Fed QE Policy To Be Subject Of US House Hearing On Nov. 30, Says Kucinich

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Could this day get any better? Throw in some Ron Paul in there and November could be the best month for capital markets in many years.

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Someday soon, the USD will fail to be the safe haven play. I personally can't wait for Ron Paul to chair the subcommittee.

Gold is up nicely today.

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Don't get your hopes up too high over Ron Paul. He is a single voice in a strictly controlled federal hierarchy.

This is from an Alex Jones interview with Ron Paul yesterday (11-23-2010):

AJ: "Do you think this next Congress is finally going to get a real audit of the private Federal Reserve?"


RP: "I think it's going to still be an issue but I think that the auditing of the Fed will come up again ... there are going to be some more votes ... we will get bits and pieces of information that we haven't had before ... but a real audit? No, I'm not expecting it."

In other words, more of the same old Washington waffle-waffle BS.

When are people going to realise that the only solution is for the 50 states to grow some balls and dismantle the whole oligarch-controlled federal scam!

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Hearing will expose matters to public. It's great to hear.

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It will be like watching MONKEY'S DANCING ON A STRING!





not that it happend to me... it happend to a friend of mine...


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I am not too optimistic about the average person actually figuring out what is going on. I hope at least a few Congressmen wake up.

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Oooh Kusinisch. They'll be really scared

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Well, Kusinich's economic advisor during his prez campaign was Michael Hudson,  Mr. Hudson is big time banker hater but opposed to a gold standard. The Bernank will need to study hard for this exam and then completly flip-flop when Paul gets him under oath.

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Clearly, Dennis Kucinich has landed an alpha babe.  And not just a tabloid exploiting fame seeking fly-by-night whore. These two lovebirds are married.  It is clear from her body language and how she speaks of him that she truly loves him.  How is this possible?  Examining the basic facts, we see a large disparity in their relative sexual attractiveness.

  1. he is much shorter than her
  2. he is goofy looking; she is a beautiful, lithe, redheaded bombshell
  3. he is a lot older than her (31 year age difference.  she’s 29, he’s 60)
  4. she is feminine.  he is… feminine
  5. he has unicorn and rainbow politics


Dennis Kucinich: Alpha Male



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thanks for the link, but i think you forgot to mention the most important part:

maybe Dennis has a 12″ cock

all i can say is, good for him.


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Babes don't marry 12" cocks ... they have affairs with them. Babes marry 24kt wallets. So, Kucinich must be well connected to a money tree.

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don't dismiss him...yeah, he looks like one of Santa's elves...but he's smart as a whip, unlike most of the Congressmen, and he has NO LOVE WHATSOEVER for the major banks....remember, he's from the rust belt, deep in it, where the peasants have been literally raped and pillaged for the past several years.

don't dismiss this guy.

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No love? Im sorry but I remember him being on the list of congressmen who changed their NO vote to YES for TARP the second time around.

Dismissed. Thx.

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i don't think you should judge people on the basis of the TARP vote. you should actually be smart enough to understand that the information that these people were given was highly, highly, highly massaged in one direction to enable the theft.....

that said, once burned....kucinich knows he was conned and burned.......

dismissed to you. thanks for the blast of insanity from the rush/fox contingent.

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There were people telling them how dumb TARP was at the time it came up.  It's not like the only voice Kucinich could hear, the only information out there, anywhere were the words that conned him.  I don't know if "dismissed" is the right response but it's not far off.

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Attn: Harry Wanger

Its as if the world--SEC, Korea, Uncle Sam, EU--are all out to undermine your Santa Rally.

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wondered if he gambled today on his $1341 gold projection... 

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he probably went Long ES in anticipation of the 1:30 turn around, which he caught perfectly on the high, hence he took off from work and is enjoying his favorite drink "Harry Head Banger" ...


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All hail the hated short.

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Dood this is all scripted - they had a secret hearing last week....talking points to justify the insanity

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Oh,, you mean Ron Paul the Freemason right?


Oh man...let's just pretend we didn't see this

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There are Freemasons and then there are Freemasons.

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I'm a freemason, we don't do the stuff we think you do, unless you think we drink beer and donate money to charity.

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I'm sure many freemasons are fine people and good citizens. 

