EURUSD Plummets, Recovers, Drops Again On News PASOK Deputy Votes Against Austerity

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The EURUSD just plunged after an announcement that the Greek ruling party deputy has just voted against the austerity package. 100 pip kneejerk reaction. Imagine what will happen when the house of cards finally collapses.

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Too late! Government controlled robots using 1's and 0's have manipulated it back up and will keep it there.

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 Just Coincidence ....definitely no headline HFT algos in FX  ;-))

Don't forget the USD swap lines have been extended until Aug 2012.

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Funny thing, EUR/USD will plunge even if they vote YES.

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it should.  its actually just making the problem worse.  More debt, more austerity, higher ecb rates, higher euro ... err and they are supposed to grow their way out ?  Hahahaha, don't make me laugh!  

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Growing out is only a dream.

More austerity, higher ecb rates all the way over 4% and defaults, defaults, defaults.

A lot of pain.

Still better than going hyper.

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Lol.. I can't even get into my 4X shop. The bots are crushing them!

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Reminds me of why I stopped trading spot FX during the financial crisis. I'm sure there were margin calls galore on that non-news event.

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Recorded live on beautiful Greek beaches.  It's algo's gone wild.  Watch as these barely legal algos get wild and flash you both up and down.  Call now, only $19.95 per program.

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Those algos may be 'barely legal' but they sure aren't ethical and moral.  We should all be ashamed that they're running around like they are. 


I guess I'm old-fashioned.  I prefered the time when the 'gone wild' movies were about sex.  Now I have visions of Lagarde and Trichet rolling in the sand.


The Greek beaches are still nice though. algo just flashed me.

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Yeach! Now I have also visions of Lagarde and Trichet rolling in the sand! Bleah!

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Imagine what will happen when the house of cards finally collapses.

Why do I imagine that the house of cards in Greece will be extended and pretended long enough that everyone will forget to imagine what will happen when the house of cards in Greece finally collapses. Isn't this the way of the world nowadays?

R2K is ripping it again today like a great shedder.



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DOES IT REALLY MATTER?? Greece is screwed!!!! The EU is done. Stick a fork in it!!

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Like I said I would love to lose money shorting greek courage, but we know how this ends.

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Limp dick today,

erection tomorrow?

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Anyone voting against the measure will be hailed as hero's. Hard to pass up such recognition.

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except by CNBS...they are giddy about the vote

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Austerity for Main Street. Kleptocracy for Wall Street.

Kapitaljizm, Bitchez.

Hank Paulson to Congress in 2008:  

Here's legislation I drafted while taking a dump in the Senate Washroom 10 minutes ago. It's on one sheet of two ply toilet paper, but you don't need to read it. It basically authorizes you to give me a taxpayer-funded blank check to buy and/or backstop about 12 trillion of bad debts recklessly racked up by my buds on Wall Street, including my old co-workers at Goldman, and allows me to delegate unprecedented powers (illegally) to the Bernank.


This blank check of taxpayer funds allows me to transfer Wall Street ebola/toxic-dosis/festering pustules to Main Street, gravely infecting Main Street, while allowing Wall Street to perpetually issue record bonuses and buy more of the national wealth, bitchez.


Oh, and if you don't pass it, there will be tanks and shit in the street, Martial Law, and drones over Cleveland, Sioux City & Dallas, bitchez.

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Oxycontin AND Ritalin.

That bitch was confused and must've not known whether he wanted to be sleepy or awake.

He was probably smoking hash while slamming Red Bull, too.

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Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop _________.


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What a horrible combination. What happened to the good old banker pasttime of hookers and blow?

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Hookers & Blow was 2008 and it's now 2000 and late.

Uppers, downers followed by all arounders (Kleptoctratic Circle Jerk Bukkake with Taxpayers in the middle) is all the rage.

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It just passed!

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Ok.....just press the red button then.


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Please specify exactly what just passed. There's a lot of shit around here. :>)

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I"m just posting this for my automatic-junk.

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Cmon! Cmon!

Where's my junk?

Feelin lucky, punk?