Exclusive: Interview With Eric Sprott

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Well, if you are already "all in" then a plunge in price wouldn't help you at all, would it? Timing is the most difficult aspect of any trade, always waiting for one more dip to buy will leave you empty handed, in the end.

Any way, check out the latest from the Capital Research Institute:


What is Wealth?

The Capital Research Institute presents: The Top Alternative Measures of Wealth for the 21st Century

6) Human Relationships.  Last, but certainly not least, meaningful relationships are one of the greatest forms of wealth.  If you need any proof of this, remember the maxim ‘Its not what you know, its who you know”. The people who currently run the world (of finance, and business, at least) achieved their lofty positions (Treasurer, Fed Chairman, etc.) by way of who they knew, not what they knew.  Why are Princeton, Harvard, Yale graduates in nearly all positions of power?  Why are the heads of atleast a dozen central banks Goldman Sachs alumni???  Clearly it is because of who you meet, while on Wall St/in the Ivy League/at secret society meetings.  “Active collusion isn’t necessary.  Jackals, hyenas, vultures, wild dogs – none of them collude but there actions conspire to the same end.”

Clearly, if those in power are using networking to the utmost, to remove them from power will require similar networking.

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j.c.almighty, god help us all ......... i just read that link you provided to DAMON VRABEL's blog.    I need to get off the grid & take my kids & grandkids with me ..... where do we run ?   How will we ever get rid of these parasites.

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Uhhhh....jackals, hyenas, and wild dogs...all pack hunters...they survive almost entirely by virtue of collusion.

Vultures, on the other hand, being carrion eaters, live the closest thing possible to a karma-free existence as they take no life and serve a useful purpose.


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Never be "all in".

See special relativity.  It should require infinite return to get you to invest that last bit.

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All you got isn't all there is.  It would cost an infinite amount of money/labor to obtain 100% of the supply. 

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I agree. Diversification and debt-free-ness has one important benefit - a reduction in stress. If you're all-in, you have to worry about what happens to your wealth if you're wrong. Reducing stress is one of the big things you can do to improve your health, and good health is certainly one of those things people should invest in.

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Read about DTC from their annual report. In 2009, they settled $1.48 QUADRILLION. DTC is a private company, owned by the banks, and mandated by the FED. This number isn't fathomable. The amount of derivatives outstanding make all currencies in the world worthless. Like Sprott says, metals won't be priced in fiat, but how much they can get from barter and hard assets (like food, land, guns, etc.).

That being said, I completely agree with you and that is where there is a divide in the metals community. I would personally like gold to go under $1,000 for some time so I can keep buying more. Anyone with a fucking brain and IQ above 58 knows the dollar will be worthless at some point and is losing value on a daily basis. I am very thankful there are so many functional retards in the world, otherwise I would have to sell my house and property to get a few ounces. Right now, I can keep buying at reasonable levels.

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Anyone with a fucking brain and IQ above 58 knows the dollar will be worthless at some point and is losing value on a daily basis. I am very thankful there are so many functional retards in the world, otherwise I would have to sell my house and property to get a few ounces. Right now, I can keep buying at reasonable levels.



Well said.

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this troubles me. if the iq 59 have already caught the word (which i think is just not true) who is on the other side of the trade? martians? considering a fool (58 and less) and his money are alway soon parted no equity here. reinventing the exit seems to be ordre du jour.

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I might agree on the eventual outcome, but not that the dollar's demise is imminent. When I think about the World's Elite, the one thing I think has the potential to upset the apple cart for them is social unrest. Hyperinflation is guarenteed to cause social unrest, therefore the Elite will not intentionally allow hyperinflation to happen. I think a slow, stagflation type death of the dollar taking place over 10-20 years is much more likely

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I tend to agree, we're all surprised how well the US dollar is holding up given the massive money printing we're seeing.  WRC status with military enforcement working way better than anyone thought.

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Sprott suggests Au~2100, Ag up to 50.

Can't argue with a big blowup in equities taking Au/Ag with them.

Can't argue with your ratio either...Netflix at 70 (~70% decline) = silver at 20 (~30% decline).

There would be no silver left on the planet at 20 in "weak" hands.


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Market sophisticates take note:  Sprott has bigger balls than you, and has actual short positions.

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Silver will be ~$40-$45 in a month. Mark this post and come back. We'll see who is the bigger dick.

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He who predicts the future lies, even if he tells the truth!

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I need to see a bigger picture of your rack!

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go to National Geographic....search: beached whale

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"He who predicts the future lies, even if he tells the truth!"


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you're off by a month. April 1st is going to be hilarious.

Especially when these guys rape the COMEX: http://standfordelivery.com/stand.php

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A bunch of rednecks is gonna rape the politically connected TARDMEX? Get real.

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How do you know their necks are red, anyway?

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Still good return when we bought at $15

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$25 is my re-entry point. I stopped buying at around $20 to see what would happen. From my point of view, the action of the last month or two is muddled as to whether it's going to keep going up or has reached a short-term peak. If it goes down to $25, I start buying again.

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Dickus, is your personality your main birth control method?


Have you had a chance to look at some of Sprott's fund retuns?


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I'd guess Sprott's net worth is just a tad higher than your own.

So if I was forced to choose which of the two of you to listen to, I'd pick the billionaire.

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Careful with that logic.

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Oh and check out his response to question 8. He thinks, as do I. GOLD right now has a value of ~$1400 fiat USD per oz. When it collapses with the financial system, it might be woth $50k/oz or $50mil/oz but at that point we'll be pricing it in bottles of potable water and cans of food. Say, if I already have both and you have your "stocks" what are you worth to me?

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JFReading... Don't forget that which makes the industrial world function...Oil.

If the dollar is the reserve currency and the one that most oil is settled in, then the question is; what will oil be settled in? This is a very important question to answer for the all soverigns. The US currently imports 2/3rds of the oil that it consumes.

Without sufficient oil the earth will not support the number of people currently living here.

In the end game, oil will be purchased with PMs or soft commodities...imo.

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And we're already seeing that in places like Egypt. It's not just the end of oil that matters, but the end of oil cheap enough so people earning $2000 a year with 6 kids can no longer afford food. The removal of Mubarak is great from the Liberty point of view, but isn't going to reduce food prices for the poor of Egypt.

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Eric Sprott is the 55th wealthiest person in Canada.  Not bad!  He certaintly isn't up to par with Porter Standbury - but what can u do!

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Wait till I release part 4 in an hour 'smaller DICKus" you will realize whats going on you duch sac.  Netflix at $70?  $238, and silver is at $30 you fucktard.



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If gold breaks under €1000 per ounce again the door will be wide open to €950.= proportionately greater plunge in silver.

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Well then I shall buy like crazy!

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And if gravity reverses, we'll all be flung into space.

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Can we vote on whom will be flung first?  I have a nomination.

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To be clear, I didn't junk you.  I thought your comment was hilarious.

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mad props on the handle.  Ignatius may be the funniest character in modern literature IMO

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Why do people bother to junk anyway. Does anyone give a flying fuck if their posts get junked? This isn't fucking Junior High School.