Failure To Reach Budget Resolution Sends Dollar Plunging, Silver At New Post Hunt High

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Following news that an 11th hour attempt to resolve the budget impasse between Obama, Reid and Boehner has failed, the dollar, and all related carry pairs, are getting obliterated. At last check the EURUSD was north of 1.4350, while all Yen funding pairs rose back to intraday highs. Which in this bizarro world also means that futures are now at highs: yes -  a government shut down is bullish for stocks. The good news for those who continue to believe, what is only being realized by others, namely that the dollar's days are numbered is that silver has just touched $39.85: a fresh post Hunt Brother high. Gold is following suit.

And the carry basket:

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I cleared out @ swaps. I saw the spike into Asia. Plus  I want to see wholesale numbers and what Fisher has to say.

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Following news that an 11th hour attempt to resolve the budget impasse between Obama, Reid and Boehner has failed ...


and the converse is.....

    ...when the budget does get passed all the hysteria will pass too and PM's will crash back to pre-hysteria levels....


something else is at play, like, say, war(s) in the middle east and stuff like that there.

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No shit. Maybe they can pull Kosherdakota out of his Minnesota igloo again tomorrow to talk the dollar back up.

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Somewhere a used mattress dealer is missing his sidewalk barker.

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and that mattress dealers name is Math Man.

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I am Long JUAN Silver.

Speak when you are spoken to fly pimple.

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You've got it wrong.  Long juan silver is the ex-billy the bastard.  The retardedness is obvious!

long juan silver's picture

You shouldn't drink and drive. You endanger the rest of us that are responsible.

Yen Cross's picture

You all made me Laugh my third lung out. Love you guys! Fly Pimple? WTF. Never heard that one. A scab on the ass of humanity is my best! A wart on the nose of your ? I'll leave it at that!

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Silver just hit 40.005 for May.  Watched it as it happened. 

Once again, I'm happy and sad.  Happy to watch my account grow.  Sad that it's at the death of the dollar.   

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Who the hell is junking everyone?

mick_richfield's picture

The US dollar is 0.85 ounces of silver.

Federal Reverse Notes are not US dollars.

Long live the dollar.


Fed delenda est.

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Each Morgan dollar contains 0.7735 troy ounces of silver. That goes for the Peace dollar too. Now, the Silver Eagle is a full troy ounce.

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Each Morgan dollar contains 0.7735 troy ounces of silver. That goes for the Peace dollar too. Now, the Silver Eagle is a full troy ounce.

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I am looking forward to some more Junks. You pissant F/X scumbags! I stand corrected. Barney FRANK FUDGE PACKERS!

I think I need to buy a gun's picture

its a good thing mcdonalds is hiring 50000 people for their MCJOBS!!!!! World NEws Tonight assured us that these are moving up the ladder jobs!!!!!!Add that to Home Depots massive hiring this spring and everyone will have a job shortly be shore to add an hour on each end to pay for gas to and from. What a great economy!!!!

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Maybe that's where Fed's "other assets" are going

Long-John-Silver's picture

How are all these new minimum wage employees going to afford $5 gasoline or a $40,000 electric car?

Professor Hindsight's picture

Obama will finance the car with 0 down at 0% for sideways8 months.

Problem solved.

Hansel's picture

∞  <---- that's right, I'm too legit to quit

Caviar Emptor's picture

...and $200/month smartphone plans, $200/month cable and $10 Big Macs?

Long-John-Silver's picture

Ditch cable TV, that shit is obsolete. We get our video over the Internets now.

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Isn't it hard to see on a Commodore 200?

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Picture beer and pretzels being sprayed everywhere. Thanks for the Sarc i needed that smart retort

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yeh the company is on the DOW.  that is all this country is about anymore. stupid fucking junk food burgers.........beam me up scotty wherever you are .........

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Add another hour for the increase in your grocery bill. And, don't forget to add 6 more hours so you can hedge inflation with the purchase of an ounce of silver. Oh, and another hour for the increase in property tax. What! I can't work over 34 hours a week? Wtf! Guess I'm gonna have to work a second job at BK just to pay my health insurance.

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That chart looks psychedelic or my kid put acid in my tea again

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I wish your kids would drop acid into everyone's tea.  That might actually solve our problems.

