Even Greenspan Knows We’re Screwed

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"The Fed is aware that it is incompetent but is beholden to the Wall Street banks"

The Fed beholden to the Wall Street banks? The Fed is made up of the same Wall Street banks.

Oxymoron, or just plain moron?

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Greenspan kept the tech bubble ---> housing bubble floating because he felt guilty about trashing 41's re-election bid.

Ayn Rand's Judas Iscariot.

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Greenspan is clearly senile with the memory of a Goldfish... whereas Bernanke is sterile with the memory of a Goldfish... important in the CV's of Fed Chairmen so that you can't remember your last 17 predictions were all completely wrong while you deliver your next 'winner' with a dead pan serious demeanour (while all about are rolling on the floor)

...remember "downgrading our forecasts" is Fed-speak for "We're adjusting our delusional fuck up of a forecast closer to reality so we don't look so fuking delusional when reality arrives"

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*Graham Summers*

Is this guy any relation to Larry Summers?

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Er, yes, this is the same Alan Greenspan who said, in a TV interview a couple of months ago about the housing crisis and his (and the Fed's) response to it (lowering interest rates) 'Prove me wrong'.


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BTW, "StealthStocks.com" sees a possible collapse at the end of January, February, March, April, May, June, July or next month, August, or by the end of the year if the ad has the suit dummy's picture.


The report is free!



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Fed are essentially political lackeys who operate on behalf

of Wall Street ?  What about their stock holders in Europe ?

German and Italian banks (Vatican). The Fed is a corporation with 

stockholders, they are beholden to them isn't it understood the 

Fed can go bankrupt ? 

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The Fed is not a political entity per se. It is a private bank owned by the world's elite. It just so happens these very people run government policy as well, so it's not a stretch to say the Fed/US Government is a marriage made in hell.

One cannot exist without the other, until Congress takes back its Constitutional duty to coin its own money.

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And here I thought I was going to be able to buy a Garden Weasel.

Crap. A book? Who needs another book.

I need something to grow food with.


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Of course Greenspan knows we are screwed.

Who better than the "Maestro" to know how the music goes.......

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Alan Greenspan is totally blameless for all the Feds  mistakes.  I heard it on MSNBC  from Andrea Mitchell.   That Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan in no way affects her reporting!...............but he's a DICK!

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Please read articles at roadtoroota.com

Things are not what they seem :-)

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In case you missed it, Alan Greenspan just set a new world record for hypocrisy stating that the Fed’s stimulus has had little impact on the US economy.

Part of Greenspan's job is to maintaing the lie that the FED is looking out for the US economy.  The FED looks out for the biggest banks and does what is good for them.  By talking about the FED and the economy in the same sentance, GreenSpan is doing his job of word association.  Why do you think the FED has a dual mandate??  The dual mandate gives them more flexibility to help the biggest banks.  Think about it, with a single mandate, high inflation would require raising of rates. period.  With a dual mandate, the FED can continue to pump money into the Fat Cats in the face of high inflation and ration it as "trying to help the economy".

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It's only hypocrisy if one is dumb enough to believe what he implies. What he says, on the other hand, is just as you point out, word association (and nothing more). He certainly is a true Maestro, in meaningless sophistry.

It's interesting how much meaning a listener can add merely through their own beliefs. As a speaker, if you truly know your audience, you can tell them everything they want to hear without formulating a single idea in your speech.

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This isn't news. 

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Yes, it is a bit self-serving, but I hadn't heard about these comments from Greedspasm.  What is the source of those comments, so I can read them myself?

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Tyler - If you are to allow this contributor on your site, please ask him to drop the infommercial at the end....thanks.

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Contributor means those who contribute via the donation tab on left. Readers & Commenters are allowed to use it too. Try it, good things happen, its cool!

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wolf, wolf, wolf,  buy my book!

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I am sick of this infomercial week-in, week-out...Big Al gave us a RIP-ROARING trade in commodities as did Bennie and it made me a fortune even since 2009! Even all of my trashed juniors from 2007-2008 hit record highs in 2010-2011! I thank Benji and Al for the money-printing exercises that lifted the CRB and long for QEIII's beginning!

Long live Bennie and Al!

And I don't need no stinkin' Survival Kit.

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