FBI Busts Mastermind Criminal For Issuing Silver Currency, Demanding Repeal Of Fed And IRS; Faces 15 Years In Prison

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Conspiracy against the U.S.?  WTF?  Chairsatan is the one who fits that description.

We are well past the welcome point to Bizarro World.

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 This case and alenikov pretty much tells us what Justice we can expect.




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Interesting quote:

“Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism,”

How many times has Geitner (among others), publically done this exact thing?  So according to US Attorney Tompkins own words, Geitner is a domestic terrorist. 

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who was on that jury??    Blythe? Lord Blankcheck? Timmy & Ben?

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As with most jury trials, government slugs.

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The American people have approved, abetted and carried out the INjustice disseminated domestically and worlwide of the 666 bankster elites.

The "judicial system" has been bought and paid for even with its own Orwellian beliefs and words since about the same time as the federal reserve was created, the income tax instituted, and Woodrow Wilson's "progressives" took command of this country's psyche by always appealing to their lower instincts. Whether it is the inbred racism against black people (African-American in Orwell speak to you) or the bomb, bomb Libya game. This country has forgotten what war in your country really is and, God willing, shall be reminded here shortly when the banksters' turns the guns on you useless eaters. More specifically, increasingly burdensom overhead to their crumbling empire.

I am the voice of your doom.

lmao... It's true and it is a God given, sweet merciful justice (your demise).

Thank you, Lord but I still miss my beautiful, extremely peaceful country.

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loaded jury. i'd like to see where they originated; i would wager an investigation shows they were not randdomly selected without bias from the population.

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Statesville, NC pop 20,000....all of 'em red-blooded Amerikans

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Jesus christ people...  Please just accept that your fellow citizens (a jury of your peers) are sometimes hopelessly out to sea.  The system is designed to work the vast majority of the time...  it does have its flaws...  aside from the fact that this dinglehopper may very well be guilty of the crimes...  (the jury verdict against him notwithstanding).  If you have a problem, at least weave your conspiracy theory around the system itself or the particular laws involved...  the prosecuting authorities...  but please do not make up a bunch of bullshit about the prosecutor's dream team jury...  If you have some articulable proof, please share it...  otherwise, this is ridiculous and I will gladly take you up on your wager.

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Just try using a one ounce gold eagle to buy a .99 cent taco and see what happens:


BTW there are a few local stores in my area taking 90% silver coins for goods based on metal value.


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...Wilson's "progressives" took command of this country's psyche by always appealing to their lower instincts.

+1 Trillion

The main ones being, Fear and Envy

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I assume he will appeal the outcome.

It is interesting that the prosecution would cite as the foundation for it's case the very Constitution which gives only Congress the power to coin money...which it abdicated to the private Fed (which it Constitutionaly does not have the power to do, as it is not theirs to give or take away).

In essence, the state has prosecuted a private individual for doing the same thing they did...the only thing that jumps out at me on a counterfeiting charge is he used the dollar sign and the words USA...which can easily be mis-construed as "legal tender"...leaving aside the larger issue of duplicity.

That is, they did not change the Constitution by calling for a Constitutional Convention in order to abdicate their responsibility to coin the nations money, they merely passed a law as if it were a Constitutional Congress...two separate things I think.

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It's sad the American people don't practice jury nullification. No matter what law someone breaks if a jury believes the law is unjust then no conviction.

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Absolutely right. The fact that a jury are never instructed of their right to do that is in and of itself quite a telling trait of our "justice" system.

And also...the jury deliberated for just "two hours"? WTF???????????

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Depends on the court...  and, further, depends on the counsel...  I hope the defense attorney at least made the jury aware during closing...  just a friendly reminder.

But, if you don't want to get busted for minting your own currency that competes with the dollar, then do not try and pass off your coins as substitutes...  how is it that apmex coins or other silver coins are perfectly permissible?  It's not magic...  don't put $, dollar, etc. on them...  simple as that.  The act of making silver coins is not illegal... 

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Many attorneys and judges view jury nullification as an affront to their powers as judges and attorneys therefore you will rarely (if ever) find an attorney or judge who will condone it let alone encourage it.

It really is fucked up beyond description. And, when you realize it is our right to such action and we are deprived of it...it is maddening that judges and attorney take such an attitude towards it.

However...that's not to say that jury nullification has not played a role in a few high profile cases. Most notably, Oliver North and Marion Barry. How do you like them apples?:-(

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Sorry, your notable meter is a little out of whack.  The most notable is the O.J. Simpson case.


