European Gasoline Hits All Time Record Of $8.632 Per Gallon

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And Americans are complaining at an average gas price in the mid $3 range. In Europe, gasoline has just hit an all time record of $8.632 per gallon! As reports: "tomorrow the price of gas will reach an absolute record. Petrol 95 can hit €1.624 per litre. This breaks the 2008 record of €1.61 per liter." Translated into American this means that a gallon of gas in Europe is now an unprecedented $8.632 per gallon, which will certainly result in Europe literally and metaphorically grinding to a halt.

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The newest price increase, with 3.3 eurocent by litre, is the consequence of the increase of the quotations of the oil products on the international markets.

The maximum price of petrol 98 will also increase tomorrow, up to 1.637 euro by litre (+2,2 eurocent by litre).

Also fuel becomes more expensive. For orders of more than 2,000 litres the consumer pays up to 0.833 euro by litre as from morning (+2,5 eurocent by litre). That is record still no: in July 2008 mazout up to 0.954 euro by litre cost at orders of at least 2,000 litres.

The maximum price of diesel today already rose to 1.443 euro by litre. The price of diesel is now near the record of 1.469 euro by litre from May 2008.

Worried about the impact of oil price on the US? Be far more worried with what happens to Europe as the continent grinds to a halt.

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The current discussion about fears of inflation are largely overstated.

- Ben Benocide Bernanke


Since Ben feels that the rapid increase in the price of food staples is due to "more sophisticated diets", one can only conclude that Europe is experiencing "more sophisticated driving habits".



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Bernank is such a fucking dork.

FWIW, I saw 1.31 € today for a liter of diesel in Belgium...was in the 1.20's last week.

Cojones's picture

litre regular €1,7050  in The Netherlands  . Stop whining Belgium. 

Motorhead's picture

Who's whining?  Or, are you just jealous that Belgium hasn't had a government in a coon's age?

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Worried about the impact of oil price on the US? Be far more worried with what happens to Europe as the continent grinds to a halt.


The Europeans have always paid 3 times what the US pays. They haven't ground to a halt yet. Is the US grinding to a halt? Of course not. Every one just bitches and moans, then sucks it up and continues on pretty much as usual.


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We don't really care what they say...




ps: Veel plezier met de Karnaval he!!


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Cojones and Motorhead

i'd try to trump you both with the fuel price in Spain but i pop across to duty-free Gibralter every 10 days to top up the tank so i've no idea the price! But if it helps 200 cigarettes are about £40/€45 in Spain and £17.99/€22 in Gibralter ;))

No news of a fuel shortage here yet but the safety fascists have just lowered the motorway speed limit to 65mph to "save energy" for the nation. Yet another steaming pile of BS along with the smoking ban introduced here in January by the health fascists.

The Spanish Govt is rampant with every extremist finger-waving parasite virus infecting all Govts around the globe. This dysfunctional and abusive totalitarian behaviour should be heating Spain up to a nice revolutionary boiling point sometime 2012-14  

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Are we neighbours? San Pedro here ....

mr_T's picture

I am going to have to suck it up, when I move from LA to Madrid this month. At least the public transport is good over there.. .Here one car, one person... feels like the tides are pulling back before the big wave hits.... 

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They'll just measure it in Fl.oz. Then we have deflation, yikes!!

Then they'll have to print more money...

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so all these riots are for more shopping at Whole Foods??

goldfish1's picture

McDonald's is a more sophisticated diet? Who knew.

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

In your face Belgium!

Michael's picture

People in Amsterdam don't care. It's the happiest place in the world.

I tell you what Federal Reserve. You let me grow pot in my back yard and I won't be so mad at your criminal activity. Deal?

Greater Fool's picture

I promise you the Fed does not give a shit what you grow in your back yard. On the other hand, if you could produce in bulk and find a way to get it consumed widely throughout finance, you'd see market volatility go WAY down, which they would probably like. You might also see the introduction of Twinkie futures on the CME.

Michael's picture

What I mean is, society is giving so much of our fortunes to Wall Street, lost housing, lost jobs, and having an enormous amount of pain from inflation but we are getting nothing in return for our trouble. They can't give us a better economy that costs too much money, so why don't they give us something that costs nothing like allowing us to grow our own weed? By they, I mean the government. This would be a good deal for the people. Lets negotiate this concession with them.

