Fed Frontrunning Update: The 5-7 Year Space Gives Best Returns As The Fed Prepares To Run Out Of Treasurys To Buy

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So I guess the Fed is going to create some fake Treasuries so they can buy them with fake money???

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Actually, you are not too far off... What it means is that the government will need to increase its budget deficit, so that auction frequency goes up (as it is all funded by debt anyway). This is the Fed's reverse inquiry into greater government spending.

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Sickening. With the change in control of the house and the Tea Party furor, I just can't see the Congress actually increasing the budget deficit. Naive? Perhaps. 

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exactly tyler, the name of the game is making sure we keep getting credit/debt growth right?. New debt will be issued to deal with the states/pensions/everywhere else. this new debt will be montetized so we can get some new money in the system to pay interest on all the old debt. The ponzi needs constant linear debt growth to keep the game going.

am i close?

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My first thought on how the US could possibly spend even more money:  TARP2 or $1 trillion in additional stimulus.

Just Print, BABY!!!


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So Benron's helicopter is going to hover over the Capital building for the foreseeable future? Trillions from heaven.  To paraphrase Rep. Pete Stark, "the more the FED can print, the wealthier we are."

WB7 there has to be a picture in that idea.


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Newbie question perhaps, but I thought the Treasury had a lot more debt to roll than just the absolutely new debt caused by deficit spending. 

Also, the outstanding treasury debt is marketable, so what stops the Fed buying that up?   There's plenty out there.

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and consider the snow ball effect....

At some point, which might already be behind us, this is going to gather a momentum and compress time. What used to take years or months will happen faster and faster and faster..... that would be where you get the hyper in hyperinflation.

Is this a "conspiracy theory" or reality?

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Nothing is stopping the Treasury from issuing 'supplmental bills' over and above the amount needed to finance the government.

Keep in mind that about $200 billion in these supplementals were issued about a year ago, and have since not been retired.  The objective back then was to prevent T-bill rates from going below zero.

I suppose it's possible to extend the supplemental concept out the yield curve.  The problem with supplementals is that if the Fed doesn't buy them, they soak up money out of the financial system.

Anyway, thanks Tyler for keeping on top of QE2.

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Just start bringing some off-budget stuff back on budget LOL

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I am sure CALPERS, Illinois teachers, Chicago transit workers and Birmingham waste treatment folks will be mighty pleased to hear that the feds are going to take care of the state, county & municipal pension nightmares.  Should be good enough to carry 2012.

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Exactly, this is a good time to lower taxes to 0.


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Thanks Ty - thats the good ZH stuff!

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Sorry for posting blatantly off-topic.

But does anyone know who CORN doesn't seem to be trading today? SOYBEANS has another significant increase today, but WHEAT is down.

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See Committment of Traders with Options week ending 09/28/2010 latest available.

Both Corn and Wheat have reached extreme levels on the long side, so a correction in price should be coming.

After the price corrects both s/b a BUY.

Price objective Wheat 756 to 782

Price objective Corn  605 to 640

Fundamentals , supply and demand, weather, food inflation, declining dollar etc will all play a part in future price action.

Hope this helps


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picture yourself on a boat on a river with tangarine trees and marmalade skies...somebody calls you you answer quite slowly it's the Fed with kaleidoscope eyeessssss.  Newspaper Taxi's appear on the shore waiting to take you away...Climb in the back with your head in the clouds and you'rrrre GONE.

Benny's in the sky...with Diamonds!

Benny's in the sky...with Diamonds!


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Iran announced late last month that its foreign currency reserves would henceforth be held in euros rather than dollars. Bankers remember, of course, what happened to the last Middle East oil producer to sell its oil in euros rather than dollars. A few months after Saddam Hussein trumpeted his decision, the Americans and British invaded Iraq.


...follow the $$$$$?

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Only a moron would invite China's currency into their basket.

Unless China is planning a MASSIVE deflationary appreciation and collapse in their export margins in order to sit at this table.

Look at what the USD reserve has done to the US...all our trading partners have pegged to us and systematically eaten every industry we had. 

Every single one of these effing nations is going to buy dollars with both fists in order to maintain their own cheapness!  Fuck them all.

