Even With Apple’s Successful Launch On Verizon, Google Continues To Increase It’s Lead In The Smarthphone Space

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Reggie, I think you have driven this meme into the ground.

You know as well as I do that Apple's success is not an accident. I would go one step further. Jobs is the straw that stirred the drink. But I think the man has also done a much better job of instilling his vision into the culture of the company than he is given credit for. The balance between the engineering and aesthetic creative impulse is uncanny.

It is impossible for one man to do everything.

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Why so many negative write ups about apple from this author?  Are we supposed to belive he's not talking his book, or is this just the only subject he obsesses about?

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Reggie, I think you have one factor in your favor: There is no such thing as a perpetual empire. 

Unfortunately, you are trying to beat this Apple horse midway up a long and deserved upward trend line.

They beat the pants off the field and O' Benjos fiat shitting binge is really not something they can be rightfully blamed for.

One thing is certain. The people running APPL are not obsessed with the stock price like so many others are.

If they were, they never would have accomplished what they have accomplished to date.


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10,000 monkeys beating on typewriters will eventually type

Reggie Was Right!

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So did you have an actual refutation to post, or have you just spent your 5 weeks at this site reducing signal-to-noise ratio?


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When the SPOOKS do your books, and you keep pumping out personal information, even your the CEO's excriment will smell like roses.

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..Google will monetize Android... the network effect as Android takes over and Google starts to charge ala Microsoft Windows!

You mean users will run decade old XP and reject all the bug-ridden, virus attracting shambolic Microshite new Windows products (rehashes) because they're unstable and un-useable? It's the single biggest, longest ongoing farce in computing history (the incompetence of monopolists and not having a free market).

You probably didn't mean that Reggie but i couldn't resist the MS dig, sorry!

Anyway i like your summation: everybody (Apple, RIM, Nokia, Motorola et al) are also-rans, Google Android is going to 'Win Big'.

Are you enjoying working for/at Google Reggy?

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>bug-ridden, virus attracting shambolic Microshite new Windows

Nah, Windows 7 64-bit is fantastic. Big security improvements, great stability (Ctrl-Alt-Del, Task Manager never fails to kill a haywire program unlike Ubuntu OS which hangs on me frequently), and you can plop in a new motherboard and Windows 7 spends like 2 seconds downloading and updating drivers. Plus, I dare you to try running XP with 8+ logical cores, 16+ GB RAM and 2+ TB drives.

>the incompetence of monopolists and not having a free market

I'm not sure why Microsoft would be a monopoly. Mono = one, and last time I checked there are multiple OS's on the market. Plus, even if they were a monopoly, monopolies formed through voluntary exchanges are compatible with free markets. However, the monopolists face a couple of economic problems: 1) new challengers entering the field, attracted by profit opportunity; and 2) loss of ability to operate rationally and perform economic calculation involving the exchanges of goods and services between internal divisions of the company - this is caused by a growing absence of the pricing information normally provided by the market process.

I do agree with you in that it's not a free market. Not when the DoJ anti-trust regulators and patent enforcers (who are actual monopolists) agress against Microsoft, Google, and others.


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Dr Acula

Yes, yes i understand your 1st paragraph. Let me repeat and hope you get the facts (from an end-user representative) a 2nd time round: "bug-ridden, virus attracting shambolic Microshite". Hope we're crystal clear on the facts not your 64bits

"I'm not sure why Microsoft would be a monopoly. Mono = on"

90% of the software market, to the worlds utter frusttation! A monopoly in UK legal terms is deemed anyone with a 20% market share for your information

"last time I checked there are multiple OS's on the market"

Go into a local computer superstore or retailer. See how many OS you can find (ie, check). Microshite have monopolised the retail channels. This is the problem with consumers being suckered into big national retailers, it leaves them vulnerable to other big brands monpolising those big channels, like Microshite. 

"DoJ anti-trust regulators and patent enforcers (who are actual monopolists) agress against Microsoft"

Yes we agree the regulators are shite and we agree patent agents are merely agents of monopolists. There should be no patents or regulators, both are protection rackets against the free market (competition)

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You might want to add "paid for by Microsoft" item on the bottom...  Anywhere you see "Windows" and "fantastic" in the same sentence generally is a MS commercial.  Also, denying everything and putting up annoying UAC messages does not constitute as "Big security improvments". Finally, stability???  Umm... What again is the great stability enhancements since Windows XP??   Let me answer that for you... NONE....

Finally... Comparing Windows to Linux and/or OSX/iOS (especially on stability) is laughable...

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>Comparing Windows to Linux and/or OSX/iOS (especially on stability) is laughable...

Where's your proof? I'm not an OS marketer and I don't care to refute your FUD; I will only give you anecdotes. Ubuntu 64-bit has crashed on me frequently. Android locks up sometimes. But Windows 7 64-bit has NEVER crashed on me (except when I undervolted my CPU).


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The proof is in the usage.

Guess your stuck with the blue screen of death model.


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We all hate the BSOD especially when Team Tyler sends it your way. DOSzap'ed.

MS for those that really don't give a shit. For those that do, roll your own bitchez. http://www.kernel.org

I know, I know, the google skynet takeover http://skynet.kernel.org (CIA). Just keep your lean and mean kernels from days past. I think they will soon have great value.

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BSOD is an underpowered INTEL system, I have NEVER had a BSOD using AMD Athlons and plenty of ram (2 gigs) XP Pro. Anyway, Reggie's article points to the cross-platformization of Google Docs from the desk to the phone, and yet there is no CHROMEIUM operating system for desktops (yet). Still waiting. 

