Fed To Announce Details Of $3.3 Trillion Bank Bailout Package At Noon

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Which makes sense as to why the futures are in rally mode. I'll bet they have their entire PD network buying options and SPY futures hand over fist. Pump up the good news of the markets to cover up the bad news in this report...

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you know....the peasants were never supposed to see this.

so...because the government let Ben down and is forcing the reveal....he's not to blame.

yeah, yeah, they stole three trillion bucks (much more truthfully).....but its not Ben's fault cause no peasant was ever supposed to see this stuff.....


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Public anger? Skynet does not compute such data.

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TSA is groping the crotch of my Public Anger.  Et tu, pupae?

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TSA is groping the crotch of my Public Anger.  Et tu, pupae?

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Why do I get a wiki-leak like feeling here?

Massaged data does not make truth. Selective disclosure only increases mystery.




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Don't expect any truth. As with wikileaks, anyone divulging the truth will be prosecuted with the full force of the law!

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JUST LIKE THE 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% OF THE REST OF THE POPULATION!

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." Not all data will be available, however: all important discount window information will not be included as part of this package: "


Thats where the bodies lay

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You are so right. Are there any hackers out there who can find this info out for us?  :-)

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I am sure the information is on non-networked computers if at all.

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You guys are funny. I keep telling you that all this information was tapped, stolen & acquired long ago by the respective intelligence agencies, both foreign and domestic.

The reason they don't divulge their caches is very simple: they currently benefit from the existing monetary regime. Who do you think pays their salaries, buys all their fancy toys, and basically lets them have a pretty good time, all on someone else's dime?

No, nothing is going to happen until a crack appears that divorces the ying/yang symetry. That crack is reduced per capita net energy consumption. Like no tickie:no washie, no energy consumption growth, no economic growth. No economic growth, no ability to service the Ponzi.

Everything has been directed towards kicking the can until a miracle appears. No miracle, then all deals are off as the MIC executes Plan 9 to protect & preserve the interests of the US empire. (And please don't confuse these with anything approaching national defense.)

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They'll never release DW info because it would be a Full Ponzi Exposition! Not gonna happen.

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Turd -

love ur sight and insghts...enjoy the takedown of both metals this morning right at the open n NY??? how obivious does it get....Cheers

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the Federal Reserve will publicly disclose the following information, generally about two years after a discount window loan is extended





Dodd-Frank the antonym of Glass-Steagall

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Eat something sweet for lunch...as you are probably going to puke it up after this is released...

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I was wondering what they were going to do to cheapen the dollar, now that those pesky Europeans have managed to undercut us.

But $3.3 Trillion? Wow. I didn't think Bernake was that desperate or dumb. Amazing.

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Yet remember, that is $3.3 trillion and perhaps used to fractionally reserve and thus multiply it by at least a factor of 9 perhaps.

Of course Bernanke wants a ZERO RESERVE system:

"Given the very high level of reserve balances currently in the banking system, the Federal Reserve has ample time to consider the best long-run framework for policy implementation. The Federal Reserve believes it is possible that, ultimately, its operating framework will allow the elimination of minimum reserve requirements, which impose costs and distortions on the banking system" -- Federal Reserve February 10, 2010


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At noon today, the Fed will provide an information dump identifying recipients of $3.3 trillion in emergency aid which it dispensed as per.......its......interpretation of its mandate following the Lehman collapse.

The most important part of the spin factor is controlling the conversation. By releasing what they wish to release, they will control what is discussed.

As I always say, what's not said is often much more important than what is said. They want us to concentrate on what they are saying. Thus they control the questions and by extension the answers. Don't fall into this trap.

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Bernanke just needed something to tank the dollar, pesky falling Euro was strengthening it too much. Wealth effect must happen.

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SDO, if they tank the dollar, they spike gold/silver.

Are you saying the FED is on our side now? Or is there a counter-counter play?


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more lawsuits coming, trial lawyers and retired judges need new Bently's,


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Fed trying to get in front of Wiki?

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E-mail these Guy's and let them know that thr fed is not a Govt agency, I did.

slanman@bloomberg.net; Craig Torres in Washington at ctorres3@bloomberg.net.

Editor  cwellisz@bloomberg.net.

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TD, typo in the last para:  3.3 billion -> trillion

Guess we've all gotten used to using the word 'billion' lately...  I anticipate that we'll see 'trillion' much more in the coming months.

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...wait till we all see how much Ben has printed up and handed to BAC.....

that will be the end...he will never get another bailout for them, and the stock will crater....

its over.

