The Failure to Stand Up to Evil Leads to Insanity, Poverty and the Loss of All Our Rights

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What is it called when someone adopts an irrational opinion than seeks affirmation of said opinion from other like minded individuals?

Is that looking glass self , self fulfilling prophecy, blatant closed or small mindedness or something else entirely?

have a hard time keeping all of the sociologist mumbo jumbo straight.


Meanwhile the greatest source of human oppression and wrtchedness is wholeheartedly endorsed by folks like you,

go figure.


"We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude. If we run into such debt, as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our calling and our creeds...[we will] have no time to think, no means of calling our miss-managers to account but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow-sufferers... And this is the tendency of all human governments. A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for[ another]... till the bulk of society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery... And the fore-horse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression. "


From Jefferson that well known neo con.

 Up to you Saddam would still be killing people and oppressing the crap out of the Iraqi population-we get it already.

Maybe could highlight the 19UN resolutions across four different US administrations the guy was violating along with the economic sanctions being completely subverted by the French and the corrupt food for oil program? Can follow that up with tracing the WMDS the US sold the guy and maybe add in how many Kurds he killed with the means,

can conclude with some theory how he, his sons and their oil money would never, ever be part of state sponsored terrorism,

the outcome obvoiously being they would eventually just abdicate power the oppulent palaces and melt into the sand.

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But who will lead us?????????

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I favored the War In Iraq because I hoped it would destabilize the Middle East. I may have gotten my wish.


Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy.

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I favoured the war in Iraq(only 1 stepping stone) because it will bring the total collapse of the system a few decades earlier

My 1st reaction to 9/11 was laughter, the moths have hit the fire I thought

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Fed Stress Test a Farce



Economics professor and former bank regulator William Black thinks some institutions are insolvent now, like Bank of America.  He wants B of A taken to receivership.  B of A just announced 2 weeks ago that half of its 13.9 million mortgages are “bad.”  Black also says the FASB rules are a “farce.” Late last year, he co-wrote an Op-Ed piece in the Huffington Post that said, This accounting scam produces enormous fictional “income” and “capital” at the banks. The fictional income produces real bonuses to the CEOs that make them even wealthier. The fictional bank capital allows the regulators to evade their statutory duties under the Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) law to close the insolvent and failing banks. . . . We have made the CEOs of the largest financial firms — typically already among the 500 wealthiest Americans — even wealthier. We have rewarded fraud, incompetence, and venality by our most powerful elites.”  (Click here to read the complete Huffington Post article.)

When I was listening to the Fed stress test coverage last Friday, I didn’t hear a single person bring up the enormous “mark to market” issue.   One commentator opined that the Fed did not release the names or outline the problems at the weakest banks in their latest stress test.  He also said it was probably so the banks could not “game the system.” I say the system is already “gamed,” and the mainstream media and, apparently, the Federal Reserve are simply ignoring this glaring fact.  Don’t think you will be hearing much about this story in the future.  The day after the Fed stress test results were released, the U.S. shot 112 Tomahawk missiles into Libya and started a third war.  That knocked discussion on this story right out of the news, but that was probably just a coincidence."


and this...*****

abu grum.

remember that?

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Plainly.. I am Pro Torture.. for people who prey on children.. terrorists.. things like that.. but not for info.. for fun. thats where I draw the line.


the end of pulp fiction works for me, sorry all.. mess with my Country Men / Women and / or Kids and fuckum.


Mis-Treat whomever wanted to kill women and children in this Country so to Cause Terror.. fuckum.


I just dont have any feelings for them.


Now for Bradley Manning.. You do NOT Jail someone for telling the truth.. secrets? bullshit, make a mistake.. fess up and fix it best you can.. but you should be a man about it.. all this spooky shit, spin and or pys ops against "We the People" or the elected idiots even???? fuckum.. more torture for those scumbags who are not honorable who choose to take advantage of "We the Peoples" Trust..

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George, we are in trying times and everyone is stressed. However, some have stood up, some are standing up, and some will stand up. The will to resist, fight, think, be free and keep on keeping on, is not gone. And it is not gonna make us insane.  

