Fed Rejects AIG Attempt To Repurchase Toxic Maiden Lane II Loans, Will Open Portfolio To Popular Auction

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credit bubble implodes. 



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Just won the race to the bottom with silver.

To collect many IOU, one will have no choice to use violence once in a while.

The only peaceful solution is the classical bailout.


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or as you point out in 


"One day, very soon, more than just robotic churn, POMO levitation and short covering will drive this market, we promise."


same question: why?


If the only macro that matters is QE , why would the market not levitate indefinitely.


p.s. This is a serious question, not trolling

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Even if I'm not Tyler, I'm convinced that gravity and logical are two powerful forces.

Our low volume environment, where stocks are easily pumped up, will one day reverse course.

After the pump, watch for the dump.


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Muir has a valid question, and to reiterate why can't the market levitate indefinitely?

Just look at the coordinated intervention by BOJ and the G7.

The best analogy I can come up with having witnessed in disbelief not only the visuals of the tusnami itself, but also the impact of the follow on QE having taken on the same relative scale of the Japan tusnami, the results of which which few were probably prepared for in the context of overunning and drowning real price discovery.

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The market will levitate as long as Ben prints.  Right into hyperinflation.  No way out at this point.

Default and reset.

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Price discovery on the marked to fantasy toxic waste assets w/in ML.


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I hate going OT like this, but check out these new overhead photos coming in of Fukushima Daiichi:



Japan nuclear 'suicide squads' paid fortunes as 'battle is lost for reactor two'

Last updated at 6:40 PM on 30th March 2011

  • Four reactors at stricken plant to be decommissioned
  • Subcontractors offered £760 a day - 20 times going rate - to brave radiation levels but some refuse
  • One expert who designed reactor says race to save reactor two is 'lost'
  • Radiation levels in sea water 3,335 times higher than normal
  • Readings are almost three times worse than last week
  • Unmanned drone photographs plant from the air amid health fear for pilots
  • American robots dispatched to help containment efforts
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This is incredible. Even without the radiation this site is a giant hazard. Try and ask a union man to go in there...

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Thanks for posting, WB.

It's incredible and I can't imagine what's left to save to try and cool the reactors with in terms of infrastructure.

And then, the spent fuel...where is it?

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I worked construction when I was in school. You ave a site that looks like that, water makes it even more dangerous because of all the mud and slipping. Those guys working in that are really acting selflessly. The money is so they don't ave to worry about their families.

But they are gonna start running out of skilled workers. That is going to be a problem...

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Wow, seeing it from this view, it looks like there is quite a bit of damage to reactor 4 from #3's explosion.

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isn't there a show called "flip this reactor?"

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"Even without the radiation this site is a giant hazard. Try and ask a union man to go in there..."

That's exactly the reason we need to get rid of unions!

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I suppose we could switch to the Chinese system, which would have that site cleaned up in three months. How many dead, don't ask...

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Its all subliminal....Number 9 , Number 9, Number 9, AIG, Taxpayer, Taxpayer, AIG,AIG, Taxpayer, I burried Paul

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AIG theater. The corpse is animated, the strings are pulled, so that other strings may be pulled. Clever.

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You watch, the AIG story is not over by any means. Lets see how they are looking end of summer.

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you think the story will get worse ?

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Yes, think about all the municipal paper and derivatives in their portfolios. Tic tic tic...

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He doesn't think. He knows.

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They demonstrated how they are capable of turning presumably safe investment activities into toxic tome bombs. What can insurance companies buy? Rated securities like CDOs and municipal debt...Booooom!

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Thinking about throwing in my own stink bid on this shit.

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The ZH brotherhood should flood them with bids, one penny increments.  Nothing like toxic waste in your portfolio to make you go mmmmm.  

And these criminal syndicate Wall Street banks/non bank entities will fight over this crap like it is the new Iphone...as 13% of American housing stands empty, NY,NY buildings fall into bidlessness, and strip malls are slated for prairie restoration treatment...and as the nation goes more and more jobless.

I know...let's misallocate ALL CAPITAL!  YEAH!  Let's Rumba!! [what a complete bumblefuck]

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 i doubt there are any maidens involved in this fraud

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I'd feel more confident if GoldmanSucks was there to offer a "buy" option.

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After careful review, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York Fed) and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Board) judged that the public interest in maximizing returns from any sale and promoting financial stability would be better served by an alternative approach to realizing value that is also more consistent with normal market practice.

Since when do these bastards care about normal markets?

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Who cares anymore it's all built on funny money... nothing means anything anymore thanks to your FED/Government/Wall Street cabal masters.

Slavery in double quick time and most still think they are free.

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None are more enslaved than those who think  they are free.

