Exclusive: The Bank Of England Engaged In Flagrant Gold Manipulation In The Interwar Period Via The New York Fed; Does History Repeat Itself?

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Well, there's your smoking gun. Time for another Grayson grilling of Geithner? Unbelievable work TD.

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Ditto ... my thoughts exactly

Ron Paul, Grayson and GATA

Grayson should be able to hammer them with this evidence.... hopefully !

Well done ZeroHedge !

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These guys are not going to admit to a damn thing no matter what evidence there is.   They're "all in" and they know it.   Still, amazing report.  Well done.  

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I threw Zero Hedge some dough this weekend.  With this kind of reporting we may have to start providing security too.


Donate.  Time to end the treason before it ends us.

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You have convinced me to do the right thing
and muster a small tithe' from my moderate store.


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i don't think a grilling would do it.  montagu could have handled one too, if he could remember the lies he was telling.  the audit of the fed is the ticket.

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I would strongly suggest that anyone interested in this topic listen to the two recent interviews with Jim Rickards on the site www.kingworldnews.com . I have no affiliation with this site and while I find the moderator's tone somewhat annoying, the interviews are often spectacular. On this topic, he basically points out that Fed intervention in the markets is not a topic of debate and is acknowledged to occur, it is just not publicized in full detail. He give lots of other great context as well. My two cents is that the people behind this do not view themselves as doing anything too devious, but are just conducting policy...however just as with any other vice which is fairly harmless and occasionally helpful on a small scale, it can easily (and clearly has) gotten completely out of control with disasterous results now and in the future.

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Jeff, I just replied to your question about treasuries, I have been a little behind this week so it took a little longer to get back to it.

linky: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/pitiful-16-billion-30-year-auction-clos...

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let's see interwar period, war period... so as long as we're neither at peace or in conflict, I think they'll leave us alone 

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Ya korean war, vietnam, Iraq war, etc etc etc. There seems to be such a lasting peace between the eastern hemisphere and the western hemisphere.

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Weren't we just treated to an Eliot Spitzer who lavishly praised our lead central banker for his "integrity, complete honesty" and general wholesomeness?

All are a nest of vipers to be routed out. Obviously a central banker who accesses illegally the saved substances of the people, without their consent, and directs it to purposes which rewards predatory banks in contravention of their interests is CONNIVINGLY EVIL!

Bernanke is the captain master of a system built upon lies, subterfuge, criminal expropriation, counterfeiting, dilution of monetary strength, market manipulation, and misinformation leading to trades which cause further expropriation.

Sophisticated and state-sanctioned robbery is even worse than two-bit bandit holdups or muggings. The violence is barely restrained by a host of officers whose only purpose is to harrass, intimidate, or strong arm the populace into submission.

Bernanke is the head of the most criminally successful organized crime syndicate in the world. As such, whether he touches the weapons that draw the lifeblood, or not--he is culpable for both the sins and the crime.


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They think of themselves as heroes, who are doing this for our own good.  You see, we would not understand if the truth were publicly known.  We should just watch our reality-television bed-time stories and let the "smart people" take care of us.  The end justifies the means, in their opinions.

It's disgusting, really.

When they lie awake at night, with only their consciences to keep them company, I bet they question and realize that they are really just acting in their own short-term self-interest.

How else to explain the long-term failures of their policies?

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don't stress over it, they are doing Gods work.

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"How else to explain the long-term failures of their policies?"

premeditated malevolence by a self chosen cabal that's been expelled from over 100 countries?


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artcash (not verified) Molon Labe Feb 14, 2010 9:25 PM

his guy is an idiot: http://economixx.100webspace.net/

obviously,  we're in deep trouble!

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Your website address looks like an STD.

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 No surprise.I rather suspect bernanke is far worse.A balance sheet of raw sewage combined with every other kind of malfeasance imaginable=currency crisis imminent.

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Greetings. Very curious who Cistercian is, esp since I am the Cistercian in the photo. frbernard@monksonline.org

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Perhaps it is time for every patriotic American to stop paying the taxes imposed upon them due to the government's Odious Debt.

Seriously, time for action.


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what a gem of an article - i give this one a pulitzer....i am sure gata will be pleased....

well of course the fed is doing precisely what norman was doing and he ended up driving england off the gold standard - perhaps because all of the gold was safely in his back yard....

the fed - especially under benjamin strong - was enabling england's looney policies by inflating in the usa to rescue the pound which was over valued at pre-war exchange rates....another fine mess which economics by politburo created....

the london gold pool is another example - from the 1960s - of concerted central bank manipulation of the gold price....

as our founding fathers so prudently bequeathed to us a dollar based upon gold, the evidence here vindicates their brilliance. they saw what the boe had done to currency and wanted none of that crap here....

murray rothbard has some important observations about this episode and how it resulted in a overheated usa economy about which the fed over-reacted and caused the crash of 1929.....the ginormous boob herbet hoover assured a permanent depression which roosevelt was only too happy to extend for another 12 years....

who owns the gold makes the rules....without gold there is no civilization....all other solutions are frauds and hoaxes on the people who must now arise in anger to purge these central banks creeps, banksters, and hoodlums from power along with the fake economists, journalists, and charlatans promoting such fraud.....

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Rothbard mentions in one of his books the Fed devaluing the dollar repeatedly in concert with the BOE during the period where England was attempting to go back on the gold standard. I wonder if the above is in any way related to this period or the collusion between the two on this matter.

