Eric Sprott: "We Are Now Paying For The Funeral Of Keynesian Theory"

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Four horsemen of the economic apocalypse:

1) Fractional reserve banking

2) Monetarism

3) NeoCons

4) NeoKeynesianism



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Shame you can't fit mercantilism in there somewhere.

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Great Britain





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Haha good list.  I'd maybe throw Athens or Byzantium in there.

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Think your missing a trick there my olde chum.

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  1. Demographic change - Uneducated, unskilled resource consumers being substituted for high value-added, taxpaying workforce.
  2. (Domestic) resource depletion - USA imports 2/3 of its daily oil consumption, with 1/2 of those imports coming from exchange with hostile countries. (Please note subtlety of last word - which countries are 'hostile' is not specified.)
  3. Off-shoring - Concomitant with demographic change, international conglomerates, which may or may not be domiciled in the US, play out global wage arbitrage while seeking lowest cost providers.
  4. Financial suicide - 65 years in the making (since the end of WWII), compounding principle+interest has caused incremental debt to drop below the magic 1:1 ROI on GDP as diminishing marginal utility has eroded future investment incentives to negative returns.

I know this keeps getting repeated, but we're screwed, blued & tattooed. Not sure why people feel compelled to continue producing these apparently sincere analyses of the failings of certain economic policy decisions. I mean, talk about falling for the diversion; yes, Keynesian theory is simply a cover story.

To paraphrase Voltaire, if Keynes did not exist, it would have been necessary for the power-elite to invent him. The real game has always had one goal - whatever tools, techniques, and tricks periodically became available were simply co-opted & employed to
further their agenda.

I mean, look at that list above - anybody who was even half-awake could tell the roulette wheel was broken. Predicting these outcomes is child's play to anyone paying attention. We were set up to be taken down by making damn sure those who never pay attention had full voting franchise.

I find these reports intensely boring. Talk about barn doors & horses after the fact. My primary focus is to figure out a way to make sure these guys don't get away with their crimes. Hopefully, sufficiently increased public awareness may potentially cut-off their various avenues of escape when the SHTF.

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Exactly--Austrian policy was right, no elected officials give a shit, only questions are:

1.  If I leave the U.S., where the hell do i go that isn't going to be just as shitty once WW4 starts?

2.  How long do you roast a squirrel before it's edible?

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+1.  The really scary thing here is that I have actually pondered the same questions before.  LOL.

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Can't answer number one but squirrel is best cooked slow with lots of fluids like in a crock pot or a stew. Squirrel is also good in a pot pie.

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Laugh now you squirrely mother f*er. But before long the penultimate Cognitive Enhancement will alter your cynicism.

The soft kill system. You servile android.

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Use a pressure cooker, drives out the wild and very tender.

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Deep fried in oil.   Use the same instructions as for a turkey, down to the minutes per pound of turkey.    Come to think of it, maybe we ought to go head to head with Tyson with a squirrel business, and spin offs like the obvious ducksquirrelen market.

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We make squirrel jerkey in W.Va., Kentucky, etc.  Same as making deer jerkey or anything else.  Also it is greasy so it makes decent gravy. ;) 

I take it you don't do a lot of squirrel hunting in the UK these days, lol.  Maybe soon though!

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Good stuff, Rusty. That backyard aquaponics is genius.

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 - hey, thanks Strain, ,, check this guy, here's an distilling example...

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We have lots of quail and rabbits around my place.  Both can be taken with a pellet gun or wrist rocket.  Should help us get through year 1 P.C. (post collapse)

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All this talk about digging a hole in your backyard, stocking it full of guns, gold, water and dead squirrels... WTF?

You guys are nothing but a bunch of G.I. Joe wantabes.   

Wake up and be a respectable member of society, rather than living in a dirt bunker with the worms and dead squirrels waiting for urban warfare.   

For the love of GOD, get a fucking grip!

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 - yeah, well, i was a g.i. joe grasshopper, back in the day.


trust me, I got a fucking grip.

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2nd Marine Div, MP Detachment

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I was classmate with CO Weapons Co, taught with the doggie WO running the counter mortar radar, worked with the Recon CO and the MAU SgtMaj.  All gone.


- Ned

Rusty Shorts's picture

Those were dark days indeed. I really didn't know anyone from 1/8, the few acquaintances that I did make were all killed.