The people at the top of the freemason pyramid are the problem.  There is much evil there.

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Umm dude, you forgot to mention super-secret bingo night...

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That "hand sign" means "I love you" in American Sign Language.

People are so damn stupid sometimes.

Edit: and Christ, that handshake isn't some fucking illuminati symbol, it's the handshake of two people stretching out across a very wide table to shake hands.

Or I'm totally wrong and BEN FUCKING AFFLECK is a member of the Illuminati.  Ron Paul saw Gigli, and just HAD to have him brought in.

Edit number 2: The ILY sign: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ILY_sign

I just can't emphasize enough how stupid this is.

jdrose1985's picture

The American sign language developed by theosophist Hellen Keller, you mean?

I just can't emphasize how brain dead are. Basically fighting to stay asleep your whole entire life.

Funny, nobody said anything about Ben Affleck besides you. But then again, you're a moron trying to kick up some dust so you don't have to face your cherished delusional belief system.

tmosley's picture

I see, so all deaf people are also Illuminati as well.  Nice one there.

Your second sentence is deliciously ironic.

Did you actually WATCH the video you posted?  One of the examples of the "Evil Handshake" was him shaking hands with Ben Affleck.  I don't really give a shit about Ron Paul.  He's too late to do anything.  The US will have hyperinflation whether he likes it or not, and everyone that doesn't own real goods is going to be wiped out.  Sorry, dollars don't get more valuable by printing more of them, despite whatever the Neo-Keynesian death-worshiper you choose to place your faith in has to say.


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"The US will have hyperinflation"   oops; now you did it.  jdrose is a deflationist. She will warp words and flip-flop logic to avoid providing direct evidence for any of her (by her own assessment) worthless opinion.

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Heh, I thought she was a guy.  

jdrose1985's picture

Pretty much you're a liar now unless you can show me which words I've warped. Because you're basically resorting to lying...that's how shaky your argument is.

Hyperinflation is going to happen any day now, that's what you all are trying to tell me all the time. Yep you're pretty much a bunch of liars hoping to get materially rich by hitting the hyperinflationary jackpot.

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Technically, I said "will" not "did".  But this is getting pretty boring.  peace.

jdrose1985's picture

all deaf people illuminati.

nope, never said that. basically you're just in the habit of building straw men and exaggerating.

You probably don't even know how money comes into existence, that's how blind you are. Just like about 90% of the rest of the retards who flock to this place to shop for opinions which reinforce the jackpot mentality.

Yep it's going to be hyperinflation because old Benny promised you he'd be swinging by and dropping off fresh loads of cash at your place almost 10 years ago. Basically you'll cling to anything that fuels your delusional fantasies of hitting the jackpot some day, that was the plan all along. You're basically praying to Benny to make your daydreams come true.



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I think you need to look at the big picture.  When the Bernank was appointed, there was not a magical gate which opened which meant inflation is here.  In fact the data shows The Bernank has at times tried to keep inflation under control (look at adjusted monetary base charts, hard to believe but you will see some flat areas).  But when (including the bernank) the FED gets into a bind, they inflate.  It has happened since 1913.  Thats just what they do.  It is not hope, it is not fantasy.  They inflate.

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No, the US consumer inflates.

Basically you're betting that the US consumer is going to hyperinflate the way out of this. Well how many people do you know getting raises to build collateral to request money be manufactured.

All you have to do is look at total credit supply and that alone lays your little pet arguments to rest.

No matter what you think, I'll just let it be known now that no matter what happens I hope you make a pile of money. I wish you the best no matter what.

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Three words:  Cost-Push Inflation

tmosley's picture

I wonder if your loving husband beats you when you continue to not pay attention to what he says.

Hyperinflation is NEVER EVER EVER caused by consumers.  EVER.  PAY FUCKING ATTENTION.  It is caused by a shift of funds from financial products to real products.  This is a phenomenon driven by a collapse in confidence in the currency, generally driven by governments printing money to pay their expenses, something we are doing RIGHT NOW.