Relax a little. You cant change it overnight, your thoughts are read and respected—most of the time. There is perception and absolute. Unfortunately they have to co-exist. Keep up the good work and stay away from insanity.

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Thanks for the words of wisdom ...

In the resolution of the irresolvable paradox lies the truth ...

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Looks to me like people are too self interested to join together to fight corruption. It is the,"all about me" generation.

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I'm wondering if it's more cultural than generational.  Apathy seems to cut across the board age-wise.  My friends are apathetic, their kids are apathetic, and their kid's kids are too dumbed down to know any better.  I don't think it's going to change until people have difficulty feeding themselves imho. 

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Anda little Jet lag

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Good shit George! Good shit.

Funny, torture is a lot like sex in a specific way. They both have a limit. Death and buck nakedness.

First, check out the stoooopid chic mags at the Try-N-Save, not only do they have clothes that only cover up their privates but they put up propaganda shit like ORGASM! or SEX! or FREE MONEY! shit that grabs your attention. All well and good but once that whore is naked, it's all over. And jeez, those funbags sure look a lot like my old lady's funbags but smaller! It's all the same yet they have to tread that fine line between naked (0) and getting my attention.


Same with torture, thank god. Not as easy as I make it out but just easier to check out. You beat someone so hard to get answers you kill them, game over. Im sure these guys (as bad as they are, we make them out to look like Muther Teresa n shit!) would prefer to be killed over making up lies.

The whole thing centers around caring. HOWARD ROARK is my man. He is the man. He is the main character of Ayn's The Fountainhead. Unbelievable novel. Roark was the most powerful because he didnt care about jack shit. It is so worth the cost to buy a used version.

I did love the first part of the interesting and so true. You can just feel it.


King of the hill....everything you need to know you learned by 5! You know it's wrong to kick Al in the teeth at recess but I will do anything possible to stay on top.


Mega Death's Symphony of Destruction says it all....just listen.

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Is evil objective or subjective?

If it is objective, why worry about the motive behind doing evil? Evil is evil, irrespective of motive.

If evil is subjective, you'll never reconcile it. One man's evil is another man's opportunity/alternative/option, etc.

Focus on peoples' response to "evil". Why do they respond to/against it or do not respond to/against it. Mostly, because they have been co-opted in some way. Like Rolfe in "The Sound of Music".

I'm afraid we are all hypocrites.

The silent population has something to gain by staying silent or something to lose by speaking out.   

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Currently, evil is injective.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Currently, evil is injective.

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missed the moron who said that. if you identify yourself as right, or left, or conservative, or progressive, you're missing the point.  Walk through that door, dude, on the other side is freedom to think for yourself.


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why else would the Bush Administration have gone to war in Iraq?

because it was in Israel's interest, Israel organized the 9/11 to frame muslims and then Israel ordered Ameereka to bring democracy to Irag? Isn't that what it was?  That's what I want to know.

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More pertinently, Saddam Hussein himself ran on oil revenues.   All those arms purchases, the osirak reactor way back when, and on and on, all paid for by oil revenues.    I mean, obviously the populations of these countries would have maximum 5 percent of their current population level without the oil under them.     So yeah, the whole fucking thing from beginning to end is 95 percent about oil.   Duh.   So what?     Canada is also at least somewhat about oil, but it isnt making a lot of trouble, so we're not have a war about it.

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"and others say that the Iraq war was really about oil."

If so...why don't we own it all now at below market prices?

Your premise is conquest...we are the victors aren't we...where is it? The oil is going to other countries/ the argument/position is a fail.

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You miss the bigger picture. It was protecting Saudi oil from renegade Saddam. That's the plum in the oil patch. That Iraq now sells its oil to all at market prices doesn't hurt the US corporates. They are the America the plutocracy in power in Washington defends, always has been thus. So this oil patch strategy is NOT about selling CHEAP oil to US population. It's about CONTROL of oil patch, all of it, by west and then big profits for US corporates. That is the reality today as before. Sharing with local potentates is OK if they are part of US team. That's part of NWO. A large part of US war effort was paid off by pumping Iraqi oil FREE to US interests as retribution. That phase ended with creation of surrogate Iraq govt. Capito?

