Egyptian Protesters Did in 2 1/2 Weeks What the American Military Could Not Do in 9 Years of War ... Bring Democracy to the Middle East

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I've previously noted that the Egyptian revolution shows that the us-versus-them narrative of the war on terror is false.

The events in Egypt also prove that democracy does not come from the barrel of a gun.

fact that the Egyptian protesters have made more strides away from
tyranny and towards democracy in 2 and 1/2 weeks than the American
military has been able to do in 9 years if Afghanistan and 7 years in
Iraq proves it.

Obviously, there is a long way to go.  The military has to hand over power
and let elections take place. But Egyptian people have taken a giant
step in the right direction, while America's offensive military 
campaigns have caused more harm than good,  destabilized the region and created new terrorists.


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The "democracy" we live under in the good ole USA is aptly described in "The Power Elite" by C. Wright Mills - applicable to all nations, just change the ethnicity of the characters.

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By then when Egypt has its second democratic election, the world will be starving, as all the money will be on the moon. Only those invited there by Richard Branson on his space shuttle for prawn cocktails and Veuve Cliquot, while bathing in llama milk and milking China of its silken precious metals for giving their politburo a glimpse of the other side of the moon's behind, would be able to see the Super bowl on their Ipad's running directly on captured sun beams filtering thru space. Imagine floating on ice while bloating a delicious virgin bimbo in levitation provided by Virgin stores at special hospitality rates on behalf of sponsors Virgin Airways in Virgin's Shangrila-on-Moon. Who cares what happens down below in ghetto land where they have democracy to debate who gets a joy ride once in his life to outer space Shangrila!

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 The headline is disturbingly misleading,

and only helps propagate falsehoods

1) That the goal of the US Gov't, the Pentagon, and the MIC was ever to promote "democracy".

Apparently,Fallujah, Bagram, drug lords, torture, death squads, midnight assassinations, Sadr City, and the Bremer-led economic pillage have all been erased from GW's memory.

2) That the Egyptian protesters have brought "Democracy to the Middle East".

A military coup, however popular, is not a "democracy",

and given the US-backed military, the coup does not even portend any economic improvement for the average Egyptian.

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This post is ridiculous. Democracy merely means voting. Liberty is what people should be after. GW is pretentious in his views and squalid in his outlook.


The USA has not brought liberty to Afghanistan and probably never will. We should leave these folks alone to massacre each other: democratically of course. Egypt will devolve into a military dictatorship or a theocratic one. People will vote but they will not be free.

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Certainly we should leave off the celebrations until we've seen at least two, consecutive, democratic elections...then we might have a bit of confidence that (a) the army isn't running things and (b) neither are the Islamists.

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Democracy?  Generous dictator is the new democracy.  e.g. The Ben Bernank is generous when he only starves 50-300 mm people per year.

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This talk about "democracy" is just bullshit - miss paying your property taxes, then tell me how much you love "democracy".  Look at military aid to Egypt - giv'em $2 billion dollars [that's your tax dollars and your kid's future tax dollars] that is labeled "keeping the peace in the Mideast" - the Egyptians take the money and spend it on military arms and the companies that receive it pay the most minimal amount of tax possible - hell, cut out the Egyptians and just hand the [your] money over to the war industries [let them spend it on whores and liquor], tax them at a straight 35% [no exemptions at all] and use the money for healthcare or education, this way at least we're getting something for our money - democracy, don't ya just luv it?

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yawn... a new day dawns and we remain pawns. Meanwhile in Banksta land 18 days was all it took to distribute the wealth of the Pharaoh-ex in nice, cute, hidden places. What a beautiful electronic hi-tech world this is if you pay the right commissions to the right people in the right places. How much gold left in the vaults of the pyramids?

Sathington Willougby's picture

First things first, fuck democracy and screw nation building dotards. 

I could give a fat rat's ass if they have democracy or they live in caves.

We can't even get the shit right here in the US.

And nobody in their right mind would want to be the oppressive shits we are.

No apologies.  This is a straight who gives a fuck.


Next, what the fuck is Israel?  Is it a democracy?  It's a Parlimentary Republic.

