.”

In a separate interview with CNN, ElBaradei predicted a rapid end to Mubarak’s regime.

“It will happen that he has to leave the country within the next three days. There is no way out as I see,” ElBaradei told the network.

But when asked if he wanted Obama to publicly ask Mubarak to step down, ElBaradei hesitated.

“It’s better for President Obama not to appear that he is the last one to say to President Mubarak, ‘It’s time for you to go.’”

As for how America is perceived in Egypt, the WaPo has compiled a good summary:

In a dusty alleyway in downtown Cairo, Gamal Mohammed Manshawi held out a dirty plastic bag Saturday afternoon. Inside were smashed gas canisters and the casings of rubber bullets that he said Egyptian police had fired at anti-government demonstrators.

"You see," the 50-year-old lawyer said, displaying the items. On the bottom of each were the words "Made in the USA."

"They are attacking us with American weapons," he yelled as men gathered around him.

In the streets of Cairo, many protesters are now openly denouncing the United States for supporting President Hosni Mubarak, saying the price has been their freedom. They say the Obama administration has offered only tepid criticism of a regime that has received billions of dollars in U.S. aid.

Tell America that we get to choose our president," Manshawi said. "We choose him, not them."

U.S. officials "speak about their own interest, not ours," said Ahmed Abu Dunia, who said he planned to demonstrate every day until Mubarak is gone. "The Egyptians love Egypt."


"We believe America is against us," said Emad Abdel Halim, 31. "Until now, Obama didn't talk to the Egyptian people. He didn't support the Egyptian people."

As the violence moves ever more steadily North and East, the increasingly discredited US foreign policy will be put ever more to the test. With the US increasingly reliant on the good will of the BRIC axis, it just may be that for once it is what Russia and China demand as the final geopolitical outcome of the region that is what transpires, instead of what Hillary Clinton's view of what is best for the middle east. And with that the era of US international "globocop" hegemony may well be over. Thank you Bernank.


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TuesdayBen's picture

Give 'em Billions, manipulate 'em, get hated for it. 

Cut all foreign aid now.

AnAnonymous's picture

The billions look as they came under the form of advanced weaponry. Indeed, they might have welcomed not receiving that kind of aid.


Rahm's picture

Guess Cairo wasn't the best location for that speech from TOTUS...

Millivanilli's picture

Fighter jets swoop over Cairo in show of force

Obama approves first U.S. jet fighter sale to Egypt in a decade

Under the proposal, Egypt would receive 24 F-16 Block 50/52 aircraft in a $3.2 billion deal, Middle East Newsline reported.

Yes, prez obumbles the executive lackey to the banking/corporate/military industrial complex and winner of the nobel peace prize is personally behind THE TYRANT MUBARAK.

Same goes for Saudi Arabia

Obama to Pitch $60B Saudi Arms Deal to Congress

The Wall Street Journal reports the White House will officially notify Congress in the next two weeks of a $60 billion deal to sell Saudi Arabia dozens of U.S.-made fighter jets and military helicopters.


Note to White House. hhahahahaaa

AnAnonymous's picture

Weapons kill people. Those fighter jets are much better than a butter knife to perform the job.

Simon Endean's picture

Unless you're talking about stuff like knives and clubs, weapons don't kill people. Ammunition does.

Blankman's picture

Nothing like war to increase the payrolls.  Note to the unemployed, go to the states that produce these fighter jets and become employed.  Me, I'm gonna ask the govt if I can buy my own F-16 dealership so I too can jets sell to our Arab friends. 

StychoKiller's picture

It's always a bitch when false rhetoric meets realpolitik!

kaiten's picture

" Give 'em Billions, manipulate 'em, get hated for it. 

Cut all foreign aid now. "


Wow, what a brainwashed american. You´re not giving aid to THEM, you´re giving it to their DICTATOR/OPPRESSOR. And then you are surprised that they hate you (for it)? Will you start using your brain, finally?


Sudden Debt's picture


Some people don't understand that other people also want freedom and have every right to have it.

When you give weapons to dictators, there's nothing good in that.


kridkrid's picture

Hell... you don't even need to give them weapons.  The fact that money is fungible is lost on a vast majority of people.  Foreign aid finds its way into the hands of the MIC one way or another.

