EU Commission Denies Agreement On New Greek Aid Plan

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And.... U-turn


There is no point in even commenting on the cannonade of unbelievable bullshit coming out of Europe at this moment.

The central planners have now officially lost their minds.

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You can't make this stuff up.

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ZH plays into the Goldman Sachs bullshit rumor mill / intra-day reversal game. Kinda pathetic. 

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How else do you think Bloomie got to be so rich?

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My point exactly... Tyler, if I wanted to read bullshit, I'd just get a Bloomberg terminal.

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Nice avatar. I wanna get one of those.

Any advice? They're about $1,100 at my local shop.

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 You didn't ask me, but I have a Sig 516 Patrol.  More expensive than some other choices, but a very nice piece.

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I hope you budgeted a little extra for some own an AR with just an optic seems foolish.

ps: I didn't junk you...I love Sig.

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Barrett 416...the best there is for long range kill shots...but for every day use I'll take the Belgian FN....308 rounds and works in the dirt.

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Bushmaster here.  Not as good as  Sig but good value.  Goes bang bang everytime.

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BCM is what you want for a reasonably priced, good quality AR15, great guns

Have owned Bushmaster, Colt, S&W, Olympic and DPMS along with more than 30 I built.

Vist for vast amounts of data

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BCM - top tier quality at a reasonable cost.  S&W, LMT, LWRCI, SIG, Colt are also considered GTG.  (I'm forgetting a couple manufacturers).

Rock River, Bushmaster, Stag, Double Star, etc. are considered 2nd tier and/or hobby gun manufacturers by some.

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Daniel Defense makes a good AR15. Mid-grade price level but high quality piece. I think they run about $900.


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Modell's has Louisville Sluggers for about $20.  Used single-shot 12-guages for about $40....  More useful in a pinch IMHO.

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Although it is off topic....

I'd say that three of the best and most well know Mfg's of AR-s are Bushmaster, Colt and DPMS - all three of these would be quality.  

I bought a Smith and Wesson M&P 15 personally....and have had NOTHING but good results. 

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My opinion is free. Treat accordingly.

Bravo Company Manufacturing makes the best AR platform rifle (a 16" middy is the flavor du jour) for the money, and their product rivals (and arguably betters, IMO, e.g. charging handle features - things like that) Colt & FN (FN bought the TDP from Colt and is now the official manufacturer for the DoD) in any and every way, but costs about 20% less.

I have zero affiliation with the company or any of its affiliates or retailers or channels in any way, shape or form, whatsoever.

And here comes the "wow, dude, that's blasphemy" statement:  I am not fond of 5.56 and if you're not heavily invested in the platform, check out 6.8 SPC, though ammunition availability and cost is yet to reach economy of scale yet.

Also at least consider a AR-10 like a LWRC if you want something with more horsepower.

Neoisolationist's picture was advertising a bushmaster car4 .223 for 699.00. has good reviews. I've bought 4 firearms from them. great company. fast service.


personally I have a ruger sr-556 with grip pod and eotech 512. no complaints.

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Thanks...  Depends on what you hope to achieve with it. Sig 556 or Rock River AR in 5.56 are great, but excessive for home defense. Most people would be better off with a nice Mossberg 500 and put the extra $$$$ in silver...   Cheers

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A converted Saiga 12 is my choice.

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All nice guns, but I like your idea best.   Something like an old SKS X39 7.62x39, redress it with synthetic everything (looks close to an AR15), total cost $350, and you can shoot dirt out of it and butter NATO bread.   Invest the rest into silver -- and away!

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But if you think the world is going to end, there is no substitute for the M1 Garand.

I'll be wearing armor, and you will die with that pussy round, the .223

Just hit the lye delivery system when the flash bang goes off. That will truly fuck up the day of someone in armor.

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Replied to wrong comment :P


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Cash and carry Mossbergs are getting to be a little hard to come by around here- they disappear from the shows right away.  Got a Rem. 870 recently for a decent price, though.

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Check out CDNN.  Best prices I can find online.  1100 is a little steep, I'm guessing you live in some blue state hell hole like me?  The catalog is a pdf download. Take the info to your local FFL, have them contact CDNN and the Texans will ship it to them.  Shop around, FFL's in this area have a variance of "transfer" charges by as much as 20 bucks.

PS, i get no bennies for this, but CDNN, if you're listening: I should be

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If you buy one, make sure it has a Chrome Lined barrel.

Good ammo prices(if you can call any good now).

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Colt, Bravo Company Manufacturing, Lewis Machine & Tool, Noveske, Daniels Defense, FN, Larue Tactical, Knights Armament - I'd put these in the top tier. They're all good.