Is that good enough?

Is the US a democracy?  It's a Constitutional Republic. 

Why do we run around calling it a democracy? 

Because we're a nation of complacent stupid lazy minded fuck alls that think we have to be in everybody's business.

Go ahead and cheer lead the so called democracy in Egypt, it's just a damn mob that hasn't done anything yet.

Anybody who thinks we need to be there cheerleading or anything else is a CIA assface who can't make their own bed but wants to puke in everyone elses.


Have a nice fucking statist day, slaves.





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Yeah what he said!


2 parties? More like 1 party with 2 faces to appease the masses of sheeple...WAKE don't have a choice in's the same corporate titans on both sides of the aisle.

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You're overly optimistic and simplistic, George.

Just a couple of hours ago, Egypt just dissolved their parliament and suspended their secular constitution. There is now going to be a fight within Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood and they may well end up with an Iranian style constitution and theocracy that murders it's own people.

Nonetheless, it is highly unlikely a democracy movement would have occurred at all without Afghanistan and Iraq. Over the last 8 years democracy was introduced into old Mesopotamia for the first time in the history of the world as an possibility, as alternative form of government. First. Time. Ever. In 6000 years. 

Coincidence? We haven't even pulled out of Iraq yet, and democracy and human rights movements are spreading throughout the Middle East. It's startling to see people in the Middle East demanding their natural unalienable rights from oppressive governments. Those are Western concepts made real to them by Iraq and Afghan. What form these will now take is uncertain, but there they are. 

From the start, the Taliban and S. Hussein could have prevented war by simply by turning over OBL and allowing inspections after 9-11, respectively. People willfully forget that they were the ones who chose to subject their people to years of war instead. Medieval despotism is to blame for ancient habits of brutality in the Middle East long before we ever got there. 



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Are there still some who do not know that GWB/Cheney/Blair planned and plotted to invade Iraq/Afghanistan regardless?

How can one believe the drug lords and martial law the Pentagon has put in place represent "democracy"?

The only thing the US invasions and support for despots have sparked is anti-imperialist resistance.

sun tzu's picture

OMG are there really people who believe America is the Great Satan? Maybe you can sit with the Ayatollah and have some tea.

On the other hand, the bombing and invasion in Bosnia was just fine and dandy because we know those Serbians were a huge threat to America. 

vxpatel's picture

Let me are a frustrated IT manager and you've never served in the military?


Get back to your xBox

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My favorite thing was when the word hit the street that the 'children's cancer hospital' had been raided...reminded me of Gulf War 1 when the Kuwaitis claimed (and lied) about their pediatric unit being 'unplugged' by Sadaam's thugs...frankly children should be more afraid of their priest and their boy scout leaders...



sun tzu's picture

Yes because boyscout leaders have killed many more people than your hero Saddam.

vxpatel's picture

Saddam was Rumsfeld's hero...remember Dipshit? I wish we could bomb the middle east with all of our politicians...not just the right...both parties...

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Please stop desecrating George Washington with your stupidity.

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Mubarak and the top military brass ran Egypt before the coup. Tantawi and the top military brass run the show now.
All the top military are wealthy, all are corrupt criminals.

The military cabal wants democratic reform
same as Goldman Sachs wants financial reform.

They will now seek to continue the same billion dollar economic arrangements with military contractors and global corporations that have enriched Mubarak and themselves.
So far, Egypt has only had a facelift
(no more a change one can believe in than was Obama).

 Over at Huffpo, many of the commentators are rapturous about how Obama has "helped" the Egyptian people win "freedom", and are accusing those who express skepticism about promised elections and reform of "wanting the Egyptian people to fail". 

One might expect those with more insight into the financial swindling and MIC profiteering to be a bit more aware of the shenanigans of the elite.


AN0NYM0US's picture

spending too much time at HuffPo can be hazardous to your mental health

AN0NYM0US's picture

George shame on you for adding to your article without clearly telling your readers that you have edited it


cache of original

Jim_Rockford's picture

It's his standard routine ... all the other Information Ministers do it.  It's called "resume building".


