Failed Bailout Contagion: Portugal CDS 40 bps Wider On The Day, EURUSD Now Worse Than Friday Close

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Although since Ireland is now also wider on the day, it is not really contagion. It is more failed bailout. And the EURUSD is now below Friday close. The market now believes the Irish bailout has failed.

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Ptisch... DOWN BOY!

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you mean no bailout girly man rally today?

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But...but.....but......HarryWanker said there would be one.

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Dammit! Well now Im sure Harry has changed his trade and didnt get burned at all buyin the dip.

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C' know the Wanger only trades one fucking stock...and it's up $3.36, so in his world, it's all green.



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Where is that Nerd by the way?? A fool of fools...

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dont worry, we just need to bailout the bailout...

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They are gonna shake this tree till they get all these packages bloated, signed, sealed and delivered. Rhetoric is not enough for those on the hook.

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This whole game feels like an inward moving death spiral. Start with far outliers (Iceland, Zimbabwe), move closer, PIIGS.... then a core country here or there (Italy is kind of core/non-core).....

The question then becomes, in the western world, is the heart of the spiral centered in DC or London? Who will be the last man standing?

The permenant members of the UN Security council perhaps. Because soon, this game is going to be taken a few notches higher and the Blue Helmets will be called to action.

And please note, they (UN) can send in people of different nationalities into different nations, so no patriotic bull-shit, just following orders is all.

Interesting times indeed.


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Since I read Spanish, I read the first link. Wow! I'm saving that website! Thanks! I pulls no punches, and deservedly so!

sbenard's picture

Since I read Spanish, I read the first link. Wow! I'm saving that website! Thanks! It pulls no punches, and deservedly so!

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Portugal & the USA have the same percentage debt to GDP.

Watch Portugal because as they go so eventually do we!

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Well, Portugal have an effective average tax rate of 36.8%, whereas the US have 28.9%, so on this metric, the US is actually in a worse state.

The US do, however, control their own currency, and have access to nuclear weapons and can bomb any country to smitherines, so that might make up for it...


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Does that figure include pensions, which are a separate tax in the US?

Also, does it factor in the payroll tax paid by employers?

And FYI, nukes and military might don't count for anything when your potential enemies are also nuclear armed.

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It's Tax/GDP. Yeah, I know you can drive trucks through the holes of these metrics, but a metric is better than no metric.

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Great work TD


May I be so bold to say there are no bailouts,  never was or will there ever be.!


the lone wolf . out ahead of the pack



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It's funny. Sovereign bankruptcies are the new normal. Nobody gives a damn, including me. As long as the ECB/IMF will not be bankrupt themselves, the whole Europe can go bankrupt without problem.

100 billion there, 500 billion here, this is meaningless because the resources of central banks are unlimited.

Sure, we will have a Ponzi scheme of 500,000 billion euros supporting a ridiculously and horribly bankrupt eurozone. But who gives a damn? As long as central banks are here... this is just numbers on paper.

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Grant Says Ireland `Going Bankrupt,' EU Rescue a `Sham': Video


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Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling.. I think its time for the Irish to rise up and throw off the chains..  should'nt be long now

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Great call, Orly!  Wherever you are, stand up and take a bow.

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MsCreant's cat could have called that one.

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Word! Lots of skepticism last nt coming from him (and some others including me:)).

Nice to see market is further discounting this failure.

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Gold up 0.40(40cent bitchez). A stunning reflex rally. Feeder Cattle outperforming gold.

Some may call that the writing on the wall.

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Yes, some might.  They are known as the wholly ignorant.

This is options expiration week.  Gold and silver are down 90% of the time, as the EE hammers prices to prevent delivery.  Both are holding up better than they do most of the time.

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We can only hope that there are enough buyers out there to block the shorts from decimating silver and gold. The concerted London/NY stomp parade usually finds G and S much lower at Op EX.

I'm ready for Chilton to anounce......anything really.....about the "criminal activity" in the PM trenches.

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So JPM and HSBC are short as fuck, caught in an RICO trap, unloading & shredding, and you think opex is having a negative impact on price?

What planet are you from TM?

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Sadly, I live in what passes for reality these days.  You see, you are assuming that JPM and HSBC are acting in their own rational self interest, rather than simply shuffling about their daily routine like the zombie banks they are.  

They are hardly unloading at all.  Do you read Harvey Organ?  If not, I would suggest you start. is also excellent, and shows continuing price manipulation in the charts.

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Hey, by the way, if any national leader of an "about to go up in flames" nations has a third assistant reading this blog, tell him/her that I can help.

Seriously. 9 months to re-birth, free from the shackles of outside money and a military no one would even dare shake a stick at.

Island nations with some good highlands encouraged to apply.

Naysayer junks encouraged, it will help draw attention. Thanks for your junks in advance. I promise I won't touch them.

Thanks TRAV. ;-)


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Guardian newspaper in the UK now using ZH as a source.  Well done!


1.47pm: The Irish bailout has failed. That's the stark verdict from Zerohedge, the financial blog, after the euro slipped into negative territory today.

Having rallied early this morning to a high of $1.3785, the European single currency is now down to $1.362. Zerohedge's verdict is clear:; background-position: 0% 0%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">

The market now believes the Irish bailout has failed.

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the last few days i have been profitting from PUTs in the Indian market , today i got some CALLs and the markets went up....tomorrow i bet its going down ....but that u will come to know in the very first 20 minutes of trading ...its a traders market...investors should fold ........

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I bet you might be right or wrong.

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We make money the old fashion way, we print it.

Wealth destruction ON. Thx Uncle Ben.

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Looks like Germany is going to win the war afterall. No bombs no invasions, no heros. Just a few keystrokes giving life itself to digital fairy dust to control all of Europe.

Physical currency for the "people " but limited by the time and material required to actually print and distribute it. Infinate digital fairy dust for the central banks backed by nothing other than the continuance of a massive conn by central banks.  

All currencies around the world have already failed miserably because of the rise of the new currency " digital fairy dust ". Fairy dust has no value except to eslave the world.

Gold and silver are the "antichrist" of central banks and their spawn.

Time for people to wake up and reject that which controls them. Dump everything paper or digital. Starve the bastards of their means of control.


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...I am currently in Ireland on a state visit, but in a week or two, if I am still alive, I will next be visiting Portugal.

I love to travel in open vehicles.

The people love me and I love all people of Europe.

hrh, ADF

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Europe is strong, it's people are strong, they love their rulers.

hrh ADF

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"the market believes?" I dont think computers believe in anything, they calculate which way is most likely other computers are going to herd off to. 

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EURUSD long term chart still warns of serious weakness and vice versa USD.