Everything Is Now Correlated Exclusively To The Fed's Balance Sheet

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The chart which we presented a few weeks ago courtesy of Sean Corrigan sees a few additional components added to it. Whereas before the chart focused on the Adjusted Austrian money supply and commodity prices, it now sees the addition of the S&P and Junk spreads. In a word: every single asset class correlates 1:1 with the Fed's balance sheet. If the Fed is really planning on ending QE2 on June 30, the market collapse will be epic. And, yes, this should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Courtesy of Sean Corrigan of Diapason.

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bob_dabolina's picture

This is surprising. I am exclusively surprised.

Michael's picture

This proves the Fed and the Bernank are guilty of crimes against humanity.

Tweet “Project BLS Mayhem”. The Bureau of Labor Statistics are a lie.
We are getting this project going on Zerohedge.com
The participation rate in the labor market hit a new low since March 1984.
The BLS is making people obsolete and not counting them as unemployed.

What can we do to get everyone who is unemployed to apply for a job so they can be counted in the U3 headline unemployment rate and go on-line and apply for unemployment compensation?

How can we get the word out using social networking sites to get people to apply for a job so they will be legitimately counted in the BLS statistics?

I apply for unemployment compensation every 6 months even though I know I will not get it because I am not eligible for it, just so I can be counted and not put in the U6.

What can we do? “Project BLS Mayhem”.

This could be a Zero Hedge and Infowars “Project BLS Mayhem” activity all ZH’ers and Infoworriers can participate in it by spreading the word to do this.

We could have a sticky on the sidebar about it.

What can go wrong? Some people will find a job?

lincolnsteffens's picture

Just keep calling your retarded Senators and Congress men and tell them what I do.

The Federal reserve is ruining the value of personal savings and driving up the prices of everything ( well, at some point nat. gas has got to move up) and the Fed. in cahoots with US Gov's ethanol policy is causing starvation and death around the world.

Michael's picture

Tweet; Everyone unemployed should apply for unemployment on-line. It's easy.

treemagnet's picture

Totally off topic - Dennis Miller had a caller on his show who referred to Pelosi as "Pelosi Galore" after the James Bond "Pussy Galore"....hilarious.  I think you should rename your avatar!

Michael's picture

It's on topic in the macro sense of ZH. It's only off topic to people who want to maintain the status quo.

Quixotic_Not's picture

You think 'MeRiKans give two-bits about creating jobs?

All they care about is iCrap v.XXX and 'MeRiKan idoltry Season XXX.

Everyone knows the jobs are gone, gone, GONE!

Just ask Ross Perot (who 'MeRiKans thought sounded queer and had funny ears, not Hollyweird like ol' Simon "Da Brit").

Hey, and good ol' Ben Bernank is in the middle of hyper-inflating the U$D as commanded by the (D) & (R) sock puppets - Only an idiot wouldn't know this is about turning .GOV liabilities into pennies on the U$D, and propping up assets (can't have big $$$ RE or equity markets losing $$$ value).

Is anyone really surprised by this chart?  LOL!

Are you all gonna feign surprise when gasoline hits $10+ dollars a gallon?

You should be happy to be have an income, even if it only buys 1/4 of what it could in 1999!

Only a fool would use dollars as a point of measure - And don't be caught holding them when the music stops!

(Oops, you poor foreign devils...)

You see, the bankster tribe will nuke us all if this doesn't go their way...they're doing god's work!

Just ask Hank "Tanks In The Fuckin' Street" Paulson  (the Fourth Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

P.S.  If you're living paycheck-to-paycheck, you better start saving food now, and if you're counting on SSI to buy your food, hope you enjoy the pair of Happy Meals your monthly remittance will be able to purchase...

B9K9's picture

Any casual perusal of history clearly indicates that conflicts can be distilled down to the people vs the clan.

If it provides any solace, experience also tells us that the tribe traditionally loses. Sure, they may attempt global war in a last ditch effort to preserve the wonderful slave system they so carefully crafted. But in the end, they are always defeated, and will again this go around.

Ultimately, the question is not whether the system crashes (that's a given), but to what extent the chosen will be purged during the post cathartic period.

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I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be very useful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It's always nice when you


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Thanks for sharing this. I voluntarily quit my job as a detestable state-level education bureaucrat eight months and have not been counted. And I still can't find ANY job besides substitute teaching!

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I'd like to see the stat for those of us who are self-employed and living on less than a third of the income we generated 5 years ago, not eligible for unemployment so foraging work wherever we can.  High fives to others in my position.  Hell- we'll make- too damn tuff not to.

cranky-old-geezer's picture

What can we do to get everyone who is unemployed to apply for a job so they can be counted in the U3 headline unemployment rate and go on-line and apply for unemployment compensation?