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it is part and parcel of the same scheming
fraud....the fed lowered interest rates and
pumped up the money supply especially in 1927
to support the pound - which as i mentioned
was brought back onto the gold standard at
way too high a price....the brits had inflated
their way to a pyrrhic victory over germany
and the pound was simply not worth as much
as they pretended it to be....

all of this money pumping misallocated investment
and caused a terrific inflationary run-up on the
stock market....fed pulled back in 1928 after
strong died and about a year later the market
crashed.....margin money was no longer available
and margin calls went out like call girls at a gi

pretending seems to be an advanced art for
central bankers...

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acrneer (not verified) glenlloyd Feb 14, 2010 10:25 AM

The Big One is coming soon, bigger than the 2000 dot-com crash and the 2008 subprime credit meltdown combined. A huge market blowout.The Big Crash is Coming...."debt bomb" Explosion

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SPAMMER!!! Begone!



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as our founding fathers so prudently bequeathed to us a dollar based upon gold, the evidence here vindicates their brilliance. they saw what the boe had done to currency and wanted none of that crap here....


it wasnt only the boe....fiat currency conversion has always failed throughout history...my favorite US parallel is the roman empire........fiat is just a sheeple CONfidence game where bankers and the like skim the house till its dead....gold has always been and will always be true money and no amount of "tin foil" will disprove that fact..gold is freedom

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G*d d*mn it.. I was just getting used to my tin foil hat. It was bit snug at first, but now I don't need it at all?

Cartman.. I blame Cartman.

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Thats nice, next...

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no it was not nice what the boe and fed did....

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I will be buying some gold next week. you never know when the emperor is exposed and gold will reach its true level.

It seems to be the safest bet at the moment.

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I've been toying with a vintage shortwave radio this weekend and stumbled on a voice of china radio station.. they were pushing the story of how folks are snapping up 1 kilo bars of gold at apprx $42,000 u.s. to celebrate the year of the tiger. These "voice of *country* radio stations are pure propaganda mechanisms. I'm sure China knows the precarious spot our fed have put themselves in and they are blasting stories about folks rushing to buy gold.. I'm sure they just want to make the fed squirm and feel the heat with their massive short gold positions.

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Chinas been promoting the purchase of gold and silver by its citizens through state tv for quite some time now.  nothing new.

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yes they have. Just thought it was interesting to hear while tuning the vintage shortwave. They are taunting the fed. They know the fed will fail at suppressing the price of gold. Radio China is broadcast in English and beamed towards the USA. Can imagine BB biting his finger nails listening to this lol

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Ever thought this one thru?.China has nore Gld/Rare Earth Metals than anyone on the planet (known reserves)also, their cost to bring to street, is the lowest on the planet.This is THE main reason they did not buy the rest of the IMF tonnage, after India sucked up 50% of it.

Also, by their subjects owning REAL  money,they can be a self sustaining market, largest on the planet, with the  Yuan, backed by  PM's, without buying one ounce in the World market.

Heck of a deal, what one can achieve with slave labor, and humongous reserves.

Who's fiat currency, would then not be fiat, and the strongest on the planet, and cost the Government nearly nothing?.

Reserve Currency Kings of the world, for next to nada.And, backed by PM's...........

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China owns copious loads of PMs AND has all the productive/manufacturing capacity of the world in its hands?

Crap, I'm getting a rickshaw, this place is bereft of real economic inputs. Or maybe I should get the sweet spot of a fireman?

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Why publish at midnight on Saturday? ... better during the day no?

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it's a gift to us geeks who have nothing better to do on a Sat night

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Beauty and worth of time are the pleasure of the beholder.

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Maybe...but this article has been published for nearly five hours without a single bankster troll jumping in and trying to derail this thread. Just watch and wait!

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Its a conspiracy, of course :-)

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Norman's exact role and responsibility as director of the BIS during the time when ?6,000,000 of Czechoslovak gold held in the Bank of England was transferred to the German Reichsbank in 1939, is yet to be determined.[4]


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No. It has been determined. Again, read G. Preparata, Conjuring Hitler.

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Must keep an eye on the weekly gold/silver/dollar COT reports.  Commercials seriously reducing their gold & silver short positions the past few weeks.  A very bullish sign.


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Ben Bernanke, we’re told, is a great admirer of Liaquat Ahamed’s Lords of Finance; so am I. All the more irony, then, that Ben has, without realizing it, turned into Montagu Norman.


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its a good thing history never repeats itself, right???

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Another was that of Winston Churchill. A few days before Norman left for Canada on his enforced holiday, Churchill, who had lost most of his savings in the Wall Street crash two years earlier, wrote from Biarritz to his friend and former secretary Eddie Marsh, “Everyone I meet seems vaguely alarmed that something terrible is going to happen financially. . . . I hope we shall hang Montagu Norman if it does. I will certainly turn King’s evidence against him.”


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Churchill? You are talking about the 20th century's original neo-con: worst warmonger, worst bloody imperialist, worst genocide artist, worst Zionist stooge. And for a fact, the same ethnic plutocracy that ran Montagu Norman then went on to bail WC out of his financial difficulties. He paid them back, with interest: WW II.  

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Oh yeah, I remember when the Tommies invaded Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, the Netherlands, etc., to kick off WWII.  Amazing that Churchill was able to pull all that off while he was politically ostracized.  </sarcasm>

I am interested in how you think Churchill caused WWII, if you'd care to share.

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From 1939 to 1941, Britain and the Commonwealth held the line while the US dithered. Churchill's "blood, toil, tears, and sweat" may only be second to

we shall fight on the seas and oceans,
we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,
we shall fight on the beaches,
we shall fight on the landing grounds,
we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
we shall fight in the hills;
we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old."