Jim_Rockford's picture

"ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE"?  If I wasn't familiar with your previous body of work, I would find it odd that you don't back that up with (any) examples based on fact.

Maybe the new military dictator of Egypt will hire you as the Information Minister.

You're a jackass GW and the American Soldiers deserve better than your fantasyland commentary.

BTW - nice re-write ... 


Savonarola's picture

Ahh, excuse me Mr Washington...

By your estimation was the French Revolution a success ?

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

Well the neocon's pet projects in Afghanistan and Iraq were initially forecast to cost $60 billion; now, it seems to me, that once that figure was surpassed, Congress should have shut off funds, saying "sorry, way over budget and no tangible nor positive effects detected."  Silly me, that is not the way our gov't works because as Ringo Starr quoted, “Everything government touches turns to crap.”  Why is that - because they are not held accountable for egregious errors, plain and simple!  If we're in a hole, just keep digging since that amounts to "doing something" and as we all know, gov'ts love to "do something" - why not?, won't be held accountable for ANYTHING.  Hats off to the Egyptians if they can whittle down and trottle their government!  Less government, more freedom.  Who cleaned up Tahrir square?  The government?  Please, give me a break!

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Mubarak had $1 in his swiss bank acc..that was frozen..however wife, son's and extended family seem to have had large transfers of funds just last week..from UK newspaper:


"But a senior Western intelligence source claimed that Mubarak had begun moving his fortune in recent weeks.

"We're aware of some urgent conversations within the Mubarak family about how to save these assets," said the source, "And we think their financial advisers have moved some of the money around. If he had real money in Zurich, it may be gone by now."

Obuma screwed up ..Saudi kings take revenge as a family duty as does Mubarak..who he is talking to about his revenge and how they will go about it will make a great novel.

This is far from over.

But there can be no doubt USA (Obuma) will be hated by the mass of Egyptians and by Mubarak & friends and they have both money, oil, and a deep need for revenge.

Obuma made another rookie mistake and made himself part of this story ..much better to have said nothing and let things happen..but such an immature ego needs the spotlight.

wackyquacker's picture

dear George,

  give a hoot, don't pollute..

your friend, 

  the black helicopter

AN0NYM0US's picture

democracy GW?  I am sure the generals appreciate that label. A clever  approach comparing the Iraq dynamic to that of Egypt.  Perhaps your next article could provide some specifics on how Egypt under Mubarak was similar to Iraq under Sadam. More importantly how Egypt under its military rulers (Mubarak to Nasser) is different from the current situation in Egypt. 

While you are at it perhaps an analysis of the Iranian revolution and the overthrow of Pahlavi. And how are things working out in Pakistan now that Musharraf is gone. Finally maybe you could share some stories of life under the Taliban, oh  them good old days.


George  would you be kind enough to share with your readers what your political agenda is that would cause you to distort current events to make a point. That's somenting the MSM does on a regular basis.

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"The events in Egypt also prove that FREEDOM does not come from the barrel of a gun."


Because I heard over and over Americans talk about having guns as a failsafe against tyranny. Well, the Egyptians didn't have many guns, and those who use them were on the side of tyranny. And even though revolting Egyptians didn't use guns, they won over the armed opposition.

Same example I like to do with France. With their unarmed protests they manage to control and direct their government, not through guns.

And well, what have guns made in the US? Did they stop the looting? Did they stop Wall Street? Did they stop the wars? Did they bring jobs? Nothing at all, except crazy men shooting others. And while Americans are mesmerized with their phallic replacement, those freedom guns, that same freedom keeps sliding away.


sun tzu's picture

Who's in charge in Egypt now? The military with guns.


How did the French Revolution happen? Guns, pitchforks, and guilottines.



You need to retake history class, little boy.

AchtungAffen's picture

Who toppled the government? Was it the military through their guns? I guess it wasn't, big man with phallic insecurities but lots of guns.

Oh, and BTW big man, if there's someone who needs to retake classes it's you. Reading comprehension doesn't seem to be your forte, as I NEVER said anything about the French revolution. I mean France today.

