Exclusive: The Paulson Portfolio Post-Mortem (In Which We Learn That The Maestro Himself Is Advising J.P. On Future Gold Prices)

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Sounds to me like Paulson is betting on Bernanke and Brian Sack to peddle that hamster wheel faster and faster.  How big of a bet is he making short wise?  Hmmm.

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Paulson is now part of the oligarchy. There is no way he would go against the trend. Firstly because Bernanke will burn any heavy short sellers and secondly, he can not stay idle. Therefore, he has to go long in some way with the wind of the Fed behind him.

He and other elite hedge funds, bond pedlers and quasi-banks are on quid pro quo with the Fed.

They have to be. It is a survival symbiosis.

Either they all go down with the ship, or the fed survives and they make tons of money.

Fight back. Get out of stocks and bonds and stay 70% cash 30% PM's.

Okay you want the action for your daily dose of adrenaline. Yes? Then take 5% of your assets and gamble. 


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This market is oversold.

Bonds & PM are going to tank over the next 3 months.


Oil at $120.00 by 4th quarter 2011

Exxon Mobil is a steal at $61



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+1 on the XOM call. However, there is a bull case for gold/lead/silver. I'm sure if you spend enough time on this site, it will be crystal clear. My suggestion is to read Turd Ferguson and Cognitive Dissonance.


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I agree, all metals are becoming more important including lead

TD & CD are spot on

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The 5-year lead chart shows lead down significantly off its peak at the start of 2008 from ~$1.75/lb.

If lead were to rally past ~$1.85 today, then it would merely have kept up with inflation from that time.  That means an 85% rally from friday's close.  Considering that there is no debt bubble being inflated any longer, and that commercial banks are off-loading their proprietary trading monopolies on commodities futures, I would say that likelihood of that happening is pretty slim.


(using Tom's Inflation Calculator  http://www.halfhill.com/inflation.html )

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Inflation, what inflation ...



Wal-Mart Quietly Raises Prices
August 10, 2010

Wal-Mart Stores (WMT), which for years has touted its prowess at lowering prices, has been doing the opposite as it tries to bolster its bottom line amid stagnating sales.

A JPMorgan Chase (JPM) study of a Walmart Supercenter in Virginia found that the world's largest retailer has raised prices by nearly 6% on average over the past six weeks, according to the New York Post. Reuters says it was the biggest sequential increase since JPMorgan started the study in January 2009.

Some Prices Hiked Over 60%

Some of the price hikes were considerably larger. For instance, the price of a 32-ounce bottle of Windex household cleaner jumped 50%, a 12-ounce box of Quaker Oats instant grits climbed 65% and a 50-ounce container of Tide detergent rose by more than 50%.

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You can get some inflation in a depression, though I presume its comes through the formerly subsidized retailer/airline operator/food distributer as all of these have been backed up with either municipal or state subsidies.

As long as the discount rate remains stubbornly  below 0.5% because of overwhelming demand for short term treasuries, then any notion of reflating debt and thus prices in commodities has to take a back burner, simply because the same rate of lending to game the commodities is completely gone.

TIPS yields are going lower, which means inflation is very muted.


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High energy import prices, rising capacity utilization and velocity of money, all will push inflation going forward. As oil moves higher this will also have an influence ...


Consumer purchasing power fell hard in the early 70's just before inflation came home to roost' ... same thing is playing out now.

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Its a difficult call to make, for sure, since Merril Lynch lost money betting on rises in interest rates.

By my book, I would say not all equities will rise, but only those expected to see improved fundamentals, which so far has not occurred.

And, as an addendum, currency swings will catch most by surprise, such as a Yen melt-up, as has the Swiss Franc  melt-up, or possibly a modest Loonie meltup.

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Inflation at the grocery store is at least 20% YOY; check out your receipts.  Many manufacturers are downsizing containers but keeping the prices the same.

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Stealth inflation ... harbinger of things to come.


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The products have been downsizing for a while (deodorant, TP, soap) and they can no longer go that route and if our most efficient discount retailer is stagnating, what does that say about the consumer at U6=20%. They are at, what, 1/3 of their work income.

