Eliot Spitzer On Matt Taibbi and Goldman Sachs

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The anti-Goldman sentiment keeps on growing: next up is Bloomberg's interview with former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in which he chimes in with his views of Taibbi's Goldman Sachs article and Goldman's money making prowess ("because it is a conspiracy does not mean it is wrong").
In a impressively coherent presentation, the former Governor also talks
about bankrupt states and the lack of regulation (his family life
disclosure may be fast forwarded). Must watch.

hat tip Stephen

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Nice to see Spitzer back in the ring. He's a wise man and knows that America forgives just about anything for someone who admits, apologizes, moves on to do better.

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Why does he need our forgiveness?  For fucking some two-bit whore, or for getting caught?  Or rather, not so much for getting caught, but for making powerful enemies.

I am Chumbawamba.

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boy, i wish i was rich enough to consider a $4000 dollar call girl a "two-bit whore"!

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Hey Tyler you can embed bloomberg's videos through clip syndicate

For example :


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Whatever I can do to help Goldman for next quarter's earnings season I will do ! ;-)






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Mish is on the Alex Jones radio show right now. 



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Don't we just all wish we were in Goldman's shoes...Run a hedge fund payed for and guaranteed by the taxpayer but without having to share the profits......

Anonymous's picture

And the money doesn't come out of thin air. Every ha'penny is dragged out of pensions fund, institutions, mutual funds and the accounts of regular traders, none of whom have Goldman's gift. Let's celebrate the magic tennis shoes they use to win every race!

Anonymous's picture

You left out trusting customers who the bet against.

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"Don't we just all wish we were in Goldman's shoes...Run a hedge fund payed for and guaranteed by the taxpayer but without having to share the profits......"

Thought that was a big part of the off-record deal Paulson made with Bush and Bernanke, back when Bush was about to vacate the office?

Bush said something to the effect of ... "look my brother Neil got by with scamming Americans, did not get punished during the 80's heck, we even had a fund raiser.  Everybody dressed up.  Dad's buds where padding him on the back for his net take...  All his friends and the others who did not get busted, went right on into the derivatives market didn't they?  Specializing in se-se-sec-securitization ...hehehe.... If you guys can pull this off, you will easily surpass Neil's record. Make sure you invite me to the 'fundraiser' if you get caught.  I have a soft spot for high-level scams and afterparties.  ...Don't worry Ben, you will have a good time when regulators cant bring themselves to charge you with anything...."  *insert texas cowhand chuckle*




Sure enough, lessons learned from this little primer here boys.    *insert texas cowhand chuckle*  Sock it to 'em.  Ahahahaha.


Telluride's picture

Hank you are going to have to work on your ha-ha-half st-st-stud-stutter a bit. ... hhehehe.... If we are going to have an emergency, you're going to have to improve your benevolent shuffling posture too.... Yeah thats it, with the occasional head nod.  That will draw their guard down just enough.  Perfect.


Let me see you put your hands in the prayer configuration again... *insert texas cowhand chuckle* ... Oh, that is good.  Don't you think that's good Ben?  That's going woo Maria Bartiromo.  She'll be fawning over you asking where to send the check.  I doubt she will even ask you one time about your dividend pass through operations. 


Telluride's picture

You got some people you can turn out in case they start questioning those operations?  What about that guy in Palm Beach, from your parent's Country Club?   You still have a mind to turn him out?  Could ah, you know, really help your firm distract attention from the rake, take and pass through operations. 


Hey, RTPTO.  You got somebody else in a big billion dollar scandal, its not likely the press will be able to believe, what the boys at your firm have made off with.  It will be the perfect distraction for some of these media primpers oh i mean anchors... editors?  Oh hell, I always mess these words up when I get too far away from my speech writers. 

Telluride's picture

You guys have a good evening.  Excuse me now I have to ah, go check on my pipeline cams.  Got that refinery  I mean silo we are building over there.  ....


Have a good autumn.... Or rather, enjoy the fall.


Rake 'em clean Hank.  Got a lot of friends counting on your firm.  Don't let us down.  Rake 'em clean.  Only way to stay in power.  Spread out a few toxins.  Keep 'em dumb and running after carrots.  You know the old saying.  The best Democrat is a dumb Democrat.  Better yet, blindered and running after carrots. ...


*insert Texaco chuckle*


Telluride's picture

*Retreats to a lower office, walks into a room full of camera screens featuring feeds on projects and build operations* ... Dick set this up. Modern technology and the internet, who would have thought.  Can I count on you to keep a secret Chris?  ... In house, we call this pipeline here, the hunt for bin laudin..  I know its terrible.  Don't tell no one.

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Very good interview w/Spitzer.     