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lol. Look who got a job guys!!! He's not front running Tyler's ever post with an almost brainless "Bitchez" at the end of his half sentence comment! Congraduations Trav.

I don't care if you're just a bagger at my local grocery store, you're finally out of the basement!  

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The problem, as we also concluded, is that there are simply not enough Treasurys across the entire curve, in existing or projected issuance, to satisfy the Fed's possible total monetization needs!

The "problem" is easy to solve. Just get those Congressional critters to ramp up Federal government deficit spending, which requires even more Treasury issuance, which can be bought by our accommodative Fed.

Remember, the more debt you have as a nation, the richer your nation is. I heard someone in authority say that once to some dunce who was interviewing him.

Now, where do I send my bill?

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Was that 'someone in authority' named Helicopter Ben by chance?

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Nope, Congressman Pete Stark, have you seen this SheepDog?



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yes, this interview is one of the most disturbing that i have seen.  the inmates are running the asylum. 

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OH Pete Stark, yes of course and I should have known because I saw that speech clip before!

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"The larger the national debt, the wealthier we are. It's an indication of the wealth of the country."

It's an indication alright, an indication you're listening to a sociopath. 

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It seems that the sociopath would not be Pete Stark here, but the economics professor(s) from whom he so thoroughly learned from and obsorbed his thinking. And further, does there exist a 'cognitive dissonance' (not sure where I got that term...), ours and theirs, between understanding/defining personal/business debt and national/government debt?

Is debt always debt or can debt ever be accounted as an asset from certain perspectives?

Death us typically considered a bad thing, except if you own a funeral home.

'get the fuck out of here before I throw you out the fucking window'... hey, sounds like your everyday ZH'er. Whereas every ZH'er is on guard to shoot people that are crawling in their windows... (smile)


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Is debt always debt or can debt ever be accounted as an asset from certain perspectives?

Now I understand where he got these grand ideas. The man was placing liabilities on the asset side of the ledger since he was just a pup.

Before being elected to Congress in 1972, Stark was a successful businessman and banker.


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And bankers know the utility of throwing people out windows... they 'know' economic theories to be true but Newton's law of gravity ... there might be an off switch.

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And the all inclusive part of the equation on QE2 is, how will China react?  They were not too happy last time around, and they still have the US by the gonads.  Let us see what happens when they squeeze ever so slightly.

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This is a little off subject, but does it seems that suddenly CNBC is sending the message things aren't great ever since Obama didn't sign HR3803. It's like we've got to make things sound worse so we can have a FED intervention without a market sell off 

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Maybe China can sell their Treasurys to the Fed.  There's close to $900 billion right there.

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We relieved the Chinese of most of their agency paper with the last round of QE so why not finish the job.  Then all this talk of global trade imbalances will be rendered moot

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Sounds good. Time to go long bonds and collect some $$$ risk-free.

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Not Enough Treasuries? Buy Agencies!

(Reuters) - A U.S.-wide foreclosure moratorium would be "catastrophic" and could unjustly impose losses on investors in the housing market, a major securities lobbying group said on Monday.


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Can someone explain why sp vix is down so much today?

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Hmm what could the .gov do more of to increase spending? Let me think, what is really expensive and they even have special bonds for?


WAR Bonds here we come.

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What I dont't understand is if it was this easy to move markets higher and higher, no down days, why haven't we been printing money since the beggining. We could have been at SP 36000, forgot about DOW 36000




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So this puts the S&P at what? 2000..2500??

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Hopefully it will put the S&P over 1350 while the 10 dives under 2%...

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35% seems so arbitrary.  I am sure that this minor deficiency has been considered and proper remedies addressed.  Especially with the Chinese looking to diversify out of UST into those ultra hy instruments issued outta Japan.

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Morgan Stanley's Igor Cashyn, whose track record of predicting what the Fed and the FRBNY do is second only to Bill Gross' (wink wink)


- exactly, so I'll wait a lil bit to see what PIMCO's doing. TD or anyone else, if you get a sniff of what they may be up to distribution wise please post.

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How to be a Pigman. But Christmas dinner is coming.