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Have you even tried Windows 7?

With Windows 7 I have great experiences, especially with gaming.

Hope you enjoy spending all day in vi/emacs editing etc config files or Makefiles or whatever it is you do with your OS.

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You need to put your likes and dislikes aside and look at the facts. Microsoft products have the most viruses becuase Microsoft products have the most market share. If Apple OS X makes it to 90% market share, you can bet your ass every little hacker will spend their time writing worms and associate critters for that OS instead. Which would you target your efforts at as a hacker, 905 market share to get known, or 13% market share just for the kicks. 

As you probably know, Apple's notebooks and desktops are gaining share, and guess what will happen next. You guys are sorely mistaken if you think ANY system is virus or hack proof. It's your security procedures (ex. how you act on said machine/system/network and care for it) that protect your system, not the brand name attached to it! Be aware, I hacked my iPad in under 60 seconds by clicking a graphic on a web page.


Why malware for Macs is on its way


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"You need to put your likes and dislikes aside and look at the facts."

Yes I'll put aside my 30 years of suffering endless Microshite bug-ridden garbage and 3 years smooth running on Apple, look past my facts and do my best looking at your facts

"Microsoft products have the most viruses becuase... the most market share"

Do Toyota have the most breakdowns because they produce the most cars? Nope, nonsense. Microshite admitted a few years ago Linux bugs and virus were fixed 16 times faster than MS's own slothful usually inept fixes. The difference is one is open source, the other is a corporate monopoly with protected source code.

All monopolies have consistent themes; they produce garbage products, they are unresponsive/slow at every level, the system is insecure. The reason MS attracts viruses is a product of its 90% software monpoply, a dinosaur is an easy target compared to the moving target of 100 ants (operating systems) that a free market would offer.

The Microshite monopolists have got what they built themselves into, a slow moving big fat target, a diseased dinosaur (and a deserved extinct one very soon too) 

"Apple's notebooks and desktops are gaining share, and guess what will happen next."

i've got both but no i've no idea what will happen next! I think one virus appeared for the iPhone out in Australia and was quashed within a month. A stark contrast to Microshite security being totally inept, their fixes not working, theipartners like McFee bogging the entire system down to a snails pace, costing a fortune and not working the list goes on and on.

Last 2 Microshite laptops i had were bug-ridden within 2 weeks and lasted barely a year needing constant servicing to keep the diseased buggers alive another month! Gates and Bulmer should be in fuking jail for flogging garbage across the planet not rolling in Billions for selliing absolute shit for decades

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You do realize that when you have as many developers as MS has exploits to your OS are a function of your indebtedness to your lizard overlords.

You stupid fucking moron. If you have never developed your own OS than you should not talk as if you have.

Please call Ileane(the other worthless contributor) and have a mass suicide(car exhaust).

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most of the hacks in windows are not in core kernel but kernel drivers.

The security model of the kernels for most of the operating systems are similar.

I must admit I dont know much about mac os but all i know is that its a unix based kernel.

I am guessing they dont have many drivers, or dont allow apps to install drivers, which reduces the attack surface also reduces the number of useful apps written for the platform.

All this stuff about better programmers/technical knowhow at certain companies is all bullshit. Most of the kernel/driver developers have experience in a lot of OS platforms. They dont have this fanboism that the mac/android/pc users do.

And yeah about all the programmers that complain about outsourcing. I just see it as a global wage arbitrage. If you are for protectionism then u are also for isolationism. Either way standard of living in the US is going to go down. You cant have cheap imports and high wages. Its one OR the other.

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Reggie... WOW... I didnt realize you hadnt updated your iPad from the original 1.0.1 firmware.... The root exploit no longer exists, but the way... Also, one of the main reasons for the "App Store" was security based.  Meaning, no you wont see anymore viruses like you like in the old Windows XP days...  I mean do you know of any iPod/iPhone/iPad viruses in over the 100 million sold??? Hmm.... Neither do it...

Comparing MS products to anything else in reference to security is laughable.   The very design of the Windows OS is one giant hack.... Instead of rewriting Windows and risking loosing market share, they just lumped on more fundamentally flawed ideas like UAC.  Add to the fact they "outsource" most of the development to foreign countries, and you are left with not only worthless products, but also a company that can no longer produce anything...

And finally yes... There are many Unix/linux server systems that are "hack/virus" proof.  In banking where SE Linux implementations are the standard, it is laughable to can "hack" these systems.  Even if an app exploit exists (and there are several), it doesnt really buy you very much...

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>The very design of the Windows OS is one giant hack

It is far worse with Unix, which has not one but TWO different file locking mechanisms, neither of which are actually enforced but are only "advisory". Wow, great design there.

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Leaving Google aside you do realize that Apples makes

close to 100% of all profits from portable music devices

50% of all profits in the cell phone industry

30% of all profits in the computer market

75% of all profits in the digital music business

You bashing Apple is the height of stupidity.

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I want a smarthphone

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still flogging a dead horse Reggie?

...not long now for it to be sent to the Goo, sorry glue factory!

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Microsoft should be far more worried about OpenOffice.   Google Apps?  LOL.  OpenOffice is 100% free, runs faster than MSFT products and has about 100x the features of Google Apps.  


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i like to dig Reggie now he's on the (paid) staff at Goofball but don't mistake that with disrespect as i have much admiration for Reggies work... as for Dim Cramer he isn't fit to clean Reggies dishes

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Lolz. The name is Creggie. A hybrid of Cramer and Reggie the Clown.

Time to open a pizza restaurant for kids called Creggie's:


~D'jean Splicer