Can they pull this off without consumers? How is inflation going to make it better by itself? By making the homeowner feel richer. This route is going to take forever or end abruptly.

High speed train/brick wall of gold... coming to a Qtr near you.


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I think he meant copper clad, expanding gas propelled kind, not the monfilament launched, underwater kind

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I suspect they weren't talking about investing in lead in commodity form...

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I think the type of lead most people on this site are referencing comes prepackaged in 138gr and comes with an attractive brass display stand. Cost varies but $390/case is in there.

It is usually purchased as an insurance product for your Au and Ag holdings than as a straight play itself. While subject to violent price upswings on the slightest negative rumor, it is virtually impossible to get anyone to part with holdings except in the most dire circumstances.

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And for further clarification, not all projectile-based lead is copper and brass adorned.  I'm old time, and don't need that fancy, expensive stuff.

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It sounds like you're in for some major hurt the next few quarters, but good luck to you anyways.

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Be careful with XOM.  While I agree with you that oil is likely to inflate, and probably hyperinflate, XOM may not perform as expected due to gov't regulation, taxation, etc.  Better to own the commodity itself.

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Yup, the real gains will be in the upstream part of the O&G industry, one in which ExxonMobil doesn't participate in heavily, relative to the downstream (ie: main street) part of the business, in which, XOM is fairly dominant and recognizable.

The best gains will be in those who own physically producing assets.  Not refineries (which, as oil depletes, will suffer increasingly low profit margins and decreasing utilization!), not retailling/marketing.

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Exactly.  XOM supplies only 60% of the oil it refines internally.  The other 40% is bought on the world market at high prices.

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XOM has some great qualities ... China's voracious appetite for black gold will help drive oil....

Minimal use of corporate debt

ExxonMobil’s second quarter 2010 earnings were $7.6 billion, an increase of $3.6 billion from the second quarter of 2009

ExxonMobil completed the merger with XTO Energy Inc. Through this transaction, we have acquired a resource base in excess of 45 trillion cubic feet of gas equivalent at a cost well under $1 per kcf equivalent.During the second half of 2010, we plan to further increase activity in Haynesville, Fayetteville, Marcellus, Eagle Ford, and Bakken shale plays.

ExxonMobil reached a significant milestone in the expansion of our integrated chemical and refining complex in Singapore, with the arrival of seven world-scale furnace modules.

Combined with ExxonMobil's state-of-the-art proprietary technology, these furnaces are part of a feed-flexible steam cracker that will have an ethylene production capacity of 1 million metric tons per year. In addition, the expanded complex will produce a range of premium products to capture demand growth in Asia. The anticipated mechanical completion and startup activities will be phased in beginning later this year and continuing through 2011.

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Oversold based on what?

We've already had a rally that has taken the Slow STO on the monthly chart to nearly overbought territory.

STO on weekly and daily, and lesser charts is already showing a topping motion.

I think we can run higher, but not that much higher.

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Oversold ...

Long term for high quality stocks. XOM, NO, GOOG, Infosys the list goes on ...

I just think you can invest in some great companies now and at the end of 2011 people will have wished they had bought at today's prices...JMHO


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GOOG a high quality stock??  LMAO!

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Computer industry, household goods, maytag etc will be a smoking pile or rubble by the end of the year. Bonds are going to tank, pm's aren't. Oil will yo-yo.

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Oil will plummet in the short-term, driven down by a further contraction in the credit markets.  Once the financial sector lay in smoldering ruins Then oil will shoot up; but, most people won't be able to affort it, in which case it'll be the rich making the big bids for falling production (and rising production costs due to reduced economies of scale and political instability).

Food prices will go up to their more historical norm.  Disposable income items will drop off a cliff.

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Makes good sense. Majority of oil usage is in construction and destruction. I can see it tanking back to 30 or 40 but they would shut down production so hard and fast it would make your head spin.

