Fed Balance Sheet At New Record After $11 Billion Weeekly Increase In MBS/Agency Debt

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The Federal Reserve's balance sheet hit a new all time record of $2.2 Trillion in assets, after an $11 billion spike in MBS and Agency purchases week over week. 

  • Securities
    held outright: $1,785 billion (an increase of $92 billion MoM,
    resulting from $2 billion in new
    Treasury purchases, which have tapered off at $776.5 billion, $79 billion increase in MBS and $12 billion in
    Agency Debt), or a $11 billion increase sequentially. 
  • Net
    borrowings: $218 billion. Number for the November 25th week has not been updated.
  • Float,
    liquidity swaps, Maiden Lane and other assets: $195
    billion. The CPFF program was flat at $15.0 billion, a second weekly rebound from the all time low. FX liquidity swaps declined
    by $2.5 billion $26 billion,
    bringing these to another fresh 52 week low. Maiden Lane I
    and Maiden Lane II were at $26.4 and $15.8
    billion, while Tim Geithner's Goldman rescue package better known as
    Maiden Lane III came at $22.9 billion.

Foreign holdings declined by $7.5 billion to $2,925 billion.