European Airspace Closure Situation Getting Critical As Over 75% Of Flights Cancelled Saturday

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The latest update from EuroControl confirms that ongoing European air travel closures will likely have dramatic economic consequences. According to today's update from the flight control agency expects approximately 5,000 flights to take place today in European airspace. Normally, 22,000 are expected. (17k cancelled). Airspace restrictions have impacted most Northern and Central europe, including: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, most of France, most of Germany, Hungary, Ireland, northern Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the UK. EuroControl also notes that approximately 600 trans-Atlantic flights still take place each day, 300 in each direction. 73 flights arrived in Europe this morning. We are confident economists around the world are working furiously to estimate the GDP impact on the Eurozone as a result of this material outlier. First Easter, next Cesar Chavez day, now it is only logical that natural earth processes will be used to blame for the failings of Keynesianism.

Below is a map of the time shift of the volcanic cloud:

And here are the specific closed down airspaces:

EB Belgium 17-1800 UTC
EDGG Langen 18-0600 UTC
EDWW Bremen 18-0000 UTC
EDMM Munich 18-0000 UTC
EE Estonia 18-0000 UTC
EF Finland 18-0000 UTC
EG UK 18-0000 UTC
EH Netherlands 17-1800 UTC
EI Ireland 18-1200 UTC
EK Danmark 18-0000 UTC
EN BODO South 18-0000 UTC
EN OS 17-2200 UTC
EN SV 17-2200 UTC
EP Poland 17-1800 UTC
ES Sweden 18-0000 UTC
LD Croatia 18-0000 UTC
LE Pamplona 18-0000 UTC
LFBB France 17-2359 UTC
LFEE France 17-1800 UTC
LFFF France 17-1800 UTC
LFMM France 17-1800 UTC
LFRR France 17-1800 UTC
LH Hungary 17-1800 UTC
LIMM Milan 17-1800 UTC
LIPP Padova + LIRQ 17-1800 UTC
LJ Slovenia 18-0000 UTC
LK Chech Republic 18-0000 UTC
LO Austria 17-1800 UTC
LR Romania 17-2100 UTC
LS Swiss 17-1800 UTC
LYBA Serbia 18-0000 UTC
LZ Bratislava 18-0000 UTC
UK Ukraine 17-1500 UTC
UKVB 17-1800 UTC
UKDV ACC 17-1800 UTC
UKLV ACC 17-1800 UTC

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Seer's picture

Why does this economic theory bashing ("now it is only logical that natural earth processes will be used to blame for the failings of Keynesianism") remind me of political party crap?

Give it a break already!

ALL modern human economic systems are heading into the toilet.  Doesn't matter what system is in place, growth WILL eventually kill it off.

But... I do find it a bid humorous that Iceland appears to be having the last laugh on Europe (well, mostly Britain).

Spitzer's picture

Bull fucking shit, Ausrian economics is not going down the drain

MsCreant's picture

@ Seer,

Keynesianism advocates more debt to get out of debt. I'm willing to give it to them that this is a particularly harmful model that will accelerate the collapse process by feeding the fire of the exponential multiplier and its impacts. Cancerous growth that goes no where evolutionarily which leads to die off.

No friend, it does not have to be this bad, this mindless. 

arnoldsimage's picture

but...but... the dow is up huge. it must be working.

AnAnonymous's picture

I cant tell about getting more debt to get out of debt. Never been the goal in my opinion. Yet I'll vouch for debt anytime when it comes to win a consumption race.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

Keynesianism advocates that governments save in the good times to fund stimulus efforts in bad times.  Of course, very few governments are disciplined enough to actually do that.  Instead, they just borrow and spend for political reasons.

Hulk's picture

I was just going to write that again.

What we are doing is not Keynesian, by any stretch of the imagination. What we are doing is suicide by debt....

pan-the-ist's picture

Since we're here, how many goverments faithfully follow Austrian?

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Doesn't the U.S.A. currently follow Madoffianism, so named after the esteemed NASDAQ Chairman?

JJP's picture

It’s a good job our economy is now built on the financial service sector or we’d be stuffed! Buy,buy,buy

edit: Anyone else see the slowly forming shape of a Vampire Squid in the time shift pictures

Mongo's picture

The situation on Iceland isn't that pleasant with ash and stuff flying around but nevertheless I am enjoying that Iceland actually kicks europes ass right now with some ash.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Those Norse Gods are getting seriously pissed off.

We need to sacrifice some middle aged bankers.

And if throwing these servants of mammon into a fiery pit does not appease the Gods at least the world will be a safer place now that most of the our risk their return analyzers are no more.

Cheeky Bastard's picture

this is an actual photo of the volcano that erupted and the two neighboring volcanos.

It looks like a Nordic god Loki, a known prankster.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Thank you ZerOhead. Let me help you with a posting of your link.