Credit only drives demand pull inflation.  Money printing creates cost push inflation.  It's like using a train connected to a watermelon by a string to push it down the track.  Right now, the is slack in the string as the train barrels toward the watermelon.  You are sitting there like a moron saying "Hey, that train could never move that watermelon!".  Then the train hits the watermelon and it vaporizes.  Your dumb cunt will be sitting there eating it when it does, because you don't understand economics.  We, on the other hand, will be standing nearby, with rainslickers and umbrellas to shield us from the juice and your guts as they go flying everywhere.  We can't stop this train, but there is no need to get hit by it.  We can also offer to hold the purses of the dumb cunts who want to eat watermelon, such that their purchasing power becomes ours when they go splat.

Get it now, or are you too fucking stupid?

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Your retort to the information that the "evil hand sign" used by so many famous people was that the inventor of the sign (she didn't invent that sign by the way, it was invented in the 70's, where she died in 1968) was a "theosophist", as if that somehow meant that anyone who uses the symbol was as well.  You never thought to use your damn head, and think, well, maybe the POPULAR meaning is "I Love You", and that is what these people mean when they use it, but instead you race to crazytown at Mach 3 and claim that its all some conspiracy.

But sure, WE'RE all the blind ones.  YOU are so smart holding on to those dollars.  So smart that you have lost more than 75% of your purchasing power over the last ten years when priced in metals.

Well, you just hold those dollars.  I pray that when you die, you are childless, such that your stupidity does not propagate, and such that your piss poor choices cause suffering for no-one but yourself.

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If jdrose was a learned deflationist, jd's portfolio would contain gold.  John Exter's inverted pyramid, gold is the last asset class below paper currency.    But, from jd's implication how we are waiting to hit the inflation jackpot (by holding gold?) it would seem jd is in disagreement with Exter's pyramid. Do you beleive in holding gold in your portfolio JD?

tmosley's picture

Nothing, not even a brain.

jdrose1985's picture

never said my portfolio doesn't have gold,

nice try

jdrose1985's picture

Well let's see, precious metals are mere speculation. No different than rocks, really. Can I use gold as a tool to do something productive with like dig a post hole or build something? Not really.

Basically if you've been holding gold for the past ten years you've returned 400%. Well that's all fine and dandy but I've been recycling my dollars into my business and returned countless thousands of percent. While your cherished rocks sit there and become tarnished. Basically you're too stupid to do anything but let your precious rocks sit around. You're basically a retard who happens to be right about nothing important in the big picture of things

And in the meantime I continually purchase tools and put people to work to provide for their families. Basically being productive when I can and where I can.

So do you pray that before or after you pray to Benny to start dropping the promised cash? Becuase you really are a loser.






tmosley's picture

lol, you think precious metals investors just sit on their hands rather than working?  Also, try trading with rocks as currency.

You've rolled all that money and made thousands of % with your contracting business?  I thought you told me just the other day how you haven't had a job this year?  Yet now you claim you are hiring?  You are now eating your return from Bernanke's boom.  YOU benefited from the helicopters.  Soon you will have nothing.  The cash isn't raining down on you anymore.  It's all aimed at the bankers.  They are using the money to buy gold, silver, and commodities, driving up the prices of every single thing that you need.  In the meantime, my metals are appreciating at a rate that the return from them is close to exceeding my work income.

So who is the loser again?

If you want to open a profitable business, examine past hyperinflationary periods, and change your business to take advantage of the relative cash flows.  Food appreciates the most, followed by fuel.  Housing is at the very bottom, and generally doesn't move much at all.  

You make the terrible mistake of thinking that dollars are what people desire.  That is foolish--even children know better.  Dollars are a means to an end, and as the dollar weakens, their ability to achieve the ends you desire decreases.  Confederate dollars, Reichmarknotes, Zimbux, all worthless in that you can not trade them for what you really want, which is food, fuel, clothing, other material goods, and real property, in that order.

jdrose1985's picture

No, I never said I haven't had a job this year. I said there hasnt been one unit we've wired this year after 156 in 2007. That's fine, I manufacture custom entrance gates and arches which is a far higher return, about 1000% ROI per gate (that's only to build, not install) and that's giving people about a 50% discount over other manufacturers of these products.

I know dollars are what people desire you half wit. LOL. I'm not sure which planet you live on. How do people maintain their possessions without dollars? How do people purchase oil and commodities at global market?

One thing is for sure. You live on hopes and desires and are a complete slave to stupidity.