EURJPY Liquidations Take Pair Below 110, 100 pip Move In Seconds; BOJ Expected To Intervene Imminently

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Nobody cares about the euro any longer, but the following chart shows why EUR traders just ran out of money to even prepay their bodybags. The EURJPY just plunged 100 pips in one block!!! This is complete capitulation and the BOJ has no choice but to intervene. Too bad about that GDP miss and record low deflator announced yeterday.


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Sorry to hi-jack the comment thread for this, but Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) has had his passport revoked in Australia:


I am Chumbawamba.

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22 karat mole: priceless.


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The way I heard it, he got it back 20 minutes later.

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So much for the barbarous relic. Isn't it funny how we humans return to our roots when the wizards' smoke and mirrors don't enthrall anymore.

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The Chinese have seen this movie already. Thus the sense of urgency..

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Agreed. The Chinese are relatively new converts to the "consumer culture" and thus haven't been completely brainwashed into thinking that the masters of the universe are all powerful and that anything older than 50 years is useless.

The oldest culture on earth has something the rest of the world might benefit from learning.

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i, for one, hope the world proceeds to learn hanging corrupt officials and bankers.

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Why hang them. What they really need is to be told over and over to sit down and shut the hell up.

Irrelevancy BITCHES!!

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Yeah, hate to think we'd have markets without intervention.

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Looks like someone tripped over the trap door release mechanism and the entire stinking lot of them fell through. Oh well, there's a reserve crew in the next room. Send in the clowns.

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Ya and gold is on a freaking rollercoaster.

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Should I start popping the popcorn now and call in sick to work, or wait until the evening news?

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The game of musical chairs has begun. Smiles are soon to be off the faces of the international brotherhood of central bankers. 

Market turmoil just gives Germans more fodder to start regulating hedge funds, imposing bank and trading taxes and restricting certain derivatives on German assets. F_you, Anglosphere casino capitalism.

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fat middle finger?

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Get your 0.01 cent bids in now !

Harry ? Anyone seen Harry ?

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It's whipsaw Thursday.  Again.

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Guys! I know, it was a fat finger!

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June S&P

Resistence 1086

Support 1066

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sorry pal, your stoploss just slipped 98 pips.

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The Chinese have learned from Martin Armstorng how things will play out.  They are going to sit back and let us eat each other.....

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It's unfortunate that the young Chinese communists are so intent in maginalizing their own roots in order to prove they can out consume the West.

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For several days I have been warning of EURUSD buying support as detected by my indicators, and this has been confirmed by the recent break out.

The proprietary indicators I use can identify trend changes before they occur.