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He does kinda look like Abbie Hoffman...

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Ah, the Hunt high was $50.

During the Hunt brothers' accumulation of the precious metal, prices of silver futures contracts and silver bullion during 1979 and 1980 rose from $11 an ounce in September 1979 to $50 an ounce in January 1980

mcmoo's picture

Headline reads, "silver at new POST Hunt High".

long juan silver's picture

And what does my post say?

Filthy Rotter's picture

That you don't understand the word "post"?

long juan silver's picture

You obviously insert the word randomly without seeing it. How does your mother feel about the habit?

Careless Whisper's picture

$50 in 1980 adjusted for the always transitory inflation is $128.50


Richard Head's picture

Hey willy the bastard, don't you get tired of embarrassing yourself with your stupidity here, over and over and over again?

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Finally, a relevant number!  Saved me the trouble.

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Hey RR,  Can't tell you how many months ago, I read the nice entreaty by one of the old hands- for the old posters to get back on Zerohedge.  I discovered ZH , I guess, about a year ago, and, I am embarassed to admit, that I took to posting here, like a teen takes to foreplay lubed with buttered popcorn - I loved, beyond compare, this community.  Then, I don't exactly knbow why - well, I was called a sociopath one too many times, I stopped participating.  Of course, as I suspect, I have followed very closely, every day, just without participating - I think there are many old posters doing this.  What I want to say is -  I want to thank people like Rocky Racoon - that have soldiered on.  I  used to say, how much Cog Dis, Do Chen,  Chumbawumba - all of them, mean to me each day. You are all very much appreciated.  My sense is, the discourse HAS deteriorated some - there simply do not seem to be as many knowledgebale people particpating - that being said, we all really do, just wnat the conversation to continue - the Math Man, the Jon Nadler - and, sucks, I can't even remember the names of some of the trolls that preceded them- but we need you all- we need the conversation to continue.  Tyler has done a magnificent job of nurturing this place to mainstream presence- WITHOUT compromiing ANY integrity.  

I wish some of the older posters would participate - I have so sadly watched MsCreant's post become fewer and fewer (I'm melting, I'm melting).    My point is, ZH is such a lone voice- becoming more valuable each day, and let's all make whatever effort we can to keep this alive.  The discourse is getting weaker, not stronger - and we need to Man Up.   Again I thank Racky, and Do Chen and Cog Dis, and Colonel Cooper- and, JFC -  Turd.      And, Banzai, whoever THE FUCK you are in real life - even if you are some Asperger's freako scriptkiddie -  keep it the fuck up -  your image/cultural knowledge is perfect, and your skillset Bespoke.  You, and your audience, are bobbing along in sync-  keep doing exactly what you are doing- and, if you ever get the sense that maybe you have pushed it a little too far-  just step down on that pedal.   I want to see your mind producing images that are as easy as a greased dildo exiting from a seizing meth ho's butt.  

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Just reply "Its highly functional sociopath to you, fucktard".  Great conversation starter.  

Noli sinere te ab improbis opprimi

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I think that WB7 is, in real life, still WB7.

There's no way that a site this good will fail to attract more than its share of trolls, shills, freaks, and twits.  All that is necessary for evil posters to win is for good posters to do nothing.  Don't let the illegitimi carborundum you down.

Now, please excuse me.  I learned from one of the paid establishment shills around here that I can dig up silver for 5 bucks an ounce!   I'm going out to get a shovel.


And ... Fed delenda est.


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The arrival of trolls and misinformation dispensers is confirmation of the importance of this site. I won't be suprised if it is censored at some point.


Res publica mortuus est, vivat imperium

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I'm glad you're still here.  Perhaps, and I say this at the risk of incurring some wrath (junks), the problem is the nature and quantity of articles which are "off topic".   The depth of articles into "real" economics and finance are seemingly less encountered.   Maybe it's just me, but I recall having to look up half the terminology used in articles.   It was quite an education.  Not so much any more?  Like I say, maybe it's just me.

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No shit, but the article states "post" Hunt high.

Albiet not too much longer and the Hunt high will be a distant memory

quasimodo's picture

That time of the month?  Anyone here knows about the $50 threshold during the Hunt run up--your point is?