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"Sharing with local potentates is OK if they are part of US team. That's part of NWO. A large part of US war effort was paid off by pumping Iraqi oil FREE to US interests as retribution.That phase ended with creation of surrogate Iraq govt. Capito?"

China signed a three billion dollar deal back in 08...China is not on the "US team" or part of any NWO outside of their own national interests.

I'm gonna need some hard core data for the "free retribution oil" given out to our friends to, somehow, pay us off for war costs...because that my friend, didn't happen...and I'm callin ya on that one...unless your implying that China is one of our "interests" ;-)

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the Iraq war was really about oil.

and now I know.  thanks.

GW, who organized the 9/11?  Have you looked into Dimitri Khalezov's story? i.e. (26/26)

and here's a quick summary of the 26 part video:

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I wrote an essay in college in the '70s based on the "obedience" experiments conducted by Stanley Milgram.  The concept that people could be blindly obedient fascinated me in a "Wow! That's hard to believe" sort of way. I found it difficult to wrap my head around the fact that most average people could be verbally coerced to engage in really "evil" acts by an "authority figure".  I couldn't figure out why these people wouldn't or couldn't question authority and simply refuse.

Then in 1986, a friend and I were staying in a high-rise hotel in Manila a couple of years after Benigno Aquino, Jr. was assassinated.  At that time, there were a huge number of Aquino supporters (EDSA) peacefully protesting against the Marcos regime.  I remember looking out the window of our hotel and seeing military landing craft crossing Manila Bay and wondering if the US Navy was having some sort of combined exercise with The Philippines.  Later that day the "Talking Head with a Lot of Hair" showed up on ABC's Nightline and started spewing this line of bullshit about how there were massive protests in Manila that required military intervention.  I remember looking at my friend with sort of a wide-eyed amazement.  "Dude!  Did you just hear what I heard?"  The report of that specific event was totally sensationalized.  The demonstrations consisted of well-mannered, friendly, yellow-clad, Aquino supporters peacefully demonstrating in central Manila.  But the "Talking Head with a Lot of Hair"  was making it sound like there were some sort of major uprising or riots throughout the streets of Manila.  Yes!  There were large "localized" demonstrations, and yes, it retrospect, it could have gotten really ugly had the military decided to start shooting their fellow countrymen, but all around Manila it was essentially business as usual.  That was a defining moment for me.  It was the day that I literally "Dropped Out of the Matrix".  That was my first glimpse at how the Main Stream Media distorts reality.  I was there, I saw it, and what I saw was different than what was being reported by the "Talking Head with a Lot of Hair".  Since then I look at all news and commentary with a questioning attitude, regardless of its source.  And I try to gather as many different viewpoint as possible before I form my own opinions.  I also find that I'm willing to change my opinions if I'm able to substantiate facts to the contrary of my present views.  So my views tend to change over time with the quality of information that I get.  But, yeah!  The majority of people I know will hold an opinion come hell or high water (no nuclear melt-down or tsunami pun intended), even in the face of proven facts that counter their opinions.  And, boy, can they get upset!  And most of the people I know form their opinions based on the watered-down pabulum that is fed the general public by the MSM and other conventional media channels.  Go figure.  So yeah, there aren't many of us who are fully awake, and I'm pretty sure that is how the global elites want it.  Actually, I'm pretty amazed at the scope and the effectiveness of their con job.  They do a pretty good job of keeping the masses asleep.  Well, until they start fucking with the masses ability to meet their most basic needs like food and shelter.  Then you start seeing The Philippines 1986 redux -- now in Egypt, the Middle East, Europe, and perhaps coming to a country or city near you too!  I'm sure the White Shoe Boyz are thinking, "Screw the masses -- let them eat iPod."  And history repeats itself...