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Anybody wanna make a bet that this trash will be 300% oversubscribed?

Lemme guess who the buyers will be:

- Federal Reserve Bank of New York

- Bank of Japan

- People's Bank of China

Hint:  The same banks that have been buying this crap month in, month out, for the last 25 years, and dollar cost averaging into these "safe" investments....


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will zerohedge be requesting due dilligence items from Blackrock?

best wishes

Monkey Craig


 Inquiries relating to the sales process can be made at ML2inquiries@blackrock.com.

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Oh, and by the way....

Whatever slug of these Maiden Lane II assets the PBoC buys at the auction, it will be 10x larger than all the gold purchases they made in the entire 2010 calendar year.

Why is that?

Because gold pays no interest whatsoever, is way too expensive to guard and store, and getting it to China will be a logistical nightmare.

On the other hand, the Maiden Lane II assets can be purchased with paper, and will probably be able to be bought and sold electronically sometime in late 2011 on the same exchange the OTC Derivatives are traded.

And eventually some of those deadbeat borrowers will pay up, and at least the PBoC will be getting some income stream...

Heh, paper still rules over physical.....

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Oh, and by the way....

Whatever slug of these Maiden Lane II assets the PBoC buys at the auction, it will be 10x larger than all the gold purchases they made in the entire 2010 calendar year."

Exactly gold is in a bubble! (sarcsasm).

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03-30) 14:53 PDT WASHINGTON, CA (AP) --

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration say that very low levels of radiation have turned up in a sample of milk from Washington state. But federal officials say consumers should not worry.

The FDA said such findings are to be expected in the coming days because of the nuclear crisis in Japan, and that the levels are expected to drop relatively quickly.

Results from a March 25 milk sample taken from Spokane, Wash., show levels of radioactive Iodine-131 that are still 5,000 times below levels of concern set by the FDA, including levels set for infants and children.

The EPA said it is increasing the level of nationwide monitoring of milk, precipitation and drinking water following the crisis at the Japanese nuclear power plant.

(03-30) 14:53 PDT Washington, , United States --

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2011/03/30/state/n145310D86.DTL#ixzz1I7mJxnUP
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The only reason thery are doing this is that their hands got caught in "the cookie jar" thanks to zerohedge reporting on this!

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SO shites gotten so good these "toxic" assets now money good and the market needs the supply?  WTF am I missing?

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The next collapse............so far that is all that is missing.

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Fed is so good that now they are playing hard to get.

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The "assets" in ML II are backed by a FRBNY loan, right? If the assets are sold for less than the loan, AIG is on the hook for the difference, right, or did something change while I was taking a piss?

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Ok, it says the rejected AIG's offer to buy ALL of Maiden Lane II, so it sure looks like the FED is going to play ball and let them buy some, guaranteed. Who is to say they don't let them buy 90% of it? That wouldn't be ALL of it, then they can say they didn't lie.


The crooks always figure out a way to work around the red tape.

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I can see there being plenty foolish enough to buy the crap. But I cannot see them buying it to pick up a few basis points of yield in anticipation of a coming credit collapse.

Managers will take on risk far above what they are being compensated to do, but will not buy what they know is crap as they are responsible for the investment performance, which includes loss of principal.

Unless they are planning on moving to another company anyway before the anticipated implosion (but after bonuses are paid on that current performance). Then all bets are off....

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This is for public consumption. The joos will work it out behind closed doors.

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at a fifty percent discount I believe the yield is around 9 to 10 percent.  I will buy that too.  Yes of course China will buy it.  So will all the other banks.  None of us will get to see it until they retranche it again and mark it up with a high commission so that the effective yield is 5 percent.

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Hens are now considered capital on FOREX

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ZeroHedge has continually suggested that the Maiden Lane portfolios were completely worthless.  Now it seems that the portfolios have value, but that the value may be greater than the purchase price.  What this reveals is that the Fed was able to take advantage of a liquidity squeeze on AIG to generate a substantial gain. 

The interest rate charged on AIG advances was about 8%, then they took over the company after stripping out the Maiden Lane assets.  Never let a crises go to waste.

The unreported end result will be that TARP will have become a profitable operation for the government.  It will help offset the spending on the O'Bama shovel ready projects.

Bailing out bank runs can be profitable.  Who Knew that?

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In a loan there is no title transfer, in a repo there is a title transfer. 

I don't know how the original transaction was structured, but I would assume that it was a simple sale to the Fed and not a loan or repo.  As in either case the Fed would be violating a covenant by disposing of the collateralized asset, and any AIG liability would then be "erased". 

Treasury might be dumb enough to enter into a contract like that but I don't think the Fed is.