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If the fed borrowed the money $3.3 trillion over and beyond the $700 billion congress authorizied are the US Taxpayers expected to foot the bill on what was authorized by neither the CON-gress nor the citizens?  If the number of $3.3 trillion is thrown out there how much more was given on top of what is being admitted here?  CNBC talked $13.7 trillion about  a year ago.


At what point can the people dissove the government and form a new one that will serve the people?


At what point can the people outlaw the creation of credit or forgive the repayment thereof?


At what point can the people have a say what happens to them, rather than being told what is going to happen to them by the people elected by them to be their PUBLIC SERVANTS.

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At what point can the people dissove the government and form a new one that will serve the people?


At what point can the people outlaw the creation of credit or forgive the repayment thereof?


At what point can the people have a say what happens to them, rather than being told what is going to happen to them by the people elected by them to be their PUBLIC SERVANTS

Ahhm, only when they are willing to take arms. Good luck with that one here in the US. Revolutions cut into DWTS and Fear Factor time. Of course, if you let people know they can always TiVO them....

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"...there will be enough information to satisfy the most detail-oriented forensic reverse engineers..."

"Yes Officer Obie,I cannot tell a lie, I buried that piece of paper underneath a half a ton of garbage."

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All I want for Christmas is a Wiki-mega-leak from the Fed. And silver bullion.


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Maybe Julian Asage can get his hands on the Discount Window information.  FUCK THE BANKS!!!!

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China is going to increase interest rates by 0.25 basis points during the weekend"
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Clearly the Fed hit a home run by avoiding a systemic failure and ended up with no (1) failures.  They magically turned an incredibly bad situation into a perfectly normal market.  And, who knows, maybe they were doing God's work....

This should be interesting to see how the Fed responds to these pesky requests by commoners.  Maybe something along the lines of, "Nothing to see here, move along"?

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They did hit a home run but we are only in the third inning.   The debt created to patch up the issue will still come due again and will have compounded interest added on.

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Sorry about that.  Forgot to hit. this. button. here. <sarcasm/off>

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"Clearly the Fed hit a home run by avoiding a systemic failure and ended up with no (1) failures.  They magically turned an incredibly bad situation into a perfectly normal market"

Waylon, buddy, going from there to here is slightly more complicated than you imply. The Fed deserves credit only for making things even worse when it finally all ends.

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Wish I was computer savvy enough to hack. Damn!

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Crash pad is being put into place...how unusual.

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Another $3 trillion that will never be lent out and used to prop up the market? Or are these "credits" already in the banking system?

Insanity either way.

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Other than default, how else can you characterize $24 trillion in Fed and U.S. Treasury economic backstopping? Remember, this is in the U.S. alone. Had this backstopping, equivalent to 1.5 times U.S. GDP, not been set in place, the economy of the world would have collapsed.

Question: is this $24 trillion in new currency, $24 trillion in new debt, or something else? Is it a promise? Does it exist only in our minds, perhaps only in our hopes? Is it a lie, or is it true? Remember, had it not been done (so they say), we'd be riding bicycles and cooking rats over burning automobiles. So does it exist, or doesn't it?

So, I wish to revisit the $24 trillion. Do any of you honestly believe they wouldn't print it if they had to? Are we reduced to merely arguing whether or not it will be necessary? In my opinion an argument can be made that they've already printed it, merely by suggesting they would do so if they had to. By their admission, it was urgently necessary for them to announce its possible creation; again, does it exist or doesn't it?

If it exists, the currency has been debased; if it doesn't, then break out the bicycles. Mass realization of this fact has been stalled by a massive misinformation campaign and massive vested interest in the status quo. Which financial players (bankers, economists, accountants, politicians, central banks, etc) are willing to go to bat for reality?

The answer is the same as to the question of who is willing to step outside the two-party political paradigm: almost no one. They all earn their living from the (old) system. They can be counted on to continue supporting the lie.

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The Bernank buys up the used toilet paper from Blankfeins bathroom; Lloyd takes the (electronic) money so that his balance sheet appears whole and his creditors don't call his loans.

Lloyd declares bonuses all around. After all, these guys masterminded the greatest theft in history. Why wouldn't they declare bonuses from the ill-gotten loot ?

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Under what authority FED gifts trillions of dollars to Fraud Street gang. Where in the Constitution it is wriiten that Fraud Street gang will get trillions of dollars gift from FED every month and Main Street will pay the taxes and daily bailouts via POMO?"
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Via bond-flipping POMOs, looks like taxpayers will end up with worthless bonds while the usual suspects will own the entire S&P 500. 

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How come 300 million Americans are sitting silent when trillions of dollars are being gifted to Fraud Street gang every month?"
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Because, so far, only about 12,263 Americans have figured it out.