Dr. Sandi's picture

When you give weapons to dictators, there's nothing good in that.

Unfortunately, a LOT of the remaining U.S. manufacturing jobs would go away overnight if we changed that policy.

born2bmild's picture

Then we would have to start farming again, just in time with rising shipping costs and all. I'd way rather be a broke farmer than a broke factory worker pumping out duplicates of satan's dental work for a living.

Cheesy Bastard's picture

Give 'em Billions, manipulate 'em, get hated for it.

If only they had something, something in vast quantities, that I could tell them to go pound.

Bananamerican's picture

"On one hand you’re talking about democracy, rule of law and human rights, and on the other hand you’re lending still your support to a dictator that continues to oppress his people"

i like straight talkers in politics....

in a related note...The CIA(!) is running recruitment ads on the local SoCal rock station....

Clampit's picture

... um soon-to-be (but not presently) "in politics". Remember we had some "straight talkers" in a similar situation a couple years back.

MountainMan's picture

American hipocarcy at its finest.

All dictators must be crushed.

Sean7k's picture

Is it just me or does this whole thing stink of the CIA to high heaven? The son and family fly out to Britain with the family jewels. Madoof, err, I mean Mubarak stays behind to pay the price of the crime. They put the head of the intelligence service in as VP- the same guy the CIA would work with. The suppression is controlled. In the old days- they would have shot first and second.

The opposition leader is a UN stooge and HE has been put in charge to negotiate with the army, etc?

The US dumping a thirty year ally? Come on...

High Plains Drifter's picture

Yes things always are not as they appear. But sometimes the beast loses control of a event and sometimes things happen they cannot control. Maybe the concept of leaderless resistance is not so bad after all.

dark pools of soros's picture

well - unless they start shooting the hell out of them looks like the old tricks aren't workin

Bob Sponge's picture

The US can probably buy off the new Egyptian leader with as much "aid" as required.

Mike2756's picture

No, it's game over. The rank and file Egyptian soldier comes from the people, not the elite, they stand with the people.

AnAnonymous's picture

These guys are going to be mowed down by US weaponry. This is the time for US citizens to build up experience and move to Egypt to get accustomed to urban warfare. Air dropped on what the Egyptian capital is and on with the weaponry and military tactics.

Mike2756's picture

Those weapons were used by the police and security forces, not the army. Notice how fast the police disappeared.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Let them all flail.

Fem Dems making a grab at guns.  Unbelievable.  Soon they will try to take away the world's guns.  But there will be nothing done to actually change the problem.  The problem is hunger, it is food prices.  Food makes for the majority of third world spending.  They will fight to eat.  The oil is over there and America needs oil to support the dollar.  If the dollar tries to fight oil, it will lose.

Bernanke prints Food

The riots in North Africa and the Middle East are occurring for one main reason.  People are hungry.  Yes they want their leaders gone, and yes they want a better form of government, but the tipping point is the aching coming from their bellies.  Here in America we have the same thing, yet the dollar keeps the food stamps coming in.  The problem is, the greater the amount of dollars issued by Bernanke, the greater amount of food stamps needed to feed the hungry.  If Bernanke could just print food, we wouldn't have a problem.  Bernanke wishes to be such an alchemist, if only for a day.  Yet the man who stands in front of America comes from a long line of self taught alchemists.  The dollar has brought more complacency to policy than anything.

Americans have been privileged for the last hundred years because of the dollar, yet at the same time, it is the dollar holding them back.  The dollar has the upper hand when it comes to finance, but for those who do not earn many dollars life becomes cumbersome.  It is even worse when other countries try and compare their fiat vs the dollar.  The dollar has unlimited power on the Monopoly board.  Imagine playing that board game with someone who can give themselves as much money as they want.

Life in America is slightly different from the rest of the world, until it isn't.  No one can print monie, and so it is only a matter of time before the fiat ponzi collapses.  It is in its death throes now in not only North Africa and the Middle East, but in Europe's periphery as well.  These nation states are about to rise up and end the old system.  Will the new one be better?  Time will tell.

