EURCHF Plummets On Casey Anthony Verdict

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We kid... We kid... Who the hell know what caused the surge in the Swissy. Maybe the fact that the Titanic just sank by another 5 feet. We'll confer with the violinists and let you know. In the meantime we fully expect the mean reversion algos to take over and reverse the correction overshooting by 2 std devs to the upside next.

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Too fracking funny. What next, a hang nail causes a flash crash?

Wait a minute, I didn't say that.

GoinFawr's picture

Ever have a hangnail that felt like it was going to peel off up to your elbow?

I can see that in the chart above, sure.

Sudden Debt's picture

I still remember that day in 2008, it was oktober the 15, when my dick got stuck in my zipper...

the markets tanked for weeks... months...


that's why I only wear sweatpants anymore...


TheFinancialNinja's picture

Thats why I only go balls out and long...

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With everything thats happening, I bet it would be safe (Portugal just got downgraded) to go without pants and underwear altogether...


NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- The dollar and Treasury prices extended gains on Tuesday after Moody's Investors Service cut its credit rating on Portugal to below investment grade. The dollar index /quotes/zigman/1652083 DXY +0.38% , which measures the performance of the greenback against six currencies, rose 0.5% to 74.668, after being up about 0.2% in earlier trading. The euro /quotes/zigman/4867933/sampled EURUSD -0.89% fell 0.8% to $1.4422 after being down about 0.4% prior to the rating cut. Yields on 10-year notes /quotes/zigman/4868283 10_YEAR -1.73% , which move inversely to prices, fell 7 basis points to 3.13%, from 3.15% earlier.
[link to]

GoinFawr's picture

"With everything thats happening, I bet it would be safe (Portugal just got downgraded) to go without pants and underwear altogether..."

Y' ken yer kilt?

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Bad thing about that, now the zipper has to go back DOWN!  :>(

Popo's picture

Swiss exposure to Portuguese debt?

Orly's picture

It is probably more a factor of "safe-haven" status for the Swissie than their exposure to specific European debt.


trav7777's picture

Not guilty, bitchez

malikai's picture

She's guilty alright. Guilty of giving me a bit of a tingle.

duo's picture

prosecutors have to learn that circumstantial evidence cases can't be won.  Juries are not capable of using logic and reason.  If there wasn't a videotape of it, it didn't happen.

MachoMan's picture

Depends on the burden of proof...  they'll make the leaps on a preponderance standard...  beyond a reasonable doubt is a whole other ballgame.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

If there is a video of a murder and you happen to be a police officer, it also didn't happen -

trav7777's picture

they convicted Scott Peterson on less evidence than this

Michael's picture

One person's human interest story the entire country has been riveted to for the past 6 weeks is of no consequence to anyone, and has no affect on you lives whatsoever. That's the nature of the human interest story distraction the dead stream media presents to sheeple on a regular basis.

Bastiat's picture

I'm pleased to say when somebody mentioned it to me today, I said:  Who's that?

HungrySeagull's picture

Not riveted.

The damn Silver Eagles are just too shiny and have focused my attention all those weeks.

Archimedes's picture

Now that was funny!

She obviously killed that girl but not enough evidence to prove it. Sad though.....

Raynja's picture

America got rid of innocent until proven guilty and replaced it with as guilty as msm says they are.

Wheres charlie sheen or lilo or dsk? Someone distract me from reality

cosmictrainwreck's picture

if somebody could just figure out how to get that self-righteous cunt on CNN (Nancy Drew?) to just STFU and go away....... sadly, that day will never come, either

Ned Zeppelin's picture

Nancy Grace - made a career of sneeringly referring to Casey Anthony, who no doubt is guilty of murdering her child, as "Tot Mom," and who must now be fuming about the lack of a guilty verdict.  They had Casey fitted for the noose weeks ago.

DosZap's picture


What is even more odd, is the forensics team, could NEVER find a cause of death.

In this day and age, I find that incredible.

She's in the trunk,uh..................?

One year for each of 4 lying counts..She walks, as she's been locked up longer.

Wonder how many years the baksters would get PER lie?.

HungrySeagull's picture

You will drop until dead. dead. dead.


The paper money that is.


takinthehighway's picture

"Take away all my silver

 Take away all my gold

 And hand me a stack of paper

 Paper money don't hold"

Pinktip's picture

....and the USD spikes and the Dow drops all at the same time.....

baby_BLYTHE's picture

...and gold continues it's climb to the moon.

monopoly's picture

You know Tyler, in this absurd, broken market that would be as good a reason as any, and probably make more sense than most of the crap MSM puts out.

Anthony verdictl LOLOL

monopoly's picture

We are bleeding a bit here. I am itching to short this market big time but except for short RIMM....again, just being patient, no rush, no rush.

It will all come together, that much I know.

DeadFred's picture

They're going to run this short squeeze past the recent multiyear highs. If the squid smells blood fundamentals are of no consequence. If so it's a loss for esthetics since topping out now would create a head and shoulders pattern that would be a thing of beauty.

mynhair's picture

Gotta pay those InTrade bets gone wrong.

monopoly's picture

Sell my physical gold and silver. THAT, is not going to happen. Luv it.

hambone's picture

Churn and burn on nothing...just pulling in suckers and wringing them out.

Classic Skynet pulling a "crazy ivan" and then returning to original course.

Orly's picture

Must have got a sell signal on the Euro on the Daily. PPT sez, "Buy, buy, buy!"

Par for the course, I'm afraid.  One day, when this market returns to some semblance of normalcy, 4X traders everywhere will have nerves of steel.  We should just consider this emotional training.


Orly's picture

Forgive the reply to myself but it does make one wonder...

Why, alla sudden, are the ratings agencies getting religion and actually doing their job?  My conspiracy-theory senses are tingling...

Any thoughts on the giant picture?

scratch_and_sniff's picture

Its not just the CDS market that had me wondering about Portugal, but the fact that they BROUGHT FOWARD privatisation plans(who does something like that?), which stinks of them having something sensational to hide. Either way, they were going to get it eventually.

Rick64's picture

Privatization, I think you smell the IMF Structural Adjustment Program.

hambone's picture

My head spins w/ all the possibilities...nifty way to keep T market from blowing up as constant PIIGS  roast keeps a bid for "safety" of T's in lieu of Fed?

PM's / Oil were on the cusp of breaking up through significant technical levels...what better way to slow this down than a little "dollar strengthener" news in a can (non-news).


Realization that Lululemon was on the verge of becoming the most valuable company in the universe as it crossed $120...organized Lulu takedown; must keep the ponzi believable.

SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

My theory is this;  The Rating Agencies know the cliff is coming up fast.  When we roll over it and they are still saying "Sunny skies ahead", they know they will, this time, run out of business completely.


gorillaonyourback's picture

maybe further deflate the assets of the countries involved so the rich(IMF,WB, etc..) can go buy shit up even cheaper.  A way to start a fire sale.  just look in england where greece was trying to self off it national assets..... NO BUYERS.  get the price down lower


Rick64's picture

 Election year coming up. Its part of the clamping down on Wallstreet theme/farce.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

Anthony innocent, Anthony innocent,


carbonmutant's picture

I wonder what Financial Fantasy the French will conjure up for Portugal's second round?

Ghordius's picture

Serious question: I thought this is the correction from the "let's look better before quarter close" trading pattern on June 30th? Or am I the only one seeing this kind of patterns?

oldmanagain's picture

Right on.  Always present,  just gets very visible with current low volume and excess spec trading.