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Maraming salamat po, for sharing your story.  Consider yourself fortunate for seeing how things really go down long ago.


Regarding GW's article, is the "insanity", "poverty", and "loss of rights" that exists (and grows) today caused by some sick fucks (i.e., "the elites") doing their thing, the "sheeple" who support this system, or by people on ZH and elsewhere who know what's going down but do nothing?

GW is doing his part to make the world a better place.  But we all can do our part to right what we see as wrong in the world.

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Personally I try to bring the most obvious stupidity to my friend's attention.  Unfortunately, most are still too busy distracting themselves with day-to-day pettiness.  I guess when they finally figure out the government is lying to them, inflation is 8 - 10% and growing, unemployment is really 25%+, they too are looking at a pink slip coming down the pike, a loaf of bread now costs $8, and it costs $100 to fill the tank of their Honda which they still own $25K on -- maybe that will shake them out of their stupor and into the realization that the world ain't sunshine and roses!  I think Gerald Celente has it right.  If we can get 20% of the population to wake the hell up, we might have a chance to get our country back on track again.  We can hope.

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+1.  Keep it up, connda.  It may be hard to wake people up but don't get discouraged.  There are a lot of good people out there who Get It, even if you don't know them personally.

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BTW, mabuting makilala ka din Ted.  Boy, it's been a bunch of years since I said anything in Tagalog ;)  Nice to meet a like mind.

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Didn't read the article...or the comments.....But,

Is evil for me to make as much fiat  as I can, and of something bad happens make fiat on that too?

It's always about the money.  At least for me.

Evil that I am :/

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I made it this far:


"Paul Krugman eloquently summarized the truth..............."


and then I had to vomit.


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He might e totally wrong about Keyenisan economics and alot of other things. But he's right on this.

Torture Is Not a Partisan Issue . . . George Washington - Who Was Neither a Democrat or Republican - Forbid All Torture Retired Navy rear admiral and former judge advocate general Admiral John Hutson also said of the Bush torture program:

“Fundamentally, those kinds of techniques are ineffective. If the goal is to gain actionable intelligence, and it is, and if that’s important, and it is, then we have to use the techniques that are most effective. Torture is the technique of choice of the lazy, stupid and pseudo-tough.”

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torture and empathy are mutually exclusive

empathy and psychosis likewise

CEOs, politicians and many in positions of power are psychotic or at the very least exhibit traits consistent with a sociopathic disorder. 

Hare has nailed it and to that end non-psychos exist on borrowed time.

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So do you with your apparent paranoia about "Mubarica", caliphatic vision of surrogate son of Carlyle's bosses, as the recalcitrant, defiant bastard deviant to their oil patch hegemony schemes ...and his twin-tower mayhem co-opted by the CIA/Pentagon to feed its 'patriotic act' scam subsequently at home. It all started through ZIA ul Huq, Pak president, hit man for CIA since 'Black September' uprising days in Jordan, where he led the PAki legion protecting King Hussein in his war against Arafat and the Palestinians in 1970. Subsequently made president by the army, surrogates to US presence in PAkistan, he was missioned by Bill Casey, CIA boss, who told him what to do to create an anti soviet front of muslim fundamentalists against soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 : The origins of the Taliban Frankenstein Monster, pure CIA/ISI collaboration. Ben Laden, the deviant renegade in 2001 was pure "Geronimo" play for continual presence of US troops in Saudi since 1991.There is now a self perpetrating hate thread fed by continual US aggression in Iraq/Afghan. So the USA continues to feed this perversion by its unwarranted acts. It inevitably comes around. Stop the source, you'll stop the boomerang effect. Simple as that. 'Cos this fundamentalist insanity hurts even more the local populace. As its totalitarian. Now the new generation of young muslims are no longer scared of fundamentalist/despotic fear in their own back can see it every day! Brave new world comes to ME.

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Let's end rendition, water-boarding & close down GITMO - thus preserving the rights of KSM - from now on we'll just shoot 'em where we find them - problem solved!

What did we do right after 911? Who should we have gone after?