In America, we elect new Congress and new Presidents.  We have a schedule.  This schedule makes us think we can change things, when in fact it makes us complacent.  Instead of wanting to kick everyone out at once, we wait for the schedule.  This appears different from dictatorships because it appears we have the ability to change the system when we want to.  The only difference is the apparition of change, when that is far from reality.

First of all, never forget, Diebold threw the '00, and '04 elections.  Would Gore and Kerry have been different?  No.  But I think it is important to remember that America is a fascist dictatorship.  Obama's policies are no different from Bushes.  Even Dick Cheney can tell you that.  From Guantanamo to the wars, same policy.  The ironic thing is that they share the same economic policy; Keynsianism.  Then again, we are all Keynesian, ain't that right Nixon?

Bush ran TARP through like a dagger in the side of America.  Obama not only cheered from the sideline, he came onto the field!  Remember, Obama flew from his campaign trail to plead with Congress to pass TARP.  What do we owe these politicians?  Did they save the world from crashing?

First, it is the politicians and bankers who got us into this mess.  Truck drivers did not want NAFTA passed (yes I am taking this back through the incompetent line of Presidents), teachers did not want TARP ushered in, and Americans do not want any more of this quantitative easing.  So if the people of America do not want this farce of an economic policy, and neither do the people of the world, why are we doing it?

There is a theory, the current 'politic', that people can not think for themselves; that they need others to tell them what is right.  I think that everyone has the ability to see the truth, and therefor no one needs anyone else's opinion.  Of course the best way to solidify an opinion is to keep an open mind and listen to other people's thoughts, so of course like anything we experience with each other life is circular.  Do we need linear thinking to prove our axiom?  Probably.

Bankers want money.  They start a system based on usury.  The usury gets out of control.  What should be done?  Should we continue to inflate the old system?  No, because the system is flawed.  Usury is against logic.  We want everyone to be safe and happy, that is our goal of our society.  Anything that goes against that should be taking outside.

The control of usury is not only subversive, it is binding, but if only in our thoughts.  People now think that the almighty dollar will save us from....the almighty dollar.  Yes, people are shadow boxing, and it would be a great exercise if they knew what they were doing.  Practice is practice.  The game is the game.  We have been in the game since oil plateaued.

Is it ironic that once oil plateaued the oilgarchs crashed the already totally fucked economic system?  They had been preparing to do it since Rubin and Summers rammed NAFTA through, since the eliminated Glass-Steagall.  Once Greenspan tipped off the "housing fiasco" with cheap rates the system was as good as done.  Housing peaked in '05, equities peaked in '07, and during that time oil production went flat.  It was time.  It was their time.  Oilgarchs and their ilk do not let opportunities go to waste.  All of this was part of the plan.  And like a phoenix their will be dust to dust.

This is why I strongly believe that fiat has its days numbered.  While the world burns the dollar is safe nowhere.  Paper will be ashe in an instant.  That is the way it goes.  That is science.  Another point of rhetoric is that fiat was never and will never be monie.  It does not fit one of the rubrics, and that is "a store of wealth".  An IOU is not a store of wealth.

This is where gold comes in.  It is a store of wealth.  Yes that wealth is determined based on the world's financial structure, but what does that mean today?  With quadrillions of dollars floated through the netherworld, and two Olympic sized swimming pools of gold, what does that tell you?  What does it mean that when Presidents flee their countries, they take as much gold with them as possible?  What does it mean that Fort Knox has not been audited in several decades?  What does it mean when COMEX, the LBMA, and EFTs like GLD have more paper claims on their gold than they have on reserve?

Hugh Hendry had it right when he said, I suggest you panic."  He did not mean go hide under a rock, however.  He meant that if you were to hide under a rock, you better line up your ducks first.  The squirrel, as unattractive as it is, is at least smart enough to save for the winter.  They kept their wealth stored, safely or not, they tried.  Trying is half the battle.  This battle may soon be over.  When the next terrain has a more adjusted and real narrative, where will you be?

Right now the richest people in the world are in a country that can seperate itself from the rest of the world in fifteen minutes.  All it has to do is blow its bridges, which are wired with explosives.  How ironic that the oilgarchs are as far away from the problems that they have created?  It is not ironic at all.  There are reasons even behind manic thoughts.


