Fearing Global Macro Gods?

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The reigning philosophical construct informing our financial system - logical positivism - will not admit an alternate monetary foundation without the sanction of the ruling consensus. So even when the 40+ year experiment with noumenal currency ends, silver, gold or some other form of objective, non-corruptable money will hardly be welcomed with open arms by the "authorities". To think that the PTB will "see the light" after its generational Ponzi collapses is laughable bordering on delusional. They already know what the reaffirmation of gold means: the end of unaccountable, unlimited power; the end of the Fed. Because real money is self-organising with a modicum of legal infrastructure, custom really, this will not ultimately be an insurmountable problem. But the solution will not come from the "top". The Establishment are Hitler-drunk on the metaphysical Kool-Aid that brought - for a time - absolute power. The hangover ain't a gonna be pretty.

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   "if there is any truth to this"...   WTF! 


 I has been very clear for a very long time that the big Banks, Government and Fed have been attempting to restrain/manipulate the precious metals.

  You are an IDIOT if you still have to "wonder" if there is any truth to this.

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I'm and IDIOT and you're a GENIUS! Are we done playing kindergarten?

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A person can think they know what will happen such as Iran or North Korea maybe it might be global market crash or the dollar being destroyed as the world currency ....but what always seems to happen is it will Not Be anything that we might think will happen.  It will be something that no one has thought of ...that is the way it always seems to be.

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squid fishing 

in the silver mkts...

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"Cant run a marathon with pants down!"- hilarious

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Global silver markets are open-and already up a dime.

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Down at Evil Empire HQ which is really buried under a coral atoll in the Indian Ocean south of Diego Garcia upon looking at the situation for the year ahead the consensus was "Were F****d" the same as 2009 and 2010,after this quick resolution everyone trooped off to break a bottle of Champagne over a brand new printing press and then retired to their rooms to do the really important item of the day,their expenses.

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End the silver manipulation, a Plan for Project Mayhem:

Late night philosophizing and researching led me to this Q&A section with the founders of PayPal. In the video, Peter Thiel talks about how PayPal is NOT a bank but is a payment processor. They do not engage in fractional reserve lending.

The implication of this is huge. PayPal is the ONLY "full-reserve bank" in existence because they store funds but do not loan it out. They do not need FDIC insurance because PayPal cannot have a bank run by design.

Eric Cantana called for a European bank revolt via a withdrawal of funds into cash. That is highly unfeasible because digital cash and electronic payment is a necessity of modern life. Instead:

  1. Setup a PayPal account
  2. Sign up for a PayPal debit card so you can use your PayPal funds for daily purchases, etc
  3. Withdraw all your funds from your Bank of America or other "Too Big to Fail" banks to PayPal
  4. Use your Paypal Debit Card to buy a physical ounce of silver or gold to put more pain to the COMEX naked short sellers. Hat-tip of this idea to Max Keiser of the Keiser Report.

Project Mayhem starts now, carpe diem.