Exclusive: The Fed's $600 Billion Stealth Bailout Of Foreign Banks Continues At The Expense Of The Domestic Economy, Or Explaining Where All The QE2 Money Went

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Always enjoy your insights.

It started in the sixties with that pesky supreme court, civil rights (for the inferiority complex ridden rednecks that was anathema), Great Society programs against poverty like the War on Poverty which the banksters declared in congress (Bush and his Population Task Force) was causing dysgenics ( too many blacks breeding and white women on the pill) and which was also the inspiration fir the KKK Zionista bankster "war on drugs" (in which they are the true drug cartels).

Yes, American freedom and prosperity was a challenge to their power (as it should be; why does somebody need a billion much less a trillion dollars?). The tax brackets and other policies created by the Depression era, real populist Democrats were all dismantled while they gave you funny money credit heroin. Now they're going to privatize what's left of Amerika.

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Dear three chord sloth, - you can't have empire AND freedom.

If you want the latter, you must destroy the prior.

(And, fyi, EU is not empire, but community - so, if you can't build community here in the US yourself, based on Libertarian or whatever principles, you should WISH for EU style communities to come to the US, because otherwise what DO you have? Nothing but chaos and disintegration as a result of nothing but provincialism, isolationism and the somehow oddly and oxymoronically attached superiority-complex called empire).

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Bravo! Eureka, I feel like jumping into your tub!

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I think that is how it will go down too. obomer is just the delivery tool. Fed will buy mortgages. That will be the last gasp.

And then it's lights out (for a while).

Yes, I fucking understand that the Fed has already bought mortgages. The difference this time is that it will be sold politically as an open program, something 'great', 'grand' (unprecidented, historic, heroic): Whatever it takes to complete the game.

They are making the kill shot and we are the target.

Globalization nearly complete.


Ironic that a Black man serves the masters of this scheme of slavery at a level never prior tolerated eh?

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I think that was the point all along.  Race is a great way to divide people's allegiance.  A divided country is much easier to conquer.

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They say he was groomed for the part as the chosen one since childhood by CIA and globalist Brez...type players. Orly be my oracle...I state my source of purified legendary water...

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"Ironic that a Black man serves the masters of this scheme of slavery"

That's the genious of Hank's purchase of Obama. A quick bait and switch- trashcan "hope and change", carry on with more of the same. 

And nearly all black voters support Obama because he is black.

Amazing what a few trinkets will buy ! 

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of all the words you could have spelt wrong...lol

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Yesterday I couldn't spell genious; now I are one.

Glad you got a chuckle from my error.

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And nearly all black voters support Obama because he is black.


Kid me not, black voters did not support Obama because he was the democrat candidate, just as they have been doing for decades now.

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Fanny and Freddy's portfolios will be sold to big, PRIVATE capital, at a discount, sponsored and backed by the Fed, which is the instrument of PRIVATE capital.

The blind spot of populist capitalism is that PRIVATE capital conglomerates into cartels, monopolies, funds and corporations - i.e. effectively elitarian collectives, who COLLECTIVELY usurp all assets and all power from the 97% mass of the population.

PURE capitalism is a wet dream - Disney for "adults".

It is NOT socialism or bureaucracy, which are decimating the US - it is the PRIVATE capital collectives behind government, which orchestrate everything without exclusion.

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By jove, I think he's got it.

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Jove must be chuckling in Olympus...land of the original Oligarchs...the true godly ones..not these sham avatars that Prometheus raised...Oh for those godly days...when Hercules roamed from the Caucasian heights to his pillars...

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aka Greece and mount Olympus...sell off programmed. USA to be no exception.

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Dr. Lindsay Williams says that one of the globalists objectives is to own every piece of U. S. residential real estate.  I must admit they "do" think big just like demons should.


Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

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And if the peeps swallow that load, then they truly need fucking over.

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could you please change your profile image, i can't read your post.

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UNderstand one thing: all the banks mentioned are part of the brotherhood of banksters. They and their US brethren built a huge pyramid of derivatives for the sole purpose of looking like they were transacting business, thereby charging fees and receiving bonuses. It's just like if trans Atlantic insurance companies kept selling each other insurance to insure the previous insurance against loss from the prior insurance which insures 1000X over the same transaction. No different than a chain letter. Take down one, you expose the whole corrupt mess. 

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+1000!! That is the essence of the bankster ponzi. Nothing more need be said!

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yeah can we just get the pitchforks already....

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No, from their Oligarchic world order perspective they are building UNIVERSAL LOVE AND WORLD PEACE...Just like the Catholic church did in the middle ages. "Believe that ONLY through US will you reach the promised land...only through us and his VICAR on earth...." Wow, it worked well until they lost Jerusalem and then the whole Ponzi came crashing down on their heads. They started fighting amongst themselves and the kings and Popes were at loggerheads as to who was top dog; until Martin Luther and Machiavelli came along and said "game over"...Then it was time for the Renaissance and the Reform!...Game changer! Poor Popes who pooped alone in the Vatican from then on!.. That's how the Oligarchy vs People game goes...written in blood and guts!

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I am repeating a story that I posted in March 2010

Six of my high school classmates and I went on a long weekend retreat up in the mountains. With not much to do and plenty of time, we decided to play friendly poker game with about two hundred dollars total.

Soon enough two of us have broken the other four. In order to keep the game going, we started issuing little sheets of paper with our signatures and various denominations. $10, $20, $50 and $100

Two days later, the two of us who had won all the actual dollars, put them away and continued playing with these IOU's and the IOU's had grown to thousands of dollars. Mind you that the risk taking had exploded, as you knew that you can create more IOU's.