As fate would have it, half of our MP detachment (including me) received orders to join the 22nd MAU in that other success story, the Grenada invasion.

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FWIW Gentlemen, given the opportunity I would gladly choke the everloving fuck out of whoever junked your little conversation.


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Caused memories of Ft Meade Md. I was in a MP unit during 68/69'. Always on alert due to vietnam protesting and civil rights. So us soldiers being on alert constantly, many of us went AWOL in order to see our girlfriends, family or just to get out. Being on alert meant being stuck on base over the weekend so we had a high awol rate.

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Well, I haven't shot and eaten any squirrels (lately), but I have been gathering and eating wild mushrooms (not the hallucinogenic variety, either) --- does that make me respectable or unrespectable in your eyes?

And when I go out picking wild blueberries with friends, are we thereby being rednecky and unrespectable too? 

How about fishing: respectable, or no?  Or does it depend on the species of fish being sought (trout: respectable, bass: unrespectable)?  Does using a motorized boat while fishing damn one as unrespectable perhaps, but leave fly-fishing as respectable?

Is all hunting unrespectable, or just the hunting of wild arboreal rodents?

Is hunting perhaps respectable with a bow, even if it may not be with a rifle?  Does using a hunting dog make wildfowl hunting more or less respectable?

Please give me the guidelines on respectability if you would --- I can be SO clueless in such matters! 

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Unfortunately, the only psychodelic mushrooms that grow in my region (such as Amanita muscaria) are only sporadically and mildly psychodelic, and their ingestion is invariably accompanied by various severely unpleasant gastrointestinal effects which I am not willing to suffer.

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Please add whether or not gardening, canning, pickling, freezing etc.. are the activities of a madman also.

Raising your own animals, butchering, sausage making, smoking.... Are they cruel redneck endeavors?

I always thought these things were just what country people did.

***Hey Akak, you have UNfuckingBELIEVABLE wild blueberry crop this year where you live?

akak's picture

CC, I haven't gone up into the mountains yet to check, but I am guessing that we don't ---- most of the other wild berries have done miserably in this perpetually cloudy, gloomy, wet so-called "summer" that we've been having.

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Yup...And when you show up at my bunker all gaunt with ribs sticking out and hollow eyed, if you don't get shot, I might just feed you. You see, I have a big heart...

grunion's picture

I pray sir that is not your contingency plan!

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keep away from pork.

eat more squirrel ;-)

- Ned

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I have a special place reserved for you, in my smokehouse.

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Ugh. Sounds like groundhog stew with dumplings!


Interesting sighting today. I live near a huge mall not far from New York, Woodbury Commons. It was absolutely packed, busiest I have seen it in three years. Lots of foreigners as well. Just an observation. 

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Recommend you parboil it first and stay clear of the central nervous system--squirrels can have a prion-based disease similar to mad cow or Creutzfeldt–Jakob.



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As to squiral my great uncle used to refer to them as limb kittens, cuase he ate plenty of them. Not for sport but for real live we gotta eat. One shell, one shot and you better hit the target because those shell cost.

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Same goes for my Dad in rural SC in the 50's.


Back then he could bring his Savage over/under .22/.410 to school, leave it in the coat closet, and hunt as he walked home.'s picture

Americans were once free. Who would believe it today?

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I graduated from high school in the mid eighties.  Even then we were allowed to keep guns in our cars.  I always had either a shotgun or rifle with me from mid-September to Mid-November.

Funny how when we used to let kids have exposure and experience with guns there weren't any school shootings.  Now that they're taboo and mysterious, kids are blowing each other away left and right; urban and rural.

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 - it's amazing really, what has happened to our country. When I was in school, '70s - early '80s, every swinging dick had a gun rack in his truck, hell, I kept a couple more (guns) behind the seat.

grunion's picture

In the .22 mag/.410 configuration, that is a wonderful survival tool. I carried one for 2 years in central America as my food getter. Never went hungry!!!

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Personally, I prefer a shopping cart at Albertsons. Sometimes, on Tuesdays, they offer double coupons.  Why eat a dead squirrel, when you can get a 1 pound box of Twizzlers for 99 cents?

I always find what I need, and they've got good prices.  

I never go hungry, either.  Yippee!