Fallout Between Harbinger And Early Backer Harbert?

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ng2amarinefunk (not verified) Aug 20, 2009 8:03 PM

not quite, Harbinger 'owns' Calpine, when the time is right that company which has about 20 gigawatts on-line of combined cycle natural gas electric generation will become EXTREMELY valuable...

for you see, all this talk about local generation of electricity, of solar, of wind, and whatever - all this 'intermittent' power available is at the WRONG TIME, wrong place even 'available' -

thats where 'peaking power' generation, rather than base-load comes in - CALPINE has it, 100% peaking power capability -

it was CALPINE by the way whose power was sold to California 2000-2001 by ENRON power brokers, for JUST THAT REASON, 'peaking-power'  - 

the GRID becomes inherently unstable at about 10% non-standard sources such as wind and solar....

and AND despite Obamas advisors, better networking of THE GRID with more long distance power interchanges, and 'smart load control' at the home/consumer - thats all bullshit PERIOD,

nothing can replace actual LOCAL plant-already-in-place 'peaking power' right now CALPINE is ACTING as if a base load provider - no

so Falcone knows what he is doing, hence the limitations he placed on cash-ins earlier this year - HE is right one, regards the CALPINE component -

there is only ONE item to overcome, is the CALPINE holdings of that Mill Valley, Marin County, California Hedge (whats its name...has some interesting names on the individual investors list too!) THEN 51% control, and a totally new Board of Directors at CALPINE....soon i think