Spikes Tactical is an newer company that is turning out great quality, according to many, and at a reasonable price.

I have no opinion on S&W when it comes to their AR platform.

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S&W M&P15Tactical, superb platform..throw whateva you want in it and spits it back down the pipe with no least thus far after about 1000 rounds..

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I purchased a Chinese AK47, 7.62x39 round.  I done a ton of modifications to it already with a tad bit more to come. 2k rounds of ammo and counting...

I choose the AK platform for [reliability].  Having been in the Middle East from 2003-2007 Simply dropping your weapon or hitting the ground hard and getting any debris in your chamber can cause jams... Throw an AK purposefully into the mud, throw dirt purposefully into the chamber and you still have zero issues firing the weapon.  I dare you to try that with your AR platforms.

         "In the chaos of an early morning assault on a remote U.S. outpost in eastern Afghanistan, Staff Sgt. Erich Phillips’ M4 carbine quit firing as militant forces surrounded the base. The machine gun he grabbed after tossing the rifle aside didn't work either.

           When the battle in the small village of Wanat ended, nine U.S. soldiers lay dead and 27 more were wounded. A detailed study of the attack by a military historian found that weapons failed repeatedly at a “critical moment” during the firefight on July 13, 2008, putting the outnumbered American troops at risk of being overrun by nearly 200 insurgents."

I am not trying to start a pissing contest.  Just keep in mind you wont always be shooting from controlled conditions at a gun range.  You have to think of when the SHTF/WROL scenario manifests itself... I am assuming that is why you are all purchasing weapons...

Whatever your choice, best of luck during the coming transition period...

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[Simply dropping your weapon[M16, M4, AR] or hitting the ground hard and getting any debris in your chamber can cause jams...]---Sedaeng

Reliability is a serious consideration in a SHTF scenario. Thanks Sedaeng for adding your post.

All good posts above regarding ARs.

Consider. Which weapon "won the west?" Winchester lever? Colt Peacemaker? Gatling? Answer: The shotgun won the west.

The wild west was a lawless, dangerous, unpredictable era. Fraught with criminals, Native Americans on the defensive, banditos, speculators, and desperate travelers. Sounds a bit SHTFy to me.

The simple shotgun put food on the table and defended the homestead. Today's selection of actions, chokes, drop-in barrels, and numerous shot shell loads puts the shotgun in a category of its own.

I'm curious. How does body armor hold up to 1oz 12ga slugs?  Anyone?


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+10 for the clarification sir

Yes the American military issued M16, M4s & even the 249s as stated in the link to the article in my previous post.

I personally have the Sparta II carry system, with soft armor and plates it is rated at LVL IV protection.

All plates tested at the below link, rated LVL III, were capable of stopping a shotgun slug.  Other rounds were tested as well and listed.

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Agreed.  Lead-spitters are for armies- the fanciers will tell you how accurate they are, and they can be, but they are really designed to wound as many a possible as quickly as possible, under the theory that if you wound one guy, you effectively remove two from the battlefield when his buddy carries him to safety.

Myself, I've got the 870 and a really nice Marlin 30-30 lever gun.  30-30 was always a good coach gun, and has about 2x the range of a shotgun when hunting larger game.  Have taken many deer with both shotgun and lever over the years.

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That would cost you 2k a month buddy. How much you donated to ZH lately?

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Well you could but then they would call you a bipolar psychopath... psyops game back on again!!!

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LOL!  Lolololol!!

**I'm literally jiggling**

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"In denying the rumor, the EU Commission issued a statement explaining that 'we didn't not agree on a new Greek aid plan.'" 

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I'm short, I'm long, I'm short, I'm long, I'm fucking confused.  Fuck.

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I think I'm about to be fined by my broker for pattern day trading.

Good lord, will someone please invite the Central Bankers to a special "gathering" in honor of their "civic duty" in a room with a very heavy "door" and a large tempered steel "latch"  ?  Please.

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No kidding, I popped out of a position today, to reverse directions then had to put the original back on... unfortunately my brokers updates were very far behind and my first 3 attempts at orders didn't get filled. Then I just had to reverse right back into the original position. On the bright side though with every lesson costing hundreds of dollars I am remembering everything I learn! lol

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When that happens, can we MOAB 'em?

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Just buy physical PMs and let these fools burn themselves to death.

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Just spank the monkey. It clears any confusion and puts things in perspective. I highly recommend it

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Wait a minute... who the hell junks monkey spanking?!? 

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Good catch.  Go long Kleenex.

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"who the hell junks monkey spanking"

the monkey of course...

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People without a monkey?

Monkey envy.

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Priceless... lol