ZerOhead's picture

Thanks CD... now if you could just kindly steer me to someone who can locate me some cheap Magmatic Eruption Disaster Swaps (MEDS)...

tip e. canoe's picture

nice one CB, you just opened a can of 'woo-woo' worms.  those volcanoes are a little SW of the actual volcano named Loki on the Vatnajokull glacier.

this is what Loki did in 96:

1996        Oct 1, The Loki volcano in the center of the Vatnajokull glacier in southeast Iceland erupted.
1996        Oct 12, The eruptions ceased in the Loki volcano but a large amount of water was melted from the glacier.
1996        Nov 5, The glacier’s ice cap cracked and unleashed millions of gallons and 2 bridges were swept away.

there's also another volcano named Loki on Io, Jupiter's moon.  it's the largest volcano in the solar system:

now, remember where Dave & HAL went in 2001 & met the monolith (followed by the awful but strangely prescient sequel 2010)?  (interesting to note as well that while in the book, it was Saturn, not Jupiter and Kubrick changed it because they supposedly couldn't get Saturn's rings to look real enough.)

jomama's picture

strange, i saw that photo as well and immediately thought the same thing

anynonmous's picture

This is a good link for on going live coverage of the impact of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull Volcano.  And is it just me or is there some sort of ___ irony that tiny Iceland that was an early "victim" of the economic crisis is relativley unscathed and instead the UK is ground zero of all of this disruption.

tmosley's picture

Not just that, but all of the PIIGS were left alone, with the exception of Ireland, which is partly affected (but then, it's partly British too!).

Spitzer's picture

What is wrong with bashing an economic theory that makes no sense and has a horrible record of not working ?

yabs's picture

Keynes will never take enough bashing as far as I am concerned. He has ruined the entire world
I blame overpopulation and environmental ruin mostly with his models as well. growth for growths sake is a cancer.
Keynes was an idiot and so is anyone who follows him

AnAnonymous's picture

You have a strange vision of a ruined world...

tmosley's picture


Western civilization is collapsing, you dingus.  A thousand years from now they'll be diging up our cities and wondering why they were simply abandoned.

Well, it's the same reason all other cities are abandoned, socialist governments negate the factors that lead to people coming together to found cities.  Negate property rights and contract law, and people will inevitably return to tribalism.

AnAnonymous's picture

Dont tell me, I think I know the lines... And the US was founded on the respect of property rights during the nineteenth. I got this right? And Indians were not human beings, that is why only socialist, communist see theft in the land transfer that funded the US growth during the nineteenth etc... I know the drill.

Always made me laugh to read this kind of big delusion. This is the Internet.Feel free to speak your mind and use that freedom to speak facts.

Farming the poor, extorting the weak works. Probably the way to get rich. And those are not the respect of property rights and contract law.

tmosley's picture

The Indians, by and large, were a bunch of socialists who didn't believe in private property nor did they recognize the property of others. Failure to recognize such is and always was a violation of natural law, which lead to their further downfall.

There was a time when property rights were recognized in North America prior to the coming of the white man, and as a result they were able to develop a flourishing culture, one that produced the largest city on earth ( Something happened, and they devolved back into tribalism within a couple of hundred years.

Also, farming the poor, and extorting the weak is actually the best way to start your very own new Indian tribe. Or as they are called today, cults.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"The Indians, by and large, were a bunch of socialists who didn't believe in private property nor did they recognize the property of others. Failure to recognize such is and always was a violation of natural law, which lead to their further downfall."

Property rights is natural law? I'm speechless. The self serving nature of that statement is the ultimate of arrogant self centered naval gazing behaviour. Manifest destiny is another natural law I presume?

tmosley's picture

So YOU wouldn't kill someone to prevent them from taking everything from you?  That's what natural law is, a set of behaviors that are likely to bring about violent retribution.  Property rights have always been widely accepted as a facet of natural law.  I'm not sure where the outrage is coming from here--if you don't know that then you are so ill-educated in natural law that you shouldn't really even know the term.

The Indian peoples by and large practiced barbarism, meaning they took what they wanted, often violently, which lead to the Whites hatred of them, and to their eventual demise at the hands of the economically and technologically superior Whites.  I'm not saying that the Whites were right.  I'm saying that the Indians killed themselves in the same way we are killing oursielves now. 

If history repeats itself, expect your great granschildren to be living in an American Reservation inside of a greater Martian or Chinese state.  If they allow our socialist policies to continue, we will have 50+% unemployment and 90% alcoholism rates.  Maybe a few hundred years later we'll get casinos, but will remain poor because we still don't understand that socialism DOESN'T WORK. 

Having been among indians for a large part of my life, I can tell you that their governmental structure is socialist in nature, with tribal councils deciding on distribution of income, and that is exactly what has kept them from rising economically.Honestly, CD, I expected better of you.  Your failure to recognize property rights is going to get you killed one day.

pan-the-ist's picture

I won't address natural law.