Michael's picture


"Watch as sovereign beings of the Divine with blood that flows and flesh that lives take control of an unlawful Maritime Admiralty Court and arrest an unlawful judge. Both the Court and the Judge are working under Oleron Law which is controlled by the Rule and Code of The Crown Templar commanded at the very top by the Knights of Malta since the destruction of the Templars in the 14th Century. Everyone must be made aware of the Magna Carta of 1215 and the English Bill of Rights of 1689! It was the Magna Carta coming out in 1215 which handed this Kingdom over from the Monarch (Moon Arch [Bridge]) to the Knights Templar as the Magna Carta was a breach of contract between the Pope (Pontifex Maximus [BRIDGE BUILDER]) ruling the World through his Temporal Power and the Monarch. Since 1215 England has always been under the Crown which isn't anything to do with the treasonous Queen of today or Monarchs ever 1215 since if the truth is known. The Queen is a member of the Crown but not its leader! This is the true power of the World working still to this day under the Pope. When the mass Knights Templar were destroyed in the 14th Century, the Knights of Malta replaced them by the power of the Pope and have controlled everything and in this case the commercial World ever since. The Commercial Courts work on the Maritime Admiralty system which is known today as Oleron Law, or the Law of the High Sea. This Sea is seen as the Sea of Souls and in the occult World this represents the power of the Moon Goddess Isis who controls the tides and why all ships are feminine named. The Oleron Law is based on VATICAN Canon Law which in these Courts can trump all other laws including Maritime if the Judge is defeated twice already. The Judge will go out of court yet again so as not to bring dishonor before trying once again to attempt to get jurisdiction on you. What you're not aware of is how he's now classed as a High Priest of Baal the God of Jupiter worshiped by the Roman Empire and its continuum today the Catholic Church. We're English people and from a true-Christian Country (not pagan-Catholics disguised as Christians in order to infiltrate, take over and destroy as you're seeing in the Church of England today gradually). We were and still are a Protestant Country and we shall soon once again find our roots and remember who gave us these freedoms we can have again and speak of right now. Long live Oliver Cromwell the greatest being of our land for 400+ years and King John of England who introduced the Magna Carta.. We must get back to following God and only the true Bible, the King James AV1611 which our enemies detest and try to undermine by the day with false bibles, hatred and disinformation to brainwash an ever increasingly dumbed down and easily led populace. Time to stand up and take our Nation of Land back. Its time to pull the plug on this treasonous fraud of water, out to Sea it shall go!

This event took place in an Unlawful commercial Court at Birkenhead, England on the 7th of March 2011. Raymond St Clair is the sovereign being of God speaking."

Good stuff starts at 4:30

British Tax Protesters Arrest Judge In Act Of “Lawful Rebellion”


Kobe Beef's picture

that looks more like Meth to me.

Maybe glue or Freon.

Zero Govt's picture


The English are fighting back (at last!). Arresting a Judge is as good as it gets regards civil protest, i'm seriously enthused by the news, thought all the fight had been sapped from their bodies ...patently not!

Fantastic read, thanks very much :)

...down with all Big Govt and small govt parasites (judiciary, lawyers, police inc)

jdrose1985's picture

This stuff is for realz.

Copyright law carries the full weight of the constitution (the only was to truly live free) and all right violations are made enforceable through tort processes in which each and every officer of the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or any of its subcorporations is held commercially liable via UCC code. All rights violations are worth at least $1 million LAWFUL currency (.999 us silver dollars) as stipulated per your Lawful notice and demand documents which were unrebutted, point for point, by your state attorney general. Acquiesence is agreement. You state your LAW and it will stand as truth because those operating in the dark can not overcome the light. You record your stated, unrebutted, self executing United States contract (LAW) at the county recorders office and start living as an issuer of credit and begin finding out you have your very own Federal Reserve and Treasury account numbers which you now control, things get very interesting.


minus dog's picture

Legalizing pot would be an utter disaster for the government.  Their grip on power is based on everyone breaking the law as much as possible.  Why the hell would they ever legalize anything?

misterc's picture

Luckily, I bought a scooter for commuting two days ago (62 miles per gallon).

Joe Sixpack's picture

Our VW TDI Sortwagen gets 36 mpg, and it ain't no scooter.

