Egyptian Central Bank Intervenes To Prevent FX Rout

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In a world in which every central bank is laser-focused on destroying its currency, interventions that serve to stabilize currencies are a fond memory. Yet that is precisely what the Egyptian Central Bank did earlier after it intervened directly in the FX market to support the EGPUSD after it plunged to lows of 0.168. Subsequent to the intervention the pound jumped modestly to 0.1701, which only means that the intervention support level will be promptly taken out in the next four days if not hours. The inverse spot rate is 5.8789, which as we predicted a few days ago is about to surge far higher, even when taking Ben Bernanke's admonitions that the ECB has no choice but to keep its currency weak. Of course, a plunge in the EGP simply means that food will get all that much more expense, and let's remember for a second just what was the reason for the revolution in Egypt to being with...

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Bilderberg´s Agenda: Destroy Fiats....(sitges 2010)

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Making them all crash at the same time shows some skill.

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Egypt has been fixed.  It will be fixed again tomorrow before the market opens.

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Good article.  Will they keep food prices down using this method?

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My Egyptian friend tells me that they've lowered food prices in Egypt. Looks like they're trying hard to quiet the masses. I hope the people keep the pressure on and don't stop protesting.

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Price controls = shortages

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Not necessarily. Everything in Egypt is subsidized, the subsidy could have increased.

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== more shortages.

'73 oil company bitching about all of us keeping our gas tanks keeping at like 3/4 vs. 1/2 full on average.

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Run on the Egyptian banks when they opened didn't boost value?

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They can just withdraw 8.450 euros per account

So bankruns will be inminent,not just in Egypt, just look the outflows in deposits and funds in these countries...

Jordania,Argelia,Pakistan...mix them and voilá....welcome to III WW.

Muslims vs Occident

3th Illuminati´s letter

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It just beggars belief this goes on. The system is so entirely broken, all - well, apparently, except for one - the CBs actively try to destroy their own currency. Insane!

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What if that is the point of CBs in general?  What if they want to usher in the golen age and the only way to get this to happen is to destroy people's perception of reality as it relates to paper currency?  Many, of course, will be destroyed by this, but many will prosper.  Perhaps this is a forced Darwinism?  For me it is hard to tell if the deliberate debauching of currencies by various central banks throughout is intended for good as the end game will result in a sound global monetary system or if their actions are a basic destruction of the serfs in whole (of which I am one). 

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ROFL.....the end game = "sound global monetary system"

This by definition, can never happen.  Sound and monetary go together like say a little pregnant.  You either are one or the other.  You have a sound credit system, or a bust MONETARY system. 

Always changing values lead neither to soundness nor stability.  Under monetarism, the value of the dollar (and all fiats) always changes, and in times like these, they all change all the time.

Through every change, you lose and they win.  Don't buy into the bs, trust your instincts on this one. 


American (Hamiltonian) Credit System


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Can anyone say 'swap line'?

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With all this 'money being chucked at problems' and 'the more money the better even if it's proven not to work' mentality of the genocidal criminals...

... there is no other choice for a sane man to choose, preserve your wealth in precious metals and ride the storm.

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Imagine their surprise at the market last evening when I proffered payment for my 2 liter Mountain Dew and Doritios with a gold plated rabbit!

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How much money does a central bank create to prop up its' own currency?  This is a puzzle I have grappled with.

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As much as they want?  I believe all central banks work under the premise of created reserves, as the idea of minimum capital reserve requirements have been tendered irrelevant.

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But is it inflationary to create money to prop up your currency? 

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I believe so as the increase in money supply, at least according to the Austrian perspective, is inflation.


Kenyes notes -

"By a continuous process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method, they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The process engages all of the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner that not one man in a million can diagnose."

So regardless of what the desired result in increasing the money supply, to support one's currency or saving the kelptocrat bankers, is inflationary as an increase in the money supply is inflation.  The outcome of this increase in money supply along with either a stable or reduction in the amount of goods, will result in the increase in the prices of those goods. 

Price rises are a signal of that increase in money supply making its way to those goods or currency or mortgage or food.  A command and control economy cannot dictate where the money ends up at the end of the day.

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No need for them to intervene.  All the other central banks will just speed up the destruction of their own currencies to keep their exports to Egypt up.

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If they would ever go back to work, those 70% government workers could really use that 15% raise...


Egypt need a extra source of income besides tourisme.

Maybe they could start selling desert sand or sand sculptures or sandpaper...


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Egypt is the world's largest exporter of cotton.

CIA 2010 World Factbook:

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Don't they have a canal people might be interested in?

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It was rumored Mubarak's family hoarding is USD70b.

Maybe he can donate some to shore up the Egyptian currency.

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Would you ever give away your hard earned money to strangers?



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Jokes on Mubarak.  He is holding debt. 

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But, the Moobarak claimed to be an "Egyptian", ready to die in his homeland...

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The value of a currency certainly becomes very relevant when food is priced independently of the local currency, and when putting food on the table is a critical issue for families in the country in question.  At that point, keeping the value of the currency strong, rather than weak, is the primary concern.

Say, I wonder if such a situation could ever arise in the West?

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Many people I know who immigrated here in the past 10 years are traumatized at how all their assets left back home (real-estate, stocks, Egyptian pounds) have taken a big hit.  Two weeks ago, they were extremely nervous when they were told that the banks were closed and that they could not withdraw anything.  These people often rely on their Egyptian savings in order to make ends meet here.

I bet they'll pull as much liquid assets as they can into the more stable Canadian currency.

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Forget about the chart. Look at the moving averages.

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What've you got against "wheels-up" landings? :>D

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Inflation all over the planet and people aren't taking it anymore.