/ES Vol Spikes: Time For A Margin Hike

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15 Day realized vol double in last 6 week. 30 Day at 5 week high. 90 Day near highs of year. And just because the CME Group is so concerned about investors and their money, this is precisely the time for an ES margin hike. (Yes, we know, the irony would be priceless.)But we jest: just hike those SI and CL margins already. Nobody can see that coming.

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Here's to hoping they do raise the crude margins, and hell, why not gold and silver too?  If it goes on sale I'll simply buy more. 

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Woltz is listening

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Did anybody notice how the yield curves of Ireland & Portugal are now inverseß

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Yep long time ago. Markets didn't care.

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The sky is falling on Wall Street.

Let people speculate as much as they want on overpriced stocks, but not when it comes to gold/silver/oil.

Waiting for CNBC to hail "WE'RE off the lows!!! PARTY TIME"

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Looking at CNBS, is looks like silver just took a dump in the last few minutes. It was holding at -50c or so and just slid -$1.5.

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It's realy getting smashed right now. -5.13% on RTFX.  WTF?


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They are selling everything.  That simple.

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Ummm....are you kidding?  Hmmmm?  How would I summarize an answer for your question....

...because the greater American Depression, which criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers tossed a TARP over, was suddenly revealed today when a gust of wind blew the cover off?

What do you mean what happened?  By any chance, are you posting from Hong Kong?

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They must really be expecting a bad NFP number . . . and figure everybody knows that it's actually worse than whatever number they lie about.

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They killed Bin Laden again!!!!

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This has happened for days, though they normally wait until after 6PM.

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sell sell sell...

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Wow! It has been a long time since I saw a 300 down day! Makes me wanna pop open a cold one.

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Drinks all around! and the blessed Citi is going DOWN. Nothing would make me happier than to see it tag $15 in the next two weeks, oh the wishful thinking...

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Got to show that we need QE3, right?


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Luckily they dropped them yesterday to be instituted today...

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Silver down $2.  Investors...grab your ankles.

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Buying some more. That's what investors do.

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seriously what difference does a $500 change in margin requirment make?

if you have 50k you can only open 9 contracts instead of 10?


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on a 300 point down day with HFT going into overclock, you'd be surprised on a few margin calls going out.   tin foil hat: raised margin as another motivator for QE3.

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It's not happening on the floor of the CME as faux business just showed the ES trading floor and nobody is doing anything. A Bunch of guys standing around looking stupid. LOL

Dead ! 

Update: talking about QE-3 being a shoe-in

Trying to find the video of the ES floor

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Market manipulation continues.

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Gold still treading above water into a market sell-off and stronger FRN.  I like it.

At some point the PPT has to back off long enough to remind congress who pays their re-election bills?  We should just let the bankers vote on debt ceiling increases and skip the middle-men.

Wooo, BofA offers another 9 month 0% interest on my card(2.9% upfront fee, boo).  I am 2 of 2 dollar carrying that into gold/silver.  Plus, they raised my limit again.  I am certainly the sucker in their book.

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Speaking of Margin Hikes...


Did we have another one in Silver or something?

What just happened to Silver spot?

I checked about 2:30 and it was about $37.90 and then I looked at the chart about 5 minutes ago and see that in a matter of about 2 minutes...it had droped about $1.40 per ounce!    Making a small retracement now...but still down about $1.80 per ounce on the day.  Gold holding it's own and it still up about $4.50


Hahaha....These cocksuckers....

Beat that shit down a little more fuckheads...and pretty soon, they won't be ANY physical to get....CHINA thanks you for your price supression schemes...


I think I will be stopping buy the bullion dealer on the way home from work to pick up another 10 - 20 ounces ....at the the new low price of $36.65 per. 


If this keeps up...I may be able to get my hands on some more Sub-$30.00 silver yet this summer!

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You might have to shove the Panda bullion aside to get at your coveted silver.

The Market is like a infant. It pukes all over you from time to time but you wipe it up and keep feeding it. Soon enough it will be of mature age and you can cash in.

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may have had a ES vol spike,,,BUT,,,  NYSE volume is NUTS!  This level of volume on a average basis is typically associated with the XMAS holiday.    The chart below maps low volume events to the $SPX.   Some indication that this could preceed a drop however, the statistics are weak in this case.

Note the bottom of the chart for Avg Vol.   The red vertical lines coorelate to the index above.


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Please forgive my ignorance, but what, exactly, does "ES" stand for? Investopedia won't tell me.

Chartsky's picture

@chartcruzer:  low volume before the re-programmed computers kick-in.


@Smu:  ES is the symbol for the E-Mini S&P futures contract.