I'm not a fan of Bush or the Kenyan/keynesian, but I am in favor of an eye for an eye, and suggest we use Dennis Miller's "spork"

George Washington's picture

Gee, that's really tough ... NOT.

What we should have done is used tried-and-true interrogation techniques recommended by the top experts in interrogation.  Techniques designed to LEARN THE TRUTH.

Top WWII interrogators used them to get info from Nazi a-holes.

There is a SCIENCE to interrogation when you want to learn who is guilty. We didn't use that kind.

There is also a SCIENCE of using torture to obtain false confessions.  THAT IS THE TYPE that we used in the last decade.

Since you didn't read the links in the post, I'll spoon feed you:

Apologists for torture say that it was a "necessarily evil" to stop future terror attacks.

However, the top interrogation experts all say torture that doesn't work:

  • Army Field Manual 34-52 Chapter 1 says:
    "Experience indicates that the use of force is not necessary to gain the cooperation of sources for interrogation. Therefore, the use of force is a poor technique, as it yields unreliable results, may damage subsequent collection efforts, and can induce the source to say whatever he thinks the interrogator wants to hear."
  • A 30-year veteran of CIA’s operations directorate who rose to the most senior managerial ranks, says:
    “The administration’s claims of having ‘saved thousands of Americans’ can be dismissed out of hand because credible evidence has never been offered — not even an authoritative leak of any major terrorist operation interdicted based on information gathered from these interrogations in the past seven years. … It is irresponsible for any administration not to tell a credible story that would convince critics at home and abroad that this torture has served some useful purpose.

    This is not just because the old hands overwhelmingly believe that torture doesn’t work — it doesn’t — but also because they know that torture creates more terrorists and fosters more acts of terror than it could possibly neutralize.”

  • The FBI interrogators who actually interviewed some of the 9/11 suspects say torture didn't work
  • A former US Air Force interrogator said that information obtained from torture is unreliable, and that torture just creates more terrorists
  • A former high-level CIA officer states:
Many governments that have routinely tortured to obtain information have abandoned the practice when they discovered that other approaches actually worked better for extracting information. Israel prohibited torturing Palestinian terrorist suspects in 1999. Even the German Gestapo stopped torturing French resistance captives when it determined that treating prisoners well actually produced more and better intelligence.

Still don't believe it? These people also say torture doesn't produce usable intelligence:

  • Former high-level CIA official Bob Baer said "And torture -- I just don't think it really works ... you don't get the truth. What happens when you torture people is, they figure out what you want to hear and they tell you."
  • Rear Admiral (ret.) John Hutson, former Judge Advocate General for the Navy, said "Another objection is that torture doesn't work. All the literature and experts say that if we really want usable information, we should go exactly the opposite way and try to gain the trust and confidence of the prisoners."
  • Michael Scheuer, formerly a senior CIA official in the Counter-Terrorism Center, said "I personally think that any information gotten through extreme methods of torture would probably be pretty useless because it would be someone telling you what you wanted to hear."
  • Dan Coleman, one of the FBI agents assigned to the 9/11 suspects held at Guantanamo said "Brutalization doesn't work. We know that. "

Many other professional interrogators say the same thing (see this, this, and this).

In fact, one of the top interrogators in Iraq got information from a high-level Al Qaeda suspect not through torture, but by giving him cookies.

And top American World War 2 interrogators got more information using chess or Ping-Pong instead of torture than those who use torture are getting today.

And the head of Britain's wartime interrogation center in London said:

“Violence is taboo. Not only does it produce answers to please, but it lowers the standard of information.”

Indeed, one of the top military interrogators said that torture does not work, that it has resulted in hundreds or thousands of deaths of U.S. soldiers, and that torture by Americans of innocent Iraqis is the main reason that foreign fighters started fighting against Americans in Iraq in the first place (in fact, the experts agree that torture reduces national security).