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I thought the acquittal of the officers beating rodney king was a pretty obvious nullification too...  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1992_Los_Angeles_riots

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ARE THERE any organizations that are producing television and other media that INFORMS about the right of jury nullification?  If so I would gladly donate as much as I could. On a similar note, I recently heard a great commercial for medical marijuana legalization... albeit , it was oN FREE TALK LIVE RADIO, but still, I believe those of us who are not watching the TV PROPOGANDA WEAPON any longer should be turning it into our own devices.  anyone already doing this?  I guess the Building what? campaign

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Yes there are Jury Nullification advocates out there...and they too are being sent to jail...Seriously.

Check this out:
Jury Nullification Advocate Is Indicted

Is this a fucked up country or what?

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I advocate jury nullification...  It's an intricate part of our complex legal system...  namely, the LAST safeguard against legislative tyranny.

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Jury nullification of the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act and subsequent passage of Graham-Leach Bliley...and TARP and all the other acts that the Federal Reserve has taken on it's own to pass out TRILLIONS of dollars to the bank cartel. Jury nullification could set the stage for righting of the massive wrongs that have been done since Glass Steagall went down.

(How wonderful for all the big bank big whigs to have their pay for the last 10 years clawed back to the levels of un40xlevered levels.)


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A Judge TELLS the jury how and what they can do.

He also tells them they must folllow HIS instructions.

IF you tell a Jury they can claim a law unjust, you will be arrested.(if in session).Even though they are perfectly within their LEGAL rights to disobey his instructions.

What are laws for, and for what purpose do they serve any longer?.When your own Gv't breaks them at will,to punish the innocent.

I see a BAD moon rising.

(this dude screwed up, and broke the law),he was guilty.

He just did not use his head.

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He was found guilty. True. And there is a law against what he did. True. However...jury nullification allows for the jury to also ask or determine if that law is in and of itself a just law or if the law the person is being charged with breaking is being properly applied against the defendant. These are the questions that judges and attorneys do not want a jury to ask, even though it is their right to. In fact...they don't even want the jury to know that it is within their power to determine if the law is just or being properly applied against the defendant.

This is a big issue that deserves much more attention. If people were more informed of their rights as jury members, I think you'd see some laws change due to the inability to convict. If enough jurys nullify a particular type of case over and over...it is a reasonable assumption that the law in question would soon change. Such as...marijuana possession perhaps? Or no refusal check points maybe? It would shift the power back to where it belongs...the people.

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Conviction rate at a Federal jury trial is something like 99%.

If you waive your right to a trial by jury in favor of trial by judge, your chances of acquital increase dramatically-- can't remember the exact numbers but the conviction rate drops to something much more reasonable like 60%.


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How many times has Geitner (among others), publically done this exact thing? So according to US Attorney Tompkins own words, Geitner is a domestic terrorist.


No, they are part of people who get a free pass, among others.

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What will this do to the several states accepting Silver and Gold?

I know it's US Legal Tender, but there will surely be bartering.

Also, this guy's first mistake was calling it a Dollar.

Gotta KNOW Constitution,Amendments, and BOR's.

If you do not KNOW what your RIGHTS are, you have none.

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Nothing?  The lesson here is, don't try and pass off your bullshit coins as united states tender...  the government has a monopoly on issuance of its own coins...  like it or not. 

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the statement:

“Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism,”


is a declaration of war by the prosecution on it's own country.


Citizens, consider yourselves attacked. Oh, you didn't feel it?

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Funny they never mention that they stole all of the silver that was backing the currency.

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yea i'm confused about that. does he owe 250k for each of his two counts plus loose 16k pounds silver?

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On a positive note, the silver shortage is over, so now the US Mint can stamp some coins.  

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No, they did not steal the Silver, he committed a felony, and in being found guilty, ALL HIS property will be confiscated.

Home, cars, boats, etc, whatever.

A several year old law(from RICO)meant originally ONLY for Mafiaoso' and Drug Dealers, made its way to anyone.

 I believe, to really be a warning to not fk w/ Da boyeez.

The agencies involved will get the funds, and any other properties, and auction it off, and divide the spoils.

Sound familiar?

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+1   leveraged 30/1 

another fuking travesty by the parasites and their crones in the judiciary 

pitchforks ready, and don't forget the lawyers and judges

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Thank goodness this evil has been taken care of.


Now I can sleep at night.


Were any TARP funds required for this fix?



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Take it easy with the court's stuff Tyler.

I will soon enough make them eat Ipad.

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conspiracy against the United States MY ASS!




even as a European I know this... THIS IS FREAKING SAD!



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Funny, just went through my stash and found 3 1/2  ozs of Norfed Silver....maybe it'll be collectible now.

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Did you catch this:

We are determined to meet these threats through infiltration, disruption and dismantling of organizations which seek to challenge the legitimacy of our democratic form of government.