You seem high on evolved societies.  Why does an evolved society need 95 percent of its workers working 8 hours a day?  Is there something magical about an 8 hour workday and 95 percent employment?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Duplicate post. But I'm still speechless.

UGrev's picture

They're already having archeological digs in Chicgao. :)

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"First Easter, next Cesar Chavez day, now it is only logical that natural earth processes will be used to blame for the failings of Keynesianism."

And here I thought the Ponzi would manufacture an "event" like a false flag shooting war to explain away the failing economic system. And at the last minute, mother nature steps in and does the job for them. Unless..............................

Now is the time to expand your mind, to look beyond "known" facts and your understanding of what man can and cannot do. You're at a fork in the road and you still have a few choices. You can accept the reality as presented, which fits your preconceived notions and belief systems, or you can look beyond and purposely cause your own cognitive dissonance. You are about to enter the twilight zone.

Before you shout me down, consider all that has transpired over the past decade, whether it be economic, social or governmental. Consider that five or ten years ago, if someone had told you what was about to happen, how many of you would have even stopped to consider the possibility before you laughed in his face or called for the mental health professionals. And yet is has happened, with belief system altering disclosures coming first monthly, then weekly, then daily, until you were numb and dazed and cried out "No more".

When systems of any type are radically changing, it is only those who employ a flexible mind set and an open belief system who not only survive but eventually flourish. Those who cling to the old ways and beliefs are the ones who remain trapped in the burning plane or the raging storm. Go ahead, give it a try, expand your mind and your universe. What have you left to lose?

The tide is turning and the world is changing. There will be less of us left, both physically and mentally, when the change is done and the wheel has turned. Do you wish to be in the pile that is being burned or one of those doing the burning? It's your choice. Which path will you follow now that the fork is dead ahead? How desperate will you become before you recognize that the answer is simple? While all around you scream "No more", the answer is for you to cry "Yes, give me more".

This is not religion but rather the exact opposite, the personal empowerment that comes from self actualization and a deepening awareness, as opposed to blind obedience as you wait for the savior. Save yourself by changing everything. The first step is understanding the power you already possess while simultaneously ignoring those influences who claim you are powerless. After all, what have you left to lose? You can remain in the illusion while being comforted by the herd or you can move away from the hive mentality and expereince true freedom.

arnoldsimage's picture

the false flag event will be manufactured... on april 19th with the armed march. the illuminati love that april 19th date.

Real Wealth's picture

by Cognitive Dissonance

Before you shout me down, consider all that has transpired over the past decade, whether it be economic, social or governmental. Consider that five or ten years ago, if someone had told you what was about to happen, how many of you would have even stopped to consider the possibility before you laughed in his face or called for the mental health professionals.

I wouldn't have laughed because things are proceeding along nicely with Christian End Times:

    I don't buy into a mere conspiracy of Israel/Jews, Masons, CIA, whoever.  There seems to be a preternatural intelligence guiding Satanists who pose as members of all religions and groups.

 Sirach 27:1-2:

For the sake of profit many sin, and the struggle for wealth blinds the eyes.
Like a peg driven between fitted stones, between buying and selling sin is wedged in.


nonclaim's picture

There's quite a book about the future of the USA written in the '70s by one David Wilkerson, named The Vision. It was, according to him, a vision and it seems that that future is happening now.

There are copies around the net and it can be a quick afternoon reading...

nonclaim's picture

This is not religion but rather the exact opposite

Wait, what religion? There many out there with opposing views and can't match what you mean by exact opposite of that...

Save yourself by changing everything.

In Greek mythology, for example, you'd have no chance if a god had said otherwise.

Define "true freedom" in the context of "systems of any type are radically changing" and "The tide is turning and the world is changing". :)

trav7777's picture

Let's see...I discovered Peak Oil around that time and started buying gold at $285 for a Maple.

I said that all the car mfrs would be BK, and my Pittsburgh coworker laughed at me.  At a college reunion in 1998, I said to a friend that the only way out was printing money to our debts and he said that his sister, who was in finance had said the same thing.

Yeah, I been on top of this.  I can show you my forecasts from at least 6 or 7 years ago expecting rogue wave financial events, and a Fed loss of control of the POG.  I also expect Japanese sovereign default.  This was just from stepping back and taking a look at the numbers.

What the future is should appear obvious, but there are many twists and turns along the way.

But it's going to take more in terms of specifics to execute a plan.  Being self-actualized is great until you are in the way of the Wermacht.  The worst part is that if we go apocalypse, blind luck will be as valuable as preparation.  That is the most worrisome element, that the situation is outside of one's immediate control.

pan-the-ist's picture

Responsibility sucks, most people can't handle it, my vote is for the return of the Visigoths.  In that case the intellectuals will be worm food.

tip e. canoe's picture

"Unless.............................."  dude, you read my mind. 

