Fed Delays Release Of Latest POMO Schedule Due To "Technical Problems"

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From Reuters: "NY Fed delays release of latest treasury purchase schedule due to technical problems." And this from the people who run the world and monetize a trillion+ in debt per year? Why doesn't the Fed tell us the true reason for the delay: Primary Dealer Bank Holding Company Hedge Fund XYZ is holding up the release of data until the exclusive of bond allocations to said bailed out hedge fund is ironed out in exchange for various recent commodity downgrade research reports?

(we jest... maybe).

In the meantime perhaps it is time for the FRBNY to splurge for a couple of Borg drone interns from the Ivy League: NYU is proving dramatically inept at running the world. And a Bloomberg terminal too...

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and they think they are in control LOL

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wait, its goldman on the phone - not yet - we will tell you

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More obvious fraud and no uprising. People deserve what they get. 

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By "Technical Problems" they mean problems convincing foreign entities that printing money and bailing out failures is a good thing.



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lol, Robo got junked off already.

Sorry, Temporalist, that reply wasn't directed at you. :)

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Goldman tells NYU interns  what's up

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Un-Sackin' believable! 

Now its become "you don't tell us - we tell you"

Wow, just wow. 

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The NYU geniuses do not want the Market to price in the next few hundred billion worth of debt monetization yet, because Goldman is enjoying B'nTF'nD.

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Tyler, you're so cynical. Clearly the system admin upgraded all the Fed's Windows computers overnight to I.E. 9 and in the process dumped all the cookies, favorites and passwords in one big crash. Retrieval of the back up off of 3.5 inch floppies is going slowly.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled POMO.

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So...when you run out of buyers...thats what you call it.  Technical Difficulties.


Or was that technical Defaults??

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I say POMO cancelled mid stream - but they are afraid to tell us...

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It really is probably because they cant figure out how to open the spreadsheet or they are waiting on the.geek squad to fix the pc.

I have seen how these high level government operations run. Brian sacks probably has to do it all himself because it is not in his secretary's job description. He probably had to make his own phone call to the.computer repair guy and stay on hold for thirty minutes during a bond auction

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So what? Bernanke will fix this in 15 minutes.

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did they run out of paper????