And - according to the experts - torture is unnecessary even to prevent "ticking time bombs" from exploding (see this, this and this). Indeed, a top expert says that torture would fail in a real 'ticking time-bomb' situation

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The interrogator~ The story of Hanns Joachim Scharff.  Master interrogator of the Luftwaffe by Raymond F Toliver.  Would give an excellent account of getting to the truth.  No torture involved.

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I have read many of your posts, and agree that there is evil in the world, and that we should not torture. However, I've read KSM was actually the one who sawed of Daniel Pearls head - so I'm "OK" with killing him. If you want to have a trial first, that's fine, but the Geneva convention doesn't apply out of uniform, from what I'veread (but you may research that piece extensively), so correct me if I'm wrong. I don't want injustice - but I'm "ok" with ultimate justice - when justified!

George Washington's picture

You are confusing apples and organges. If KSM killed Pearl, then I couldn't care less if KSM is executed.

BUT by torturing him using torture techniques EXPLICITY CREATED to create false confessions, you have forever lost the ability to find out what KSM really know about 9/11, what role he played, and the full universe of people responsible.

Get it?

nmewn's picture

Rising to the bait once more...

It was, in fact, KSM who sawed off Danny Pearls head (I've already given you the evidence)...not because he was a reporter or an American or a spy...but because he was a Jew. He was not being "tortured" when he admitted to the killing again to the FBI (several times) over coffee and donuts....unless you're saying elevated sugar & caffeine is "torture".

Why is it that you have not written a piece on Barry's Executive Order to close gitmo?'s a recruiting tool for terrorists ya know...what terrorist wouldn't want to leave their current hell hole for it, cool sea breezes, three squares, volleyball, a nice unobstructed easterly view five times a day ;-)

Why is it that you have not written a piece on Barry's drone strikes on a country we are not at war with, a Muslim country?

Why is it you have not written the obvious piece on Barry obligating our troops to another war (and the UN) against another Muslim country without Congressional approval and then jumping on a plane to vacation in Brazil?...Petrobas (a state owned oil "company")?...Soros?...the present President?...recent Interior Dept. OK for >>>floating<<< oil storage tanks owned by Brazil off our shore?

Why is it you have not written a piece on Barry pledging El Salvador 200 million dollars when we don't even have a budget for this year or last? How was this appropriated? The 111th. Congress did not pass a budget last year so where did this money come from? If it's a CR it's nothing new is it?...just camera stuff, right? the point was...?

Why is it you have not written a piece on Barry's exploding the deficit and debt when he campaigned against the last president & Congress (apparently) for doing the same thing?

You voted for the hopey changey sophistry of a "yes we can" cartoon character (Bob the Builder) didn't you?'s OK, your among friends can admit it...LOL.

Ted Celeste's picture


I think you are intelligent and legit.  The stuff you just posted that I can verify is true, and I'll be happy to say that everything you just said is true.

My question to you is: what's your point?

(And for what it's worth, I think GW's premise that we should ask more questions about 9/11 is hopelessly naive.  That said, you are on the wrong side of 9/11 so I'm not even going to go there.)

Once again, what's your point?

Ted Celeste's picture

An hour wait is long enough, no?  Off to bed now.  Best of luck to everyone, including you, nmewn.  We are all in this together.

This "fourth turning" is gonna be a bitch for us all, especially the old folks.


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First, I am happy to confirm that I am quite "legit" ;-)

I live on the east coast, hold a daytime job, usually 5-6hrs. of sleep is enough for that is why I'm not on your timeline.

My point is...GW should concentrate on present issues, not on the past. Am I OK with another 911 investigation, yes. Do I believe it will find that the government hijacked planes and rammed them into mostly civilian targets, no. Was misleading testimony given, yes. Why? To cover up gross government incompetence in allowing these (the hijackers) to be here and live among us in the first place.

It is becoming increasingly obvious (even to the tatooed, nose pierced, droopy panted I-phoners) that this administration is completely clueless...on large issues and small. He makes a Latin American trip and does not go to Columbia or Panama as that trade treaty languishes before the legislative chamber? This would have been the perfect opportunity to use the bully pulpit to get something tangible done...leaving aside comitting our troops to war and then going AWOL.

