Eric King Follow Up Interview With GATA On The Trail Of The Biggest Gold Manipulation Story Disclosed

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The Andrew Maguire LBMA whistleblower story just refuses to go away, and it is about time someone from the mainstream media (yes, we know you read us constantly) finally picked up on this massive expose about the decades of fraud and manipulation in the commodities market, with a focus on gold and silver. Don't worry, the Wall Street ad revenue sources you may lose from highlighting this "must read" story will be more than offset by the increased readership you will gain. Today we have the latest segment in this saga, courtesy once again of Eric King who interviews GATA members Bill Murphy, Chris Powell and Adrian Douglas.As is pointed out in the interview, "The CFTC, on the public record, has been shown to have known in advance of massive market manipulation, and have done nothing." Isn't this the same reason why Markopolos called SEC the biggest bunch of idiots in existence vis-a-vis their performance in the Madoff debacle? It is time someone big blew this up finally. Perhaps this will explain why it never get mainstream attention: "JPMorgan chase is an agency of the US government, rigs the markets, and undertakes market manipulation." To all our readers: this is yet another "must hear" interview.

From King World News:

In this interview with GATA we continue the saga after just having
interviewed Andrew Maguire, the whistleblower out of London. This gives
a short and long-term view down the rabbit hole through the eyes of 3
of the GATA board members.  GATA was so heavily involved not only in
breaking the news at the CFTC meeting about the the metals manipulation
but also at the same time quite possibly uncovering the largest fraud
in history. The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee was organized in
January 1999 to advocate and undertake litigation against illegal
collusion to control the price and supply of gold and related financial
securities. The committee arose from essays by Bill Murphy, a financial
commentator, and by Chris Powell, a newspaper editor in Connecticut,
published at Murphy's Internet site,  In this GATA
Roundtable we will have Bill Murphy, Chris Powell and Adrian Douglas.

Link to King World News.

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svendthrift's picture

I find him completely unreadable. The emoticons, bolding, underlining and the folksy use of folks all the time is amateur hour quality stuff.

Internet Tough Guy's picture

Denninger types in all caps, which is a sign of lunacy.

Mad Max's picture

WHAT DO YOU MEAN???!!!?!?!


Seriously though, I don't see that it's such a sign.  It's often just a sign of people who don't know computers or aren't paying much attention.  (Admittedly, neither seems likely to apply in his case.)

SRV - ES339's picture

Hi Jesse,

Just thought I'd take the opportunity to congratulate and thank you for your work... always enjoy your posts.

Here's hoping you (or someone please) can find a way to get this story "through the firewall!"

WaterWings's picture

if i type full upper-case then i get rid of that pesky "I" problem.

Hulk's picture

Yah, but that would make you nuts..

Cheeky Bastard's picture


Hulk's picture

you're scaring me CB.....

SRV - ES339's picture

He's also a bully... I called him out on his health care views (don't take a dime of my money to "help" those lazy blah, blah, blah) a couple of weeks ago. I prefaced my comments with "respectfully," and made them in a private email (I simply wanted to express my disappointment in his view and had no interest in embarrassing him or anyone else).

His comments... I'm a Canadian (what a sleuth... my email address is from Rogers... and WTF is THAT about), a name caller (greed and lack of empathy... none directed at an individual... is now name calling), and finally... notice my email address was off to the junk bin... to be blocked forever).

And I thought the blogging community was about free speech... apparently not for Mr. D.



trav7777's picture

Douchinger says his wheat futures price charts can predict the upcoming harvest.  I mean he says that the price is going to break down.  What if the farm season sucks ass?

IOW, how in the fuck can ANYONE believe that TA dictates the real world?

Gordon_Gekko's picture

I think the best revenge will be to see Denninger immolate himself in his paper dollar stash. Now THAT I will bring popcorn and beer to.