I wasn't aware applying for a job qualifies someone to draw unemployment

Michael's picture

It doesn't. Applying for a job and applying for unemployment gets you counted in the statistics. They are two separate things you can do to get yourself counted. It doesn't matter if you are able to collect or not.

willien1derland's picture

+1 - I am not surpised that you are surprised because I am very surprised & would expect others to be as surpised as you or I...

jus_lite_reading's picture

Well. Does this mean that the "growth" is not organic? Sigh!

dark pools of soros's picture

it means Taco Bell is now rated as gourmet

FreeMoney Bernie's picture

I am shocked I tell you. the next thing you know they will find gambling going on in this establishment.

the mad hatter's picture

I am Jack's total lack of surprise.

StychoKiller's picture

Strange...I'm unusually uncertain as to how to respond to this...

tempo's picture

The run for the exit will start before June.  However, there is no alternative to QE3++++ with 80% of 2012 budget for entitlements, defense and interest, 46 mm people on food stamps, nearly 20% of workforce underemployed per gallup, tax revenue stagnant due to the elite 1% outsourcing nearly all the good jobs, state muni financing off the table, congress is a joke, housing is collasping again, civil unrest on college campuses, $120/bbl oil, Middle East chaos.  Investing in precious metals, oil, agr commodities is the only answer.

equity_momo's picture

The market , one way or another , will be heading below the March 09 lows by 2015.

Inflation , deflation , stagflation , biflation.   Argue till you are blue in the face , i shall start bottom picking with a 4 handle on the S+P.

rubearish10's picture

You could do that providing you have convertible currency such as,,,,you know...

pirea's picture

That's why QE is not going to end ever

Pladizow's picture

Cold Tukey - No, but could they slowly unwind, gradually reducing the "prop up".

Like a baby from the teet or a heroin addict from the needle.

Sean7k's picture

I would suggest no. Looking at the chart, the previous highs were reached without using the FED balance sheet. This indicates that the QE is not flowing into the economy to be used and abused, but it is being used by banks exclusively to recapitalise. 

Any drop in QE and the banks leave the trading floor. This is a great chart. Kudos Dylan and Tyler.

hambone's picture

Fed can't stop as their printing is the only mechanism to soak up the now annual $5T in T's (w/out a massive interest rate spike).  However, Fed can't kickoff QE3 now w/ oil above $100, ags, PM's all screaming.  So there must be an interim market drubbing and uptick in unemployment (BLS just reports the truth for a couple months)...and then when Merican's are getting scared again and asking the politicians to do something, voila - QE3.

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Pladizow....would you please change your avitar....... takes me forever to read your comments...... keep having to start over and over and over.

10kby2k's picture

pladizow learned from banzai that people only look at the pics

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Judging by your avatar, you're goin' blind doin' that!  (filthy monkey!) :>D

dark pools of soros's picture

they'll go the other way..  say June is the cutoff but then drop it all in April and be long gone by May

FilthyLucre's picture

>That's why QE is not going to end ever


Never end? And I always thought unsustainable processes inevitably ended. Maybe this time is it different! Nah. History always rhymes.

Gen X Gen Y Hybrid's picture

I'm surprised there hasn't been more said about the "Friday" effect for Silver/Gold.

Go back and see during this run from last summer and just about every Friday (even with job reports) has had strong surges in the metals.

Interesting how the Fed release is on Thursday at 4:30pm.

pirea's picture

usually big shit happens over the week-end

duncecap rack's picture

I was just tuning into this. I had a vague hunch that because it was friday there might be a move but I hadn't researched it. I will now.

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Is this gross 1:1 correlation event truly historically exclusive? 

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It is time for Zerohedge to move beyond the financial blogoshere. It is time to enact Project Mayhem. 

Our homework this week is to re-educate the masses by submitting a brief explanation of the effects of Fractional Reserve Banking to the comments section of 2 popular non-financial blogs, any blogs so long as they are non-financial & mainstream popular.

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 When banks create this money they loan it out at interest, meaning that while they created it out of nothing we trade our labour and time for other peoples 'loan-tickets/debt money' to repay them. And as it is loaned at interest, it requires more debt money to be created to make the additional interest portion. As such we are locked into an ever increasing debt trap, beholden to the banks for the very money we need to pay them back while the banks profit from the fruits of our labour in the repayment of interest on make-believe money. For everyone who saves a dollar, another person must be a dollar further in debt.

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Ralph M Hawtrey, Secretary of the Treasury, UK


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what is project mayhem? can you justify such a travesty of language?

Clockwork Orange's picture

If your question is serious, you need to watch "Fight Club".  There, you will find your answers.

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First Rule of Project Mayhem: You do not ask questions.

2. Second Rule of Project Mayhem: You DO NOT ask questions

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Is under control sir...... Industrial song.....



falak pema's picture

Sorry, but I found it too cynical...I flipped out after fifteen minutes. May be wrong as I never saw it thru.