"Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds" still not available on Kindle

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Well Amazon's chart looks similar to Gold's chart, so you'd think that at least the people on ZH would be extremely bullish on it.
I guess that there are two kinds of analysis - analysis and wishful thinking...
I think that Amazon might be overvalued currently, but I still like it's future prospects.  I spend GOBS of money on Amazon every year.  Any time it's hard to find anything locally, I bust out the checkbook and surf Amazon.  Plus, its prices are so much better than other retailers.  I got a 200 something dollar scope for my gun for 85 bucks on Amazon.  I consistently save money on ink for my printer, on textbooks for school, and on music and pretty much anything else.

I do think that the stock has run too far too fast, but I also see enormous potential in the future of the stock.  I think that Amazon is the Walmart of the web with a market share that will only increase.
Is the stock fairly valued?  I don't know, I haven't done the proper analysis on it - but that descending triangle on the chart looks pretty ominous.

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For anyone interested:

AMZN daily and weekly charts are both bearish.





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"...combination of onetime bank injections (via AIG CDS unwinds) catalyzing a negative convexity dynamic hedging-driven short covering rally and the combined effects of QE liquidity and the USD-funded carry trade."

In other words, Bull shit.

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I bought my copy of "Extraordinary Popular Delusions.." from Amazon back in 1998.

Still read through the first three chapters occassionally for a laugh.

Best part- page 58. Describing the sale of 1000 shares of stock in "A company for carrying on an undertaking of great advantage, but nobody to know what it is" within a period of five hours.

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The Gutenberg project has been posting public-domain works online since the days of FTP yore. Pretty sure that's still available for download. iPhone app Stanza has a link to these titles and more.

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Or in HTML or PDF



Ahhh, poor greedy capitalists... so often you complain about others getting stuff for cheaper or for free because they just simply make the effort to look. Is it greed or is it jealousy?

I wonder.

- D'oh, person below already has the site. Ahhh, beauty at it's finest!

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Not available on Kindle, but pull it up on your iPad here.

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I have an analog copy, thanks. Viva the Tulip Bubble!

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I'm waiting for an apple tablet thingy, the oversized iPhone thingy that runs on FreeBSD I mean Apple OS Panther or Stankhole or whatever they renamed it instead of saying FreeBSD.

With that, I can PRON!!

Teh intardwebs. You founded them.


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amzn is a pos

rimm= pos




nflx=super pos

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Thanks for promoting my book.

But how do I collect royalties from my grave?




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That's why it's called "public domain", Charles.

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Amazon stock up on crappy products at shitty prices...

Isn't that the Amerikan way?

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The iPad isn't a direct Kindle competitor any more-so than a laptop. Perhaps you've never used an e-ink display and don't understand the advantages over traditional LCDs.

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