Barry has appointed no one into his cabinet that has any "real" business experience (Immelt is not a cabinet member...his company could not sustain it's present market cap without taxpayer subsidy and I think we can agree Daley would be considered a banker, not a business man).

So what are we left with as far as competent advisers to this young man who, he himself, has never balanced a business ledger so therefore would not have any idea of the fertile ground required for private business formation to provide jobs and a tax base? A bunch of wackademics who sniff the op-ed pages & negative weighted poll winds in search of a whiff of political direction.

Many warned of exactly this when he was put forward to run.

Now I will turn my wrath on the socialist statist republicans on the other side of the aisle...Grassley, Lugar, Sessions, Boehner et al.

Your party will implode (just as the democrats are doing now) unless you repeal this gift to the insurance companies called ObamaCare and other subsidies to any business (this will go hand in hand with removing the shackles on business brought about by over regulation that makes the subsidy necessary in the first place)...ethanol jumps to mind...reform the tax code to where all pay taxes (no more gimmicky tax credits)...and begin to bring our troops home by closing bases in Europe...and most importantly end the Fed...just ending the Fed alone would make all the other fall into place as then we (the taxpayer) would be on the hook for your decisions and you, yourselves know that would be the end or the beginning of your careers...any intelligent person knows why 200k was put forward as being "rich" assholes have bankrupted the Treasury and had to reach further down into the seed corn.

This seed corn (belonging to all political persuasions) is what will pull us out and it is guarded jealously. A portion of this seed corn is not monetary in is a sense of right & wrong...of good & evil as GW is getting to.

It's time to man up boys & girls.

Off to work...


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All fine, except the part about KSM ever having been tortured, beyond the waterboarding I mean, and the implication that KSM didn't provide rafts of valuable and correct actionable info as a result.   He did.   So this is fever swamp stuff, and it is going on a decade old now.   So, yawn.   

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Yes, I get your point clear as day now, and would agree with your last post completely!


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Dick Cheney given his own country would become Pol Pot.

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Torture is not what America is supposed to stand for.    check

Americans too misinformed, distracted, diverted, apathetic to do anything    check

Close minded people block factual arguments check

Typical GW attack on anyone on the right   check

I'm sorry. I don't think this article really contributed any new insight. And it started out so promisingly.

George Washington's picture

"Typical GW attack on anyone on the right" .

Nope, true conservatives are against torture.  It is only the Neocons and Neolibers that are for it.

For example, retired Navy rear admiral and former judge advocate general Admiral John Hutson also said of the Bush torture program:

“Fundamentally, those kinds of techniques are ineffective. If the goal is to gain actionable intelligence, and it is, and if that’s important, and it is, then we have to use the techniques that are most effective. Torture is the technique of choice of the lazy, stupid and pseudo-tough.”

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I agree with you on that. It is shameful in the face of our Constitution. Contrary to popular opinion, stressful interrogation techniques require highly skilled and disciplined personnel to carry out effectively. Which is not how its usually done. Therefore its a grave error to enshrine such practices in law. If a rogue operator wants to pull a Jack Bauer, then its on their shoulders to face the legal consequences. You have to do what you have to do, but attempting to make it SOP was a grave mistake that has damaged US credibility, lowered deterance by revealing the entire process, and has acted to incite the opposition and assist in recruiting. A huge mistake as a policy.

My complaint is that the article went off on a tangent from the implied title and worked to continue the misleading and increasingly less relevant  left/right control system.

The enemies the world faces are the big government statists and collectivists. The officially designated left/right divide doesn't matter much at this point since they operate on both sides.

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In the middle ages there arose knighthoods to battle the evils of the kings, lords, and barons.  The knights and their chivalrous acts stood between evil and the people.  Might we be developing new knighthoods?  I reference the "Anonymous" hackers who vow to take down Bernanke ( and the kidnappers of Mexico who target the super-wealthy.  Both are called criminals, and gangs of terrorists by their respective corrupt governments. 

As a new nobility takes over world governance might we see the return of the Knights of Malta?