Anonymous's picture

Spitzer is right on. The question is we need to see the scorecard on how much money has gone from the banks into the real economy ? Good for Goldman if they made money trading-but we put the money into them and other banks so that it will flow down to the real economy. Two quarters have passed since then. Can we see some numbers on that now please.

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I'm sorry, I can't get past the image of Spitzer making love with his socks on (that's what his whore said!).

Anonymous's picture

Trying to change the subject.

Anonymous's picture

Not at all. How could he afford $5000 hookers without his daddy's corrupt real estate deals? Do you really think people don't know what a hood Spitzer is? Spitzer is just as much a criminal as Geithner. It just shows what an empty lunatic he is that he still goes public, when he should have just GONE AWAY.

Anonymous's picture

Now you're playing prosecutor, who's eligible to decide who's guilty, who's not. But that story about hookers IS IRRELEVANT to what he was saying and he was already punished for that one.

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Of course, this is just what you'd expect someone on Goldman's payroll to write on a blog, anonymously.

I am Chumbawamba, and you are now my little bitch.  Excuse me while I put these socks on...you keep arching your back like that.

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Man, I wish Spitzer was still AG through this mess. He was the only person of real power willing to call BS what it is. Instead he pissed it away.

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That's exacty what I was thinking as I watched this.

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He was set up by the bankers. They use sex to gain dirt.

Anonymous's picture

I always thought the same thing.

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If dear, dear Eliot S. can communicate to the public that the "bailout" was actually a "bankheist" and properly prosecute all the shills(hank, ben et al) who perpetrated the crime--he will be a national hero, like none for many generations.....He will be the savior of our contry, and a true prophet.  I will hope for this because, this is a real possibility--and i pray for his wellbeing.

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Spitzer has great taste in hookers.

She was a hottie.

Money well spent.

Anonymous's picture

If Ben Bernanke together with Tim Geithner hung out together, get a hell of a party, had some weed, beer, expensive (WTF - $10,000/hr) hookers and after that decided not to push financial institutions bail-out, that would cost tax-payer much less. God Bless Hookers

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Outstanding interview with Spitzer. He nails the intersection between economics and politics better than anyone out there, period, and he glides effortlessly between past, present and future perspectives.

On a personal note, after the revolting stuck in adolescence tragicomedy from Sanford last month, I have to say Spitzer is looking better all the time. This guy did NOT have to pay for sex. He chose to because he didn't want to confuse body function with the heart. Not sure I'd want to be married to him, but I can say, hell yeah, it's a better approach to cheating than what poor Jenny had to go through.

Bring him back. As a former New Yorker I can say, better him than the alternatives.

Trent's picture

Spitzer brings up a good point:  GS paid back the TARP money, but what other kind of government money/guarantees are they receiving that enables them to post record-breaking profits?

agrotera's picture

If only Spitzer hadn't gone after prostitution in his practice he wouldn't have seen like such an idiot.  I swear to God, i wanted him as president and i still would vote for him.  He is just too good, and not a shill for the private federal reserve system apparently, so that seems to be the why and the wherefore as to why he was taken down....i wish he would get great protection and go on and find the way through to prosecute the paulson/bernake/geithner/all previous fed/treasury/president cozy relationships to expose the very corrupt power of the 1.5 trillion dollar monopoly and all powerful OZ that the fed is for all elected officials.

Oh, and by the way, Spitzer says why wasn't anyone saying why did we give 100cents on the dollar-- i wrote every elected official, every tv station, and dozens of economists--they must have seen the inequity, but the powerbrokers paulson&bernake, agents of the private fed, inc, had everyone terrified that the world would end, and no one felt the courage to question....i thought about emailing Spitzer about this, and i can only say, THANK YOU GOD, THAT EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME, HE IS STARTING TO ASK THE QUESTION--NOW IF IT JUST TURNS INTO A REAL HONEST INDICTMENT OF PAULSON/BERNAKE et al, we will be OK, and the world will respect us again--and our currency might hold up.


Anonymous's picture

Grrrrrrr, every time I see Spitzer it just reminds me of what could have been. I think he was set up but just like WJC he walked into it.

Anonymous's picture

To all those who would rather concentrate on Spitzer's personal life instead of the multi-trillion dollar heist of public wealth I would only point out one thing; unlike the ho's in congress, Spitzer at least paid for his hooker WITH HIS OWN MONEY!

Anonymous's picture

Let's not lose sight of a few salient facts - while Spitzer may well have a rare and elegant grasp of the intersection of economics and politics, he was a truly terrible leader, an even worse politician, and perhaps most importantly, a poor risk manager. He singlehandedly set the stage for the disaster that is currently NY's executive branch of government, by choosing a running mate who has proved to be incapable of governing - and he had the hubris to do so while being the only person in possession of knowledge that made choosing the "right" LG much more of an imperative than usual, since the odds of the LG being elevated to replace the Governor had to be greater than usual, given the Gov's proclivities.

