EUR Top: Goldman Revises EURUSD Target From 1.38 To 1.55

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Goldman's FX team, which is by far the best contrary indicator in FX trends has just issued its revised currency outlook, which now sees the 12 month EURUSD target up from 1.38 to 1.55. Which means the pair is about to plunge. From Stolper: We are revising the majority of our FX forecasts to reflect broad Dollar depreciation. We have been emphasising for some time that structural US imbalances are the main reason for USD weakness and this remains our key theme. In the near term, a number of factors could still provide a boost for the Dollar, but these no longer form the base case for our 3-month forecasts. Instead, we expect the USD TWI to decline gradually from current levels, by about 4.7%, over the next 12 months and to get quite close to historical lows. Importantly, with USD weakness shared globally, the trade-weighted impact for other currencies would likely be relatively muted. Most other countries would experience relatively little appreciation. For example, the EUR TWI would only appreciate by about 3.9% from current levels, although we project EUR/$ at 1.55 in 12 months. Asia will play an important role and we now expect trade-weighted appreciation in key countries, such as China and Korea." The simple take home: buy the dollar.

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No QE2 announcement on November 3rd, Could it be the call for austerity?

Just doing God's (cough Rothschild's) work

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I gotta go with GS on this one.  The Fedster is determined to win the currency debasement race.  Now, if only currency debasement were still punishable by death, then we'd have a chance.

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Damned if they do damned if they don't.  The whole world is front running the Fed on the November 3 meeting...if there is no massive QE2 announcement then we'll have a violent contraction on the USD and finish the game there and then.

QE2 Massive buys about 3-6 months but when futures price become Walmart prices it's a violent game over...this process is already on schedule...


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Where were they recommending buying the dollar last month?

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they said to short the Euro at 119... when we had record shorts... we all know what buy implies... get long the USD!

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Sounds like easy money. Even though money is not what it was worth yesterday.

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Ya, such a horrible call. It was at its lowest point in years with record short interest in EUR, and out comes their report 'we expect 1.15 in 3mo and 1.10 l-t target, due to uncertainty in EU.'

Um...whats so certain about EU now??

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thanks, been waiting for them to do this.  Now I sell EUR.

GFS = worst people on the planet

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Well.......they have to be right one of these times, a broken clock is right twice a day..........

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And if you cross the international date line, maybe more than twice in a day.

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OK, it appears that the junkers have officially crossed over into the twilight zone. So sad really.

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I think Zeno's paradox would imply that the broken clock is never right.

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Goldman's FX team, which is by far the best contrary indicator in FX trends

It really does appear that the life boat masters on the Titanic are exhorting the panicked crowd to first rush to the starboard side boats, then to the port side boats while the upper class are lowering away to safety. 

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Time to sell it ...

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time to sell euro

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'Asia played a role' this yet another Onion story?

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What were they saying at 1.19 EUR/USD...if you look at a long-term chart of the Euro we are putting in another large rounded top (from 2002 to present following a previous rounded top) with a series of lower highs and lower lows.

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Dollar goes down until it makes sense to manufacture our own cell-phones ( BTW - not one cell phone used in the US is made here).

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All chips forward short EUR/USD

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The dollar and euro will continue to teeter-totter as they drive each other down versus precious metals and the yen and franc.

I wouldn't bet heavily either way on the EURUSD, unless you've got a knack for second-guessing the timing and quantity of central bank intervention.

$1.55 is a pretty aggressive prediction, that would be the dollar putting on some serious QE lead shoes and keeping the euro dangling in the air till next year, until there's another, worse sovereign debt crisis to finally bring it back down. But I figure the ECB would somehow loosen up in such a scenario. I'm thinking the euro tops out somewhere between $1.45-$1.50.

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Dollar being the carry trade funding currency, does it mean that stock market is about to plunge and take down with it gold and oil?

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interestingly, its 15% cheaper to fund in JPY right now.

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Ding ding ding! Belrev, the dollar is going to spike as investors panic from all other supposed "risky" currencies during the crash over the next few months. The question is how long can the Fed keep juggling the flaming torches in the market?

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The simple take home: buy the dollar.


Simply dumb. Facing complete implosion and u  r recommending a buy on dollar. I would love to know your background other than literary writing. Have you ever worked on a buy side job? I mean who even while you put that post, EURO blasts the top side of 1.385 and any smart chartist will tell you there is no topping process yet. Infact eur/jpy and eur/gbp are clearly indicating some severe upside for EUR/USD maybe after a weak retracement. GS is not an indicator in any way. 


GS gave a target of 1250 for S&P which was pretty much achieved in 2009. 1225 to be exact. Yes GS got the call on eur/usd wrong but almost everyone except the insiders got it right. And GS is not doing what they put out on dumb blogs where a few thousand retail guys are loading up in their free time. I mean folks who invest 10k or 20k kind of crowd. 

Tyler you need to focus a lot more on getting ur analysis spot on. You have been spectacularly wrong for much of 2009 and 2010 where you been seeing a complete to world trade. Except of course Gold!

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I gather that your recommendation is to go heavy long on EUR, correct?

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eur all the way unless I see a break of 1.358. max upside in eur/jpy and close second to be eur/gbp followed by eur/usd. All these guys should give combined 3000 pips in 3 months time. I am also watching AUD which has pretty much neared its long long long term target of .99/1.0

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GS is a fountain of disinformation

fade every call

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"GS is a fountain of disinformation

fade every call"

Most astute comment of all. Short and sweet...and, true.

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Yes GS got the call on eur/usd wrong but almost everyone except the insiders got it right.

GS constantly puts out wrong calls (look at their sell side equity reports - NOT just for retail).  Also,  the insiders will go AGAINST anything what they put out as their 'advised' plans.

Remind us your position ...middle, or perhaps b/o?

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They had a good run there- 1.19-1.38. Too easy for them. Add a chunk of msm hype, throw out a few qe2 stories and bid up everything related to 'risk'. All assisted by POMO.

Anyone who thinks the fed is backed into a corner needs to reconsider what's at stake here.

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Very interesting how they would make this call as we are sitting at the 61.8 retrace of the 11/09 high.

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How long will it take to get this story off the first ZH page?

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China' got to be the wild card here. They seem to be placing their bets on a weak USD even though it's causing them big losses in their treasury holdings(keeps the yuan low)They are also supporting EUR for obvious reasons.

GS may be right this time. Buy USD at your own peril.

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I was only doing data collection.


Thanks and Bye.

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There is a veruy interesting story on GS and how they manipulated EUR/SEK yesterday if anybody cares to dig. They had the Renault-Volvo transaction

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What could happen to euro/gold pair on No QE2 announcement on November 3rd?

Will the eur/usd plung offset the gold plunge?