Ray1968's picture

I'd buy a scooter, but I know that within my first 10 minutes on the road, I'd get mowed over by a Cadillac Escalade or Ford Expedition.

That's just what they do here... crush scooters and motorcycles.

ColonelCooper's picture

I ride a motorcycle, and the closest calls I've ever had were with a Toyota Prius and a Ford Focus.


Max Hunter's picture

I ride too..

A buddy of mine said.. Only (2) kinds of riders; ones that have been down, and ones that are going down.. LOL

ColonelCooper's picture

Went down once when I was in high school.  It wasn't my bike, and my buddy was PISSED.

WTFisThat's picture

Well, to let them know I'm on a motorcycle I removed the factory mufler and put a race track exhaust and I'm driving on the high-beams.

destraht's picture

About four months ago my 19 year old little brother rode his motorcycle into a van that he couldn't see around.  He died instantly :(

ColonelCooper's picture

I am sorry for your loss.

Questionmark's picture

A suzuki tu250x motorcycle gets 90 MPG and it looks way better than a dinky scooter.

ColonelCooper's picture

My Fatboy only gets half that, but it makes up for it in style points.   ;)

1223pm's picture

What kinds of scooters you guys are talking about? while I lived in japan. My Yamaha JOG used to do more than 200 miles per gallon.

Rahm's picture

Well what do you know, how about vat :)

Pegasus Muse's picture

VAT (Value Added Tax) or MwSt (Mehrwertsteuer) = 19%

Judge Judy Scheinlok's picture

Who cares about those Euro trashers. Let them pay $50 per liter for all I care. WE (USA) invented everything petroleum. Innovators rule!

Look at that prissy little gloved hand in the photo. Eww, I can't get the petrol on my hand. What a bunch of unimaginative, whining, second rate losers. Sit back and let everyone else innovate and then claim ownership of those innovations....

Wrong, you lose. Euro trashers -->$50/liter, US -->$4.25/gallon.

BigJim's picture

Who invented the automobile? hint: it wasn't an 'Merikan.

KickIce's picture

Nope, but we made it affordable which in and of itself is innovation.

kaiten's picture

Something on your ingorance.

History of petroleum

Petroleum, in one form or another, is not a recent discovery but is now an important part of politics, society, and technology. The invention of the internal combustion engine was the major influence in the rise in the importance of petroleum.

Early history

More than four thousand years ago, according to Herodotus and confirmed by Diodorus Siculus, asphalt was employed in the construction of the walls and towers of Babylon; there were oil pits near Ardericca ...

Modern history

The modern history of petroleum began in the 19th century with the refining of kerosene from crude oil. Although the Russian Dubinin brothers had purified kerosene directly from petroleum in their factory in 1823, and the process of refining kerosene from coal was discovered by Nova Scotian Abraham Pineo Gesner in 1846, it was only after Ignacy ?ukasiewicz had improved Gesner's method to develop a means of refining kerosene from the more readily available "rock oil" ("petr-oleum") seeps, in 1852, that the first rock oil mine was built in Bóbrka, near Krosno in central European Galicia (Poland/Ukraine) in 1853. ....

The world's first commercial oil well was drilled in Poland in 1853, and the second in nearby Romania in 1857. At around the same time the world's first, but small, oil refineries were opened at Jas?o, in Poland, with a larger one being opened at Ploiesti, in Romania, shortly after. Romania is the first country in the world to have its crude oil output officially recorded in international statistics ....

Here, educate yourself:



alien-IQ's picture

Had you been able to illustrate your point with pretty drawings and perhaps a pop-up book, then MAYBE you would have stood a chance at getting through to him. However, since your reply contains more than 100 words and some of them multisyllabic (the horror!) have pretty much no chance of reaching this poor buffoon.

You see, they don't hate us for our "freedom"...they hate us for our jingoistic ignorance.

andybev01's picture

Yo, Judy,


That's a work glove.

You might recognize one if you have ever done an honest days labor in your life.

ColonelCooper's picture

+1.  Considering it's winter time, I would say that the flannel shirt and the uninsulated, cuff rolled leather work glove point to a working man.

NotApplicable's picture

I'm starting to find it amusing that you're able to get under people's skin with such obvious trolling attempts. If nothing else, it shows what, and how sensitive their reactionary buttons/tripwires are.

Kind of makes you a minesweeper, doesn't it?