Holy shit! The LEGITIMACY?

If I call a government agent or policy illegitimate, I'm a fucking terrorist? That's what the feeb said!

America is so, SO SOOOO dead.


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That's what they said...

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We are all pariahs in our own home--we have been for a while, but more people are starting to wake up and smell the bullshit.

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at least the parasites were blatantly open about their concerns ..."competition" ...did you notice that?

the States monopoly on money must not be open to competition because the free market provides increasing value whereas monopolies, both State and private, produce shit

stop paying your taxes... it's the quickest and most effective method to collapse this Parasite Club ...you have the power, if enough of us do it (say 5-10% of the population). Civil disobedience, it works wonders 

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Agreed people should stop paying taxes. But only on principle, not for expecting it to have any effect. As I understand it, personal income tax forms only a small proportion govt. cash flow. Most comes from their magic money creation scam in collusion with the banks/FED.

Seems to me the true reasons income tax exists at all, are:

* Allows the govt to keep tabs on what people are doing (earning & spending).

* Conditions people to believe they need to keep records of their finances. This means individuals lose one big advantage over corporations - the ability to act without 'accounting overheads'.

* Conditions people to believe in their subservience to the government, and that the government has any fricking right to know anything about their financial affairs.

* Provides a means to victimize almost anyone, via audits, and the impossibility of conforming perfectly to a tax code so vast that no one can ever comprehend all of it.

* Impoverishes the people. Very important; the last thing the government wants is a cashed-up middle class. Why, they might use their spare time thinking anti-government thoughts, and their spare cash buying weapons.

And also of course, because there IS NO LAW requiring people to pay income tax.


Btw, some Jury Nullification links:

Jury Nullification - last hope for freedom

Fully Informed Jury Association



http://www.chat11.com/Jury_Nullification_California   Cal. fucked. Juror's oath to obey judge.

http://www.erowid.org/freedom/courts/jury_nullification/jury_nullificati... lotsa links


November 6, 2008
Lord Chief Justice: internet generation could be unsuitable as jurors
My comment:
Methinks he doth protest too much. Perhaps his real problem with 'internet savvy' jurors, is that they may educate themselves about Jury Nullification. Something the government and it's pet judges would much rather jurors forgot all about. Despite that it's the fundamental reason for having juries.

By: Alan Stang

A zombie sits down to interview Tom Woods on Tom's latest book, "Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century."

UK factory saboteurs acquitted
07/03/2010 20:40
Activists smashed arms factory to "prevent Israeli war crimes."

Judge Bans Handing (Factual) Pamphlets To Jurors; Raising First Amendment Issues
Radley Balko points us to the news that a judge in Florida has banned the distribution of certain flyers at or around the courthouse. Apparently, there's a group called the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) -- which seems like a pretty good idea. Why wouldn't we want fully informed juries? The group has been handing out pamphlets to jurors which basically say that the jurors should vote with their conscience and not feel pressured into voting against what they believe. Seems like pretty standard stuff.
However, it looks like Chief Judge Belvin Perry doesn't like fully informed juries. He signed an order barring the group from handing out their pamphlets... raising all sorts of free speech and prior restraint questions. In order to try to get around the prior restraint question, Judge Perry stated that this "restriction upon expressive conduct" was "necessary to serve the state's compelling interest in protecting the integrity of the jury system." The judge clearly knows he's treading in free speech/prior restraint waters in specifically noting that it's a restriction of expression and calling out the "compelling interest" line. Of course, you can't just say there's a compelling interest. There actually has to be one, and I'm struggling to see how better informing a juror of their rights as a juror could possibly be about manipulating a jury or would harm the integrity of the jury system. Wouldn't you think a juror who better understand what being a juror means increases the integrity of the system?
It's almost as if the judge is admitting that they want uninformed jurors who don't know their own rights.
It sounds like the group is fighting back, so hopefully the ban will soon be reversed and the judge will be given a refresher course in the First Amendment and free speech.

Judge's order bans jury pamphlets, sparking free-speech debate
Distribution of pamphlets or leaflets designed to influence jurors banned at Orange, Osceola courthouses

FIJA brochures

Jury Nullification Advocate Is Indicted

medicalstudent's picture

on courts:


cause of action - an individual right violating offense which every court predicates its' actions upon.


which plaintiff alleges harm in this case? or a traffic stop? or a drug offense? or plans to commit a deadly public act but does not commit it?


the state is not a valid plaintiff since the judge represents the state.


[(for any imminent counterarguments)

the state has no interests, there is no collective. just the individual exists.]


apparently the most powerful man in the world (unilateral volition affect) needs not to file a valid cause of action.

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So, they'll be going after the Airlines for Airmiles next, I assume?

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