European Bank Stess Test Joke: This Insolvent Euro-Bank and Group of Central Bankers Met at a Bar and…

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This post will outline the second bank stress test joke of the day with the first one detailed in ““.
According to the MSM news outlets, Germany’s PostBank, along with
practically every other German bank except clearly insolvent and near
defunct HyPo have passed the stress tests. So have French top banks,
Portuguese, Italian, Finnish and Swedish banks. What? You’re not
laughing yet? You  know how we feel about the Spanish banks, so I will
not go there right now (but will leave a trail of links at the bottom of
this post for the uninitiated). What we are going to do now is focus on
the farce that is passing Germany’s Post Bank, a clearly insolvent
(1.4x over insolvent) institution whose only potential (and that’s just a
potential) saving grace is the possibility of a forced takeover by a
larger bank.

Let’s revisit a few pages from the professional subscriber document, file icon Deutsche Bank vs Postbank Review & Summary Analysis – Pro & Institutional (subscribers can follow along on pages 3, 4, and 5):

Now, I know this Texas stuff is for Yankees, but there is some
credibility to it. If one were to strip out the intangibles of PostBank
an compare it to practically any measure that has to due with collateral
value (most assuredly padded), impaired assets, or loss allowances,
this banks is INSOLVENT! No, I didn’t say in need of a nominal amount of
capital, I said I-N-S-O-L-V-E-N-T!!! Get the point yet? But it can pass
a European stress test though! It gets worse. Using the Eyles
test shows that its shortfall as a % of tangible equity is 175%!
Whaaaatttt???!!!! The banks is insolvent, nearly twice! I can go on, but
if you haven’t got the picture yet, you are either a European bank
regulator or you will never get the point. For those that are curious
re: the other metrics, read on… Over half of their holdings are junk!

Not only did the European tests not find Post Bank insolvent, they
declared it didn’t even need any capital. Why the European markets don’t
tank due to this f@#$%ing farce is beyond me. Below you can find
related European banking research.

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