Fake Plastic Rice

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Fake Plastic Rice

Song by Elliott (of Stock World Weekly) & Artwork by William Banzai7

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fake rice
"Fake Plastic Rice" - (To the tune of Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees")
Her cheap plate and old silverware
for her fake Chinese rice dinner
of fake plastic food
that she bought from the local store
in a town that is so damn poor
that no one sells real rice
it fills her up, it fills her up
it fills her up… it fills her up.
It looks like the real thing,
tastes close to the real thing
my fake plastic meal
And I can't help the feeling
that it's slowly killing me
but it's all I can buy
it fills me up, it fills me up
it fills me up... it fills me up.
If I could buy some real food, If I could find some real food
All the time, all of the time.


In case you wondered, the Fake Plastic Trees video is "actually an allegory for death and reincarnation but if you can read that into it you must be as weird as the people who made it."  Director of the film, Wikipedia.

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And the song after Fake Plastic Trees...Planet Telex...

says more about these markets and the coming aftermath of manipulation.  It is all just a simple matter of time.

Planet Telex

You can force it but it will not come
You can taste it but it will not form
You can crush it but it's always here
You can crush it but it's always near
Chasing you home

Everything is broken
Everyone is broken

You can force it but it will stay stone
You can crush it as dry as a bone
You can walk it home straight from school
You can kiss it, you can break all the rules

But still...
Everything is broken
Everyone is broken

Everyone is, everyone is broken
Everyone is, everything is broken

Why can't you forget?
Why can't you forget?
Why can't you forget?

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Where is the box of Uncle Ben's Plastic Rice?

Song is nice though.