Emergency IMF Meeting To Begin As Strauss-Kahn Retains High Profile Attorney

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As was previously reported by the WSJ, "The IMF is considering holding a board meeting at 5 p.m. Sunday to discuss how to proceed, but isn't expected to come to a decision. Rather the board and staff members are in the midst of conference calls and informal discussions to try to figure out what steps to take next. It's unlikely that Mr. Strauss-Kahn can represent the institution during meetings while dealing with arrest and legal issues, at least over the next week, said officials. An IMF spokesman declined comment." We expect lots of headlines over the next several hours as an unstoppable European default meets an unmovable chaos. In the meantime, we have learned that DSK has retained legal counsel in the form of one Benjamin Brafman, a New York criminal defense attorney. From Wikipedia: "Brafman's profile rose following his winning the acquittal of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, who was acquitted from his 1999 illegal weapons and bribery charges. The criminal charges stemmed from a nightclub brawl, while accompanied by then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez  and Combs' usual entourage, and witnessed by over 100 other people. Despite the numerous prosecution witnesses to Combs' culpability, and Combs' fame, Brafman's legal skills produced a unanimous 'not guilty' verdict. Brafman also represented Jay-Z  when the rapper was accused of assaulting record producer Lance "Un" Rivera at New York's Kit Kat club in December 1999. Jay-Z pleaded guilty as part of a deal, and was given three years of probation. In 2002, Jay-Z referenced Brafman in his featured appearance on Cam'ron's "Welcome to New York City". On November 30, 2008, Brafman was hired to represent NFL star Plaxico Burress who on August 3, 2009 was indicted on two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of reckless endangerment. Burress pleaded guilty to a weapons charge and was sentenced to two years in prison. Brafman represented radio personality Star, who was arrested by hate-crime unit detectives on charges of endangering the welfare of a child, aggravated harassment, criminal possession of a weapon and failure to report a change of address on his gun permit after being tricked into going to a New York police station to surrender his 9 mm handgun. The DJ was later released on $2,000 cash bail."

Ironically, connecting all the loose dots from today's Nakba news, here is Brafman's completely unrelated statement on the question of why Israel is attacking civilians.

h/t TempFlashback

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More circus equals less bread

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Less bread = more Beer so less expensive circus is unnoticed.

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The old pervert of DSK seems to be in serious trouble; however, do you think this ongoing drama is going to change IMF's policies? Definitively, MSM loves to make so much noise in order to keep distracted the brute and ignorant American populace.

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Elliot Spizer starts getting to close= Ahh Hookers and sex

Julian Assage starts leaking to much= Ahh Rape and sex

Bin Ladin Dead= Aha porn addict

IMF head starts talking tuff on American economy= uwe 62 year old Sex

Let me see do we have a trend here? Just askin-----------

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Stay out of NYC

Go Home and take Goldman with you.



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Actual Washington DC madam who has evidence against people in high places within DC gets busted.... she gets suicided.

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Eliot Spitzer- no jail time, immune from own law.

Julian Assange-lots of free publicity, no jail time, bail paid by Soros.

Bin Laden- who cares?

DSK- rapes the working/middle class of the world, rapes a maid, media jumps to his defense.

I see a trend.

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Ok, this is hilarious. This is a Jew defending a Jew, with Strauss-Kahn replaced by a Jew at the IMF (Lipsky) and guess whose name is floating to replace Strauss-Kahn on the Socialist ticket?

You guessed it everyone, a Jew...

Francois Hollande is now being fielded as the new Socialist candidate.


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yeah anti-semitism is like a mental illness in that respect 

you start noticing the object of your obsession everywhere you look

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the standard response:  slander everyone who NOTICES as a waffen SS

knukles's picture

Talk a week or two ago was Lloyd leaving GS, as amny in IB want his ass canned for letting the cat out of the bag by such arrogant means as "God's work."
So for the Perceptions Management for GS, Lloyd retires, case closed, new birth of firm under more level headed, personable, human management. 
Where can Lloyd do GS's God's work best for GS?
IMF's a good start now that every other fucking domestic and international spot's taken by GS alums.

Yo', Lucas!  We await your pronouncements.
No wonder DSK's getting railroaded.

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What about lawyers manning up and charging him with his other crimes... you know, fraud, rapist of nations, bribes, corruption... etc?


I would suggest the death penalty, because that's what globalist scum like him deserves.

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I totally disagree, as I favor an original method of execution.

Should he be given a broom and sent to clean up the mess in Fukushima Nuclear Reactor #1,2,3 and 4  wearing the non-waterproof suits given to their workers?

Should the fat, ugly, impotent, dough boy of France be allowed to breathe inside the radiation zone until he vomits and dies? Then should he be trashed and thrown into the sea for burial?



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Your heart is in the right place -- but he'd get acquittal with a rookie attorney for the punishment being "Cruel and Unusual" or however it goes these days. The mentioned shyster may yet get him 'off' for wrongful arrest. Sad -- but possible.

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Denninger saying IMF has diplomatic immunity: http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=186161

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Denninger's a fucking moron.   What sovereign nation is the IMF again?

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I don't much care for Denninger either, he's a smug asshole, yet the fact remains that unless DSK has waived immunity, he's scot free.

I'm thinking that he may have waived, or else the Port Authority COULD NOT hold him.

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Officials of the IMF have diplomatic immunity “with respect to acts performed by them in their official capacity, except when the fund waives this immunity,” the IMF’s bylaws says. While i believe Officials of the IMF regularly fuck people over in their "official capacity", i don't think raping a chambermaid (allegedly) is part of their official duties. Hence, i believe diplomatic immunity will not get DSK off (pun intended).
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If having immunity would have let him go scot free, why would he waive it?

