The Euro Has Become Schrodinger's Money: Goldman Sees European Currency As Both Alive And Dead

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So it kind of makes sence silver will drop 5% near term right?

Just asking because I'm planning to buy some more.

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Yeah, it will drop 5% but in USD currency. In € it will not drop signifianctly in the near term. Thats my guess

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At the peak in the late '70s the US had almost 20 million manufacturing jobs with a population of a little over 220 million. In June of 1998 the US still had 17.7 million manufacturing jobs. But by October, 2010 the US was down to 11.6 million manufacturing jobs in a country of 320 million people.

Six million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the last 12 years, and 2 million in the last two years alone. The US now have fewer manufacturing jobs than it had in 1941.


The news goes bad in turns for the US and the EU. Now the EU gets hit, it only means the US will get a beating in 2 weeks. It's like it's a constant these last few years.

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Sometimes I joke with my friends. "Production has been solved". "It is consumption that is the problem, i.e. how do you extend the proceeds of the solved production dilemma to the population".

Manufacturing of the 40's, 70's, 90's etc. can no longer be measured in manpower inputs, when robotics and methodologies have caused the lathe operator turning the dial obsolete. The 'problem' is consuming this largesse that a lathe loaded by a couple of industrial robots produces. We really can be way too productive for the sake of our landfills.

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Sudden Debt,


While we hace clearly lost many manufacturing jobs since the 70s, the us maufactures nore goods now than in the 70s. Productivity gains have allowed many US producers to wrow output while shedding emplyoees.......

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You can't eat Silver...


Oh wait, it's Gold that you can't eat!


Might as well munch on some Euro's and watch some telly.


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I prefer to eat on paper and plastic plates and keep my PMs as bullions. This way I dont need to care to wash dishes ;- )

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I love me some colloidal silver.

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When the bank runs begin, It's GAME OVER! Coming soon to a theater near you!

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You're too generous... It's currently trying to hang on to 24 pips...

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Fiscal independence with monetary dependence does not make for a very good long-term outcome.

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As an engineer and physicist this is the type of comment that makes me an avid Zero Hedge reader.  How many financial types even know about Erwin Schr?dinger's thoeries?  Go ZH!!!!

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I think Goldman may be practicing a little "political" quantum physics here...trying to have it both ways, and obviously subscribing the the "many worlds version," not the Copenhangen interpretation.

Aristarchan's picture

I think Goldman may be practicing a little "political" quantum physics here...trying to have it both ways, and obviously subscribing the the "many worlds version," not the Copenhangen interpretation.

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Where is the capital / money going ... seriously?

Cash out of ... " €  $ ¥ £ " ... buy PM's.

~ ~ ~

Redicecreations - red ice radio ...

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C'mon - don't hyperling that much text dude.  It makes us want to ignore you.

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Very muted reaction to the Ireland bailout.

Stock futures up, gold down.

Not exactly what the "Gold Bitchez" had in mind....

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Silver follows the drop in Euro at a 50% rate.

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I would not be so brave to call gold until comex closes tomorrow :-).

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Oil at 84. Robotranny rides the city bus.

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Out comes the 5 minute charts !

haha, what a joke you are Robo. We know there will be seasonal weakness in gold from now till December 6th.

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I believe this is more along the lines of what the "gold bitchez" crowd had in mind.


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don't accidently kill the enemy, get the skill, to recusitate over and over, until there is no useful information, promise to release them if names/crimes/places are revealed...15,000 ft ocean depths....

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The bond traders may be moving on to the Iberian peninsula, but the Irish citizens are not quite signed on to their ECB "gift".  Maybe this blows-over in a few days and they resign themselves to 10 years servitude to "senior bond-holders".  Maybe not.  It's not clear that an Irish default has been avoided.

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Well then, let's just split the baby: they accept it and Ireland defaults.


Remember, there are still too many of the Irish bourgeoisie working.  That trash has to lose EVERYTHING before there's a shining path to revolution.

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So now the Euro will rally because goldman is always wrong/raping clients?

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The euro will both rally and plunge at the same time for the reason you highlighted.

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That's not very illuminating.  It is now happening with every currency.  It's called divide and conquer.  Only the oligarchy wins.  Do you really think they think in terms of "currencies?"  How quaint.

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Actually the reference was to the above article. In case you missed it, Goldman Sachs sees the EURUSD fairly priced at 1.55 and rich at anything over 1.20

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Well then.  No need to hedge.  LOL

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suks the euro or dollar fiat crap paper is forced on the population.

The minions are too fat and stupid to do anything about it unfortunately.


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You're telling me Mellonesque liquidation is irrational.  Who knew?

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The Euro is dead.

You can take it from Wellington.

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The US is closing down dozens of sites that sell chinese replica stuff. Stage 312 in the US protectionisme game. If they would start closing down all the sites that inflict against US patents, this could become hughe!


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They aren't taking over sites, just redirecting domain pointers. No biggie, the sites will register new domains.

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"Schrodinger Money", I like that one, wish I'd thought of it.

Might pull out Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy, it's been a while since I read it.

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Headlines like this... one of the things that make this site so great.

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Buy PMs By PM's...Geeesh I here this a lot on here.

When the shelves are empty of food, and you are trying to buy some with metal good luck. I wont be parting with any of mine for anything I cant eat, drink, plant or trade.

You guys are smart but you have to start thinking outside the box, about living without money.

Diversify.. The smartest people on earth are..

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Ok, understand there are several possible scenarios. I will not pretend to speak for other ZHers but in my case:

1.I have a year worth of staples in both long term basic form (5 gallon buckets, mylar lined, oxygen free environment) and mid term storage (cans with 18-24 month shelf life). Water filtration and a 5k gallon pond.

2. Hand/long guns for every member of my household, 1k rounds of ammo per gun and Class III vests.

3. 60% silver, 20% gold and 20% cash.


If we see a stagflation similar to Argentina you will see rioting and closed stores for a few weeks followed by high food prices and poor availability of food and basic needs. In this scenario stored staples and guns will be necessary for a short period of time. The high food and energy prices will require supplementation of purchased staples with stored staples in order to be able to afford to eat.

If we see hyperinflation you will see a complete collapse of the currency. Similar of the above scenario but followed by a new fiat been issued and destruction of fiat savings and paper instruments. In this scenario all of the above applies but PMs will provide a bridge for the new normal once the new currency is issued. You will see people desperately selling assets (art, real estate, furniture) at pennies on the dollar in order to survive. This would be a good time to pick up bargains and build up future wealth. PMs will help here also.

I also have a couple of acres, goats, rabbits, sheep and a half acre garden. Canned goods wont last forever and fresh veggies are just awesome.

Notice I did not mention Zombie Biker Gangs or Mad Max. Just a replay of every empire collapse in history.

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Prediction is very difficult, especially in regard to the future.

                                                       Mark Twain

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Turning blue is no fun.

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I don't know...ever heard of Smurf sex?

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Goldman knows that analysis can be used in many ways to talk their own book. When things as complex, unpredictable and well...Schrodinger Verschrankung such as the Eurozone situation need massaging for popular consumption...then they know they can talk it up and down simultaneously, since many people will take their analysis and fit it almost perfectly to their own preconceived notions. That exemplifies how the Schrodinger's Cat situation that Durden mentioned is so very perfect for the Goldman model of leading the sheeples by their nose rings. They are hedged on this deal to the they can feed their subliminal bullshit to "investors," and make money either way.