DaveyJones's picture

well said. Calibers are not collective action. Collective economic force is the real weapon. It's the exact thing being used against us. But we're larger. If we stopped paying, if we stopped participating, if we stopped working, we'd take them down

cjbosk's picture

Sure I mean Washington, a coup de tat is so democratic.  "Mubarak, we have a plan waiting for you to board, it's that or a bullet in the brain".  So democratic!



Zina's picture

Democracy? Not yet!

The curfew still there. The Emergency Law too.

The military announced the cabinet will still the same, and now the military are attacking the remaining demonstrators in Tahrir square, to drive them out.

The worst thing that can happen to the Egyptian people now is if the foreign media stop reporting what is happening there, and assume that "everything is well". If this happens, the military will kidnap all the leadership of the democratic movement, torture them, and kill some of them.


Carl LaFong's picture

It's actually the Egyptian military who did this as they seized the opportunity afforded by the 200k protestors to do what they've been planning to do for a while (See Stratfor). Let's face it 200k demonstrators didn't really have the power to make Mubarek resign, but the army does. Now, if they can only keep the Muslim Brotherhood out, democracy may have a chance. We'll see.....

johnQpublic's picture

lets see here...

swat teams with machine guns raiding food co-ops over raw milk

largest prison population on planet


rule of law suspended if your crime is big enuf

FRAC drilling


washingtons culture of corruption

philadelphia 'drop' program

business to govt and back revolving door

aspertame....originally developed as a pesticide

911-inside job and the wars it started,jfk rfk mlk etc


mena cocaine cartel and the clintons

a whole buncha three letter organizations....spying,evesdropping,searching,spending

i could go on forever


but my question is....what exactly do we have in the way of democracy to be so damn righteous about?


Pez's picture

Well...we DO get to fund these criminal entities by way of taxes ursurped from our weekly paychecks. I guess that what they mean by democracy.

vxpatel's picture

We got McDonalds, KFC, Wal-Mart, JESUS, Sarah Palin...BITCH!


sun tzu's picture

We got Obama who's gonna pay for our mortgage and gas bills. We don't have to worry about nuthin no more Bitchez!!! Too bad the Egyptians don't have our Messiah

DaveyJones's picture

three letter organizations with four letter results

Bartanist's picture

What we have in the West? Maybe your iPod is interfering with your brainwaves. What we have in the US is a fascist oligarchical imperial state where 88% of the population is treated as a bovine herd that is fed, sheltered, milked, prodded and occassionally slaughterd... or maybe you have not noticed what our so called government, which is really a corporate adminsitration has been doing since 1868 (was that when the US corporation was founded?)

There may really only be two choices, a large fascist state or small tribal egalitarian communities ... in which case Egypt will just try to fid a new leader who is not quite such a self-centered prick and go on.

Or you can just go on believing the US Corporation Soma inducing propaganda media and "think" that groin prodding, debt enslavement and constant electronic monitoring equals freedom.

johnQpublic's picture

finally ....ty

gotta read all the way to the bottom of the posts befor i find someone who apparently gets it


Treeplanter's picture

BS, George.  Iraq has a democracy.  Eygpt still has a military running their socialist dictatorship.  You anti American delusions are pathetic.

sun tzu's picture

JUNK. No reality is allowed here

falak pema's picture

@JR : Wyatt Earp! wow...hope your pea shooter is loaded...

Jim_Rockford's picture

GW - I'm calling you out (again).  Haven't seen any purple fingers being held up proudly in the air.  How many women hold office in the new Parliament?

Your assertion is factually wrong, but hey, what's new.



sun tzu's picture

I had to junk you because facts and reason aren't welcome on ZH

falak pema's picture

Well maybe the great Cold war sequel, with enough nukes to blow up the planet, has had a "trickle down" effect on the mentality of the different military industrial complexes and their puppet leaders ruling the world today along with the Bankstas/ Multinationals. Twitter and Wikileaks, Internet and instant democracy are now a brand new ball game for these global power/control player freaks. Lets hope they all get marginalised by the new enlightenment age that knows no national frontiers. Remember Sisyphus? We are all still his sons! No easy way ahead...