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Scot free is such an ethnic slur ;-)

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Raping (in the non-financial sense) isn't part of the IMF's official duties.  They're only immune from prosceuction for carrying out acts that are part of their job.


So, sexual rape isn't covered, but financial rape is.

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I don't think this will have any effect on the Greek bailout. The management of the IMF are all the same guy (whether they are men or women). Replacing one with another won't change the game plan one bit.

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Attack on PMs to commence in tminus...

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"Attack on PMs to commence in tminus"


Amother 10:00 AM, Monday morning office cooler quarterback apostate.

The precious will humble you.


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India is BTFD.


"UBS and Standard Bank, two large bullion dealers, have enjoyed some of the strongest days of sales to India this year, according to analysts at the banks, while others reported a similar surge.

In common with many emerging economies, high inflation in India is driving investors into precious metals as a store of value when rising prices erode the value of their paper currencies. For that reason, many analysts and investors believe gold prices could soon resume their upward march and reach new record highs before the year is out.

Chhabil Jain, a Mumbai silver trader, said that demand for silver bars was going through the roof and that many vendors were starting to run low on stocks.

"People are booking incredible amounts of silver as they see the current drop in prices as a great opportunity to buy more ... most are buying for pure investment," he added."

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Good, with US and EU citizens being less aware, strong hands that are not banks are desperately needed. Any PM in the hands of citizens and corporations is PM not in the hands of banks and govs.

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Which is why I answered Diatribe's question:

@Diatribe http://www.zerohedge.com/article/shocked-france-reacts-strauss-kahn-news#comment-1275935

"O/T:  Have $75K in my 401K.  I can withdrawal up to $25K or take a loan of various amounts, should I do this to purchase PMs?  Thanks in advance"


answered thus: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/shocked-france-reacts-strauss-kahn-news#comment-1276257


This is an absolutly stupid question, of course you should!

In fact you should buy 5 mini silver contracts:

COMEX MINY SILVERSymbolQIExchangeNYMEXContract TypeFuturesCountry/RegionUnited StatesClosing Price35.528CurrencyU.S. Dollar (USD)Contract IdentifiersConid42320984Futures FeaturesFutures TypeMetalsFirst Notice Date First Position Date28/11/2011Last Trading Date28/11/2011Expiration Date28/11/2011Multiplier2500Margin RequirementsIntraday Initial Margin15,280Intraday Maintenance Margin8,000



Borrow some money anywhere and jump on the bandwagon

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As I pointed out earlier


"I'm noticing just a tad snide comments on PMs.

Well, let me just say this.

For the skeptics, naysayers, told-you-so guru wannabes who second guess everything and Monday morning quarterback a perfect game.

You will be punished, severely.

In all of Gods great History, deflation has never been in his good graces.

The blasphemers, the hereticics, the apostates that now turn their back on the precious, surely, yours will be the most horrendous of retributions."



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You're taking my comment out of context.

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Hi Tyler, Can you please ban this moron or add a blacklist feature for like 500 users plus in our account areas?  It would make it much easier to read comments following articles that add meaningful perspective, information, or trading ideas behind the articles.  Also a feature to categorize the post as a question, rant, or added perspective might help remove some of this crap posting that goes for miles.  Also if some these are paid for advertisements could you put sponsored or something at the top so we know that.  This would save you some money on bandwidth costs too id imagine.  Thanks.

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Black swan dressed as a ----(?) maid?

knukles's picture

DSK was dressed as a maid, too?  Channelling J. Edgar?  Now that pic of Das Merkel begins to look better and better after all.  Ah, the brawny atheletic steriodal women from behind the Iron Curtain.  

The Good Old Days


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Check out this connection:

The Sofitel New York on West 44th where DSK stayed is owned and managed by Novotel, whose co-founder, Gerard Pelisson, is an active supporter of the UMP party.

knukles's picture

Daily Mail reports DSK's suite @ $3K/nite.

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DSK will make an album on his release, with the release being titled, "My Release".  This is comical (not the rape but the fact that the power hungry and politicains wrong people over, and over, and over....and think they will always get away with it).  French politicians rival only the US ones in their pervertedness, and I am not even counting Sarkozy, as I am pretty sure he is as much a frog as I am.

Saxxon's picture

There was no rape Lennon Hendrix, just a miserable attempt by a power-mad 61-year old pud.  He must have looked a sight coming out naked from the shower - downed his Viagra before brushing I bet.

They will probably buy off the Puerto Rican maid for a few hundred thou and the fat bastard will walk.  C'est la Vie!

What he deserves is 10 minutes alone in a cell with the husband or brothers of the maid.


Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I thought that he forced her to give him head.  If so, that is rape.

Freewheelin Franklin's picture

It's not really rape if he thought she was the prostitute escort he had ordered, which had actually got stuck in traffic, dressed up like maid.

uno's picture

summing up his comments:

terriorist, extremeist, bombing response - repeat 

Edit: that also sounds like US government; US and Israel must have the same PR firm 

MaldelBot's picture

AH, so banksters have to LITERALLY fuck someone in the ass to get arrested....


Good to know!

lolmao500's picture

You seem to volunteer to be's Bernanke's prey so he goes down...

Widowmaker's picture

Arrested yes, charges no.

Custody is for the offender's protection - make no mistake about it.

trav7777's picture

are we seeing post deletions now?

Widowmaker's picture

Only with respect to those with immunity from the rule of law.

Commoner, get back to work.

bob_dabolina's picture

What did you see that got deleted?

trav7777's picture

I wrote "another jew lol...." as the 3rd post.  It must have gotten junked off.  I mean literally it was gone in less than 5 minutes