WHAT IF many years ago certain scientific studies were funded within so-called 'black budgets' that concluded that there were positive historical correlations between so-called "climate change" and solar activity, etc., and these studies just so happened to positively corrolate with certain so-called "knowledge" passed down within so-called 'secret societies' who derived them from so-called 'ancient civilizations'?

now imagine if that WHAT IF were true and now play back the major memes that have dominated global attention over the last say 10 years with the mind of a so-called 'person of power' who has access to said information?

of course, your response to that information will be intensely colored by your understanding (or your 'belief') of what man can and cannot do and the effects that you and the people you control have upon mother earth, in comparison with the effects that father sun has and the effects that both of them have upon you and the other lifeforms here.

this may very well turn out to be the central question of our age with the answer being radically different depending on the particular individual or group of individuals. but the importance may not be the answer itself (for each one is different), but rather the willingness & ability to question the assumptions that each one of us makes to establish the answer.

brilliant post mate.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"this may very well turn out to be the central question of our age with the answer being radically different depending on the particular individual or group of individuals. but the importance may not be the answer itself (for each one is different), but rather the willingness & ability to question the assumptions that each one of us makes to establish the answer."

A tip of my hat to tip e. canoe.

I couldn't have said it better myself. We have been indoctrinated and conditioned to believe that the world is only, can only be, as described by "science" or "math", that if it can't be measured, counted or weighted by science or mathematics, it doesn't exist. We have been looking at the finger pointing at the moon and thinking it ("it" being the pointing finger aka the scientific description of the moon) is the moon when we should actually be looking at the moon without prejudice or preconceived notion. To use science or math exclusively to examine our world is the ultimate bias and causes severe emotional, psychological and spiritual blindness.

It is the questions that are not asked, mostly because science tells us they are nonsense or immaterial, that are the most important questions we should be asking. Not for the answers they might or might not provide but for the additional questions they force us to ask. The answers are always found within, but the magicians have taught us to ignore what's going on behind the curtain and only pay attention to the flashing lights and waving hands.

We have surrendered to the illusion and thus we wallow in the self deception of our own certainty. The ultimate ego trip is the one we indulge in when we allow ourselves to think that knowledge and wisdom is linear and cumulative and that we are presently at the height of ascension. We, our collective ego, cannot bear to believe that we might have actually been moving backwards over the past 1000's of years.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.- Albert Einstein

RecoveringDebtJunkie's picture

If you have not looked into Nassim Haramein's Grand Unified Theory you should, because his work goes along with this line of thinking and it makes a lot of sense.

Also, the idea that we are experiencing a time of rapid change that has been thousands of years in the making fits in well with this recent report on systems (chaos) theory and the Peak Oil tipping point:

This volcanic eruption, although probably not significant enough, is exactly the type of "left field" event that will lead to a systemic collapse (butterfly effect).

pan-the-ist's picture

It's quite a bit to absorb, but Nietzsche said it well (just as well as Buddha, in my opinion.)


"It will be appreciated if I condense so essential and so new an insight into four theses. In that way I facilitate comprehension; in that way I provoke contradiction.


First proposition. The reasons for which "this" world has been characterized as "apparent" are the very reasons which indicate its reality; any other kind of reality is absolutely indemonstrable.


Second proposition. The criteria which have been bestowed on the "true being" of things are the criteria of not-being, of naught, the "true world" has been constructed out of contradiction to the actual world: indeed an apparent world, insofar as it is merely a moral-optical illusion.


Third proposition. To invent fables about a world "other" than this one has no meaning at all, unless an instinct of slander, detraction, and suspicion against life has gained the upper hand in us: in that case, we avenge ourselves against life with a phantasmagoria of "another," a "better" life.


Fourth proposition. Any distinction between a "true" and an "apparent" world — whether in the Christian manner or in the manner of Kant (in the end, an underhanded Christian) — is only a suggestion of decadence, a symptom of the decline of life. That the artist esteems appearance higher than reality is no objection to this proposition. For "appearance" in this case means reality once more, only by way of selection, reinforcement, and correction. The tragic artist is no pessimist: he is precisely the one who says Yes to everything questionable, even to the terrible — he is Dionysian."

zice's picture

I think I will shout you down...

Theres no need to radically alter your perception. Or as you say to expand your mind. The old ways aren't dead , just forgotten.

Because the "mob" screams 1+1=3, doesnt mean you need to change. Same as it ever was, truths are universal.

Or you can run around and try to invent new Gods or call yourself God, and believe because its new that the mob will respect you. This illusion isnt anything new just, more sides, new names for old Idols. These are weak men that don't control the spirit but seek dominion over the flesh.