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I agree with most of your portfolio positioning. I beg to differ, however, on motivation. At the level of game played by Paulson and the Maestro, they are representing the true controllers of the economic system.  Hence, they are motivated by power and control, not by money since they can print billions at will. If it serves them, they will destroy the system to keep control. Since I see this as a good possibility, I am positioned in gold and certain non monetary assets.

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Is that a good or bad sign that Paulson hired Greenspan?  Wouldn't Kudlow have come cheaper?

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Kudlow on has one hammer:  The supply side tax cut.  He'd remove every tax (except yours and mine) tomorrow.  Dangerous man!

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Cutting taxes worked SO well at creating jobs and preventing the recession, that there's no denying he is right!


Meanwhile, the most jobs created in the last 30 years came after raising taxes.  (which GHWB did, which led to the Clinton boom)

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Clinton boom was driven by the stock market (14 trillion increase in stock holdings over the last decade) , Telecommunications Act of 1996, and NAFTA ..... plus racking up a record, economically unsustainable trade deficit for the United States.

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And then we cut taxes for the rich, much like Reagan did in the early 1980's, and the economy = fail.

If there's one lesson we should learn from the last 30 years it's that tax cuts for the rich and bank deregulation lead to real estate bubbles.

This happened in 1987, and again in 2007.

Both policies were resolved with bank bailouts, stock market crashes, and recessions!

Bush's was just on a much larger scale though.

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and bank deregulation lead to

Rubin under Bill , is a blow job from my daughter incest?, Clinton allowed the bank deregulation to happen that brought us the GFC.

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How about tax cuts for everybody?  Would you be in favor of that?

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Where do you trade? I would like to invest in you and your ideas. Would you please post information about your business?If you do not have these resources please go the  Democratic Underground and troll for Obama bj's.

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But Paulson hired Greenspan, like, over a year ago, at least. Why are we just now talking about it? I suppose we had to wait to see what kind of returns they could produce together with twice the insider knowledge.

It's a good sign for goldbugs when insiders show their hand and it looks like they're going for a royal flush, if you know what I mean.

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This reinforces my suspicion that the Maestro set out to destroy the fiat system on purpose.  That is one sly dog.

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I mentioned this in the comments of another article because I have always had trouble reconciling the man's actions with his thoughts in "Gold and Economic Freedom" - http://www.321gold.com/fed/greenspan/1966.html

Another reader replied and gave me this very interesting link: http://www.roadtoroota.com/public/190.cfm

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Bix Wier and his Road to Roota series has been highlight by Bill Murphy on www.lemetropolecafe.com over the past years.

Bix has a very interesting take on the Fed and is well worth the time and effort necessary to understand his thesis.

It is only lately that he seems to be gaining some traction and getting his ideas out to a wider audience.

It would be a very educational read for our young friend {and all around pain in the ass}, JohnnyBravo, to read and understand.  After all it is based on a comic book.

Hey...Nothing wrong with comics!

Maybe Paulson hired GreenScam for a very good reason. 

I am sure Bix will have lots to say on this.

GO GATA !!! 

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Go GATA!  But Road to Roota is a mix of excellent conspiracies with a great deal of BS tossed in.  The lizard people from Sumeria is more plausible.

zaknick's picture

Reptilian BS? Think again:




How the hell do u explain that????

thesapein's picture

Explain what? Am I supposed to drop acid before watching it or something?

zaknick's picture

Dude, watch his eyes!!!

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I suggest you climb back into your bed, pull the covers up and cower before the Lizard People chill your blood permanently.

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So whadda we supposed to do?  Buy gold and eat reptile sausage?  These people are fucling crazy.  Give Gold Bugs a bad name for Keerist's Sake.
Take some Valium and have the Implant Pried Out.

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HQ of the Lizard People is the Orleans Casino on Tropicana, a few blocks west of the Strip. You can tell by the many alligators roaming the place.  Everywhere you look.    However, it has the best food for the price in LV, big truck parking, and the crap tables are always busy.  The place is crawling with Templars, Masons, Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations wonks.  The tell?  NO REPTILES ARE SERVED ON ANY MENUS IN THE CASINO.  I checked.