Now the weekend came to an end and trying to get paid on the IOU's was of course out of the question.

Is this telling or what? You learn fast in real examples in life.

Bernanke's weekend is coming to an end.

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So the moral of the story is that you and your friends are all gambling addicts?

I am Chumbawamba.

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Not gambling addicts...... aspiring Bankers!

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No Chumba, the moral of the story is that they discovered fractional reserve banking.

The lower the reserves, returns run to infinity. Of course, as we have now discovered, this games runs perfectly, in the absence of risk.

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I've seen that scenario before in "friendly poker games". The bad players get cleaned out then get loser's remorse when they start imagining the wives finding out they lost a hundred bucks to their friends, so they double down into virtual money, then double down again, etc.. I've often wondered if it is subconcious or intentional. Either way, the debt gets too big to pay back and the winners are suckers for letting them play with empty promises. 

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Kind of like the TBTF bankers in the slice and dice, churn and skim derivatives market.

Too bad for your buddies that Hank or Ben wouldn't cover their bets.

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Were they interest bearing IOU's?

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Please Greece, default. Now!

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But if Greace defaults and then the worldwide banking ponzi scheme collapses, then anyone will say that THEY HAVE CAUSED IT !!!

Greece is a messanger bringing bad news.

TPTB try to kill the messanger and get some more months of prosperity.

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can't be done with a coxxukking fiat fractional reserve scam.

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Government of the Banks, by the Banks, for the Banks, shall not perish from the Earth.



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Here's a bit of history on that (and how the sheeple roll over to tyranny):

The New Deal and the New "Emergency"

Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated as President on March 4, 1933. Throughout the country, banks were slamming their doors on depositors clamoring to withdraw their own money, preferably in gold.

For people who were seeking to exchange soft paper currency for the more stable metal-as existing law allowed, and as the Government had solemnly pledged-the new President had other ideas.

On March 5, 1933, one day after taking office, Roosevelt issued a Proclamation convening Congress in Extra Session at noon on March 9, 1933, a decision allegedly necessitated by what the Chief Executive referred to vaguely as "public interests.

 But March 9 was still four days away, and Roosevelt apparently was impatient to stop bank depositors from withdrawing their paper money or converting it to gold.

Accordingly, the next day, March 6,1933, he took an unprecedented step. For the first time in United States history, an American president closed the nation's banks.

By Proclamation, he stated the following: the recent gold and currency withdrawals had been "unwarranted" and for the purpose of "hoarding"; speculation abroad had caused "severe drains" on the "Nation's" gold stocks; the result was to create a national "emergency"; further "hoarding"; and "speculation" must be prevented and "appropriate measures" taken "to protect the interests of our people"; the Trading with the Enemy Act, as amended, had given the President certain powers over private gold; and therefore, "to prevent the export, hoarding, or earmarking of gold," the banks would take a "holiday" from Monday, March 6, 1933, to and including Thursday, March 9, 1933, and that during the holiday no bank would "pay out, export, earmark, or permit the withdrawal or transfer in any manner or by any device whatsoever of any gold . . . or take any other action which might facilitate . . . hoarding".

Roosevelt's action was devoid of even arguable legal justification. Nowhere in the Constitution is any branch of government, let alone the Executive, given the power to close privately owned banking institutions.

Nor did the Proclamation even purport to invoke constitutional authority. And despite the Proclamation's passing reference to an alleged "national emergency," no war conditions were present which could have enabled Roosevelt to argue that, under the Commander-in-Chief's "war powers," he had the authority to place in suspended animation a huge, crucially important part of America's commercial establishment. The Proclamation's reference to the World War I Trading with the Enemy Act, which had long since expired, was a strained attempt to find some semblance of legal support for Roosevelt's unprecedented assumption of complete control over America's banking system.

It is no wonder that Roosevelt immediately sent to a docile and compliant 73d Congress, a hastily drawn but comprehensive bill to amend the moribund Trading with the Enemy Act and to attempt to secure a legal basis for the unilateral action he had already taken.


You see, this is not the first time that the USofA has been looted by the District of Criminals, nor will it be the last.

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Nope, this is basically the last time.  There won't be anything to loot after this.

Now or never, take a stand...

I am Chumbawamba.

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Its what Elvis sang! ..."It's now or never..."

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Another very solid tutorial. Thank you. Not something I can use right now but I bookmarked for the future.

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Chumbawamba, there's still plenty to loot...

Personally, I'm tired of trying to educate the sheeple, they seem to be more than happy getting bent over, again and again and again!

Time to live a bit, all this stupidity is getting old.

Good luck with the huddled mongrels,

QN out!

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I don’t suppose I have read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject

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Yes, but FDR's actions were taken during a time in world history when dictators running countries was a common occurance! I, ahh, ... um,... err,,,, well,,... I...ahh,....(quietly withdraws...)

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FDR's family was a minority owner of the Federal Reserve, and FDR received an allowance from his mother until the day he died.

Can you say self-dealing, I knew you could  ;-)

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Just following orders and spreading the wealth around.

Never said specifically from who and to whom or where.

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What's at stake now?  A grand collapse. The stakes are higher than 2008. Make no mistake. And let me be clear. 

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Much higher.

Everything in 2008 was papered over. All the debt still exists. It hasn't been cleared, only moved around.

The only thing that is different is there is 1000x more moral hazard in the system. Courtesy of endless bailouts

When confidence turns this time, it will be on a penny, and it will be damn near impossible to reverse.

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And the only solution, at least to Bernanke, is to dilute fiat exponentially more.