Equities Rising on "Rivers of Blood"

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No USAMilitary budget cuts...???

Who would have ever guessed.

Without WAR ,the USA would have some pretty wild unemployment numbers,and I don't mean good wild.

Come now my brethern USA citizen,time to fertilize the tree of liberty in the your home country and regain control.

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I invite everyone to visit my blog to vote for Fed existance:


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OK, I refuse to accept finger-wagging from a writer when EVERY SINGLE PARAGRAPH CONTAINS A TYPO.

For heaven's sake, learn how to spell before you get on your Goddamned high horse about how stupid everyone else is.

It's Libya, not "Lybia," as in your map.

It's Mubarak, not "Mubarack."

Libya doesn't "boarder" Egypt, it BORDERS it.

It's the Czech Republic, not the "Czhech" one.

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that picture is from warlock. the movie. nice!

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You would think TPTB would want the population stoned out of their minds...less inclination to riot. 

To pharaphrase Marx:  Opiates are the religion for the masses.

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Munchies won't dampen food inflation.

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"When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always." - MK Gandhi

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Interesting article with good statistical credibility until you sighted Glen Beck , the entertainer, as an authority.  Do you also support Sarah for President ?

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Buy when there's blood in the streets

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He is correct, also when the SHTF it will make people crazy.

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Boy beck said andrew jackson a bad dude, wonder what he was talkin about? this idiot makes sense for 2-3 min then turns full retard with his thinkin.  lololololol  that SOB has sucked me into listening to him many times but after a few minutes im thinkin he is completely whacked then anything that he did say which made sense is totally forgotten.  the man that rid our country of banksters, wasnt a bad dude he was a bad ass dude.  we need someone like him to rout them fuckers out today

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General strike in Greece this week:


If this spreads to Europe, no amount of QE will keep the markets up.

Who knows, why not?

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Spooky!  Did you notice how the red (oil producing) countries make one large question mark?

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Brazil to cut 1/4 of defence budget............should our congress do the same?




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Gosh, looks like the US is a really lousy place to live!

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not yet but, we could be on the way

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We ARE on the way. But Americans will never know it because only 20% of Americans even have passports. So we listen to the MSM which tells us how great it is here and how terrible things are overseas and we believe it.