AnAnonymous's picture

The dollar has unlimited power on the Monopoly board.  Imagine playing that board game with someone who can give themselves as much money as they want.


That is exactly that. And one thinks the US buys finite resources like that, the picture comes clear.

The Saudis know about that quite a lot.

Confused's picture

To your point about taking the worlds guns:

Funny thing I've been hearing lately. Might be nothing, but it did strike me as odd. It appears the Swiss are looking to keep the military from keeping their weapons upon the end of service. They claim too many soldiers are committing suicide when they get home. (I'm sure NO Swiss military members suffer from PTSD).


Wouldn't you know.....the Austrians are doing/claiming the same thing. 


Anyone else see/hear anything about this?

TuesdayBen's picture

I hear the Swiss gubmint wants to take guns out of the hands of soldiers, because said soldiers have been using cheese for target practice, filling said cheese with holes.

TuesdayBen's picture

and why blow the brains out, anyway?  Why not just go climb some rock, such as the Matterhorn, til you fall off and splat - climbing accident.

Dr. Sandi's picture

It appears the Swiss are looking to keep the military from keeping their weapons upon the end of service. They claim too many soldiers are committing suicide when they get home.

Beats the hell out of ending it all with a Swiss Army Knife.

Reality is that many people choose to end their own life. In the U.S., over 3/4 of middle aged white men do it with a firearm. It's a guy thing. Women prefer to use drug overdoses.

If the Swiss Army vets started doing overdoses instead, then I'd wonder about the state of the world. So when the gun's right there and life continues to suck, then hellfire kids, some guys are gonna punch their own ticket outta' here.

Isn't that their choice? But then, government's main job is to reduce choice, so I assume the Swiss vets will have to find a gun somewhere else or just wait until the Grim Reaper makes his appointed rounds.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Thank you Hulk. 

May I now add, this is the "perfect" time for Stuxnet to descend on Financial Exchanges, power grids, or whatever the globalists designed it for.

Cathartes Aura's picture

you're obviously eloquent, and place a high value on language and it's usage - there is not much to disagree with in what you posted.

Fem Dems making a grab at guns

I've no idea what you are dog-whistling here tho' - I'd appreciate your sharing what this descriptive means to you, and why you've chosen to (apparently) gender a "party" - are the Repubs the boys? or the Libertarians? who's the non-Fem, apparent "hero"?

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I agree.  That term is so lame.  I will no longer slander the politcal parties of the faux left right paradigm, with derogitory names.

I apologize...too.

Cathartes Aura's picture

thanks sir - I'm most often a fan of your posts, and would not have bothered this time but that the rhetoric is bound to get increasingly more divisive. . .

we don't need to assist those who push divide 'n' rule agenda, especially *here*.

as you (eloquently) were!

velobabe's picture

i really liked reading your post. you are a very sound human being.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Thank you for the compliments, Velobabe.

Blano's picture

You sounded good until the "Diebold threw the '00 and '04 elections" part.  At that point this just became drivel.  Sheesh.

I didn't care much for the last few W years myself, but face it, you lost.  Fucking crybabies.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

There is no losing in the Hegelian dialectic for the policy makers.  If you conform to its rhetoric, you have let them (those subverting policy) win.

The people vs the bankers/politicains.  Not Red vs blue.

Cathartes Aura's picture


it's not lateral, but hierarchical. . . look "up" for targets.

Banjo's picture

He also mentioned who actually won is a moot point, juxtaposing Obama's policy V Bush and the others even mentioning that Cheney would approve.

Chomsky was the first person I read to identify the false politcs of Left and Right along with the debasement of the political language describing liberal or conservative policy. Alex Jones puts it most succinctly describing it as "the false left right paradigm".

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

Nice presentation of your thoughts LH.

I've done all I can do now for family, friends, and self. My energies and thoughts have been pondering (with the wind at their back) the signals and I will need to recognize for successful timing and navigation in the coming world metamorphosis.

Future Jim's picture

"... a country that can separate itself ..."

Which country is that?

SilverRhino's picture

The Plutocracy of Manahattan

SilverRhino's picture

The Plutocracy of Manahattan

SilverRhino's picture

The Plutocracy of Manahattan