MarketTruth's picture

Denninger appears to have become tedious at best, a whining crying girly-man at worst and why his is probably losing readership. He might not be able to fully comprehend the physical gold market because he loves the paper promises, US dollar, Euro, etc and Las Vegas Wall Street scam far too much.

trav7777's picture

Fuck man the guy banned anyone who wouldn't kiss his ass.

He made his money in the .com paper run and so has some affinity for paper getting him real things.  As a .com company owner, he's used to vapor and bubbles; he likes them.


ConfederateH's picture

He's not the only one.  Mish has also banned numerous people for contesting his views.

G. Marx's picture


The worst part of Karl's site is his discussion forum. Terribly strong orthodoxy defended via intimidation and threats to ban anyone who dares to question said orthodoxy. Then toss-in a cavalcade of sycophants all fighting over who can kiss his feet the most. Yuck, not very robust. Damn shame, for there have been some smart forward looking people there, all who were eventually banished from the forum.

buzzsaw99's picture

 "JPMorgan chase is an agency of the US government, rigs the markets, and undertakes market manipulation."


shocking revelation

Mad Max's picture

My, how things have changed.  Not all that long ago the federal government was an agent of JP Morgan, used to rig the markets for its benefit.

svendthrift's picture

Obama golfs with Dimon regularly.


Miles Kendig's picture

No court papers yet?

"This has been going on for so long that folks forgot how it was supposed to run".  Classic.

boiow's picture

"No court papers yet?"

nah. they have been leveraged and sold in the open market by jpm too.



SgtShaftoe's picture

Lets see if we can get Jon Stewart to comment on it on the daily show.  Reply to my post on the Daily show forum, and maybe we can get some attention.


and here:


Or, we just flood his forum with comments on the subject. 

Rick64's picture

Good idea. Just posted on it. The more people that post the more likely he is to air it.

boiow's picture

good idea . posted too.

All That Glitters's picture


  Brilliant idea!  I posted this with about 10 others (so far) from ZH...

I would love to see Gensler (as head of a high level government regulatory authority I would be suprized if he accepted the offer), but the best guests would be Andrew Maguire and Adrian Douglass or instead of Adrian, Chris Powell of GATA, as he is more eloquent than Bill Murphy in my opinion.  For an ex Goldman Sachs guy I was shocked by Gensler´s sincerity in exploring the very complex nature of this market during the hearingsMany of his follow up questions of  Christian (the Bullion Banks designated apologist) were spot on and showed that Gensler has a more profound understanding of this market than any of his predecesorsJon if you have been sincere in your recent, very well thought out and spoken criticisms of the Wall Street conmen/criminals which dominate the nation´s economic and political spheres then you simply must do a little of your own research and then proceed to expose this UberPonziFraudalooza for what it is.  I won´t lie to you Jon if this goes mainstream the effects on all capital markets will initially be disasterous, but that disaster is going to happen anyway.  If you are proactive and put this out there it will be the markets, and the hundred of thousands of investors with their retirements, children`s college tuitions and life´s work on the line , who will vote with their feet to bring this house of cards down.  If your remain silent, the big banking interests will pull the plug at the time and place of their choosing.  Beck is paid to be a schill for these guys.  Your silence on this will put you in the same chapter that he will occupy for eternity once the history of this most tragic time is written...


  I love this idea because so often it seems to me us hard asset guys are just having this conversation in an echo chamber.  We need to organize our efforts like this more often and get this stuff out there.  Look at opinion polls on 9/11 truth issues.  Pushing 70% of NYC residents who ain´t buying the official story.  The Fed/Treasury´s strong dollar policy is just as flimsy a story!  This blockbuster of a scoop only needs to get a more general circulation and this Comedy Central page is just the venue to do that!  We don´t need the mainstream media any more than a two legged world class sprinter needs shoes to win a race against a bunch of obese elementary school kids.  This story tells itself, just put it out there in as many diverse venues as possible....

brushfire's picture

I am working with a team of influential Hollywood producers to get this story told in film. We have contacted Andrew and are in the process of securing life-rights to his story. One way or another, the ponzi is coming down. Wall street may own the MSM, but they dont own Hollywood.

dark pools of soros's picture

sounds like another role for Nic Cage... 