Robert Paulson's picture

Wow, one taste of the paid-for ill-nana, and you become the devil incarnate.  However, I do agree about his first year inadequacies as a politician. 

At the same time, as an erudite analyst, I see few who can hold a candle to him.  Would be much better served with him involved in the future of financial markets regulatory oversight.   Is it feasible that he can find a path to redemption?

agrotera's picture

He needs to get in touch with a few old school Southern TV evangelists to see how to get the redemption job done.

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Anonymous's picture

elliot spitzer is the dirtiest, scumbag, pedophile politician that ever existed. he should be destroyed and his penis should be removed and burnt while he's alive. he's not just corrupt, but he's dirty as all hell.

Anonymous's picture

Go Elliot!!!!!!!!

Anonymous's picture

To his everlasting credit, at least Mr. Spitzer had enough class to arrange a mutually-agreeable business arrangement with the girl he was F&*@^ing!

- However, none of our bankers, regulators, or politicians bothered to ask us if we wanted to participate in such shenanigans, before they skrewed us.

Spitzer is a class act, in my view.

Anonymous's picture

Robert, this has nothing to do with when he wears his socks, or what he's doing while wearing them; it's about how he judges what he's analyzing. Eliot's shtick has always been to be "more" - more informed, more intelligent, more thoughtful, more nuanced than anyone else; it's a parlor trick that masks the fact that this man reaches conclusions based more upon emotions than on facts - and that he has a great deal of trouble controlling those emotions, especially when they relate to how he feels he's being perceived vis a vis the position that he holds.

Yes, he's erudite, but an analyst? He's a power-crazed egotist who acheived amazing heights by successfully pretending to be something that he's not - until the pressure of doing so caused him to engage in self-destructive behavior - and putting him in charge of regulating our financial markets would create problems that would make the last twenty four months seem like Christmas.

Anonymous's picture

Oh Marla, the clip syndicate player sucks so much. It halts every 10 seconds or so to buffer more content and starts playing again until the next halt/buffer...

I'm on a DSL line on the West Coast. Do you have control of any settings or any influence on them to change them?

Just curious and whining... ;-)

Anonymous's picture

The Fed rules and GS rules the Fed. Any questions?

Anonymous's picture

Elliot Spitzer was in such an economically advantaged position, that he was in excellent position to be an effective big-city pol. He actually was one of the very few such public officials to have made some positive efforts and actually had a few achievements which the MSM bothered to report. However, it's difficult to determine who exactly controls the MSM and so I thought I would take a moment to mention the following link to David Brooks video as presented at Huffington Post the other day:

- David Brooks: A Republican Senator 'Had His Hand On My Inner Thigh' For A 'Whole' Dinner Party (VIDEO) Huffington Post by Nicholas Graham. First Posted: 07-10-09 05:22 PM | Updated: 07-13-09 05:17
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/10/david-brooks-a-republican_n_229... Then, at Jeremy Scahill’s twitter site there was the following: http://twitter.com/jeremyscahill 'But, really, by the time dessert was served, David Brooks told the Republican Senator to get his hand off Brooks's inner thigh.' 9:02 AM Jul 11th from txt
'whose inner thigh did lindsey graham have his hand on during the whole sotomayor hearing?' Though I am unable to interpret the above Twitter message, it surely sounds as if some Congress-person may be behaving in a manner which is easily recognizable and is probably of a type which is not considered appropriate for someone in such a powerful position and in such a public place. Haven't seen any follow-up in the MSM. Have you?

Back to the subject at hand, even though he came by his fortune by inheritance from a scoundrel, Spitzer might even have been Presidential material had he been a little less aggressive. Big guys play tough and frequently seem know just how to feed the MSM.

Anonymous's picture

Elliot Spitzer is spot on in his analysis of events and supremely articulate. He could go toe to toe with Obama in public speaking and blow him of of the water on financial acumen.

Forget his personal life, he is what this country needs as President.

Anonymous's picture

This guy knows his stuff, I am impressed. Most politicians deliver sound bytes, but he actually understands what he's talking about.

Anonymous's picture

This stuff is straight out of Wealth and Democracy by Kevin Phillips.

Anonymous's picture

We need this man! He knows the tricks of Wall Street who wanted to destroy him. Come back into politics, please!!

Anonymous's picture

Spitzer for President! Personal foibles be damned. That's bewteen him and his family.

OK fine, not President. Put him in charge of righting this listing ship. No wonder Wall Street hates him. He understands them.

Kev D.