All That Glitters's picture

Mommick, you are officially a genius!  What a call, listen to this and visualize Bill Murphy....


lsbumblebee's picture

I'm sorry but...Hollywood? It's owned by the same people who buy Cramer his clown suits.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you prove me wrong.

brushfire's picture

haha nick cage...what a talent. just spoke with my producer friends - their take on the story is to make JPM a fictional bank and tell the story as fiction. sorry...long live clown suits and the ponzi.

All That Glitters's picture

  A movie is a great idea!  Why not get Rip Torn to play Larry Summers and David Cross as Ben Bernanke!  If you think there isn´t a connection to Wall Street and Hollywood by the way you need to broaden your education a little however....

  Check out links from Jordan Maxwell to wrap your mind around the origins, design and intent of Hollywood....  ``The wizard´s wand was always made from the branch of a holly tree.  The wizard´s wand, used to cast many a spell, was always made of holly wood..´´

Jordan Maxwell, it is almost impossible to waste your time listening to what this guy has to say.  He answers a lot of questions most intelligent, curious and critical thinking people never think to ask...

Jesse's picture


Yeah and Laurence Olivier can play Bernanke in dental gear "interviewing" Maguire to find

out how much he knows.   "Is it safe?"  "Is it safe?"

TheGoodDoctor's picture

LOL. I caught that on HBO last month. I was half wondering what it was about and half wondering why Cramer references it. Pretty good flick. Then I watched some show on the history channel about the Nazi's escaping to South America and realized the movie probably wasn't too far off of reality.

All That Glitters's picture

Marathon Man.  A true classic!  Although I believe that character would best be done as Hank Paulson...

MsCreant's picture

So, in terms of what I can get my hands on, I am 1/3 cash and 2/3 precious metals. I am sooo tempted to get more pms but I told myself no, because they could crash from here and while I am happy to have my physicals, I may need the cash if TSHTF in a deflation scenario. But I keep reading this stuff and thinking about getting more. What do ya think, keep powder dry, or go get more pms?

Yes, I know I'm starting some crap with this, but I really do want to know your thoughts and hey, this is a gold buggy kinda thread.

SgtShaftoe's picture

If you don't believe the world is going to end in a mad max finale, I say, and Sprott, and Jim Puplava say build a position in mining stocks.  I think if a time comes where stocks get seized from everyday people, we're also going to be a world at war... and that would suck immensely.

monmick's picture

I have been looking at PALL and PPLT myself, to add to all my gold and silver. Anyone have a view on these?

MsCreant's picture

I was looking at Platinum at $1370 or so and thought I would wait until it went down some...boy do I regret that...had it in my hand.

monmick's picture

Yeah, auto production is ramping up... which I don't understand, but it is.

Hephasteus's picture

No it's not. People are saying this and that is ramping. It's not actually doing it. Intel sold more motherboard chipsets recently than it did CPU's which says restocking ramp job. It's all manipulation to get people to move money and stock up and get ready for exactly the opposite of what is going to happen.
It's trying to get china to tip over from a saving culture to a spending culture but it won't work. You can't make your wife buy new 160 dollar pumps when she is really planning on leaving you for beating her. It just won't work.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

I had similar thoughts MsCreant , thinking a second crash would bring down PMs with a more industrial use - now I cannot justify the price of Platinum Maples as I am also a euro buyer

Gordon_Gekko's picture

Only. Gold.

Everything will fall by the wayside as the Gold mothership takes off. And I'm not talking about the FAKE, RIGGED CRIMEX price.

Segestan's picture

Exactly.. and all the PC mouth pieces will say... Noooooooooo!!!